Best Baha'i Books

Here you will get Best Baha'i Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. The Book of Secret Wisdom: The Prophetic Record of Human Destiny and Evolution (Sacred Wisdom)

Author: by Zinovia Dushkova
269 pages

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In these troubled times, do you wonder about the future and the destiny of humanity? Do you want to know the true purpose of your existence on Earth and in the Universe? The most secret book in the world holds the answers you seek!

Named as one of the 100 Most Spiritually Influential Living People in 2020 by Watkins Mind Body Spirit, Zinovia Dushkova, Ph.D., is one of the few who has gained access to the million-year-old manuscript widely known as the Book of Dzyan, which contains answers to humanity’s most pressing questions.

Written in the language of the Gods, called Senzar, it is secretly hidden in the heart of the Himalayas, accessible to only a chosen few over the course of human history, including Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ, Pythagoras, Plato, and Helena Blavatsky.

Now, for the first time ever, Dr. Dushkova has presented a never-before-seen excerpt from the mysterious Book of Dzyan in The Book of Secret Wisdom to bring new meaning and hope into your life. Beautiful and enlightening, it will reveal not only our past, but also our present and future.

2. MIDNIGHT STONER Coloring Book + BONUS Bookmarks Page!!: Stoner's Perfect Gift! Funny Trippy Coloring Book For Adults, Mindful Zendoodle Coloring.

Author: by Kristina Aldsworth
67 pages

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Stoner’s Perfect Gift! This Midnight Stoner book is designed for stoners, trippy, hippie folks who love to get chilled at night, alone or in a good company, who appreciate a good coloring book to match their mood. 30 images to color and explore!

Psychedelic graphics, trippy and groovy characters, relaxing patterns, doodles and more!! Funny trippy coloring for adults, relaxing and mindful. Single sided pages to avoid bleeding. Bonus bookmarks page to keep or share! Premium designChill And Get Lost In Psychedelia. You will definitely love this coloring book!


July 3, 2021

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Estimado lector, Ser EXCELENTE para ser FELIZ, Educacin para la vida, surgi por la necesidad, la inquietud de compartir ancdotas, reflexiones, experiencias de vida, con los ojos de una mujer que es hija, madre, profesionista y docente, convencida del poder de la educacin para transformar a las personas y, por ende, a nuestra sociedad.

Estoy convencida de que, si desempeas tus actividades con pasin, te esfuerzas por trabajar con calidad, con excelencia, el producto final ser un trabajo muy bien hecho; lo que te brindar satisfaccin, te har sentir bien, feliz. Ser EXCELENTE para ser FELIZ, Educacin para la vida, es un libro dedicado a las personas que creen en la posibilidad de un futuro mejor, que tienen Fe, como yo en la persona humana, que cada da aprende, se educa, se perfecciona; no slo desde las aulas, y Fe en s mismos, personas que creen a pesar de las dificultades cada da nos reinventamos, como el ave fnix, de las cenizas podemos renacer.

Como personas, aprendemos, nos educamos, desde que nacemos, hasta que morimos; de aqu mi propuesta, Educacin para la vida. Encontrars vivencias de mi desarrollo personal y profesional, he tenido el privilegio de coincidir con personas maravillosas, comprometidas, que realizan con pasin y Excelencia su quehacer educativo, sea como padres, sea como docentes, como guas, facilitadores o simplemente con su ejemplo, no olvides que el conocimiento ilustra, pero el ejemplo arrastra.

4. Rituales y Magia Blanca. Buscando a tu Bruja interior: Sube tu nivel de vibración, atrae la prosperidad, amor, trabajo, dinero, salud. Encuentra … y supera las dificultades. (Spanish Edition)

Author: by Isabel Sánchez Rivera
207 pages

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Descubre la magia que est en tu interior, conecta con tu esencia, haz de los rituales y la magia blanca una herramienta poderosa para atraer todo lo bueno que deseas a tu vida. T tambin tienes el poder de ser feliz.

Descubre la Bruja que hay en tiMs de 100 Rituales, para el amor, la suerte, los estudios, el trabajo, dinero, abundancia y prosperidad, la salud, los negocios, rituales de proteccin y abre caminos, alejar la negatividad y conseguir el xito. La verdadera Magia Natural, conecta con la energa de la Naturaleza, con tu fuerza femenina, abraza su poder.

Aprende a conectar con la energa Universal, desde los ms sencillos rituales a los ms especiales y poderosos, trabajar con velas, aceites esenciales, plantas, hierbas, sahumerios y aquellos elementos que forman parte de tu vida diaria. Realmente este libro es diferente, ha llegado a ti un autntico manual para la vida moderna, no ms carencias, comienza a sentir la energa positiva desde la magia de las palabras, haciendo que la energa trabaje a tu favor para subir tu nivel de vibracin, vibrar en positivo, para en definitiva, ser ms feliz.

5. Baha'i Basics: A Guide to the Beliefs, Practices, and History of the Baha'i Faith

Author: by Frances Worthington
Baha'i Publishing
190 pages

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Revised edition.Now includes updated information, more questions, and an index. What is the Baha’i Faith? What are its basic principles and teachings? When and where did it begin? What does it have in common with the other major religions of the world?

How is it different? Who was its Founder? What does the Baha’i global community look like today? In Baha’i Basics, author Frances Worthington uses a simple and accessible format that highlights the clarity with which topics associated with the Baha’i Faith are discussed.

The result is an easy-to-use, informational introduction to what is one of the fastest growing religions in the world. Readers will find themselves well-informed after reading this concise, well-organized book, which provide clear, straightforward answers to the basic questions that arise when investigating a new religion.

6. Spiritual Awakening: Discover How to Detox Your Mind and Achieve Higher Consciousness through Kundalini Awakening and Reiki Healing. Learn the Concept of Lucid Dream, Your Gateway to the Inner Self

Author: by Chandra Wilbur
170 pages

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Would you like to discover potent spiritual practices that can heal your body, mind, and spirit and awake your inner energies? Are you feeling deeper empathy and compassion towards other beings? Are you trying to stop running away from the disorder of life?

From your convictions? From your frustrations? If the answers are YES, you probably have a spiritual awakening, and this guide is perfect for you! This book talks about how to find the totality of life and to find it now, not tomorrow, not a day, but at this moment, in the middle of the present experience, even if what is happening is painful and frightening.

It is about finding who you really are, letting go of the false image you have built of yourself. Here are some of the precious topics you will find inside: Stages Of Spiritual Awakening And Tips To Help You Through Them to help you in your process of going beyond your limits and taking the next evolutionary step.

Pros And Cons Of Spiritual Awakening to make you aware of what it means to start this spiritual journey and where it can take you. Guided Meditation For Beginners to help you enter in the right mood for changing. Kundalini Energy helps it awaken and awaken the body’s general energy to reshuffle it better with the universe around.

7. Wicca Book of Spells: A New Book Of Shadows For Modern Witchcraft

Author: by Luna Lovegood
126 pages

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Do you wish to harness the powers of the universe to change your life? Do you want to start practicing magic? Through this book, Luna Lovegood, takes you through the world of wiccan practices and has tried to provide an unbiased approach, though undoubtedly her own experiences as a practicing wiccan might have influenced certain sections of this book.

Just like a practitioner of meditation, yoga, or physical exercise, who changes the inner workings of their mind and body through regular practice, so does a witch align themselves with the natural world around them. Such is the nature of Pagan religions, including Wicca.

The world of magic is full of immeasurable potential. There are thousands of spells in existence, for every purpose you could possibly imagine. In this book, you will find spells and other magical workings that can bring positive experiences into your life.

Each spell contains clear instructions, but you can personalize the work as you see fit, using your own sensibility. Since time immemorial, hopeful lovers have tried spells and potions of all sorts in order to bring them their one true love.

8. Gate of the Heart: Understanding the Writings of the Báb (Bahá’í Studies, 1)

Author: by Nader Saiedi
432 pages

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In 1844 a charismatic young Persian merchant from Shiraz, known as the Bb, electrified the Shih world by claiming to be the return of the Hidden Twelfth Imam of Islamic prophecy. But contrary to traditional expectations of apocalyptic holy war, the Bb maintained that the spiritual path was not one of force and coercion but love and compassion.

The movement he founded was the precursor of the Bah’ Faith, but until now the Bb’s own voluminous writings have been seldom studied and often misunderstood. Gate of the Heart offers the first in-depth introduction to the writings of the Bb.

Taking an interdisciplinary approach, the author examines the Bb’s major works in multifaceted context, explaining the unique theological system, mystical world view, and interpretive principles they embody as well as the rhetorical and symbolic uses of language through which the Bb radically transforms traditional concepts.

Arguing that the Bb movement went far beyond an attempt at an Islamic Reformation, the author explores controversial issues and offers conclusions that will compel a re-evaluation of some prevalent assumptions about the Bb’s station, claims, and laws. Nader Saiedi’s meticulous and insightful analysis identifies the key themes, terms, and concepts that characterize each stage of the Bb’s writings, unlocking the code of the Bb’s mystical lexicon.

9. The Hidden Words

Author: by Baha'u'llah

184 pages

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A collection of lyrical, gem-like verses of scripture that convey timeless spiritual wisdom “clothed in the garment of brevity,” The Hidden Words is one of the most important and cherished scriptural works of the Baha’i Faith. Revealed by Baha’u’llah, the founder of the religion, the verses are a perfect guidebook to walking a spiritual path and drawing closer to God.

They address themes such as turning to God, humility, detachment, and love, to name but a few. These verses are among Baha’u’llah’s earliest and best known works, having been translated into more than seventy languages and read by millions worldwide.

This edition will offer many readers their first introduction to the vast collection of Baha’i scripture.

10. The Kitáb-i-Íqán: The Book of Certitude

Author: by Bahá’u’lláh none
Baha'i Publishing
230 pages

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The Kitb-i-qn, The Book of Certitude, is one of the most important scriptural works in all of religious history. In it Bah’u’llh gives a sweeping overview of religious truth, explaining the underlying unity of the world’s religions, describing the universality of the revelations humankind has received from the Prophets of God, illuminating their fundamental teachings, and elucidating allegorical passages from the New Testament and the Qur’n that have given rise to misunderstandings among religious leaders, practitioners, and the public.

Revealed in the span of two days and two nights, The Book of Certitude is, in the words of its translator, Shoghi Effendi, the most important book written on the spiritual significance of the Bah’ Faith.

11. Mothers, Fathers, and Children ; Practical Advice to Parents

Author: by A. Furutan

‎ 8186953361

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In this compact work, Esslemont comprehensively yet succinctly sets forth the teachings of Baha’u’llah, the Prophet and Founder of the Baha’i Faith. He outlines the religion’s early history; explains the religion’s theology; incorporates extracts from Baha’i scripture; and provides information on Baha’i spiritual practices.

This is essential reading for students of comparative religion

13. Buddhism for Beginners: A Practical Guide To Spiritual Enlightenment

Author: by Tai Morello
82 pages

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Discover why people like Russel Simmons Jr, Jennifer Aniston, Phil Jackson and Brad Pitt all incorporate the life-changing practice of Buddhism into their lives. Mindfulness meditation is everywhere these days, from the therapy couch to the Google campus, from prisons to athletic events.

But what are the origins of this surge in mindfulness? What kind of worldview and lifestyle went along with these ancient techniques of meditative training? And, beyond the questionable metaphysics and well-worn pop-psychology bromides, what is meditation actually for? This book explores the Buddhist ideas behind the mindfulness techniques that have seen such a groundswell of popularity.

It covers meditation not just as a body of techniques for relaxation and stress relief to accessorize our busy modern lives, but as part of a radical system of self-transformation that offers the possibility of profound liberation. In this book, the Buddhist system and the ideas behind it are presented, not as a religion that’s asking for your allegiance, but as a body of theory and practice geared towards fostering an an inner revolution.

14. A Companion to the Study of Epistle to the Son of the Wolf

Author: by Lameh Fananapazir
576 pages

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Bah’u’llh’s Epistle to the Son of the Wolf, addressed by the Messenger of God for this Day to one of His most virulent and active opponents, constitutes an overview of His historic prophetic Mission. Bah’u’llh Himself has culled, from the entire range of His own revelatory Writings, extensive passages which best characterize and define the purpose of His Faith and its meaning for humanity.

There has long been a need for helpful background information to accompany the reading and study of the English edition of this singular work, described by Shoghi Effendi as the last outstanding Tablet revealed by the pen of Bah’u’llh’, and which he encouraged every Bah’ to study.

Dr Lameh Fananapazir, author and compiler of the present volume, through his impressive familiarity with the Holy Books of past and present Revelations, leads us gently and convincingly to important sources and parallel citations. In the process he has provided a volume rich with useful cross-references and thoughtful connections.

15. We Are With You At All Times…: Recognizing the Eternal Presence, Sovereignty & All-Knowingness of God

Author: by Catharino James Elijio
September 22, 2018

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We are with you at all times … Brings together passages from the Bah’ writings and other sacred texts on the themes of spiritual growth and service to the unity, well-being, peace and security of humanity. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Consciousness of the eternal presence of God that He is with us at all times gives rise to consciousness of the oneness of humanity, with its myriad social implications for the modern world, thus linking our behaviour as individuals and communities with spiritual guidance.

We are with you at all times … Brings together passages from the Bah’ writings and other sacred texts on the themes of spiritual growth and service to the unity, well-being, peace and security of humanity. Compiled by James Elijio as a resource for daily prayer and meditation, it is an invitation to turn the anguish of your separation from Him into the joy of an everlasting reunion, and let the sweetness of His presence dissolve the bitterness of your remoteness from His court’ (Bah’u’llh).