Best Bowling Books

Here you will get Best Bowling Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. 75 Day Hard Challenge Journal: Daily Workbook with Checklist, Planner & Calendar | Workout Tracker & Gym Log | Book for Men and Women

Author: by HardMasters House
174 pages

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Are you looking for a book to help you complete the 75 Hard Challenge? Track progress the easy way! This journal includes rules and lots of tips to help you complete the challenge. What you’ll find inside:TWO PAGES FOR EACH DAY DEDICATED TO THE 75 HARD CHALLENGE that will help you finish the day successfullyWEEKLY MENU that will keep you from feeling hungryDAILY EXERCISES TRACKER for each dayLIST OF EXERCISES for the gym for each part of the bodyILLUSTRATIONS showing how to properly perform the exercise so that you do not get injuredRULES, TIPS, AND ANSWERS to frequently asked questions by people who took up the challengeDAILY CHECKLIST so that you will not forget anythingNote: take a second copy for your other half or if you would like to start the challenge again.

Click on the author’s name if you want to order a white version. This book is not from the creator of the 75 hard idea. SPECIAL LAUNCH PRICE – WHILE STOCKS LAST! Grab yours now and start changing your life today!

2. 75 Day Hard Challenge Book: : Go Hard for 75 Days and Win the War of Your yourself

Author: by MedBooks Publishing
377 pages

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This is a book JOURNAL that can change your life starting from the inside. Exercise twice each day for 45 minutes it doesn’t matter what the exercise is but one of these sessions must be outdoors. Drink 4 liters of water per day.

Pick a diet or eating plan and stick to that plan. You don’t necessarily have to count calories but try stick to the program . The 75 HARD Days Program: Do five things for 75 days in a row and watch your life transform !!!

Drink one gallon of watercomplete two 45-min exercise sessions one outside and one insidefollow a diet planread ten pages of non-fiction entrepreneurial booktake a progress pictureYou could transform yourself into someone who could do anything you wanted to, someone ”successful”, we believe that if you completely finish the program , ”you Win The War With Yourself” , nothing can stop you, to be like people who seem to win at everything in life , from now on, for the rest of your life, things always work for you .

This book will help you unleash your true potential , you will discover what you really are . It’s popular this days for everyone to tell themselves that they are “special” or “great” there is no secret no gifted people ,it’s just about self-discipline .

3. Just A Badass Bitch Getting Fit Food And Exercise Journal For Women: Funny Swear Cuss Word120-Day Ultimate Food Fitness Diary Health Diet Weight Loss … Birthday Christmas Gift (Helpful Journals)

Author: by Katie Johnson
117 pages

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Are you trying to improve your health and fitness? Don’t be fooled by imitators! This, the original, unique, value-packed “Just A Badass Bitch Getting Fit” journal is the perfect place to log your food and exercises. It’s an effective tool to help change your behavior for the better.

Fitness, weight loss and health goals are much more likely to be achieved when a daily food and exercise record is kept. This journal is designed to allow you to track important food and exercise information. Funny sweary phrases and cuss word motivational quotes in your journal will help fight boredom in your daily fitness and healthy eating routine.

You’ll be much more likely to stick with it. It makes a perfect, unique, alternative gift for friends, family members or co-workers. Overflowing with tools and motivation to guide you on your fitness journey. It contains weekly spreads which include space to write your goals and body measurements; sections for progress photos along with before and after photos.

4. Bowling Beyond the Basics: What's Really Happening on the Lanes, and What You Can Do about It

Author: by James Freeman
BowlSmart (July 15, 2018)
396 pages

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Why did I leave the 10-pin on that shot? Why isn’t my ball hitting the pocket anymore? Should I change balls, or move? How heavy should my ball be? What’s the best bowling ball? How do I get more hook?

Why do I keep missing my spares? We are faced with endless questions, problems, and choices every time we bowl. Answers and solutions abound, but a great many of them are ineffective or just plain wrong. How do we know what to do?

How do we know what to believe? In this book we examine: What doesn’t work, and what most bowlers have wrong. What’s really happening on the lanes, and how things really work. What you need to change to get back to striking.

How to properly make that change. This is not a basic how to bowl book. It will benefit bowlers at all skill levels, from league and recreational play through PBA pros. Everything in this book is backed up with facts and science, not opinion.

We teach you how to figure out exactly what’s wrong with your shot. We show you all of the adjustments available to you, explain what each one actually does, and show you how and when to apply it. We give you strategies that will improve your lane play and your decision making.

5. Bowling Psychology

Author: by Dean Hinitz
Human Kinetics
248 pages

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As the leading authority on bowling’s mental game, Dean Hinitz has worked with the premier players, coaches, and teams in the sport. He’s helped countless pros elevate their scores, avoid slumps, and overcome stressors impacting performance. He’s improved their play, now he’s ready for you.

In Bowling Psychology, you’ll learn the mental strategies to perform your best, day in day out. From progressive muscle relaxing techniques to positive self-talk and focus cues, you will pick up spares more consistently, improve accuracy, and overcome anxieties. You’ll also find invaluable insights, advice, and anecdotes from bowling’s best, including: Kim Terrell-Kearney Jason Belmonte Diandra Asbaty Carolyn Dorin-Ballard Rick Steelsmith Bill O’Neil Mike Fagan Gordon Vadakin Jeri Edwards Bob Learn, Jr. Amleto Monicelli Fred Borden LeAnne Hulsenberg Del Warren Del Ballard, Jr. Rod Ross Tommy Jones, Jr. Jason Couch Manage pressure, find your focus, and reach your full potential With detailed information on topics including mindfulness training, sensory awareness, and the bodymind connection, Bowling Psychology is your all in one toolbox for mental mastery of the lanes.

6. Bowling For Dummies

Author: by A.J. Forrest
For Dummies
336 pages

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The fast and easy way to perfect your bowling game Bowling is an inexpensive date, an affordable night out for the whole family, and a fun hangout activity for kids of all ages. Bowling For Dummies reveals the tips, tricks, and rules of play for this iconic American sport.

While not every player can hope to bowl 300, you can improve your average and show off for friends, family, and bowling league teammates. Bowling For Dummies provides easy-to-understand instructions for improving your bowling game. The expert tips and advice take you through every step of the game, from selecting the right shoes to the proper way to yell, “Strike!” Packed with photos and line drawings Step-by-step instructions and illustrations included for all techniques Covers beginner through more advanced techniques Whether you’re a casual bowler or on a bowling league, the practical, friendly advice in Bowling For Dummies will have you itching to hit the lanes to try out your new skills.

7. Luka Modric: Official Autobiography

Author: by Luka Modric

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THE FIRST AND ONLY AUTOBIOGRAPHY FROM REAL MADRID GALCTICO AND WORLD CUP SUPERSTAR LUKA MODRIC.’Enthralling.’ – Oliver Holt, Mail on Sunday’Awesome’ – Match Magazine’Solemn, soulful and occasionally romantic’ – Alyson Rudd, The Times’an illuminating insight into the career of one of the greatest players in the modern game’ – Late Tackle’On a level with the great midfield players of the last 20 years.’ – Sir Alex Ferguson, CBEFor the first time, Real Madrid galctico and Croatian legend Luka Modric tells the story of his journey from a childhood in his war-torn homeland to becoming a serial UEFA Champions League winner and one of the most celebrated footballers in the world.

Regarded as one of the great midfield players of the last 20 years, Luka reveals the difficulties of growing up during the Croatian War of Independence and his beginnings as a footballer. The FIFA World Cup finalist sets the record straight regarding key moments at Dinamo Zagreb, Tottenham Hotspur and Real Madrid; he gives us intimate insights into his treasured home life; and he brings us his personal account of his career peak – Croatia’s dramatic path to the 2018 FIFA World Cup Final.

8. Bowling Fundamentals (Sports Fundamentals)

Author: by Michelle Mullen

‎ Human Kinetics

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Hit the lanes and enjoy every frame! With Bowling Fundamentals, Second Edition, you’ll learn the skills, and tactics so you can play and compete. With almost three decades of experience that includes multiple PWBA titles and collegiate championships, former Team USA Coach, Michelle Mullen shares the secrets that have made her one of the world’s most highly sought-after instructors for bowlers of all ages and skill levels.

Covering the latest equipment and the essentials of execution-footwork, arm swing, timing, finish position, and release-Mullen leaves no skill uncovered, including insight on making changes and specific instruction for left-handed bowlers. You’ll find tactical tips for picking up the game’s most common spares (in both a traditional and advanced spare-shooting system), advice for keeping emotions and focus in check, and basic and advanced lane-play strategies that will make a significant impact on the score sheet.

Before you take to the lanes for your next league night or match or just for fun, add a copy of Bowling Fundamentals, Second Edition, to your bowling bag and turn those open frames into solid strikes and spares!

10. Robbo: Now You're Gonna Believe Us: Our Year, My Story

Author: by Andy Robertson

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The bestselling hardback book, now in paperback!”If I would not have it already, I would buy it now!” – Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool FC manager”In 2019/2020 Liverpool FC were crowned Premier League winners and World football club champions and I’m just a wee guy from Glasgow living the dream.

This is the inside story of an unrivalled period in the illustrious history of Liverpool Football Club as seen through my eyes. Taking you behind the scenes at Anfield and Melwood, I’ll reveal how it all happened how doubters turned to believers and brought the league title home after a thirty-year wait.

From the dressing room to the pitch, this is my story of our year to remember.”Andrew Robertson was in the top five appearance makers for Liverpool in 2019/20, second only to Trent Alexander-Arnold in goal assists and the number of passes he made was bettered only by Virgil van Dijk.

Liverpool won the league title with 99 points, the highest in the club’s history. After winning the Champions League in 2019, Jurgen Klopp’s men also claimed the UEFA Super Cup and, for the first time, the FIFA World Club Cup. Signed from Hull City for 8m in 2017, Robertson was named captain of his national side in 2018.

11. Bowling: Steps to Success (STS (Steps to Success Activity)

Author: by Doug Wiedman
Human Kinetics
256 pages

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See your average rise and the pins fall with the second edition of Bowling: Steps to Success. Inside you’ll find progressive, detailed instruction on all aspects of the game. You’ll learn these essential skills and strategies: Grip Stance Footwork Arm swing Approach Timing Release You’ll also learn the best strategies for targeting and picking up spares as well as correcting common errors and adjusting to various lane conditions.

Best of all, this updated second edition features new full-color photos and diagrams, dozens of drills, self-scoring exercises for charting progress, and professional advice for improving your performance. Part of Human Kinetics’ popular Steps to Success serieswith more than 2. 5 million copies sold worldwideBowling: Steps to Success will have you landing solid strikes and converting even the most stubborn spares in no time.

13. Bowling Score Sheets: 30 Large Score Sheets for Scorekeeping | Bowling Record Book.

Author: by Playing with Family
130 pages

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Do you enjoy Playing Bowling?Who doesn’t? That’s the reason we’ve created the BEST personal BOWLING Score Sheets so you can easily track of all the scores. Features:130 Score Pages.Large print, 8.5 x 11. Printed on Bright white paper. Double sidedNon perforatedThis score sheet can be used in both casual or tournament play, and has room for 16 players who bowl 10 frames.


14. Bowling Fundamentals (Sports Fundamentals Series)

Author: by Human Kinetics
Human Kinetics
144 pages

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Learning to bowl has never been easieror more funthan with Bowling Fundamentals. Students will enjoy using this resource because they will learn by doing, spending less time reading and more time on the lanes. With simple instructions and accompanying photographs, this book makes it easy to teach students to bowl.

Bowling Fundamentals begins by teaching students about the proper grip and stance. These chapters are followed by instructions on footwork, arm swing, timing, and release. Chapters also are devoted to hitting the pocket and mastering left and right side spares.

Finally, readers will get specific information on league bowling. Each chapter addresses a specific skill, leading the student through a simple, four-step sequence: You Can Do It: The skill is introduced with sequential instructions and accompanying photographs. More to Choose and Use: Variations and extensions of the primary skill are covered.

Take It to the Lane: Readers learn how to apply the skill in competition. Give It a Go: Several direct experiencessuch as drills, small-sided games, and self-testsare provided to gauge, develop, and hone the skill. Writer Michelle Mullen won four national titles including one major as well as nine regional titles in the Professional Women’s Bowling Association and has coached bowlers of all skill levels for more than 16 years.

15. Whose Game Is It Anyway? Football, Life, Love & Loss

Author: by Michael Calvin
Pitch Publishing Ltd

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“Michael Calvin’s latest work does not disappoint in confirming his status as one of the UK’s best sports writers of modern times. An engaging patchwork of powerful ideas, brutal criticism and genuine acclaim for the heroes of Calvin’s life.” -David Walker, The Sports Journalists AssociationFootball has never seemed so distant from its fans.

Many have been alienated by the greed and shameless self-interest of the Premier League, and no one can predict how the global game will look post-pandemic. In Whose Game Is It Anyway?, Sunday Times best-selling author Michael Calvin searches for a reason to believe.

Written at the height of the Covid-19 crisis, the book is a thought-provoking, deeply personal account of the role sport and particularly football plays in everyday life. Part memoir, part manifesto, it takes the reader on a tour of the world’s greatest sporting occasions and into its outposts in sub-Saharan Africa, the Amazon Basin and the Southern Ocean.

Drawn from Calvin’s experience as an award-winning sportswriter, covering every major sports event over 40 years in more than 80 countries, it offers first-hand insight into such icons as Muhammad Ali, Maradona and Sir Bobby Charlton. With settings ranging from a jungle clearing to a township in apartheid South Africa, this is sport as you’ve never seen it before.