Best Caries in Dentistry Books

Here you will get Best Caries in Dentistry Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. Strictly No Elephants

Author: by Lisa Mantchev
32 pages

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A sunny, smart, tongue-in-cheek tale. The New York Times Book Review Sweet and affirming. Kirkus Reviews With a gentle message of inclusion and helping others, this title reaches beyond a mere friendship story. School Library Journal Heartening. Booklist In this bestselling and internationally beloved picture book, the local Pet Club won’t admit a boy’s tiny pet elephant, so he finds a solutionone that involves all kinds of unusual animals.

Today is Pet Club day. There will be cats and dogs and fish, but strictly no elephants are allowed. The Pet Club doesn’t understand that pets come in all shapes and sizes, just like friends. Now it is time for a boy and his tiny pet elephant to show them what it means to be a true friend.

Strictly No Elephants has been sold around the world and is heralded as a pitch-perfect book about inclusion. Imaginative and lyrical, this sweet story captures the magic of friendship and the joy of having a pet.

2. Cure Tooth Decay: Heal and Prevent Cavities with Nutrition, 2nd Edition

Author: by Ramiel Nagel
252 pages

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Forget about drilling, filling, and the inevitable billing. Your teeth can heal naturally because they were never designed to decay in the first place! They were designed to remain strong and healthy for your entire life. But the false promises of conventional dentistry have led us down the wrong path, leading to invasive surgical treatments that include fillings, crowns, root canals and dental implants.

Now there is a natural way to take control of your dental health by changing the food that you eat. Cure Tooth Decay is based upon the pioneering nutritional program of dentist Weston Price, former head of research at the National Dental Association.

Dr. Price’s program proved to be 90-95% or more effective in remineralizing tooth cavities utilizing only nutritional improvements in the diet. Cure Tooth Decay is the result of five years of research and trial and error that started as one father’s journey to cure his daughter’s rapidly progressing tooth decay.

With Cure Tooth Decay you will join the thousands of people who have learned how to remineralize teeth, eliminate tooth pain or sensitivity, avoid root canals, stop cavities – sometimes instantaneously, regrow secondary dentin, form new tooth enamel, avoid or minimize gum loss, heal and repair tooth infections, only use dental treatments when medically necessary, save your mouth (and your pocketbook) from thousands of dollars of unneeded dental procedures, and increase your overall health and vitality.

3. Principles and Practice of Hospital Medicine, Second Edition

Author: by Sylvia McKean
2240 pages

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The leading textbook of hospital medicine completely updated to reflect today’s challenges A Doody’s Core Title for 2021! Since its publication in 2012, Principles and Practice of Hospital Medicine, Second Edition has become the field’s premier resource. Comprehensive, authoritative, and practical, this landmark text provides a solid grounding in clinical, organizational, and administrative areas central to the practice of hospital medicine.

The Second Edition has been completely updated to reflect the evolving practice responsibilities of hospitalists. Examples include value-based medicine, expanded surgical content, bedside clinical reasoning, and a new segment devoted to rehabilitation and skilled nursing care. This edition also features a more accessible and streamlined full-color design enriched by more than 600 illustrations.

Each clinical chapter opens with boxed Key Clinical Questions that are addressed in the text and summarized in hundreds of tables. Case studies demonstrate how to apply this information specifically to the management of hospitalized patients. Representing the expertise of more than two hundred renowned contributors, Principles and Practice of Hospital Medicine, Second Edition is logically divided into six sections:The Specialty of Hospital Medicine and Systems of CareMedical ConsultationRehabilitation and Skilled Nursing CareThe Approach to the Patient at the BedsideDiagnostic Testing and ProceduresClinical Conditions in the Inpatient SettingPrinciples and Practice of Hospital Medicine, Second Edition is essential reading for clinicians who strive to optimize inpatient care and sharpen their leadership skills.

4. Primary Preventive Dentistry (Primary Preventive Dentistry ( Harris))

Author: by Norman Harris
528 pages

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Organized for consistency, coherence, and readability, this fully updated text covers all areas of prevention in dental care. PRIMARY PREVENTIVE DENTISTRY, 8/e first describes dental diseases and conditions, helping students clearly understand the processes that can be prevented through the use of preventive modalities or ideas.

Next, it presents detailed strategies to prevent these diseases and conditions. Throughout, specific target populations are defined and described based upon scientifically valid preventive strategies aimed at their needs. This edition improves student understanding with more photos, illustrations, diagrams, and tables; highlights fun facts about the topic; adds a new chapter on the important influence culture plays in preventive dental care; and is supported by many new web-based review questions and case studies for each chapter.

5. If The Dentist Were An Animal

Author: by Rachel Grider RDH
24 pages

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Red Bow Books Is Making Dentistry Fun, one playful rhyme at a time! This adorable story reinforces its teaching points with a variety of activities and is making little smile experts all over the world!

6. Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye: A Do-It-Yourself Mouth Care System for Healthy, Clean Gums and Teeth

Author: by Ellie Phillips DDS
River Grove Books
248 pages

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You brush, floss, use mouthwashes, and are concerned about the foods you eat, yet you still require fillings or lengthy cleanings at the dentist. In Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye, Dr. Ellie Phillips teaches how anyone can achieve and maintain a truly healthy mouth.

Empower yourself as you improve the look and feel of your teeth between dental visits. Your dentist will be amazed at the changes he sees, and you will be thrilled as cavities and gum disease become a thing of the past.

Traditional dentistry cannot prevent dental disease. But Ellie’s do-it-yourself daily routine can. Discover how easy it is to reduce plaque buildup, strengthen tooth enamel, repair small cavities, eliminate tooth sensitivity, and improve your overall oral health. Learn about products that hinder your efforts and the risks of bleaching, dental sealants and the wrong use of fluoride.

It is time to achieve healthy, clean teeth and gums and wow your dentist at the next appointment.

7. When I Care about Others (The Way I Feel Books)

Author: by Cornelia Maude Spelman
Albert Whitman & Company

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In today’s society, perhaps more than ever, young children need to develop empathy. In this simple book, the author begins by helping children see that when they are sick, hurt, or unhappy, others care about them. Children can then begin to see that others need to be cared about as well.

Common situations will further a child’s appreciation for and understanding of what others feel and need.

8. What Does It Mean to Be Kind?

Author: by Rana DiOrio
36 pages

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“…A beautiful book with a beautiful message… The book shows young children how easy it is to be kind through small acts and in simple ways…”R.J. Palacio, author of the #1 New York Times bestseller WonderWhat Does It Mean to Be Kind?

Is a rare kindness book for children because it uses a proactive, not reactive, introduction to a conversation about kindness. Part of the award-winning What Does It Mean to Be…? Series, What Does It Mean to Be Kind? Explains the idea of kindness in an accessible and understandable way.Being kind means…

Smiling at the new student in class. Giving someone a compliment. Celebrating the differences in others. When the girl in the red hat finds the courage to be kind to the new student in class, her kindness spreads. Kind act by kind act, her whole community experiences the magical shift that happens when everyone understandsand acts onwhat it means to be kind.

What Does it Mean to Be Kind? Is a teacher must-have for the classroom, and for parents in search of kindness and feelings books for children. More Awards for What Does It Mean to Be Kind? 2015 Moonbeam Gold Medalist

9. Problem Solving in Endodontics: Prevention, Identification and Management

Author: by James L. Gutmann DDS CertEndo PhD(honoris causa) FACD FICD FADI
496 pages

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Problem Solving in Endodontics, 5th Edition, by James L. Gutmann and Paul Lovdahl, offers updated techniques and an evidence-based approach to the most common procedures performed at chairside. Ideal for both endodontists and general dentists, this thoroughly revised reference combines the precision of quality endodontic care with achievable and pain-free outcomes for the patient.

Each chapter has been carefully designed so that you’ll quickly grasp the anatomy, the instruments needed, and what procedures should be performed – all supplemented by boxed clinical case examples and tips. Going beyond problem solving, it also addresses the major issues in diagnostic, anatomic, restorative, periodontic, traumatic, and surgical aspects of tooth retention.

Provides chairside guidance for the endodontic procedures most commonly performed by endodontists and general dentists. Entire text has expanded concepts that are verified in new drawings and clinically relevant cases. Integrates new technologies and materials into every chapter that when applied result in predictable and optimal outcomes.

10. Microbiology: A Clinical Approach

Author: by Anthony Strelkauskas
Garland Science

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As with the successful first edition, the new edition of Microbiology: A Clinical Approach is written specifically for pre-nursing and allied health students. It is clinically-relevant throughout and uses the theme of infection as its foundation. Microbiology is student-friendly: its text, figures, and electronic resources have been carefully designed to help students understand difficult concepts and keep them interested in the material.

The Second Edition includes a robust instructor ancillary package that allows professors to easily incorporate the book’s unique approach into their lectures. In addition to the many free resources for studentsincluding the E-Tutor, Bug Parade, Flashcards, and MicroMoviesthe new edition is supported by Garland Science Learning System.

The Garland Science Learning System is a homework platform designed to evaluate and improve student performance and allows instructors to select assignments on specific topics and review the performance of the entire class, as well as individual students, via the instructor dashboard.

11. Dental Caries: The Disease and its Clinical Management

Author: by Ole Fejerskov
480 pages

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First published in 2003, Dental Caries: The Disease and Its Clinical Management has become the leading resource on cariology. In this highly anticipated new edition, the editors maintain the same focus on high-level coverage of the disease etiology and process, clinical management best-practice, and wider public health issues connected with dental caries management, including an enhanced focus on the caries control concept’. The aim is to link theory with clinical performance, making prevention, diagnosis and restorative procedures evidence based.

The structure of the book has been completely overhauled, with the same coverage streamlined in order to distil information effectively. The book is divided into six main sections: An overview of the disease and its prevalence The caries lesion and its biological determinants Diagnosis Controlling dental caries Operative intervention Caries control in special populations With contributions from international experts in research and clinical practice, the third edition of Dental Caries is an unrivalled guide to tooth decay, and a must-have resource for undergraduate and postgraduate students in restorative dentistry as well as all practitioners looking to develop their clinical skills.

12. Cami Kangaroo Has Too Many Sweets: a children's book about honesty and self control (Cami Kangaroo and Wyatt Too)

Author: by Stacy C. Bauer
Rodney K Press
32 pages

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Cami Kangaroo loves sweets. In fact, she can’t stop thinking about them. She loves them sooo much, that even after Mommy catches her eating from a bucket of ice cream, she still finds ways to sneak them. Will Cami ever be able to follow the rules about junk food?

Cami Kangaroo is a funny, uplifting story about the importance of honesty and following the rules, even when you don’t want to! Changing our health habits and those of our children doesn’t happen overnight. It helps to have supportive friends and family members, positive and kind language, and a sense of humor and patience.

Add Cami Kangaroo Has Too Many Sweets to your book collection, and help your child learn to face common challenges and temptations with honesty.Teacher BONUS! Enjoy free dental health lesson plans with your purchase. Available on Stacy C.Bauer’s website.

13. Alaska's 12 Days of Summer (PAWS IV)

Author: by Pat Chamberlin-Calamar
Little Bigfoot
32 pages

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Best-selling Paws IV illustrator Shannon Cartwright is back with this charming children’s book based on the infectious rhythms of the classic song ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas.’ Here, the famous ‘partridge in a pear tree’ becomes a ‘black bear in a spruce tree,’ while the fifth day of summer in Alaska yields everything from swans and wood frogs to bald eagles and moose.

Count Alaska’s famous wild animals while singing along to the well-known tune of The Twelve Days of Christmas. On each page, more and more animals appear, starting with starting with a single bear in a spruce tree and growing until animals are everywhere, waiting to be discovered and counted.

14. Essentials of Dental Caries

Author: by Edwina Kidd
Oxford University Press
216 pages

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Dental caries (tooth decay) is one of the most highly prevalent disease around the world affecting a significant proportion of the population. Dental caries may take place on any tooth surface in the oral cavity where dental plaque is allowed to develop over a period of time.

Understanding itscauses and progression allows the dental team to prevent and manage it so that patients can maintain healthy teeth for life. The fourth edition of Essentials of Dental Caries provides readers with an up-to-date, clinically relevant guide to dental caries.

Written in an accessible style, the authors explain the biological and socioeconomic background of lesion development and progress. Current methods of clinicaldiagnosis and evidence based management are outlined in clearly laid out and highly illustrated chapters. This book is essential reading for students and practitioners of dentistry, dental therapy, dental hygiene, and oral health educators.

15. Fundamental of Operative Dentistry: A Contemporary Approach, Fourth Edition

Author: by Thomas J. Hilton
October 1, 2019

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Over the past two decades, Fundamentals of Operative Dentistry has become one of the most trusted textbooks on clinical restorative dentistry. By integrating time-tested methods with recent scientific innovation, the authors promote sound concepts for predictable conservative techniques. Now in its fourth edition, this classic text has been completely updated with full-color illustrations throughout and substantial revisions in every chapter to incorporate the latest scientific developments and current research findings.

In addition, new chapters on color study and shade matching address new areas of focus in the preclinical curriculum. A valuable resource for understanding the scientific basis for current treatment options in dentistry.