Best Caving & Spelunking Books

Here you will get Best Caving & Spelunking Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. Dive Atlas of the World: An Illustrated Reference to the Best Sites (IMM Lifestyle Books) A Global Tour of Wrecks, Walls, Caves, and Blue Holes from Lawson Reef to the Red Sea to the Great Barrier

Author: by Jack Jackson
IMM Lifestyle Books
300 pages

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The Dive Atlas of the World offers an inspirational tour of top dive sites around the world, based on first-hand experience, and photographed by experts. 300 page fully updated global guide to the world’s top dive sitesWritten by experienced dive authors, based on their first-hand experienceInspirational reference for divers who wish to personally or vicariously experience the best diving the planet has to offerHelps you select and locate the type of diving experience you are looking forSuperb quality underwater photography shows famous wrecks, a wide range of marine habitats, and a huge diversity of speciesAppendix with lists of travel and dive information, climate, best time to go, contacts, dive operators, and emergency facilitiesFrom the Blue Hole at Lawson Reef and the wreck of the Umbria in the Red Sea, to Michaelmas on the Great Barrier Reef, the Dive Atlas of the World offers a global tour of top dive sites, described and photographed by experts.

From well-known classics to sites that have only recently been discovered, this global selection offers the discerning diver a feast of locations to choose from, including an expanded selection of Caribbean dive sites. Whether you favor muck diving and macro photography, wrecks, walls, reefs, caves, blue holes or the adrenaline rush of high-speed drift dive in a strong current (or all of these), you will find well-written, clearly mapped accounts of the top places where you can enjoy these dives.

2. Moon Puerto Rico (Travel Guide)

Author: by Suzanne Van Atten
Moon Travel
400 pages

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Relax beneath palm trees, kayak through bioluminescent bays, or dance the night away to the sounds of salsa: Experience the Island of Enchantment with Moon Puerto Rico. Inside you’ll find: Flexible itineraries ranging from a few days on the East Coast to two weeks exploring the best of Puerto Rico, including day trips from San Juan Strategic advice for beach-lovers, adventure travelers, honeymooners, wellness-seekers, and more, with the best beaches for surfing, swimming, snorkeling, and divingThe best spots for eco-friendly outdoor adventures like hiking, kayaking, and spelunking.

Zipline over the lush jungle, hike through cloud forests, explore vast underground caves, learn how to surf, or spot iguanas on the wild island of MonaUnique and authentic experiences: Visit a historic coffee hacienda, shop for hand-rolled cigars along San Juan’s cobblestone streets, and savor a traditional lunch of mofongo.

Visit ancient ceremonial bateyes, and learn about Puerto Rico’s indigenous Tano communities. Enjoy an al fresco dinner in the warm tropical breeze, and dance to bomba as the sun sets over the oceanInsider insight from Suzanne Van Atten on how to experience the island like a local, respectfully engage with the culture, and support local businesses, including opportunities to help with hurricane relief effortsFull-color photos and detailed maps throughoutUp-to-date information on Puerto Rico’s landscape, history, customs, and environmental changesHandy tools including a Spanish phrasebook, driving directions, and travel tips for disability access, solo travelers, seniors, and LGBTQ travelersExperience the best of Puerto Rico with Moon’s practical tips and local know-how.

3. How to Survive the End of the World as We Know It: Tactics, Techniques, and Technologies for Uncertain Times

Author: by James Wesley Rawles
336 pages

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The ultimate guide that will teach you how to prepare for disasterincluding how to stock your shelves, secure your home, and more. Disruptive elections.A pandemic. Global financial collapse.A terrorist attack. A natural catastrophe. All it takes is one event to disrupt our way of life.

We could find ourselves facing myriad serious problems from massive unemployment to a food shortage to an infrastructure failure that cuts off our power or water supply. If something terrible happens, we won’t be able to rely on the government or our communities.

We’ll have to take care of ourselves. In How to Survive the End of the World as We Know It, James Rawles, founder of SurvivalBlog. Com, clearly explains everything you need to know to protect yourself and your family in the event of a disasterfrom radical currency devaluation to a nuclear threat to a hurricane.

Rawles shares essential tactics and techniques for surviving completely on your own, including how much food is enough, how to filter rainwater, how to protect your money, which seeds to buy for your garden, why goats are a smart choice for livestock, and how to secure your home.

4. Survive!: Essential Skills and Tactics to Get You Out of Anywhere – Alive

Author: by Les Stroud
Harper Collins

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An up-to-the-minute survival guide from the creator of Survivorman explores how to stay alive in the wild, in the jungle, in the desert, and in urban disasters. From the sun-scorched sands of the Kalahari to the snake-infested jungles of the Amazon, Les Stroud has made a life of surviving in the harshestand most remoteregions on Earth.

Now, the creator, producer, and host of the hit television program Survivorman transfers his decades of knowledge and experience to the pages of Survive!, a practical guide that gives everyday readers a no-nonsense look at the real world of survival.

Stroud offers readers the essential skills and tactics necessary to endure in any corner of the globe, along with a wealth of insider information born of his own experiences in the outdoors and unavailable in any other book. Readers will learn:How to make a survival shelter and why a lean-to is largely a waste of time.

Why survival kits are important, and why you should make your own. Where to find water and why drinking contaminated water is sometimes warranted. How to locate and trap small animals and why the notion of tracking and hunting large game is largely a pipe dream.

5. Reef Smart Guides Bonaire: Scuba Dive. Snorkel. Surf. (Best Netherlands' Bonaire Diving Spots, Scuba Diving Travel Guide)

Author: by Peter McDougall
Reef Smart Guides
280 pages

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The Definitive Guide to Bonaire Scuba Diving and Snorkeling”With a mapping style and key information presented in a way that really prepares you for each dive site, this book is exactly what divers want.” Ocean Frontiers #1 Best Seller in Water Sports & CaribbeanFrom the authors of the Reef Smart Guide series comes Reef Smart Guides: Bonaire, a unique and essential scuba, snorkel, and surf travel guide for Bonaire diving.

A great Caribbean travel guide. The ultimate travel guide for beach and marine activities in Bonaire. The detailed descriptions and illustrations of beaches, coral reefs, shipwrecks, and other dive spots are ideal for divers, snorkelers, kitesurfers and windsurfers. Make the most of your time on Bonaire island and in the water.

Detailed descriptions and map art. With the help of Reef Smart’s unique 3D-mapping technology, learn all you need to know about the regions’ top dive and snorkel sites. These maps provide useful information such as depths, currents, waves, suggested routes, potential hazards, unique structures and species information.

6. Hiking the Black Hills Country: A Guide To More Than 50 Hikes In South Dakota And Wyoming, Third Edition (State Hiking Guides Series)

Author: by Marcus Heerdt
Falcon Guides

216 pages

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Discover the beauty of the Black Hills Country, stretching from western South Dakota to eastern Wyoming. Concise descriptions and detailed maps for fifty-eight trails allow hikers of all levels to reach splendid and solitary fishing holes, get fit in the outdoors, and learn about the region’s history.

Hiking the Black Hills Country provides the latest information to plan a customized trip: Popular landmarks, common hikes, and hidden gems. Detailed maps and trail descriptions, complete with GPS coordinates. Insightful hike overviews, details on distance, difficulty, canine compatibility, and more.

From Mount Rushmore to French Creek, and the peak of Black Elk to the Red Valley, the 6,000 square miles of the Black Hills are as wild and free as the Great Plains can be. Find hikes suited to every ability.

Experience the thrill of hiking through human and geological history. Discover epic cave formations, spectacular views, and more. With short hikes and overnight adventures, Hiking the Black Hills Country has everything you need to explore one of America’s most gorgeous landscapes.

7. Skateboard Tricks: Step By Step Instructions & Videos To Help You Land Your Next Trick!

Author: by Jack Boyd
78 pages

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Skateboarding Tricks: Step By Step Instructions & Videos To Help You Land Your Next Trick! Do you like riding your skateboard? Have you tried doing some tricks, but no matter how hard you try, you always fail? If you want to learn dozens of incredible skateboard tricks, then this book will show you the easiest way to do so.

From flip tricks and grab tricks, to air tricks and slide tricks learning all of them will be a piece of cake. The only thing you will have to do after that is to impress your friends with your new skills.

This book of skateboarding tricks for kids ages8-12 is perfect for every kid that dreams of becoming the next Tony Hawk who knows, maybe you will even surpass him.Are you that kid? With this book, you will learn dozens of old school and modern tricks with an accent on originality and creativity but in the end, the most important thing is, you will have lots of fun.

This instructional skateboarding guide contains step-by-step instructions and explanatory shots of every move you need to make to re-create all of these skateboarding tricks successfully. Here is what this guide to skateboarding for kids can offer you:Step-by-step instructions and explanatory shots of basic and advanced skateboarding tricksGuides to easily learn awesome flip tricks and grab tricksGuides to quickly learn incredible air tricks, slide tricks, and ramp tricksFew guidelines on skateboard safetyLots of fun and excitementAnd much more!

8. The Greatest Survival Stories of All Time: True Tales of People Cheating Death When Trapped in a Cave, Adrift at Sea, Lost in the Forest, Stranded on a Mountaintop and More

Author: by Cara Tabachnick
288 pages

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Discover the harrowing, true tales of those who have faced certain death…And survived! The stories seem too unbelievable to be true. Lost individuals facing the most severe natural disasters, the most dangerous situations, and the most inhospitable conditions… And coming back alive.

From plane crashes and sinking ships to surviving in freezing forests and dry deserts, this anthology of survival stories includes some of the most famous, unbelievable tales of beating the odds. This book features gripping tales of sheer bravery and quick thinking, including:Juliane Koepcke, the sole survivor of a plane crash in the Peruvian AmazonJose Salvador Alvarenga, who floated for 13 months alone in the Pacific oceanAron Ralston, who cut off his arm to escape the canyon he’d been trapped inLincoln Hall, who was abandoned on Mount Everest …And many more.

Whether you want to be thrilled by close calls and narrow escapes, or get inspired by some of the greatest stories of human endurance, this collection of tales has something for everyone.

9. Canoeing & Kayaking Georgia (Canoe and Kayak Series)

Author: by Suzanne Welander
Menasha Ridge Press
434 pages

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Get the authoritative guide to the waterways of Georgia, offering thousands of miles of paddling. Covering more than 3,700 miles of waterways, Canoeing & Kayaking Georgia is the definitive guide to Georgia’s whitewater, smoothwater, and everything in between. This new edition describes the exhilarating restored whitewater course in Columbus and the headwaters of the upper Chattooga River.

It also provides detailed information on Georgia’s growing network of established Water Trails that actively welcome recreational paddlers throughout the state. Now expanded to cover additional waterways in southwest Georgiaincluding Kinchafoonee, Muckalee, and Ichawaynochaway creeksthis book is the only one you need to figure out where to float, no matter what type of boat you paddle.

Book Features New maps plus GPS coordinates Updated river profiles, including additional sections for six rivers covered in previous editions Detailed information on five new Class I and II creek destinations Easy-to-reference descriptions of Georgia’s developed Water Trails

10. El secreto de los hombres (Spanish Edition)

Author: by Claudia De Angelis
June 28, 2021

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El secreto de los hombres nos sumerge en los gustos, su forma de actuar, elegir y amar. Es la primera vez que se los desnuda de esta manera. Conocer sus secretos, mentiras y picardas te va a permitir ocupar un lugar preciado para alcanzar tu posibilidad de formar una pareja.

Tambin explica en detalle sus preferencias respecto a: autos, trabajo, deporte, dinero, comida, mujeres. Como as tambin en relacin a la soltera, divorcio, sexo, comodidad y espacios propios. El secreto de los hombres permite a las mujeres entender profunda y crudamente el mundo de los hombres, ese que ellos definen sencillo y que ellas no descifran.

Una vez que termines el libro sabrs posicionarte en un lugar de ventaja para actuar frente al hombre que te interesa, gusta o quieres conquistar. Su aspecto emocional es otro gran tema, el vnculo con amigos, pareja y familia. Sus intereses respecto al noviazgo, matrimonio y paternidad.

Cmo se expresa y qu es lo que realmente siente. La diferencia de entre su psiquis y la de la mujer. El secreto de los hombres aborda los aspectos de personalidad desde la astrologa y los signos del zodaco, sus caractersticas, diferencias y capacidades, las modalidades que adopta cada signo para relacionarse con el amor, adems de develarte el secreto para conquistar a cada signo.

11. In Search of Captain Zero: A Surfer's Road Trip Beyond the End of the Road

Author: by Allan Weisbecker
352 pages

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In 1996, Allan Weisbecker sold his home and his possessions, loaded his dog and surfboards into his truck, and set off in search of his long-time surfing companion, Patrick, who had vanished into the depths of Central America. In this rollicking memoir of his quest from Mexico to Costa Rica to unravel the circumstances of Patrick’s disappearance, Weisbecker intimately describes the people he befriended, the bandits he evaded, the waves he caught and lost en route to finding his friend.

In Search of Captain Zero is, according to Outside magazine, “A subtly affecting tale of friendship and duty. [It] deserves a spot on the microbus dashboard as a hell of a cautionary tale about finding paradise and smoking it away.”In Search of Captain Zero: A Surfer’s Road Trip Beyond the End of the Road is a Booksense 76 Top Ten selection for September/October.

12. Canoeing & Kayaking Kentucky (Canoe and Kayak Series)

Author: by Bob Sehlinger
Menasha Ridge Press
266 pages

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Explore Hidden Kentucky in Your Kayak or Canoe Wet your paddleand whet your paddling appetitewith the authoritative guide to the waterways of Kentucky. From the eastern coalfields to the Mighty Mississippi along the western border, this is your updated resource for paddling the creeks, rivers, and waterways of the Bluegrass State.

Canoeing & Kayaking Kentucky covers thousands of miles of paddling, including almost all of the state’s paddleable waterways, in 77 river profiles that range in difficulty from scenic floats down the Green to whitewater runs on the Russell Fork. Authors Bob Sehlinger and Johnny Molloy combine the latest technology with good old-fashioned paddling trips to make your paddling adventures even easier to execute with completely revised and improved maps, access points, river gauges, and mileages, as well as updated contact information and GPS coordinates for every put-in and takeout.

Between them, Bob and Johnny have paddled thousands of miles. This combined experience makes Canoeing & Kayaking Kentucky useful for paddlers of all types. Paddling has never been better in Kentucky!

13. Skate the World: Photographing One World of Skateboarding (NATIONAL GEOGRA)

Author: by Jonathan Mehring
National Geographic

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In this dynamic National Geographic sports photography collection of the world’s greatest professional skateboarders in action, award-winning photographer Jonathan Mehring sets out to capture the heart and soul of skate culture. Hit the streets with 200 exhilarating photographs that take us from New York to Hong Kong to Istanbul and beyond.

Featuring stars like Tony Hawk, Nyjah Huston, and Eric Koston, Mehring’s images have been published in top skateboarding magazines, and ESPN named him one of the sport’s ten most influential people. Now, in his first book, Mehring invites us along on his thrilling photo adventures on six continents around the world.

By capturing these experiences on camera and including complementary images contributed by other top skate photographers, Mehring presents an exciting and artful look at skate culture around the world. With an adrenaline rush on every page, this book celebrates the joy of skateboarding and its power to inspire young people to overcome obstacles-on the board and off.

14. Canoeing & Kayaking Florida (Canoe and Kayak Series)

Author: by Johnny Molloy
Menasha Ridge Press
348 pages

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Completely updated yet again, the latest edition of Canoeing & Kayaking Florida is the most comprehensive guide to the best of Florida’s unique streams, springs, creeks, and rivers. Engaging and concise, yet filled with carefully selected details vital to any successful Florida paddling adventure, Canoeing & Kayaking Florida spares readers encyclopedic fluff in favor of practical, no-nonsense information.

With expanded regional maps and revised river maps, Canoeing & Kayaking Florida is simply the best and most informative Florida paddling guide available. Several new paddling destinations have been added to this latest edition, including waterways like Shingle Creek, where a swift stream swishes through a cypress forest.

Then there’s quiet coastal Shell Creek and the mighty Apalachicola River, a big water destination with big sandbars, big hills, and a fast current compared to more intimate Florida waterways. Still other new streams await your arrival. For over 30 years, Canoeing & Kayaking Florida has provided the essential information needed to paddle the waterways of Florida.

15. Entre la razón y la intuición : De la economía al tarot (Spanish Edition)

Author: by Margarita Barberis Doglio
July 6, 2021

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Entre la razn y la intuicin va dirigido a adolescentes en busca de su vocacin, hombres y mujeres de todas las edades ya que razn e intuicin se relacionan con la economa y el Tarot porque nos ayudan a vivir sin estructuras, animarse al cambio; entre la razn y la intuicin es una gua para la toma de decisiones a travs de la economa y el Tarot, vencer obstculos para seguir adelante porque la razn y la intuicin se unen en este libro a travs de la economa y el Tarot.

La razn es nuestra parte pensante, nuestra mente que a veces nos limita, la intuicin es dejarnos llevar y fluir, la economa nos ensea como administrar recursos, el tarot es una gua para la toma de decisiones. Este libro es una gua para tener una vida ms llevadera y aprender de las experiencias vividas y superar los errores tomndolos como crecimiento personal.

Muchos famosos alrededor del mundo se han interesado por la economa y el Tarot, demostrando que la razn y la intuicin se pueden experimentar conjuntamente. Ejemplos de famosos interesados en la economa son Cate Blanchett, Danny Glover, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Kevin Costner, Mick Jagger, Tiger Woods entre otros, demostrando que la razn tambin convive con la vocacin artstica.