Best Celtic Religions Books

Here you will get Best Celtic Religions Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. Runes for Beginners: A Guide to Reading Runes in Divination, Rune Magic, and the Meaning of the Elder Futhark Runes

Author: by Lisa Chamberlain
136 pages

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Everything You Need to Know to Begin Working With RunesThe enigmatic nature of the runes is undeniable. In fact, the English word rune comes to us from the Norse word runa, which means a secret, or to whisper. As symbols, the runes mean little to the untrained eye, yet the magical energies they activate can be used for positive, impactful change in your everyday life.

But what are runes, exactly? On the surface level, runes are the characters in a writing system used by the ancient Germanic peoples of Europe. But unlike our modern letters, the runic symbols had been used for magical purposes long before they were fashioned into an alphabet.

This is known from runic inscriptions found on ancient artifacts as well as Germanic myth and lore handed down over the centuries. Indeed, those who work with the runes today are taking part in an age-old magical tradition established by our Northern European pagan ancestors.

In Runes for Beginners, best-selling author Lisa Chamberlain shines the light on these ancient symbols, showing you how to discover and utilize their unique magical energies. With both an eye toward tradition and a multicultural spirit, Lisa combines an appreciation for the Germanic roots of the runes with a more eclectic Neopagan approach.

2. The Book of Secret Wisdom: The Prophetic Record of Human Destiny and Evolution (Sacred Wisdom)

Author: by Zinovia Dushkova

269 pages

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In these troubled times, do you wonder about the future and the destiny of humanity? Do you want to know the true purpose of your existence on Earth and in the Universe? The most secret book in the world holds the answers you seek!

Named as one of the 100 Most Spiritually Influential Living People in 2020 by Watkins Mind Body Spirit, Zinovia Dushkova, Ph.D., is one of the few who has gained access to the million-year-old manuscript widely known as the Book of Dzyan, which contains answers to humanity’s most pressing questions.

Written in the language of the Gods, called Senzar, it is secretly hidden in the heart of the Himalayas, accessible to only a chosen few over the course of human history, including Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ, Pythagoras, Plato, and Helena Blavatsky.

Now, for the first time ever, Dr. Dushkova has presented a never-before-seen excerpt from the mysterious Book of Dzyan in The Book of Secret Wisdom to bring new meaning and hope into your life. Beautiful and enlightening, it will reveal not only our past, but also our present and future.

3. Anam Cara: A Book of Celtic Wisdom

Author: by John O'Donohue
Harper Perennial
234 pages

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“Anam Cara is a rare synthesis of philosophy, poetry, and spirituality. This work will have a powerful and life-transforming experience for those who read it.” Deepak ChopraJohn O’Donohue, poet, philosopher, and scholar, guides you through the spiritual landscape of the Irish imagination.

In Anam Cara, Gaelic for “soul friend,” the ancient teachings, stories, and blessings of Celtic wisdom provide such profound insights on the universal themes of friendship, solitude, love, and death as:Light is generousThe human heart is never completely bornLove as ancient recognitionThe body is the angel of the soulSolitude is luminousBeauty likes neglected placesThe passionate heart never agesTo be natural is to be holySilence is the sister of the divineDeath as an invitation to freedom

4. If Women Rose Rooted: A Life-changing Journey to Authenticity and Belonging

Author: by Sharon Blackie
460 pages

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In this life-changing book that blends myth, memoir and modern day mentors, renowned psychologist Dr Sharon Blackie journeys from the wasteland of modern society to a place of nourishment and connection.Mind-blowing. An anthem for all we could be … I sincerely hope every woman who can read has the time and space to read it.’ Manda Scott, author of Boudica and A Treachery of Spies If women remember that once upon a time we sang with the tongues of seals and flew with the wings of swans, that we forged our own paths through the dark forest while creating a community of its many inhabitants, then we will rise up rooted, like trees.

And if we rise up rooted, like trees … Well then, women might indeed save not only ourselves, but the world.’ Like Women who Run with the Wolves, this is powerful rallying cry to women to embrace a different kind of femininity.

Described as both transformative and essential, Sharon Blackie leads the reader on a quest to find their place in the world, drawing inspiration from the wise and powerful females in native mythology, and guidance from contemporary women who have re-rooted themselves in land and community and taken responsibility for shaping the future.

5. How to Access Jesus in the Heavenly Realm – Manual: Heaven is real and FUN

Author: by Kim Robinson
44 pages

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In this manual, I will walk you through how you may access the presence of Jesus in the Heavenly realm by the Holy Spirit. Since 1988 the Holy Spirit has been taking me to Heaven. Jesus would show me various fun places and allow me to do fun things.

I asked, “Why was He showing me these places?” Jesus said, “Because people think all they do here is float around wearing diapers, eating grapes, or doing nothing but bowing before ME. I have planned for each person, in detail, what makes them happy to be here with Me.

Heaven is real and Fun and I am coming back soon!”

6. Celtic Folklore Cooking

Author: by Joanne Asala
Llewellyn Publications

384 pages

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A treasury of delectable recipes, Celtic Folklore Cooking by Joanne Asala will help you select foods to serve at your celebrations of the Sabbats and Esbats: the festivals and ritual times for Witches and Wiccans. It is also a terrific introduction to Celtic culture.

The recipes in this book were gathered during four trips the author took to Ireland and Britain, as well as visits to Scotland and Wales. She searched for people who still cooked in the traditional of their ancestors, passing down recipes from generation to generation.

The result is a book that is rich in Celtic tradition. And the foods are delicious any time, too! Like a well-stocked larder, Celtic Folklore Cooking offers plenty of tempting choices for daily meals or special celebrations. Pick from more than 200 tasty traditional dishes, all nestled among colorful food-related proverbs, poems, tales, customs, and other nuggets of folk wisdom.

Each recipe lists ancient and modern holidays associated with the dish so you can select the perfect fare to complement the season. Recipes include: Mushroom and Scallop Pie Heather Wine Pratie Oaten Beestings Pancakes Hot Cross buns Figgy Pudding Boxty on the Griddle Barm Brack Sweet Scones Scotch Eggs Colcannon Cockle Soup Flower Pudding Flummery Mead The ancient Celts celebrated their Sabbats with music, dance, games, food, and drink.

7. Wild Magic: Celtic Folk Traditions for the Solitary Practitioner

Author: by Danu Forest
240 pages

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An Immersive Guide to Celtic Magic and the Wild Wisdom of Your Heart This book is a storehouse of magical and spiritual lore as well as practical knowledge based on age-old Celtic traditions. Filled with hands-on exercises and deep meditations, Wild Magic will show you how to access the Otherworld and come into a profound connection with the divine in nature.

Author Danu Forest explores the timeless animistic practices of the Celtic faerie faith, creating relationships with the faerie folk, green kin, the ancestors, and the spirits of the land. You will learn to call on your spirit cousins for protection, and practice magical techniques based on the elements, such as fire scrying and spells to raise the wind.

Discover the secrets of ley lines, dragon lines, faery roads, and spirit paths that will transform your life in the here and now. Work with Danu’s tips for wildcrafting and her unique recipes for making magical oils, salves, bundles, and ointments with common herbs.

8. Beauty: The Invisible Embrace

Author: by John O'Donohue
Harper Perennial
272 pages

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The author of Anam Cara describes, in his unique style, rediscovering the true sources of compassion, serenity, and hope in our lives In this eagerly awaited follow-up to his international bestsellers Anam Cara and Eternal Echoes, John O’Donohue turns his attention to the subject of beautythe divine beauty that calls the imagination and awakens all that is noble in the human heartfocusing on the classical, medieval and Celtic traditions, on art, music, literature, nature and language.

O’Donohue opens our eyes, hearts and minds to the wonder of our own relationship with beauty. Rather than covering this theme, he uncovers it, exposing the infinity and mystery of its breadth. His words return us home to the dignity of silence, the profundity of stillness, the power of thought and perception, and the eternal grace and generosity of beauty’s presence.

In this masterful and revelatory work, O’Donohue encourages our greater intimacy with beauty, and celebrates it for what it really is: a homecoming of the human spirit.

9. In the Shelter: Finding a Home in the World

Author: by Pádraig Ó Tuama
262 pages

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” From master storyteller and host of On Being’s Poetry Unbound, Pdraig Tuama, comes an unforgettable memoir of peace and reconciliation, Celtic spirituality, belonging, and sexual identity. “”It is in the shelter of each other that the people live.”” Drawing on this Irish saying, Tuama relates ideas of shelter and welcome to our journeys of life, using poetry, story, biblical reflection, and prose to open up gentle ways of living well in a troubled world.

In the Shelter introduces Corrymeela, the Northern Ireland peace and reconciliation community Tuama led for many years, and throughout the book he reveals the power of storytelling in communities of conflict. From the heart of a poet comes a profound look at the landscapes we all try to inhabit even as we always search for shelter, a place we can call home.

An instant spiritual classic in Ireland and Britain, now brought to a US readership.”

10. The Secret Book of Dzyan: Unveiling the Hidden Truth about the Oldest Manuscript in the World and Its Divine Authors (Sacred Wisdom)

Author: by Zinovia Dushkova
81 pages

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Have you heard of the secret Book of Dzyan? Generations of Truth-seekers have been searching for this mysterious manuscript of untold antiquity that conceals the entire wisdom of the world, yet only a chosen few have ever gained access to it.

Thus, in 2015, Zinovia Dushkova, Ph.D., published a new excerpt from the Book of Dzyan in The Book of Secret Wisdom that revealed the future and destiny of humanity. At that time, however, she was not allowed to disclose anything more about the Book of Dzyan than Helena Blavatsky had already done in her time.

But now, for the first time ever, Dr. Dushkova, who is named as one of the 100 Most Spiritually Influential Living People in 2020 by Watkins’ Mind Body Spirit, has been permitted to cast more light on the Book of Dzyan and answer the following questions:Who are the authors of the Book of Dzyan?

Where was it stored in the past, and where is it now? What are its structure and contents? When was the Book of Dzyan written? Why is it now of such great significance, even in your own life? In addition, you will also learn about the attempt that the Masters of Wisdom made to enlighten the world in the 20th century and what challenges face humanity in the 21st century.

11. Norse Gods and Goddesses: Guide to Understanding Scandinavian Deities and the Viking Religion

Author: by Ingvar Askelson
103 pages

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Discover the Secrets of Your Ancestors Without Reading Cryptic Poetry. Do you struggle with finding reliable and comprehensible information about the Norse Gods and Goddesses? When it comes to the Norse pantheon, our primary sources are limited to the Eddas and Sagas of Viking heroes.

These are the only places in our history where we even see mention of the Norse Gods, which is a major inconvenience because of how ambiguous, allusive and complex the translations can be. I know because I’ve been analysing them for over 2 years and continue to do so, as I draw new lessons each time I read.

My goal is to shortcut the process of learning for you with this BRAND NEW resource! With Norse Gods and Goddesses, you can surpass all the obstacles and learn every secret about the Norse Gods. There are 3 main families; sir, Vanir and Jtnar.

Inside you will find detailed descriptions on;innrrTyrHeimdallrFreyjaNjrrLokiSkaiAnd 18 more you’ve probably never heard of! Norse Gods and Goddesses is your shortcut to understanding who the Norse Gods are,I have spent over 2 years collecting this information so you don’t have to; buy this book now to attain it in under a week.

12. Sacred Earth, Sacred Soul: Celtic Wisdom for Reawakening to What Our Souls Know and Healing the World

Author: by John Philip Newell
HarperOne (July 6, 2021)
288 pages

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A leading spiritual teacher reveals how Celtic spiritualitylistening to the sacred around us and inside of uscan help us heal the earth, overcome our conflicts, and reconnect with ourselves. John Philip Newell shares the long, hidden tradition of Celtic Christianity, explaining how this earth-based spirituality can help us rediscover the natural rhythms of life and deepen our spiritual connection with God, with each other, and with the earth.

Newell introduces some of Celtic Christianity’s leading practitioners, both saints and pioneers of faith, whose timeless wisdom is more necessary than ever, including: Pelagius, who shows us how to look beyond sin to affirm our sacredness as part of all God’s creation, and courageously stand up for our principles in the face of oppression.

Brigid of Kildare, who illuminates the interrelationship of all things and reminds us of the power of the sacred feminine to overcome those seeking to control us. John Muir, who encourages us to see the holiness and beauty of wilderness and what we must do to protect these gifts.

13. Pagan Portals – Loki: Trickster and Transformer

Author: by Dagulf Loptson
Moon Books (June 1, 2020)
104 pages

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Loki Laufeyjarson is the famous trickster of Norse Mythology, who brings its pages to life with conflict, humor, and excitement. Far from being just a villain or a prankster, Loki is a god who brings necessary change into the world, transcends boundaries, and shines light on hidden truth.

In this book, you will be introduced to Loki and the many masks he wears: whether he appears as the bringer of enlightenment, the traveling companion of the gods, or the ender of worlds. This is also an accessible guide to building a devotional practice with the trickster, where you will learn new ways to honor this often misunderstood deity.

Open the door to Loki’s mysteries, and prepare to laugh, be challenged, and potentially change your life.’Pagan Portals – Loki is a bold and necessary look at the Trickster God of the Norse. The author deftly weaves together academic material and personal experience to give the reader a guide not only to better understand this often maligned deity but also to connect directly to him.

14. Eternal Echoes: Celtic Reflections on Our Yearning to Belong

Author: by John O'Donohue
Harper Perennial
304 pages

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There is a divine restlessness in the human heart, our eternal echo of longing that lives deep within us and never lets us settle for what we have or where we are. In this exquisitely crafted and inspirational book, John O’Donohue, author of the bestseller Anam Cara, explores the most basic of human desires – the desire to belong, a desire that constantly draws us toward new possibilities of self-discovery, friendship, and creativity.

15. The Morrigan: Celtic Goddess of Magick and Might

Author: by Courtney Weber
240 pages

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An illuminating exploration of Ireland’s ancient dark goddessthe beloved phantom queen of the Celtic worldwith practices for modern-day devotees. The Morrigan is one of Pagan Ireland’s most famous-and notorious-goddesses. Her name translated as phantom queen or great queen, the Morrigan is famous for being a goddess of war, witchcraft and death, protection and retribution.

This book also explores her patronage of motherhood, healing, shapeshifting, and the land. Classified among the Sidhe (fairies), the Morrigan dates back at least to Ireland’s Iron Age, but she is as modern as she is ancientenjoying a growing contemporary and global following.

Author Courtney Weber provides a guide for the modern devotee of this complex, mysterious goddess that encompasses practical veneration with modern devotionals, entwined with traditional lore and Irish-Celtic history.