Best Children's Buddhist Fiction Books

Here you will get Best Children's Buddhist Fiction Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. Teach Your Dragon Empathy: Help Your Dragon Understand Empathy. A Cute Children Story To Teach Kids Empathy, Compassion and Kindness. (My Dragon Books)

Author: by Steve Herman
42 pages

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Having a pet dragon is very fun! He can sit, roll over, and playHe can candle a birthday cake, lit a campfire, or so many other cool thingsBut what if your dragon does not care about other people’s feelings? What if he does and says things to others that he will regret?What should you do?

You teach him empathy! You show him how to be considerate, to understand how others feel, to put himself in others’ shoes, and to get along!How do you do that? Get this book and learn how! Fun, cute, and entertaining with beautiful illustrations, this is a must have book for children, parents and teachers to teach kids empathy, compassion and kindness.


2. Kuan Yin: The Princess Who Became the Goddess of Compassion

Author: by Maya van der Meer
Bala Kids (May 4, 2021)
32 pages

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Two sisters discover the power of love and the true meaning of compassion in this princess-adventure story based on an ancient Chinese tale. Miao Shan isn’t your typical princess. She likes to spend her time quietly meditating with the creatures of the forest or having adventures with dragons and tigers.

Miao Shan’s heart is so full of love that her dream is to spread happiness throughout the land and help people endlessly. But her father has other plans for her-he intends to have her married and remain in the palace.

With the help of her little sister Ling, Miao Shan escapes and begins her journey to discover the true meaning of compassion. During their adventure, Ling and Miao Shan are eventually separated. Ling must overcome doubts, fears, and loneliness in order to realize what her sister had told her all along-that love is the greatest power in the world.

After the sisters’ reunion, Miao Shan realizes her true calling as Kuan Yin, the goddess of compassion. A princess-adventure story like none other, this ancient Chinese tale of the world’s most beloved Buddhist hero is a story of sisterhood, strength, and following your own path.

3. Firenze's Light: A Children's Book about Gratitude, Compassion and Self-Appreciation

Author: by Jessica Collaço
28 pages


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Follow Firenze, a feisty firefly, as she discovers the power of her light in this fun and encouraging story of friendship and self-appreciation. Firenze’s friends love her light, but Firenze doesn’t think it’s so great. How can she when it’s nearly impossible to play a good game of hide-and-seek?!!

When Firenze’s light and a new friend’s artwork unexpectedly combine, she must decide whether she will keep her light hidden or find the courage to let it shine. No bullying-Let’s model healthy friendshipsFirenze’s Light is a beautifully illustrated picture book that sets itself apart by leaving out the bullying and shame found in many traditional children’s books.

Readers will find encouraging, kind characters inspiring self-appreciation, gratitude, kindness and compassion. It’s unfortunate that bullying will still happen in life, however Firenze’s Light shows readers new ways to navigate conflict gently and compassionately, embracing rather than rejecting differences. The best book for bedtimeThe rich illustrations in Firenze’s Light glow, creating a perfect opportunity for reading together, snuggled up in bed with a flashlight.

4. The Snow Bear: A Mindfulness Parable for Kids

Author: by Nic Tuff
48 pages

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The story of The Snow Bear guides children on a journey to find ways of working with difficult emotions, such as anxiety and fear, using mindfulness. The Snow Bear is particularly suited for times of great social and environmental change to help children find a place of fearlessness.

Based on observations from nature and wisdom millennia old, the story within works with animal archetypes exemplifying characteristics of modern times that the protagonist, Barry Bartholomew, has to overcome. Barry seeks the wisdom of the forest community himself and from the wise Snow Bear.

The Snow Bear helps Barry overcome his anxiety and fear of an impending forest fire using lessons on mindfulness and the wisdom of the natural world. As the lessons come to a natural end, Barry’s solidity is tested by a fire that has overcome the forest.

He works with the various psychologies of each species in the forest community to help them cross to the other shorean allegory for finding complete freedom within oneself.

5. The Buddha's Apprentice at Bedtime: Tales of Compassion and Kindness for You to Read with Your Child – to Delight and Inspire

Author: by Dharmachari Nagaraja

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Master storyteller Dharmachari Nagaraja offers 18 beautifully illustrated bedtime stories, inspired by the Buddhist folk tradition, for parents to read to their children. Nagaraja weaves a thrilling narrative spell while conveying basic life lessons that will nurture children, calm their anxieties, and help them find peace and confidence.

The tales explore themes from the Eightfold PathBuddhism’s practical route to a happy lifewhile gently teaching kids to speak kindly and truthfully, behave with compassion, and think selflessly.

6. Each Breath a Smile

Author: by Sister Susan
32 pages

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Each Breath a Smile introduces preschool-aged children to mindful breathing. Through beautiful color illustrations, children learn to connect with their breathing to help them experience calmness and enjoy a deeper relationship with their friends and family. Illustrations of trees, frogs, crickets, and birds remind them of the many simple joys available in the world around them.

With twenty-eight full-page color illustrations by artists Nguyen Thi Hop and Nguyen Dong, this book will delight children while serving as a valuable resource for parents and teachers.

7. God's Dream

Author: by Desmond Archbishop Tutu
40 pages

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With warmth and humor, Archbishop Desmond Tutu distills his philosophy of unity and forgiveness into a picture book for the very young. Archbishop Desmond Tutu has a vision of God’s dream, which he shares here with the youngest of listeners.

It involves people who reach out and hold each other’s hands, but sometimes get angry and hurt each other and say they’re sorry and forgive. It’s a wish that everyone will see they are brothers and sisters, no matter their way of speaking to God, no matter the size of their nose or the shade of their skin.

Aided by vibrant artwork evoking such images as a rainbow and a sharing circle, Tutu offers the essence of his ubuntu philosophy, a wisdom so clear and crystalline that even the smallest child can understand.

8. God Gave Us So Much: A Limited-Edition Three-Book Treasury

Author: by Lisa Tawn Bergren
112 pages

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Three Adorable Tales for Children of All Ages! Through the eyes of a curious little polar bear, young readers are invited into engaging journeys through the Arctic North Pole to explore some of their most tender-hearted and important questions. Mama, Papa, and Grampa Bear, the ever-loving and wise guides for Little Cub’s adventures, share with her the incredible miracles of God’s creation and the depths of His love for her.

This limited edition treasury of the best-selling God Gave Us series includes three complete charming tales. With heart and humor, the stories reveal the beauty of diversity throughout the world, the incredible gift of love, and the wonderment of our Heavenly home to come.

All three books are available in this exclusive treasury for the price of two! God Gave Us the World God Gave Us LoveGod Gave Us Heaven

9. May All People and Pigs Be Happy

Author: by Micki Fine Pavlicek

‎ 32 pages

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Pigalina teaches Claire the loving-kindness meditation to help Claire embrace the world with compassion and caring May All People and Pigs Be Happy follows seven-year-old Claire and her stuffed animal Pigalina. From Pigalina, Claire learns a simple meditation that helps her to feel kinder toward herself and spread caring and love to others.

The loving-kindness meditation can be practiced by anyone regardless of religion to cultivate loving presence, friendship, tenderness, and love. This book is perfect for those with or without a background in the loving-kindness meditation.

10. I'm the Potty Master! (Easy Potty Training for Toddlers) (Louie's Little Lessons)

Author: by Liz Fletcher
Brave KidsPress
28 pages

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Time to potty train?Great!Let’s do this! I’m the Potty Master has helped kiddos all over the globe flush with confidence. Through fun, imagination, and adventure, your child will be inspired to ditch their diapers and become the Potty Master in just a matter of days.You’ve got this!

In the third book of its series, Louie is a super elephant who is always ready for adventure, but he’s tired of his diaper weighing him down. Louie decides that maybe it’s time to become the ‘Potty Master’ and get rid of diapers for good, then comes the biggest surprise of all…

With sweet rhymes and beautiful illustrations, this potty training book inspires bravery and greatness. This potty training book is perfect for:Potty training girlsPotty training boysPotty training for busy parentsMotivating your toddler to want toilet trainEncouraging imagination, courage and braveryOvercoming toddler milestones and transitionsPromoting toddler imagination and playEncouring your child to try new things!

11. When the Buddha Was an Elephant: 32 Animal Wisdom Tales from the Jataka

Author: by Mark W. McGinnis
96 pages

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A treasury of traditional Buddhist wisdom tales, illustrated with gorgeous original artwork. The Buddhist jataka tales are simple lessons in living with honesty, wisdom, and compassion that contain the power to transform the hearts and minds of those who hear them.

They are stories of the Buddha’s past livesin such forms as a boar, a parrot, a monkey, or a peacockthat have enchanted children and adults for millennia. Their animal characters powerfully and sometimes humorously demonstrate the virtues and foibles to which we humans are prone, and they point the way to more enlightened ways of living.

Mark McGinnis retells the jatakas in poetic and accessible language, rendering the Buddhist teachings they contain abundantly clear. Each tale is brought to life by Mark’s full-color illustration, making the book a visually stunning entre to this edifying and highly entertaining literary tradition.

12. The Day the Buddha Woke Up

Author: by Andrea Miller
Wisdom Publications
18 pages

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The heart of the Buddha’s story in a handful of wordsbeautifully illustrated by a world-renowned artist. The Day the Buddha Woke Up is a board book that will captivate children of all ages. It’s the perfect way to introduce young children to the story of the Buddhathe clear, gracefully written story puts the Buddha’s awakening into language children can understand.

The simple arc of the Buddha’s questions, his quest, and his ultimate understanding will provide a meaningful and peaceful story that childrenand their parents! Will love returning to again and again.

13. The Barefoot King: A Story about Feeling Frustrated

Author: by Andrew Jordan Nance
Bala Kids
32 pages

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A lighthearted story about the consequences of rash decisions and the importance of problem solving, responsibility, and acceptance for kids ages 4-8. Told in rhyming couplets, The Barefoot King recounts the story of a young king named Creet who rules a land where people walk around with bare feet.

Easily distracted, one day King Creet stubs his toe on a rock and is shocked by the pain. Never wanting to experience that discomfort again, the king decides to cover his whole kingdom in leather, with unfortunate consequences. This short and playful story helps parents discuss concepts of acceptance, awareness, and responsibility with kids.

Seeing the consequences of King Creet’s decision, kids will learn to navigate challenges in their own lives and the opportunities for growth that obstacles provide. A short “reader’s guide” accompanies the story, aiding parents and teachers in discussions of how to handle life’s bumps with conscious breaths and mindful steps.

14. Ziji: The Puppy Who Learned to Meditate

Author: by Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche
56 pages

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Children will love learning the calming power of meditation alongside Ziji, a playful puppy. Ziji is a noisy, bouncy puppy who lives with the Anderson family: Mom, Dad, Jenny, and Baby Jack. He loves to bark and play andmost of allchase pigeons in the park.

Then one day, Ziji sees a new boy from Jenny’s school, Nico, sitting in the park.What is Nico doing? Why does he look so calm and happy? Ziji can’t wait to find out. This book, written by Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche, one of the new generation of Tibetan Buddhist masters, will teach your child the basics of meditation in a fun and engaging way.

Included after the story is a guide for parents and teachers with more information on what meditation is and how it can be helpful as well as suggestions on how children can continue to practice meditation on their own.

15. The Buddha in Me: A Children's Picture Book Showing Kids How To Develop Mindfulness, Patience, Compassion (And More) From The 10 Merits Of The … the Buddha's Teachings into Practice)

Author: by Christine H. Huynh, M.D.
32 pages

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Most kids know of the Buddha, but do they really know the true qualities of the Buddha? The Buddha’s 10 merits defining his title in the World-Honored One and the 4 Muni qualities in his Shakyamuni name are presented at the children’s level of understanding in this enlightening book.

Find out all the virtuous qualities of the Buddha for your kids to emulate. The different names by which the Buddha is called and their meanings are revealed in Siddhartha, Shakyamuni, Buddha, Tathagata, and the World-Honored One. The Buddha’s virtues of awakening, mindfulness, wisdom, patience, and compassion (just to name a few) are explained and demonstrated through fun life examples so that kids can understand and cultivate the same virtuous character.

By learning and practicing these virtues, kids will realize that they have the innate Buddha-nature in them. Also, the writing and depicted pictures subtly introduce the Buddha’s teachings on interdependence and impermanence. Get this book for your kids to learn and transform into a little Buddha with the qualities of awakening, wisdom through reflection, and good karma (right thought, speech, and action) through mindfulness.