Best Children's Chapter Books

Here you will get Best Children's Chapter Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. Trapped in a Video Game: The Complete Series

Author: by Dustin Brady

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Five books in one box! With nonstop action, huge plot twists, and tons of humor, this series will quickly have your 7- to 12-year-old video game fan begging for just one more chapter. Getting sucked into a video game is not as much fun as you’d think.

Sure, there are jetpacks, hover tanks, and infinite lives, but what happens when the game starts to turn on you? In this best-selling series, 12-year-old Jesse Rigsby finds out just how dangerous video games – and the people making those games – can be.

Book One: Trapped in a Video GameJesse hates video games – and for good reason. You see, a video game character is trying to kill him. After getting sucked into the new game Full Blast with his best friend, Eric, Jesse quickly discovers that he’s being followed by a mysterious figure.

If he doesn’t figure out what’s going on fast, he’ll be trapped for good! Book Two: The Invisible InvasionJesse’s rescue mission has led him into the world of Go Wild, a Pokemon Go-style mobile game full of hidden danger and invisible monsters.

2. The Secret Lake: A children's mystery adventure

Author: by Karen Inglis
122 pages

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A lost dog, a hidden time tunnel and a secret lake. A page-turning time travel adventure for children aged 8-11. Now enjoyed by thousands of young readers! When Stella and her younger brother, Tom, move to their new London home, they become mystified by the disappearances of Harry, their elderly neighbour’s small dog.Where does he go?

And why does he keep reappearing wet-through? Their quest to solve the riddle over the summer holidays leads to a boat buried under a grassy mound, and a tunnel that takes them to a secret lake. Who is the boy rowing towards them who looks so terrified?

And whose are those children’s voices carried on the wind from beyond the woods? Stella and Tom soon discover that they have travelled back in time to their home and its gardens almost 100 years earlier. Here they make both friends and enemies, and uncover startling connections between the past and present.

A modern children’s classicThe Secret Lake has been described by readers as a modern Tom’s Midnight Garden and compared in atmosphere with The Secret Garden and the Enid Blyton and Nancy Drew mystery adventure stories. Its page-turning plot, with its many twists and turns, makes it a firm favourite with both boys and girls.

3. The Never Girls Collection #1 (Disney: The Never Girls): Books 1-4

Author: by Kiki Thorpe
128 pages

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In a blink of an eye, four best friends all get their biggest wishthey’re whisked off to Never Land, home to Tinker Bell and her fairy friends. A great gift for readers ages 6-10, this attractive box contains the first four Never Girls adventuresIn a Blink, The Space Between, A Dandelion Wish, and From the Mist.

4. Junie B. Jones's First Boxed Set Ever! (Books 1-4)

Author: by Barbara Park

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Hilarious.Barbara Park makes reading fun. Dav Pilkey, author of Dog Man Get ready to laugh with the first four books from this #1 New York Times bestselling chapter book series about the world’s funniest kindergartner! This box set makes the perfect graduation gift for your own young readers!

Laugh yourself silly with Junie B. Jones as she starts kindergarten! Perfect for the first day of school, preschool or kindergarten graduation, or a great gift any time of year! Barbara Park’s beloved chapter book series has been keeping kids laughingand readingfor more than twenty-five years.

Over 65 million copies sold! Books in this boxed set include: #1: Junie B. Jones and the Stupid Smelly Bus: Learn to overcome first-day fears with Junie B.Jones.#2: Junie B. Jones and a Little Monkey Business: Junie B. Jones gets a baby brother.#3: Junie B.

Jones and Her Big Fat Mouth: Junie B.’s big mouth lands her in hot water.#4: Junie B. Jones and Some Sneaky Peeky Spying: Junie B. Has a big secret to keep.

5. Amelia Bedelia Chapter Book 4-Book Box Set: Books 1-4

Author: by Herman Parish
Greenwillow Books

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Amelia Bedelia is all boxed upliterally! This box set includes the first four funny books in the bestselling Amelia Bedelia Chapter Book series and will be a welcome gift for early readers who like to giggle. Short, fast-paced chapters, tons of friends and funny situations, and black-and-white illustrations on every page make the Amelia Bedelia chapter books an ideal choice for readers of the Ivy + Bean, Magic Tree House, and Junie B.Jones books.

Each book features a guide to the idioms introduced in the story. If you’re looking for chapter books for kids ages 6-8, don’t miss Amelia Bedelia! The Amelia Bedelia books have sold more than 35 million copies. This Amelia Bedelia chapter book boxed set makes a great gift and a wonderful way to introduce newly independent readers to a favorite character.

The four paperbacks in this set are: Amelia Bedelia Means Business, Amelia Bedelia Unleashed, Amelia Bedelia Road Trip! And Amelia Bedelia Goes Wild!

6. Unicorn Academy: Rainbow of Adventure Boxed Set (Books 1-4)

Author: by Julie Sykes
512 pages

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What if your best friend was a unicorn? This giftable boxed set includes books 1-4 of this magical chapter book series, where everyone is paired with their very own unicorn. At Unicorn Academy, every student gets their own beautiful unicorn!

Each unicorn has a special kind of magic. Some can fly, some turn invisible, and some can even create fire! To discover their powers, unicorns must bond with their student. Friendship is the key to the magic of Unicorn Island.

Meet four magical best friendships in this collection! Boxed set includes: #1: Sophia and Rainbow: Sophia’s first lesson at Unicorn Academy will lead her to save the magic of the island! #2: Scarlett and Blaze: Blaze just might have the magic power that will unfreeze Sparkle Lake!

#3: Ava and Star: The magical berries the unicorns eat are disappearing-can Ava and Star solve the mystery? #4: Isabel and Cloud: Can this pair learn to trust each other when the school is in danger? Fans of Rainbow Magic, Purrmaids, and Princess Ponies will love this chapter book series about the magic of bonding with your own unicorn.

7. My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish Boxed Set: (My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish; The Seaquel; Fins of Fury)

Author: by Mo O'Hara
Square Fish

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This must-have paperback boxed set includes the first three books in the winning and wacky My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish illustrated chapter book series, from New York Timesbestselling author Mo O’Hara. Zapping Frankie the goldfish back to life with a battery was the best thing Tom’s ever done.

A BIG FAT ZOMBIE GOLDFISH with incredible hypnotic powers is a great pet to have on your side when your big brother is an evil scientist whose plans regularly need to be thwarted. Join Tom and Frankie as they go on incredible adventures involving revenge plots, evil scientist older brothers, a Super Electric Zombie Eel and other paranormal pets!

The boxed set includes My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish, The SeaQuel, and Fins of FuryPraise for My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish: A New York Times bestseller!”The book is packed with bonkers humour…. Anyone who likes books by Dav Pilkey would seriously love this book.” Biteso, for The Guardian.

ComPraise for The SeaQuel: My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish:”My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish had everything a boy could want. When your first book is absolutely perfect, children do expect you to carry on the same vein. Thankfully, Mo has pulled it off again with a sequel just as good as the original.” The BookbagPraise for Fins of Fury: My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish:”Mo O’Hara writes stories that children can imagine themselves taking part inand that is a large part of the magic.” The Bookbag

8. Classic Chapter Book Collection (Pokémon) (15)

Author: by S.E. Heller
Scholastic Inc.

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Eight illustrated chapter books based on the classic characters found in Pokemon GO and the classic animated series on Netflix.Now back in print! Discover the original adventures of Ash and his loyal Pikachu in this classic chapter book collection!

These characters can be found in Pokemon GO and the classic animated series on Netflix. This boxed set includes paperback reissue editions of the following eight Pokmon titles:THE FOUR-STAR CHALLENGEJOURNEY TO THE ORANGE ISLANDSPSYDUCK DUCKS OUTRACE TO DANGERSCYTHER, HEART OF A CHAMPIONSECRET OF THE PINK POKMONTALENT SHOWDOWNTHUNDERSHOCK IN PUMMELO STADIUM

9. The Lemonade War (1) (The Lemonade War Series)

Author: by Jacqueline Davies
192 pages

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For a full hour, he poured lemonade. The world is a thirsty place, he thought as he nearly emptied his fourth pitcher of the day. And I am the Lemonade King. Fourth-grader Evan Treski is people-smart. He’s good at talking with people, even grownups.

His younger sister, Jessie, on the other hand, is math-smart, but not especially good with people. So when the siblings’ lemonade stand war begins, there really is no telling who will winor even if their fight will ever end. Brimming with savvy marketing tips for making money at any business, definitions of business terms, charts, diagrams, and even math problems, this fresh, funny, emotionally charged novel subtly explores how arguments can escalate beyond anyone’s intent.

Awards: 2009 Rhode Island Children’s Book Award, 2007 New York Public Library 100 Titles for Reading and Sharing, North Carolina Children’s Book Award 2011, 2011 Nutmeg Award (Connecticut)

10. Ivy and Bean's Treasure Box: (Beginning Chapter Books, Funny Books for Kids, Kids Book Series) (Ivy + Bean)

Author: by Annie Barrows
Chronicle Books
376 pages

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Books 1-3 from The New York Times bestselling Ivy & Bean series”Introduce independent readers to the award-winning Ivy & Bean series with this boxed set containing the first three books about two spunky second graders.” Seira Wilson, Amazon EditorMeet Ivy and Bean, two friends who never meant to like each other: Ivy and Bean are very different.

Bean is loud and wild and goofy. She loves to be involved in games and poke her nose in other people’s business. Ivy is quiet and full of ideas. She spends most of her time learning how to be a witch.

Each girl thinks the other one is weird. Each girl thinks she could never be friends with the other. But sometimes opposites can become the best of friends because they’re opposites! Ivy & Bean’s Secret Treasure Boxwhich includes the first three books in the seriesis a delightful introduction to these spunky characters and includes a secret treasure-hiding box with a cool surprise inside!

Book 1: Ivy & Bean: Both girls were sure they would never like each other, but when Bean finds herself in a pickle, Ivy helps out with a magical spell. Book 2: Ivy & Bean and the Ghost that Had to Go: When Ivy discovers a ghost in the girls bathroom at school, she needs Bean’s help to get rid of it as quickly as possible.

11. Trapped in a Video Game (Volume 1)

Author: by Dustin Brady
Andrews McMeel Publishing
144 pages

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Kids who love video games will love this first installment of the new 5-book series about 12-year old Jesse Rigsby and the wild adventures he encounters inside different video games. Age Level: 8-12 Grade Level: 3rd and up Jesse Rigsby hates video gamesand for good reason.

You see, a video game character is trying to kill him. After getting sucked in the new game Full Blast with his friend Eric, Jesse starts to see the appeal of vaporizing man-size praying mantis while cruising around by jet pack.

But pretty soon, a mysterious figure begins following Eric and Jesse, and they discover they can’t leave the game. If they don’t figure out what’s going on fast, they’ll be trapped for good!

12. Mercy Watson Boxed Set: Adventures of a Porcine Wonder

Author: by Kate DiCamillo
240 pages

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Oh, Mercy!Pig out on the first six adventures in the New York Times best-selling series, all tucked together in one enticing boxthe perfect gift! Foiling a robber, driving a car, squeezing into a tutuis there anything the porcine wonder won’t do in her single-minded pursuit of treats, buttered toast, or just a rollicking fun time?

And who knows what other adventures twinkle in her mischievous eyes? Here, for Mercy Watson’s loyal fans and new friends, comes a big fat paperback collection of pig tales that will have readers squealing with delight. Included are:Mercy Watson to the RescueMercy Watson Goes for a RideMercy Watson Fights CrimeMercy Watson: Princess in DisguiseMercy Watson Thinks Like a PigMercy Watson: Something Wonky This Way Comes

13. My Weird School Daze 12-Book Box Set: Books 1-12

Author: by Dan Gutman

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Twelve chapter books in one great box! With more than 12 million books sold, bestselling author Dan Gutman’s My Weird School series really gets kids reading. Things have gotten weirder! From a zany graduation ceremony to the off-the-wall antics of their new third-grade teacher, A.J.

And the gang from Ella Mentry School have had some weird and wacky adventures. Now all twelve books in the bestselling My Weird School Daze series are together in one box. This collection is perfect for classrooms and includes:#1 Mrs. Dole Is Out of Control!

#2 Mr. Sunny Is Funny! #3 Mr. Granite Is from Another Planet! #4 Coach Hyatt Is a Riot! #5 Officer Spence Makes No Sense! #6 Mrs. Jaffee Is Daffy! #7 Dr. Brad Has Gone Mad! #8 Miss Laney Is Zany! #9 Mrs. Lizzy Is Dizzy! #10 Miss Mary Is Scary!

#11 Mr. Tony Is Full of Baloney! #12 Ms. Leakey Is Freaky! Perfect for reluctant readers and word lovers alike, Dan Gutman’s hugely popular My Weird School series has something for everyone. Don’t miss the hilarious adventures of A.J.And the gang.

14. Junie B. Jones Complete First Grade Collection Box set

Author: by Barbara Park
144 pages

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Hilarious.Barbara Park makes reading fun. Dav Pilkey, author of Dog Man Meet the world’s funniest first grader, Junie B. Jones in this special box set featuring collectible paper dolls! Barbara Park’s #1 New York Times bestselling chapter book series has been keeping kids laughingand readingfor more than twenty-five years.

Over 65 million copies sold! Laugh yourself silly with the world’s funniest kid! Now, for the first time ever, all eleven first-grade books are available together, along with collectible paper dolls available ONLY in this special boxed collection! Perfect for holiday, birthday, back to school, kindergarten graduation, and teacher gifts!

Books in this boxed set include: #1: Junie B. Jones and the Stupid Smelly Bus: Learn to overcome first-day fears with Junie B.Jones.#2: Junie B. Jones and a Little Monkey Business: Junie B. Jones gets a baby brother.#3: Junie B.

Jones and Her Big Fat Mouth: Junie B.’s big mouth lands her in hot water.#4: Junie B. Jones and Some Sneaky Peeky Spying: Junie B. Has a big secret to keep.

15. Stink: The Super-Incredible Collection: Books 1-3

Author: by Megan McDonald
352 pages

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Three Stink stories tucked together in one hilarious boxed set.No lie! Judy Moody’s pesky younger “bother” encyclopedia in hand, zany schemes in mind, and comical comebacks at the ready has totally come into his own with a compelling, kid-friendly series.

Now it’s easy for young readers to jump-start their Stink collection with a boxed set offering a trio of paperback titles:Stink: The Incredible Shrinking KidStink And The Incredible Super-Galactic JawbreakerStink And The World’s Worst Super-Stinky Sneakers