Best Children's Eating Disorders Health Books

Here you will get Best Children's Eating Disorders Health Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. Help Your Teenager Beat an Eating Disorder, Second Edition

Author: by James Lock
The Guilford Press
310 pages

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Tens of thousands of parents have turned to this compassionate guide for support and practical advice grounded in cutting-edge scientific knowledge. Top experts James Lock and Daniel Le Grange explain what you need to know about eating disorders, which treatments work, and why it is absolutely essential to play an active role in your teen’s recovery-even though parents have often been told to take a back seat.

Learn how to monitor your teen’s eating and exercise, manage mealtimes, end weight-related power struggles, and partner successfully with health care providers. When families work together to get the most out of treatment and prevent relapse, eating disorders can be beat.

This book is your essential roadmap. Featuring the latest research, resources, and diagnostic information, the second edition has been expanded to cover binge-eating disorder.

2. The Psychology Of Weight-Loss: Gain Control of Your Weight for Good

Author: by Andrew Vashevnik
208 pages

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DISCOVER THE PSYCHOLOGY OF WEIGHT-LOSS AND GET LASTING CONTROL OVER YOUR WEIGHT TODAY! Are you unhappy with your current weight? Have you tried to lose weight but failed? Do you keep jumping from one fad diet to another? Do you try to eat healthily but for some reason you still aren’t the weight you want to be?

Does it all seem too hard, and you give up on your weight-loss goals altogether? Let experienced life coach Andrew Vashevnik reveal the truth behind weight-loss. Having studied and practiced NLP, Hypnotherapy and Philosophy, Andrew will help you uncover the inner workings of your mind, making weight-loss effortless.

Through his proprietary concept The Equation of Change, he’s helped countless people achieve their weight-loss goals. Inside The Psychology of Weight-Loss, you’ll discover: The Weight-Loss Law – The only proven way to lose weight and the only thing that matters!

Why the whole weight-loss industry is set up to make you fail How natural habit changes occur, and how to make them easily EVERY time How to lose weight in your own way, so that you feel happy throughout the process And much, much more Andrew’s book The Psychology of Weight-Loss will transform how you relate to dieting forever.

3. How to Nourish Your Child Through an Eating Disorder: A Simple, Plate-by-Plate Approach to Rebuilding a Healthy Relationship with Food

Author: by Casey Crosbie RD CSSD
The Experiment
324 pages

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Help your child eat normally again Parents are the first to know when their child starts behaving differently. Has your son stopped eating his favorite food, or does he refuse to eat out with friends? Has your daughter drastically increased her exercise regimen, or become obsessed with health foods?

These are among the telltale signs that your child, like millions of others, may have an eating disorder (ED). In this essential guide, registered dietitians Casey Crosbie and Wendy Sterling introduce an all-new strategy you can use to help your child at home.

The Plate-by-Plate approach is rooted in family-based treatment (FBT)the leading psychological therapy for EDs. Unlike complicated exchange systems, this is simple: Crosbie and Sterling coach you through every aspect of meeting your child’s nutritional needs, using just one toola ten-inch plate.

Paired with therapy, this intuitive, visual method is the best way to support your child on the path to recovery. Plus, the authors cover how to talk about diet and weight, what to do while traveling, what to expect from your child’s doctor, and much more.

4. (Don't) Call Me Crazy: 33 Voices Start the Conversation about Mental Health

Author: by Kelly Jensen

‎ Algonquin Young Readers

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A Washington Post Best Children’s Book of 2018 Who’s Crazy? What does it mean to be crazy? Is using the word crazy offensive? What happens when a label like that gets attached to your everyday experiences? To understand mental health, we need to talk openly about it.

Because there’s no single definition of crazy, there’s no single experience that embodies it, and the word itself means different thingswild?Extreme?Disturbed?Passionate? To different people. In (Don’t) Call Me Crazy, thirty-three actors, athletes, writers, and artists offer essays, lists, comics, and illustrations that explore a wide range of topics: their personal experiences with mental illness, how we do and don’t talk about mental health, help for better understanding how every person’s brain is wired differently, and what, exactly, might make someone crazy.

If you’ve ever struggled with your mental health, or know someone who has, come on in, turn the pages … And let’s get talking. This award-winning anthology is from the highly-praised editor of Here We Are: Feminism for the Real World and Body Talk: 37 Voices Explore Our Radical Anatomy..

5. Mediterranean Diet Cookbook for Beginners: 500 Quick and Easy Mouth-watering Recipes that Busy and Novice Can Cook – 2 Weeks Meal Plan Included

Author: by Wilda Buckley
164 pages

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Do you want to burn at and energize your body, feel great and look awesome? Does the Mediterranean diet excite you with its amazing flavors but still want to maintain your body shape? Then you’ve come to the right place because this perfect Cookbook for Beginners is filled with 500 mouth-watering, most wanted recipes you’d be a fool to skip out on.

Bring the Mediterranean from Italy and Greece to Morocco and Egypt, Turkey and Lebanon with these 500 new, delicious recipes in your kitchen. This extensive cookbook combines the well-known balanced Mediterranean diet for home cooks with a wide range of innovative recipes, most easy enough to be made on a weekend, using ingredients from your local supermarket.

People who follow the Mediterranean diet are known to have longer life expectancy and lower rates of chronic diseases than do other adults. Indeed, the Dietary Guidelines for Americans point to the Mediterranean diet as an example of a healthy-eating planThe Mediterranean diet is also about enjoying delicious foods as you’ll discover when you try these recipes such as:Delicious Greek and Tunisian saladsSucculent vegetable dishesHeart-warming soupsTasty omelets, frittatas and cerealsMain dishes including lamb, seafood, pastasAnd many more!

6. DIRTY, LAZY, KETO Fast Food Guide: 10 Carbs or Less: Ketogenic Diet, Low Carb Choices for Beginners – Wanting Weight Loss Without Owning An Instant Pot or Keto Cookbook

Author: by William Laska
217 pages

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As Seen on NBCs The TODAY Show! /b Do you ever find yourself in line at the drive-thru, suddenly panicked about WHAT TO ORDER? When you are on low carb, keto, or a diabetic low-sugar diet, you need to know what is safe to order at a fast food or coffee restaurant.

USA TODAY Bestselling Authors Stephanie and Bill Laska provide all the answers here! Learn which sandwich shop is like a strip club for carb-addicts, and what juice bar offers, milkshakes in drag. You will even find out why the beloved Frappuccino is in the keto “penalty box”.Breakfast, lunch, dinner, or just a coffee?

We all enjoy fast food! The DIRTY, LAZY, KETO Fast Food Guide: Ten Net Carbs or Less shares complete lists of what you can order at 35 different restaurants. There is SO MUCH MORE to order out there besides the bunless burger!

What restaurants are included? Starbucks, McDonald’s, Burger King, Taco Bell, KFC, Chipotle, Subway, Pizza Hut, Quiznos, Panera Bread, Little Caesars, Domino’s Pizza, Jamba Juice, Wendy’s, Dairy Queen, In-N-Out, Jack in the Box, Carl’s Jr., Hardee’s, Arby’s, Five Guys, WHATABURGER, El Pollo Loco, Jimmy John’s, Sonic Drive In, Chick-Fil-A, Popeyes, Church’s, Jersey Mike’s, Wing Stop, Buffalo Wild Wings, Panda Express, Ono Hawaiian BBQ, Panda Express, & Long John Silver’s.

7. Save Your Life with the Phenomenal Lemon (& Lime!): Becoming pH Balanced in an Unbalanced World (How to Save Your Life)

Author: by Blythe Ayne Ph.D.
144 pages

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Save Your Life with the Phenomenal Lemon & LimeIf you’ve never particularly thought about lemons and limes, you may be astounded by some of what you’ll read in Save Your Life with the Phenomenal Lemon & Lime. When you put the easy-to-accomplish, easy-to-understand suggestions into practice, you and your loved ones will experience improved health, strengthened immune system, heightened emotional well-being, increased longevity and pH balance.

Fresh-squeezed lemon and lime juice have antibacterial, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, anti-fungal and antihistamine properties. It fights infections and helps in the production of white blood cells and antibodies in the blood, which attack invading microorganisms. The antioxidant property of lemons and limes destroys roving free radicals preventing cardiovascular disease, stroke, cancers, and a myriad other health issues.

Our lives are acidic our diets are acidic, stress makes us acidic, contaminated environments are acidic. Lemons and limes, which are acidic outside of the human body, have the fantastic chemical process of burning to alkaline ash inside the body, thereby significantly contributing to your all-important alkalizing balance.

8. Mediterranean Diet Cookbook For Beginners: 1000 Healthy Delicious And Affordable Recipes To Lose Weight Enjoying Your Favorite Foods. Change Your Daily Lifestyle With 30 Days Meal Plan

Author: by SOPHIE HAYE
258 pages

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ARE YOU READY TO FOLLOW THE NUMBER 1 DIET IN THE WORLD? Do you want to successfully follow a Healthy Lifestyle that allows you to shed excess pounds without giving up life’s culinary pleasures? Are you looking to get in shape quickly and effectively without thinking too much about meal planning and recipe research?

Are you tired of all those diets and programs proposed every day on social networks that don’t work in the long term? If you answered “yes” to these questions then you are on the right book for you! The word “diet” usually puts a bad taste in everyone’s mouth and it’s extremely obnoxious how restrictive the most fashionable diet plans are.

But you don’t have to worry because this Mediterranean Diet Cookbook by Sophie Haye will help you manage your scarce cooking time by providing you with the easiest and tastiest way to enjoy the weight loss process through 1000 tasty, traditional and convenient recipes and a smart 30-day meal plan!

The 1000 Mediterranean Diet recipes you’ll find inside this cookbook are healthy (people accustomed to following this unique eating pattern have a longer life expectancy and lower rates of chronic and cardiovascular disease than other adults), easy to follow (thanks to nutritional information and stress-free instructions that don’t require kitchen experience) and suitable for everyone (children, vegetarians, vegans and even picky eaters).

9. The Abstinence Myth: A New Approach For Overcoming Addiction Without Shame, Judgment, Or Rules

Author: by Adi Jaffe PhD
126 pages

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Breaking free of outdated explanations and rigid “rules” for recovery, The Abstinence Myth offers a hopeful, research-based framework for transformation by an addiction expert and renowned TEDx speaker who overcame his own addiction and has guided hundreds of clients into lives of joy and purpose.

In this simple yet radical new book, Adi Jaffe, PhD, draws on his own life experience, cutting-edge research, and work with hundreds of clients and families to offer a new perspective on addiction and a new pathway out of its grasp.

The Abstinence Myth introduces the IGNTD RECOVERY METHOD, including: – Details of Adi’s dramatic and inspiring personal story. The Mythology of Addiction and how it gets in our way with spiritual, biological, psychological, and environmental assumptions that are, in fact, only true some of the time for some people.

Why the concept of “abstinence” is often a barrier to change and is not necessary for everyone for all time. Important research that will shift your thinking, sense of hope, and success. Why shame can keep holding you back-and finding the way out.

10. Cure Your Child with Food: The Hidden Connection Between Nutrition and Childhood Ailments

Author: by Kelly Dorfman
Workman Publishing Company
368 pages

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Grounded in cutting-edge science, Cure Your Child with Food reveals the hidden connections between nutrition and chronic childhood ailments, and gives parents the simple, straightforward solutions they need to help their children thrive. Discover how zinc deficiency can cause picky eating and affect growth.

The panoply of problems caused by dairy and gluten. How to cure sleep disorders with melatonin, hyperactivity with magnesium, anxiety with fish oil. Kelly Dorfman, a nutritionist whose typical patient arrives at her practice after seeing three or more specialists, gives parents the tools to become nutrition detectives themselves.

She shows how to recalibrate children’s diets through the easy E.A.T. Program, and how to get kids off drugsantibiotics, laxatives, Prozac, Ritalinand back to a state of natural well-being. “In her terrific book, Kelly Dorfman clearly explains how to decipher the clues to nutritional disorders that affect the body and brain.

Parents will find it packed with sound advice and useful information.” Maurine Packard, MD, pediatric neurologist A Nautilus Book Award Gold winner.

11. Girls Growing Up on the Autism Spectrum: What Parents and Professionals Should Know About the Pre-Teen and Teenage Years

Author: by Shana Nichols
352 pages

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Growing up isn’t easy, and the trials and tribulations of being a teenager can be particularly confusing for girls with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs). This book covers all the concerns commonly faced by girls with ASDs and their parents, from periods and puberty to worries over friendships and “fitting in”. Taking a good look at these adolescent issues, and many more, within the context of specific areas of difficulty for girls with ASDs, the authors provide families with the knowledge and advice they need to help their daughters – and the whole family – through the teenage years.

This book addresses core issues such as cognition, communication, behavior, sensory sensitivities, and social difficulties; it gives candid and realistic advice on a wide range of important teenage topics. Providing professional perspectives alongside personal experiences from mothers, daughters and educators, this is a unique and indispensible guide for families and their daughters with ASDs, as well as the teachers and professionals who work with them.

12. Mayo Clinic Family Health Book 5th Edition: Completely Revised and Updated

Author: by Dr. Scott C. Litin M.D.
Mayo Clinic Press

‎ 1392 pages

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Drawing upon the research and expertise of more than 4,500 renowned physicians, this reference manual provides a clear look at the causes, symptoms, and treatment options for hundreds of potential health conditions. With almost 1,400 pages of updated content, the Mayo Clinic Family Health Book is a comprehensive health guide for the whole family.

In the completely revised fifth edition of the Mayo Clinic Family Health Book, the experts at Mayo Clinic bring you in-depth information about health issues that can affect you at any age. From offering medical guidance for treating minor cuts, bruises, bites, or blisters, to identifying warning signs of more serious medical issues, this book gives a helpful overview for health conditions you may encounter as a parent, caretaker, or regular healthy adult.

The book is broken down into 5 convenient sections: Injuries and Symptoms Pregnancy and Healthy Children Healthy Adults Diseases and Disorders Tests and Treatments As a busy adult, it can be difficult to track down information about living a healthy lifestyle.

13. Try New Food: How to Help Picky Eaters Taste, Eat & Like New Foods

Author: by Jill Castle
159 pages

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Your picky eater is not destined to be unhealthy! Are you living with a picky eater who won’t try new foods? Have you tried all the tricks and nothing is working? Renowned childhood nutrition expert and author, Jill Castle, uses a strategic approach to help picky eaters taste, eat and learn to like new foods.

Using a step-by-step system to help kids overcome their fussy eating tendencies, Castle employs scientific strategies, developmental insight, and food tips to help parents better understand and navigate the motivations of the picky toddler and child. Typical advice directs parents to wait it out.To not worry.

But parenting a child who’s picky can cause all kinds of worry, and sometimes that worry is for good reason. So, instead of waiting for picky eating to go away, or worse, taking action and sneaking vegetables or bribing your child with dessert, Try New Food offers an alternative.

By remodeling the feeding environment and creating a child-centered strategy, parents will learn how to engage, nurture, and transform their picky eater… Instead of making things worse. As a workbook, resource and guide, Try New Food equips caretakers with the latest research and practical tips for feeding with love, patience and nutritious food, whether your child is a toddler or a teen.

14. Superhero Therapy: Mindfulness Skills to Help Teens and Young Adults Deal with Anxiety, Depression, and Trauma

Author: by Janina Scarlet PhD
Instant Help
112 pages

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“Psychologist Scarlet, a childhood survivor of the Chernobyl nuclear explosion, draws on the techniques of acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) in this innovative approach to helping readers with emotional and psychological difficulties.” Publishers Weekly “Eye-catching art and a focus on setting simple, achievable daily goals, makes this a promising alternative to more conventional self-help programs.” BooklistWinner of the United Nations Association’s Eleonor Roosevelt Human Rights Award!

A hero’s journey always begins with a strugglewhat’s yours? For the first time ever, psychologist Janina Scarlet and Marvel and DC Comics illustrator Wellinton Alves join forces to create Superhero Therapya dynamic, illustrated introduction to acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) to help you vanquish your inner monsters, explore your unique superpowers, and become a Superhero questing for what matters to you.

Haven’t you ever wanted to be a Superhero? Wished that you could have amazing superpowers, such as super-strength, the ability to fly, or the ability to heal people? Or maybe you wished that you could travel through time and space, enjoying the many adventures that you would encounter along the way?

15. Elena Vanishing: A Memoir

Author: by Elena Dunkle
Chronicle Books
304 pages

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This is the story of seventeen-year-old Elena, whose armor against anxiety becomes artillery against herself as she battles on both sides of a lose-lose war in a struggle with anorexia. Told entirely from Elena’s perspective and co-written with her mother, Elena’s memoir is a fascinating and intimate look at a deadly disease, and a must-read for anyone who knows someone suffering from an eating disorder.