Best Chiropractic Books

Here you will get Best Chiropractic Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. The Foot Fix: 4 Weeks to Healthier, Happier Feet

Author: by Yamuna Zake
January 12, 2021

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This book will empower you to get your feet functioning as they should do, without any medical intervention. Includes a 4-week plan of quick-and-easy exercises to get your feet back into shape, plus solutions for specific foot issues, from plantar fasciitis to fallen arches.

This is a uniquely helpful and accessible guide to taking control of your own foot health by holistic heath innovator Yamuna Zake. We don’t need doctors, orthotics or even surgery to relieve common foot problems, such as plantar fasciitis, bunions, neuromas, arthritis, hammertoes, and flat feet.

By learning a correct gait that uses the entire foot to distribute weight, we can relieve and prevent common foot problems without any medical intervention. The book offers an easy-to-follow 4-week program of routines that take just 15 minutes a day during the program and allows readers to fix their feet and take ownership of their body.

Each of the four weeks focuses on a different part of the foot: the heel, the arch, the ball and the toes. There are 3-4 exercises in each section and readers try them all and can choose to focus on those exercises in each section that they enjoy most.

2. Muscles: Testing and Testing and Function with Posture and Pain (Kendall, Muscles)

Author: by Florence Peterson Kendall
560 pages

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This renowned classic provides unparalleled coverage of manual muscle testing, plus evaluation and treatment of faulty and painful postural conditions. The thoroughly updated Fifth Edition is completely reorganized and has new, expanded treatment and exercise sections in each chapter. Other features include a new section on post polio syndrome, additional case studies comparing Guillain Barr to polio muscle tests, a new full color design, and a first of its kind chart of upper extremity articulations.

3. The Pocket Manual of OMT: Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment for Physicians

Author: by David R. Essig-Beatty
344 pages

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The Pocket Manual of OMT is a practical, concise clinical reference for physicians and osteopathic medical students learning and using manipulative diagnosis and treatment techniques. The book’s organization by body region enables readers to select appropriate treatments for specific diseases.

For each technique, the book provides indications, contraindications, a stepwise description, and a photograph. This edition presents 43 new techniques, including seated facet release and inherent motion diagnosis and treatment techniques. Updated and expanded descriptions of osteopathic principles are complemented by new illustrations and clinical correlations.

Exercises that clinicians can prescribe to patients appear after the appropriate treatments. A companion website offers the fully searchable text; online case studies with COMLEX-style multiple-choice questions for each chapter; and 250 instructional technique videos.

4. Native American Herbalism Handbook: 2 BOOKS IN 1 Medicinal Plants Encyclopedia – Herbal Remedies & Recipes

Author: by Walela Mantooth

134 pages

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Hello, my name is Walela and I am a Native American girl wanting to let everybody know the real incredible powers of Medical Herbalism that my grandfather, a Cherokee descendant, has passed down to me during the years. First of all, you need to know that Medical Herbalism has been used for a huge number of years like conventional medicine, and different studies have found that it actually works, and it’s extremely good to eradicate common ailments, just like modern medicine but in a 100% natural and healthier way.

There are more than 2800 different plant species that are used to heal diseases and promote wellbeing every day by Native American communities, and with this book, you will know everything about this subject, so you will be able to heal your body naturally, just like the Native Americans did, in fact, in this book you’ll discover:Precious informations about Native American Culture, to fully understand how Native American medicine can actually help you solve your disease easilyA list of the Most Powerful Herbs, like the Ashwagandha or the Comfrey, to make sure that you know everything about the incredible world of herbs and their special properties and beneficial effectsThe Best Herbal Remedies for your Child subdivided into age categories ranging from 0 to 12 years old, so you will be able to help your kid feel better and get rid of his ailments in a 100% natural wayHow to Get Rid of Common Ailments like Anxiety, Asthma, Depression, Insomnia, Diarrhea, Menopausal Problems, and much more, so you will be able to feel immediately better and never take chemical drugs againHow to prepare the Most Common DIY Herbal Recipes, so you can have a midday snack or even a healthy breakfast while you enjoy easy-to-make Teas, Decoctions, Popsicles, Infusions, and many more different tasty recipesWhat are the Medicinal Plants used Daily by Native Americans, to know every different way in which you can heal your body daily, to protect yourself from infections, and to prevent diseases& Many More Useful Informations!

5. The Younger Next Year Back Book: The Whole-Body Plan to Conquer Back Pain Forever

Author: by Chris Crowley
Workman Publishing Company
256 pages

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A great book for back-pain sufferers and their caregivers alike.Todd J. Albert MD, Surgeon-in-Chief and Medical Director, Hospital for Special Surgery, New York If there’s one lesson to learn from the national bestselling Younger Next Year series, it’s that we can dramatically change our quality of life by taking the right kind of care of ourselves.

This is just as true for back pain. Formulated by Dr. Jeremy Jameswhose practice has cured an astonishing 80% of patientsand #1 bestselling Younger Next Year coauthor Chris Crowley, here is a step-by-step program of simple exercises and behavioral changes that will help readers find a neutral spine, realign their core, learn healthy new ways to move in the worldand virtually eliminate back pain.

So follow Jeremy’s ruleslike #1. Stop Doing Dumb Stuff, #2. Be Still So You Can Heal, #7. Stand Tall for the Long Hailand find a lifetime of relief.

6. Treat Your Own Back

Author: by Robin McKenzie
March 11, 2015

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This easy to follow handbook provides the reader with an active self-treatment plan to resolve and manage back pain. First published in 1980, Treat Your Own Back has sold over 4 million copies around the world and has been translated into 18 different languages.

The world-renowned McKenzie Method detailed in this book is a simple process that is proven to work. This publication contains easily understood exercises and vital information to enable you to self-manage your back pain and gives you an insight into the cause and effect relationship which helps to prevent recurrence of back pain.

You can become independent of spinal manipulation or drugs that only treat the symptoms of your back pain, and not the cause. Just check out the research or the testimonials from readers who have found enormous relief from the “world’s best-selling back book of all time”.This book on back pain treatment is right for you if you suffer from recurrent low back pain, including Slipped Disc, Fibrosis, Lumbago, Arthritis in the back, Rheumatism and Sciatica.

7. The Wisdom of 33: A gift for Chiropractic from Scotland

Author: by Donald K Francis
426 pages

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“The Wisdom of 33” is a compilation of 33 Chapters or “Wisdoms” from Chiropractors and Chiropractic advocates around the world. The book details secrets of success, passion, philosophy, personal stories, practice tips and life lessons. It will become, in time, a chiropractic classic as the chiropractic profession around the world has so much to gain from the wisdom that leaps from every page.

Each chapter includes contributions from two generous authors. Each author contributed completely of there own volition and without prejudice so each piece stands alone as a lesson in how to be happier, more productive, more successful and more. Each author was asked to share their wisdom, something that they hold dear to themselves, something which they feel would be of value to those with a passion for Chiropractic.

What they produced is remarkable and is a must read for anyone within the Chiropractic family who believes that the profession has a future that includes a role in the delivery of healthcare and quality of life that is without limit.

8. Trigger Points of Pain: Wall Charts (Set of 2)

Author: by Janet Travell MD
1 pages

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Travell, Simons, & Simons’ Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction: The Trigger Point Manual has been hailed as the definitive reference on myofascial pain and locating trigger points. All the upper and lower extremity pain patterns and their corresponding trigger points are clearly illustrated on two convenient wall charts, ideal for patient education.

These charts are designed to function as reference materials to help increase your knowledge about the Trigger Points: Torso and Trigger Points: Extremities. These charts clearly label the specific muscles that are affected by trigger point, the exact trigger point locations, primary and secondary pain sensitive zones, as well as, origins and insertions on the skeleton for many of the impacted muscles.

Includes two laminated chartsEach chart is 38″ x 33″

9. Your Inner Physician and You: Craniosacral Therapy and Somatoemotional Release

Author: by John E. Upledger
223 pages

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This lively book describes the discovery and therapeutic value of the craniosacral system in easy, understandable terms healthcare professionals and laypeople alike can understand. Dr. Upledger’s colorful case histories explain the path that led to his discovery of this exciting medical modality.

The book contains a play-by-play account of the development of CranioSacral Therapy, SomatoEmotional Release, and other concepts and techniques. It’s recommended reading for therapists, patients, caregivers, and anyone interested in understanding how therapy performed on the craniosacral system can improve the quality of life.

10. The Frozen Shoulder Workbook (A New Harbinger Self-Help Workbook)

Author: by Clair Davies
New Harbinger Publications

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Powerful Techniques to Relieve Shoulder Pain and Stiffness Author Clair Davies’ own case of frozen shoulder led him to undertake an extensive study of trigger points and referred pain that eventually resulted in his best-selling Trigger Point Therapy Workbook. Now this renowned bodywork expert and educator revisits the subject of frozen shoulder with The Frozen Shoulder Workbook, offering the most detailed and comprehensive manual available for this painful and debilitating condition, a useful resource for self-care-with and without a partner-and for bodywork practitioners looking to expand their treatment repertoire.

Frozen shoulder, the syndrome name for several joint and tendon-related symptoms, is experienced as a loss of motion and pain in the shoulder and upper arm. It is most often observed in women between the ages of forty and sixty and individuals with type-two diabetes.

Unlike traditional medical treatments for the condition, which rely on painkillers, steroid injections, and physical therapy and often do little to moderate symptoms or speed recovery, trigger point therapy can bring real and lasting relief. This gentle massage technique targets localized areas of tenderness in soft tissue.

11. Rehabilitation of the Spine: A Patient-Centered Approach

Author: by Dr. Craig Liebenson
1288 pages

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Selected as a Doody’s Core Title for 2021! The gold standard resource in the field, Rehabilitation of the Spine: A Patient-Centered Approach provides a practical overview of all aspects of spinal rehabilitation. The 3rd Edition has been completely revised, with new information and new videos to bring you up to date.

Comprehensive and easy to read, this reference is invaluable for chiropractors and physical therapists, as well as spine surgeons, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners involved in the care of patients with spine problems. The most current and significant spinal rehab information, made easy to understand with full-color charts, graphs, tables, illustrations, algorithms throughout.

Written by spine experts from the areas of chiropractic, orthopaedics, and physical therapy. New information on assessment triage for spinal pain, psychosocial risk factors for chronic pain, conservative care, and the clinical audit process, plus new videos that demonstrate key therapies and procedures.

12. Differential Diagnosis and Management for the Chiropractor

Author: by Thomas A. Souza
Jones & Bartlett Learning

1322 pages

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Differential Diagnosis and Management for the Chiropractor is included in the 2015 edition of the essential collection of Doody’s Core Titles. The Fifth Edition of this best-selling reference is a compendium of evidence-based approaches to the most common presenting complaints. Covering both musculoskeletal and visceral complaints, this text is intended to direct the chiropractor toward an appropriate plan of approach in both diagnostic evaluation and care.

Highlighting these approaches are flowcharts (algorithms), relevant historical questioning, and summaries of common conditions related to the presenting complaint. What’s New in the 5th Edition? Additional disorders added to Selected Causes at the conclusion of chapters Addition of Likelihood Ratio graphics Addition of approximately 500 new references New Appendix: Evidence Based Approach to the Literature Expanded Appendix: Pharmacology for the Chiropractor includes newer drugs and further explains the classifications of medications mechanisms Translation into Practice Summary (TIPS) for most of the orthopedic chapters Updated Algorithms: Cervical spine, Lumbar spine, Shoulder, Knee

13. Treat Your Own Neck

Author: by Robin McKenzie
March 11, 2015

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Is your head throbbing? Does your shoulder ache? Or do you have pain at your elbow driving you to distraction? Neck pain and the often associated headache are all too familiar. Don’t reach for the pain killers to mask your problem, take responsibility and read on.

Busy lifestyles take a toll on your body. Whether it is sitting at a work station, doing precision work or driving a vehicle for prolonged periods, your neck region is particularly vulnerable. Treat Your Own Neck will give you a practical approach to managing your neck pain symptoms.

The exercise regime unique to the McKenzie Method will empower you to respond to different types of neck-related pain, including postural stress. This book will enable you to identify and respond to any neck pain reoccurrence in a safe and economical manner.

14. Strengthen Your Back: Exercises to Build a Better Back and Improve Your Posture

Author: by DK
128 pages

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Improve your health and strengthen your back and neck with this informative visual guide. Banish back pain and improve your flexibility and core stability with Strengthen Your Back. Most people experience back pain at some point in their lives and this can significantly affect your sleep as well as your capability to carry out daily tasks.

This clear, accessible book is the perfect tool for treating an existing condition or learning to improve posture to avoid future injury. Covering a range of problems such as poor posture, back pain, neck pain, and recurring injuries, this helpful handbook provides clear step-by-step advice for complete wellness, right from identifying the anatomy of the spine to performing exercises for maintenance.

This comprehensive volume also features invaluable advice on coping with neck and back pain and getting the best results from rehabilitation. Whether you are an active sports enthusiast or a sedentary office worker, Strengthen Your Back will help you stay fit, healthy, and pain free.

15. Essentials of Skeletal Radiology (2 Vol. Set)

Author: by Terry R. Yochum

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The fully updated Third Edition of this successful text covers the full spectrum of radiology, continuing its tradition of excellence. Useful both as a learning tool across the chiropractic curriculum and as a reference and clinical aid to practitioners, the text helps readers distinguish key radiologic featuresinvaluable in clinical decision making.

This edition incorporates the latest imaging technologiesincluding SPECT bone scan, diagnostic ultrasound, helical 3D CT, and MRIand features more than 4,500 images obtained with state-of-the-art techniques. Coverage includes new chapters on soft-tissue imaging and paraspinal abnormalities and more information on sports-related injuries.