Best Christian Book of Common Prayer Books

Here you will get Best Christian Book of Common Prayer Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. Prayer Journal for Women: A Christian Journal with Bible Verses to Celebrate God's Gifts with Gratitude, Prayer and Reflection

Author: by Paper Peony Press
180 pages

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Prayer Journal for Women | Paper Peony Press | Spiral Bound with Gold Foil Cover This beautiful keepsake Prayer Journal for Women is a simple yet meaningful journal for women in all seasons of life. The minimal layout was designed on purpose so that its open pages can serve every woman s needs.

Each spread contains space for prayer requests designated in 3 sections: Personal, Family & Friends, and Community. The right-hand side of each spread contains a place to write 3 things you are grateful for as well as a large lined section that can be used however best fits your needs.

It can be used for bible study notes, sermon notes, small group updates, bible verse memorization, inspirational quotes, or answered prayers. This powerful journal is the perfect mix of structured elements and open elements with a clean design to draw you into your prayer time and quiet time.

Why You ll Love this Book Beautiful gold spiral bound and hardback journal. Filled with beautiful hand lettered scripture art and a section for you to reflect on answered prayers at the back. 180 pages printed on high quality interior stock Open format to serve as true journal Paper Peony Press Creating beautiful books with purpose!

2. Christian Gratitude Journal for Kids: Daily Journal with Bible Verses and Writing Prompts (Bible Gratitude Journal for Boys & Girls)

Author: by Kids_For_Christ
100 pages

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This beautifully constructed and reasonably priced edition is a perfect choice for wide distribution in schools and for use as a pew prayer book. Embossed with an elegant gold cross, the imitation leather cover comes in black or burgundy. Includes one satin ribbon marker.

This is the standard Book of Common Prayer and Administration of the Sacraments and Other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church together with The Psalter or Psalms of David according to use in the Episcopal Church in the United States as authorized in 1979.

4. Quiet Time for the Bride to Be: A Prayer and Gratitude Journal

Author: by Journals by Catherine
Ritequest (March 6, 2018)
250 pages

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This is an excellent engagement gift or bride-to-be gift idea for your friend, sister, or daughter. Or, maybe even yours! Planning a wedding can be quite stressful, so be deliberate about creating quiet time. Quiet Time for the Bride to Be meets the need of the Christian bride-to-be seeking to journal memories during this special season.

Its pages prompt you to still your soul before the Lord – for meditation, prayer, and casting off all those many anxious thoughts that are bound to creep in and attempt to steal your joy. As you plan your wedding, use this prayer and gratitude journal for your quiet time.

Use alone or along with your daily devotional or self help study. This 8″x10″ journal contains 250 pages covering a 6 month period. It creatively displays scriptures to assist the bride-to-be when praying for herself and her future husband. Sections are provided where you can Pray – Pray through your wedding planning checklist Journal – Reflect and journal the things God is teaching you during this preparation season List – List out your prayer requests, what you are grateful for, and release the anxious thoughts you need to let go of Color & relieve stress – A set of adult coloring pages to help with some stress relief, all designed around faith-building scriptures.

5. Doodles & Devotions: A 9 Week Prayer Journal for Teens | daily pages with questions, scripture, and weekly check-in for prayers and pondering (Prayer Journals)

Author: by Slice of Life
151 pages

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This journal is intended to help teens get to know themselves and strengthen their relationship with God – this makes a great gift for the teen in your life! INCLUDES:A different question every day to get your teen thinking about life, themselves, and their relationship with God and others.

A daily verse that ties in to each daily question. Space each day to help keep track of life, doodle & dream. A place each week to take a break, reflect on how things are going in life, and think about things they want to share with God and keep in mind during the upcoming week.

A FEW OF THE DAILY QUESTIONS FROM THE BOOK:If you could ask God only one question and get an answer, what would you ask? When you feel down, do you prefer hugs or words of encouragement from your parents?

What do you look forward to when you wake up? Describe yourself in 5 words. Would you rather be really talented at one thing, or be good at lots of things? If you formed a League of Not-So-Super Heroes and chose five members with lame super powers who are they and what are their powers?

6. Inwardly Digest: The Prayer Book as Guide to a Spiritual Life

Author: by Derek Olsen
325 pages

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Daily spiritual practice takes dedication and discipline, and we often wonder where to start and how to keep it from feeling like yet another task on our to-do list. In this grounded, practical book, author Derek Olsen uses The Book of Common Prayer for a template to a deeper spiritual life.

Olsen explains the purpose and intention of the prayer book with fresh insight, offering practical applications for daily living.

7. The Reality of Spirit Marriage (Total Deliverance from Destructive Water Spirits)

Author: by Pst. Prayer M. Madueke
100 pages

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Gain victory over the spiritual forces of the deep. Dealing with the problem of spirit husband and spirit wife (spirit spouses, evil spiritual marriages, incubus and succubus)Some angels are referred to as angels that left their estate and their habitation who go about without respect, defiling people in their dreams.

These angels despise dominion, defile the flesh, dehumanize her victims and speak evil of dignities. These personalities we are discussing here do not know that you are a hundred years old, legally married, a virgin, tender in age or so tired for the day.

Once they want you, nothing can stop them unless you know how to deal with them. These are no longer angels but demons, living in our midst. They are responsible for all problems on earth and if you ignore them, they will mess you up.

Bestselling author Prayer Madueke provides a revolutionary guidebook on how to prophetically recognize these spirits and engage in victorious warfare against them. This book will identify spirit spouses, equipping believers to overcome them. Be prepared to:Recognize the symptoms of spirit marriage and learn how to break free from its squeezing stronghold.


Altar Book: Deluxe Edition

Author: by Church Publishing
Church Publishing
391 pages

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This leather-bound edition of the Altar Book is used for worship in conjunction with the 1979 Book of Common Prayer. It includes Eucharistic material, Collects, Prayers of the People, Proper Liturgies for Special Days, musical notation, and a musical appendix. Special features include gold page edges, ribbon markers, and a gift box.(391 pp)

9. Wired: A 4-Week Devotional Experience for Students

Author: by Rodney Anderson
Orange Books
123 pages

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You have heard that this generation of students is disengaged. They have checked out. They can’t peel their eyes away from their phones. Maybe you believe they’re a hopeless case. In a disconnected and distracting world, how can teens connect with God and with others?

As social media savvy as they are, as plugged in and fast-paced as they are, deep down, today’s teenagers still experience a steady stream of questions that no amount of cell phone use and Netflix watching will make disappear. They, like all generations before them, have questions about faith, about their identity, and about their purpose.

WIRED walks students through four key ideas: Connecting with God: How to interact with a God we can’t see or touch. Loving their life: How to better understand who God made them to be. Embracing community: How to treat the people around them and to surround themselves with the right people.

Serving others: How to use the gifts they have to make an impact on the world around them. Whether your students have been in church for 10 years or 10 weeks, WIRED supports solid, foundational beliefs about God, themselves, and others, and then equips them to put these beliefs into action.

10. Appeal to the Courtroom of Heaven

Author: by Shonda Whitworth
224 pages

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Plead Your Case in the Courtroom of HeavenWhen the gavel slams, the hopes and dreams for your future shatter. With a judgment rendered, you or your loved one now face years, decades …Life …In prison. Will another court hear your pleas?

In despair over her son’s future, Shonda Whitworth petitioned the Lord on his behalf and searched the Scriptures for hope. Finding how the Lord redeems the worst offenders, she learned how to appeal to the heavenly court and receive from God hope for her son’s future.

In Appeal to the Courtroom of Heaven, Shonda shares how she went from deferred-hope to a hope-filled life. This book will help you: Identify biblical heroes who were lawbreakers Understand the prosecutor’s strategy Make effective appeals on behalf of yourself and your loved ones God is just.

There are consequences for actions. But God is also merciful. Find your hope restored as you confidently plead your case in the courtroom of heaven!

11. Daily Prayer Seeking the Heart of God (Having a Biblical Conversation with God)

Author: by Berenice Aguilera
91 pages

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Struggling to put words to the things that are on your heart? Discover new ways to present your requests to God with this guided prayer devotional. Do you long to grow closer with the Lord? Is it getting harder and harder to find time to be alone with His Word?

Berenice Aguilera draws on her years of practical ministry experience as a pastor’s wife to bring you a devotional full of help for when words fail. Written with compassion and humility, this book helps you find the words you’ve been looking for so you can develop the habit of prayer that you’ve always longed for.

Daily Prayer: Seeking the Heart of God offers thirty-one devotions to focus on through the month. The journey to a close and fulfilling relationship with God begins with Day One. Daily Prayer: Seeking the Heart of God. Make today your Day One.Get your copy now.

12. Plainsong Psalter

Author: by James Litton
320 pages

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The one hundred fifty psalms of David set to plainsong psalm tones with antiphons as selected and compiled by Howard E. Galley, Jr. and published in The Psalter section of his The Prayer Book Office (The Seabury Press, New York, 1980, Out of print).

Where no antiphons exist in that resource, editor James Litton has followed the work of Dr. Richard Crocker and Ronald Haizlip in the Gradual Psalms (Church Publishing, 1981) both in choice of psalm tone and method of pointing or other current resources.

This psalter is intended for use in the Daily Office. Contains a preface, an introduction and performance notes. The Appendix also contains examples of the psalm tones and their various endings.(320 pp)

13. Selections from the Book of Common Prayer in Large Print

Author: by Church Publishing
182 pages

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Contains selections from the Book of Common Prayer, including Morning Prayer Rite I, Daily Devotions, Baptism, Holy Eucharist Rites I and II, Selected Pastoral Offices, Psalter, Prayers. Spiral bound for easy use and designed in collaboration with the Episcopal Society for Ministry on Aging, Inc., this volume is a companion to The Hymnal 1982 Selections in Large Print.

14. The Art of Amen: A Creative Prayer Experience

Author: by Catherine Bird
160 pages


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Let creativity bring your prayers to life. Too often, prayer time is pushed to the bottom of a never-ending to-do list and can start to feel like a chore. But when God gave us the gift of prayer, he was inviting us to set aside regular, consistent time to grow in our relationship with him.

Infused with biblical truths, The Art of Amen will rejuvenate you with an artful blend of teachings on prayer and rich examples of creative prayer styles-such as Bible journaling, prayer walks, and intercessional prayer art. The Art of Amen will help you grow in your practice of prayer and explore the reasons why you pray.

You’ll also take a fresh look at what Jesus says about prayer and what it means to invite the Holy Spirit into your life. Whether for personal worship or small group study, this creative prayer experience takes the guesswork out of prayer and is the perfect tool to help you build a deeper relationship with God.

Seamlessly blending together sound biblical teaching, insightful personal testimonies, soul-stirring prayers, and beautiful drawings, The Art of Amen is truly a masterpiece! I cannot remember another book that touched my heart so deeply. Packed full of practical tips for building a stronger and more intimate prayer life, The Art of Amen is sure to leave your heart full and your prayer life transformed.

15. 60 Days for Jesus, Volume 1: Understanding Christ Better, Two Months at a Time

Author: by Matt McMillen
283 pages

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Jesus can change your life instantly! However, getting to know Him takes time. My name is Matt McMillen. Allow me to take you on a daily devotional journey of getting to know Jesus deeper, 60 days at a time. Life can be extremely demanding, painful, and frustratingbut God wants to give you peace and confidence in the midst of all of your circumstances.How?

By understanding your true identity in Christ! Here are some highlights of our journey:Learn how perfectly secure your salvation is in Christ! Learn how to overcome addictions by discovering your true identity in Christ! Learn how to form healthy relationships by establishing biblical boundaries!

Learn how to break free from legalism and works-based religion! Learn how to develop confidence in your God-given gifts! Learn how extremely special and unconditionally loved you are in Christ!