Best Clergy Books

Here you will get Best Clergy Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. Every Moment Holy, Volume 1 (Pocket Edition)

Author: by Douglas Kaine McKelvey
Rabbit Room Press
286 pages

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This “Pocket Edition” is smaller in size and made with a flexible cover. It fits easily in a bag or glovebox or coat pocket-perfect for everyday use while on the move. It includes all the liturgies from the Volume I hardcover edition plus a new liturgy from the forthcoming book featuring liturgies for seasons of dying and mourning.

Over 100 liturgies for daily life (including liturgies for meals) -beautiful leather-bound flex-cover -silk bookmark Also includes two new illustrations by Ned Bustard.

2. NKJV, Thinline Reference Bible, Large Print, Premium Goatskin Leather, Black, Premier Collection, Comfort Print: Holy Bible, New King James Version

Author: by Thomas Nelson
Thomas Nelson
1248 pages

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The Premier Collection of Thomas Nelson’s NKJV Large Print Thinline Reference Bible combines fine craftsmanship with the easy-to-carry thinline format. Typeset in Thomas Nelson’s NKJV Comfort Print for a smooth reading experience, this Bible allows readers to enjoy the accurate and beautiful New King James Version in a volume designed to last.

Featuring a supple goatskin leather cover, durable edge-lined binding, premium European Bible paper, beautiful art gilded edges, and three ribbon markers, this special edition is a treasure for a lifetime in God’s Word. Features include:Premium goatskin leather coverSmyth-sewn and edge-lined construction for flexibilityArt gilding on page edges: red stain under goldGilt line stamped and perimeter stitchingExclusive Thomas Nelson NKJV Comfort Print typefaceThree satin ribbon markers, each 3/8-inch widePremium European Bible paper, 36 gsmBlack-letter textComplete cross-reference systemLightweight and portable thinline formatGenerous yappEasy-to-read 11-point print size

3. KJV, Reference Bible, Center-Column Giant Print, Premium Goatskin Leather, Black, Premier Collection, Comfort Print: Holy Bible, King James Version

Author: by Thomas Nelson
Thomas Nelson
1568 pages

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This Bible published in the classic King James Version includes center-column references and giant print type allowing for an easy Bible reading experience. The Premier Collection of Thomas Nelson’s KJV Giant Print Center-Column Reference Bible combines fine craftsmanship with the depth of a complete cross-reference system.

Typeset in Thomas Nelson’s KJV Comfort Print in an extra-large size, you will enjoy a smooth and easy reading experience in a beautiful King James Bible designed to last. Featuring a supple goatskin leather cover, durable edge-lined binding, premium European Bible paper, beautiful art gilded edges, and three ribbon markers, this special edition is a treasure for a lifetime in God’s Word.

Features include:Premium goatskin leather coverSmyth-sewn and edge-lined construction for flexibilityArt gilding on page edges: red stain under goldGilt line stamped and perimeter stitchingThree satin ribbon markers, each 3/8-inch widePremium European Bible paper, 36 gsmBlack-letter textCenter-column references allow you to find related passages quickly and easilyBible book introductions provide a concise overview of the background and historical context of the book about to be readReading plan guiding you through the entire Bible in a yearMiracles and parables of Jesus call out important events during Jesus’ earthly ministryConcordance for looking up a word’s occurrences throughout the BibleFull color maps show the layout of Israel and other biblical locations for better contextGenerous yappEasy-to-read giant 12.

4. A Voice in the Wilderness: Archbishop Carlo Maria ViganĂ² on the Church, America, and the World

Author: by Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò
442 pages

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To restore the beauty of holiness to the face of the Bride of Christ, which is terribly disfigured by so many abominable crimes, and if we truly want to free the Church from the fetid swamp into which she has fallen, we must have the courage to tear down the culture of secrecy and publicly confess the truths we have kept hidden.

These bold words from the pen of an archbishop in exilepart of a bombshell expos published in August 2018 concerning Theodore McCarrick and his circlecatapulted the ecclesiastical diplomat Carlo Maria Vigan to international prominence. In a steady stream of interventions from that time onward, Archbishop Vigan has not only supplied further incriminating details on the current Vatican regime but has extended his critique to the neo-modernism and worldly accommodation that officially entered the Church through the Second Vatican Council.

He argues, moreover, that just as there is a deep state of wealthy and powerful international elites who exercise enormous sway over political affairs and cultural vectors, so too there is a deep church that retains for its advantage the external trappings of religion while pursuing an agenda of error and moral corruption.

5. SIX POPES: A Son of the Church Remembers

Author: by Monsignor Hilary C. Franco
256 pages

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Monsignor Franco is known as an engaging storyteller of his impactful time in the Church. Read this book and you will see why. Timothy Cardinal Dolan, Archdiocese of New York Six Popes: A Son of the Church Remembers is Monsignor Hilary C.

Franco’s engaging memoir and a story only a son can tell, a son not only of the Catholic Church, but also of Italian immigrants. From Belmont, his Bronx neighborhood, Franco rose to work with the highest and most influential figures of the Roman Catholic Church.

As a young man he attended Rome’s premier seminary, soon after becoming the special assistant to Archbishop Fulton Sheen. As a priest he would travel the world, and he recounts a harrowing experience in the Deep South in the early 1960s, his work at the Vatican Councils that redefined the Church, and his time posted at the Church’s diplomatic missions in Washington, D.C., and the United Nations.

This most formidable churchman reveals his tales of intellectual, pastoral, and diplomatic service to the Catholic Church, enlivened by recollections of the fascinating people he came to know from U.S. Presidents and foreign heads of state, to religious leaders like Padre Pio and Saint Mother Teresa.

6. Prayers for Summertime: A Manual for Prayer (The Divine Hours)

Author: by Phyllis Tickle

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The first volume in a trilogy of prayer manuals compiled by Publishers Weekly religion editor Phyllis Tickle as a contemporary Book of Hours to guide Christians gently yet authoritatively through the daily offices. The Divine Hours is the first major literary and liturgical reworking of the sixth-century Benedictine Rule of fixed-hour prayer.

This beautifully conceived and thoroughly modern three-volume guide will appeal to the theological novice as well as to the ecclesiastical sophisticate. Making primary use of the Book of Common Prayer and the writings of the Church Fathers, The Divine Hours is also a companion to the New Jerusalem Bible, from which it draws its Scripture readings.

The trilogy blends prayer and praise in a way that, while extraordinarily fresh, respects and builds upon the ancient wisdom of Christianity. The first book in the set, Prayers for Summertime, filled with prayers, psalms, and readings, is one readers will turn to again and again.

Compact in size, it is perfect for those seeking greater spiritual depth. As a contemporary Book of Hours, The Divine Hours: Prayers for Summertime heralds a renewal of the tradition of disciplined daily prayer, and will whet the hunger of a large and eager audience for the follow-up autumn/winter and spring volumes.

7. Prison Journal, Volume 1

Author: by George Cardinal Pell
348 pages

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Innocent!That final verdict came after George Cardinal Pell endured a gruelling four years of accusations, investigations, trials, public humiliations, and more than a year of imprisonment after being convicted by an Australian court of a crime he did not commit.

Led off to jail in handcuffs, following his sentencing on March 13, 2019, the 78-year-old Australian prelate began what was meant to be six years in jail for “historical sexual assault offenses”. Cardinal Pell endured more than thirteen months in solitary confinement, before the Australian High Court voted 7-0 to overturn his original convictions.

His victory over injustice was not just personal, but one for the entire Catholic Church. Bearing no ill will toward his accusers, judges, prison workers, journalists, and those harbouring and expressing hatred for him, the cardinal used his time in prison as a kind of “extended retreat”. He eloquently filled notebook pages with his spiritual insights, prison experiences, and personal reflections on current events both inside and outside the Church, as well as moving prayers.

8. NASB, Preacher's Bible, Premium Goatskin Leather, Black, Premier Collection, 1995 Text, Art Gilded Edges, Comfort Print

Author: by Zondervan
1152 pages

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The NASB Preacher’s Premier Collection Bible is the ideal combination of readability and elegance. The easy-to-read print, thick, opaque paper, and a line-matched double-column layout bring the words into clear focus. Featuring a supple goatskin leather cover, raised spine hubs, and stunning red and gold art-gilded page edges makes it a top choice for any preacher.

Pairing the NASB Preacher’s Premier Collection Bible with the NASB Pew and Worship Bible unlocks its true design ingenuity. While each Bible retains its distinct font and page layout, they were skillfully crafted so that the pages of these two different Bibles begin and end with the same word.

That means you no longer have to preach from a pew Bible to be on the same page as your congregation. Universally recognized as the gold standard among word-for-word translations, the beloved New American Standard Bible, 1995 Edition, is now easier to read with Zondervan’s exclusive NASB Comfort Print typeface.

Features:The full text of the New American Standard Bible, 1995 EditionMatches page-for-page with the NASB Pew and Worship BibleHand-bound in a supple goatskin leather cover with raised spine hubsSmyth-sewn and edge-lined construction for flexibilityArt Gilt red-under-gold page edging, with gilt line and perimeter stitchingThree satin ribbon markers, each 3/8-inch widePremium European Bible paper, 36 gsmBlack-letter, line-matched textDouble-column, verse-by-verse formatExclusive Zondervan NASB Comfort Print typeface10-point print size

9. The Diary of a Country Priest: A Novel

Author: by Georges Bernanos
304 pages

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Follow a young Catholic cleric as his faith is laid bare through his reflections on his parishioners in the “Best Spiritual Book of the 20th Century” (USA Today). In this classic Catholic novel, Bernanos movingly recounts the life of a young French country priest who grows to understand his provincial parish while learning spiritual humility himself.

Awarded the Grand Prix for Literature by the Academie Francaise, The Diary of a Country Priest was adapted into an acclaimed film by Robert Bresson. “A book of the utmost sensitiveness and compassion… It is a work of deep, subtle and singularly encompassing art.” – New York Times Book Review (front page).

10. The Popes Against Modern Errors: 16 Papal Documents

Author: by Anthony J. Mioni
Tan Books
388 pages

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In 1789, the French Revolution took place and launched a host of religious, political and social errors which the Popes for over 160 years wrote and legislated against. Yet most of these errors have today filtered down to the common man … With the result that most people now take for granted many fundamental assumptions that are positively false!

But almost from the beginning of these errors, the Popes spoke out as with one voice, inveighing against them.385 pgs, PB

11. Pope Peter – Defending the Church's Most Distinctive Doctrine in a Time of Crisis

Author: by Joe Heschmeyer
280 pages

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The papacy is no stranger to controversy. In many ways it’s Catholicism’s defining doctrine but also its most divisive. From medieval pontiffs who acted like princes to a modern pope whose every casual statement sets off a social-media firestorm, there has been plenty for non-Catholics to criticize and for the faithful to feel anxious about.

We profess that Jesus made St. Peter the visible head of his Church on earth and that his successors throughout the ages are guided by the Holy Spirit to govern, teach, and sanctify it. How can we strengthen this belief in the papacy in the face of challenges (both outside the Church and within it) and so strengthen our faith in the One who instituted it?

In Pope Peter, Joe Heschmeyer says that papal flaws are an opportunity to understand what the papacy really means, not to abandon it (or the Church). Drawing deeply on the scriptural and historical witness, he offers a thorough but accessible defense of the papal office and an edifying picture of the extent-and limits-of its authority.

12. Scattered Sheep: Repairing the Breach and Restoring Relationships Between Sheep and Undershepherds

Author: by Gail Johnson
129 pages

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The 21st century church must deal with what has become the scattered sheep syndrome. The scattering of the sheep has caused major damage to the ecclesia, which is the church. Without plausible intervention, the lasting effects of the scattered sheep syndrome will be devastating to the churches continued existence and progression.

13. The Priest Is Not His Own

Author: by Fulton J. Sheen
Ignatius Press

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Description Author BioThe beloved Archbishop Sheen, whose cause for canonization is open in Rome, presents a profound and deeply spiritual look at the meaning of the priesthood and relationship of the priest with Christ as an “alter Christus”.Sheen delves deeply into what he considers the main character of the priesthood, and one not often discussed, that of being, like Christ, a “holy victim”. To be like Christ, Sheen emphasizes that the priest must imitate Christ in His example of sacrifice, offering himself as a victim to make His Incarnation continually present in the world.”Unlike anyone else, Our Lord came on earth, not to live, but to die.

Death for our redemption was the goal of His sojourn here, the gold that he was seeking. He was, therefore, not primarily a teacher, but a Savior. Was not Christ the Priest a Victim? He never offered anything except Himself.

So we have a mutilated concept of our priesthood, if we envisage it apart from making ourselves victims in the prolongation of His Incarnation.”Bishop Fulton Sheen

14. Light and Leaven: The Challenge of the Laity in the Twenty-First Century

Author: by Bishop Joseph Strickland
224 pages

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Every year thousands of God’s servants leave the ministry convinced they are failures. Years ago, in the midst of a crisis of faith, Kent Hughes almost became one of them. But instead he and his wife Barbara turned to God’s Word, determined to learn what God had to say about success and to evaluate their ministry from a biblical point of view.

This book describes their journey and their liberation from the “success syndrome”-the misguided belief that success in ministry means increased numbers. In today’s world it is easy to be seduced by the secular thinking that places a number on everything.

But the authors teach that true success in ministry lies not in numbers but in several key areas: faithfulness, serving, loving, believing, prayer, holiness, and a Christlike attitude. Their thoughts will encourage readers who grapple with feelings of failure and lead them to a deeper, fuller understanding of success in Christian ministry.

This book was originally published by Tyndale in 1987 and includes a new preface.