Best DHTML Programming Computer Books

When speaking about the areas of IT that has transformed over the years, I am pretty sure Web Development will not miss in the topics to be discussed.

1. HTML and CSS QuickStart Guide: The Simplified Beginners Guide to Developing a Strong Coding Foundation, Building Responsive Websites, and Mastering … of Modern Web Design (QuickStart Guides)

Author: by David DuRocher
361 pages

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Master HTML and CSS fundamentals to create beautiful websites. The best book on the market for modern web design fundamentals for 2021 and beyond! #1 AMAZON NEW RELEASE*Every one of the over 4 billion webpages online today use HTML markup language to display its content.HTML is everywhere.

Experienced developers know that a mastery of HTML and CSS fundamentals is not only an essential web design skill, but also the solid foundation of a robust coding skillset. In HTML & CSS QuickStart Guide author, instructor, and 10+ year Fortune 500 tech company veteran David DuRocher breaks down HTML5 and CSS3 fundamentals manageable, practical, and engaging segments designed for first-time developers.

David’s unique and engaging approach to teaching HTML and CSS principles means that readers are ready to start designing from the very first chapter without enduring an avalanche of boring jargon or dry technobabble. Use the enclosed bonus digital asset access to go beyond the book with your own hands-on project, GitHub code repository, online tools, resources, and more!

2. Math Practice Workbook Grades 1-3: 1000+ Questions You Need to Kill in Elementary School by Brain Hunter Prep (Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, … more in Kill It Series by Brain Hunter Prep)

Author: by Brain Hunter Prep
329 pages

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Prepare your child for elementary school math with our award-winning Math Practice Workbook for Grades 1 to 3. Used by teachers, parents and students nationwide this workbook provides elementary school children with comprehensive practice questions that cover a wide range of topics they will encounter in elementary school.

Created by certified elementary school teachers, this workbook is the perfect supplementary workbook for any student in 1st grade, 2nd grade or 3rd grade. This workbook is also aligned to all Common Core State Standards. Topics Covered:Operations and Algebraic ThinkingAddition and SubtractionMultiplication and DivisionApplying Operations to Solve Word ProblemsNumbers and Operations in Base TenCountingNumber FormsRoundingNumber Sense and Place ValueCompare by looking at 100, 10, 1s (, =)Using place value to perform operationsNumbers, Operations, and FractionsDividing Shapes into Equal Parts Understanding Fractions Comparing FractionsMeasurement and DataMeasurement of ObjectsArea and PerimeterMeasurement of TimeMeasurement of DataMeasurement Word Problems

3. How To Be A Web Developer In 90 Days: Web Development Skills

Author: by Gabriel Wilson
329 pages

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Be a Web Developer In 90 Days! Go from Beginner to Expert. Easy Web development skills Book for Beginners Step by Step guide – how to become a web developer Become a web developer in 90 days Java developer guide Learn css web design Are you working at your dream job?

What would you do if I told you I have my dream job? After working almost 20 years in corporate America, I figured out what career makes me happy. It’s true, some people actually love their jobs! I can proudly say I am one of them.

I am a Web Developer. I’ve been professionally coding websites from scratch for the last seven years. I freaking love coding ! I recall when I would randomly ask people if they love their jobs. I was always puzzled when people said that they genuinely loved what they did for a living.

Don’t get me wrong, I had a plush sales career making six figures, a company car, corporate credit card and flexible hours but I was still unhappy.I dreaded Mondays. It was during the Covid-19 Pandemic that it hit me.

4. Delphi GUI Programming with FireMonkey: Unleash the full potential of the FMX framework to build exciting cross-platform apps with Embarcadero Delphi

Author: by Andrea Magni
546 pages

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Create modern yet effective multi-platform applications by building interactive UIs following a single codebase approach to boost productivityKey FeaturesDelve into the FireMonkey framework and explore its powerful capabilitiesEnhance the user experience by using various technologies included in Delphi and FMXBoost developer productivity through the cross-platform capabilities enabled by the frameworkBook DescriptionFireMonkey (FMX) is a cross-platform application framework that allows developers to create exciting user interfaces and deliver applications on multiple operating systems (OS).

This book will help you learn visual programming with Delphi and FMX. Starting with an overview of the FMX framework, including a general discussion of the underlying philosophy and approach, you’ll then move on to the fundamentals and architectural details of FMX.

You’ll also cover a significant comparison between Delphi and the Visual Component Library (VCL). Next, you’ll focus on the main FMX components, data access/data binding, and style concepts, in addition to understanding how to deliver visually responsive UIs. To address modern application development, the book takes you through topics such as animations and effects, and provides you with a general introduction to parallel programming, specifically targeting UI-related aspects, including application responsiveness.

5. Probability: Risk Management, Statistics, Combinations and Permutations for Business

Author: by Daniel Covington
305 pages

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Are you someone who struggles or used to struggle with Mathematics at school? Causing you to be totally averse to the subject? If you are, do you realize that certain aspects of Mathematics can be very useful for you to know in the real world?

Whether you are retail employee or a budding entrepreneur, or really just someone looking to contribute to your place of work, you will surely encounter problems that require planning and analysis to address them. What you may not know is that, most of the time statistics, specifically probability and its concepts, will often give you an edge in identifying solutions and strategies to help you move forward with a great plan.

And you’re in luck because in this book you will get to know what probability is and more importantly, how it can help you solve the problems you encounter in your business work and day-to-day life. Specifically this book will help you:How to summarize dataMeasure variabilityLearn the core concepts of probabilityGain knowledge of probability distributions and their functionsRealize the importance of probability rules in businessBecome adept at using probabilities in life and at workIdentify the types of risk your business can faceHow to effectively manage risk using probabilityUnderstand how to use probability and statistics in businessHow to optimize your business and improve brand loyaltyLearn how to improve your customer experience and predict customer behaviorUnderstand the components of the business intelligence infrastructureGive your business an edge by learning more about probability and how it can help you.DO NOT DELAY!

6. Object Pascal Handbook Delphi 10.4 Sydney Edition: The Complete Guide to the Object Pascal programming language for Delphi 10.4 Sydney

Author: by Marco Cantu
534 pages

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The Object Pascal Handbook for Delphi 10. 4 is the complete guide to the programming language of Delphi. The book covers Object Pascal from the foundations to the latest extensions up to Delphi 10. 4 Sydney and the author, Marco Cantu, is a well known Delphi guru, the author of dozens of Delphi books, and one of the Product Managers for RAD Studio at Embarcadero Technologies.

7. Masterminds of Programming: Conversations with the Creators of Major Programming Languages (Theory in Practice (O'Reilly))

Author: by Federico Biancuzzi
O'Reilly Media
496 pages

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Masterminds of Programming features exclusive interviews with the creators of several historic and highly influential programming languages. In this unique collection, you’ll learn about the processes that led to specific design decisions, including the goals they had in mind, the trade-offs they had to make, and how their experiences have left an impact on programming today.

Masterminds of Programming includes individual interviews with:Adin D. Falkoff: APLThomas E. Kurtz: BASICCharles H. Moore: FORTHRobin Milner: MLDonald D. Chamberlin: SQLAlfred Aho, Peter Weinberger, and Brian Kernighan: AWKCharles Geschke and John Warnock: PostScriptBjarne Stroustrup: C++Bertrand Meyer: EiffelBrad Cox and Tom Love: Objective-CLarry Wall: PerlSimon Peyton Jones, Paul Hudak, Philip Wadler, and John Hughes: HaskellGuido van Rossum: PythonLuiz Henrique de Figueiredo and Roberto Ierusalimschy: LuaJames Gosling: JavaGrady Booch, Ivar Jacobson, and James Rumbaugh: UMLAnders Hejlsberg: Delphi inventor and lead developer of C#If you’re interested in the people whose vision and hard work helped shape the computer industry, you’ll find Masterminds of Programming fascinating.

8. Math Coloring Book for Kids: A Funny Color by Numbers Activity Book Ages 4 – 8 with Addition and Subtraction

Author: by BrainSky Press
86 pages

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An exciting way to teach your kids early in solving Addition and Subtraction is by involving fun activities that they will surely enjoy. Math coloring books for kids is one of the easiest and enjoyable activity that you can give them.

This book will help them practice math concepts like addition and subtraction. This will help them in developing fine motor skills, counting, number recognition, eye-hand coordination and improves pen controls. You will see a quick technique to solve addition and subtraction at the first few pages of the book.

Product Details: Premium golssy cover design Perfectly sized at a large 8.5 x 11.(21.6cm x 27. 9cm)Other benefits of this activity: Following instructions Improves Concentration Improves kids’ comprehension skills Sharpens problem-solving and analytical skills Practical Creativity Enables kids to recognize different colors/numbers Helps kids to gain confidence Hands-on activity that does not require technology Enables parents and kids to bondScroll to the top of the page and click the buy button now.

9. Mastering Delphi Programming: A Complete Reference Guide: Learn all about building fast, scalable, and high performing applications with Delphi

Author: by Primož Gabrijelčič
674 pages

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Use structural, behavioral, and concurrent patterns in Delphi to skillfully develop applications Key Features Delve into the core patterns and components of Delphi to enhance your application’s design Learn how to select the right patterns to improve your program’s efficiency and productivity Discover how parallel programming and memory management can optimize your code Book Description Delphi is a cross-platform Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that supports rapid application development for most operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, iOS, and now Linux with RAD Studio 10.2.

If you know how to use the features of Delphi, you can easily create scalable applications in no time. This Learning Path begins by explaining how to find performance bottlenecks and apply the correct algorithm to fix them. You’ll brush up on tricks, techniques, and best practices to solve common design and architectural challenges.

Then, you’ll see how to leverage external libraries to write better-performing programs. You’ll also learn about the eight most important patterns that’ll enable you to develop and improve the interface between items and harmonize shared memories within threads. As you progress, you’ll also delve into improving the performance of your code and mastering cross-platform RTL improvements.

10. The Little Book Of Delphi Programming: Learn To Program with Object Pascal

Author: by Huw Collingbourne
194 pages

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Learn to Program Delphi and Object Pascal quickly and easily. Huw Collingbourne has programmed in Delphi for over 25 years. For over ten years he was the Delphi columnist for PC Plus Magazine in the UK. In this book, he explains how to design desktop applications and program in Delphi’s Object Pascal language.

All the source code is available for free download so you can get started with Delphi programming straight away. This book explains… Fundamentals of Delphi The Object Pascal language Object Orientation Variables, Types, Constants Operators and Tests for loops and while loops Procedures and Functions Parameters and Arguments Arrays and Lists String Operations Case Statements User-defined Types Constructors and Methods Creating and Freeing Objects Inheritance and Encapsulation Virtual and Overridden Methods File-handling Text files and Binary files Streaming and Serialization Errors and Exceptions …

And much moreThe Little Book Of Delphi takes you from the very basics of Object Pascal programming right through to complex topics such saving and loading networks of objects to and from disk’. All the source code is provided as a free download from the publisher’s web site.

11. Delphi Event-based and Asynchronous Programming

Author: by Dalija Prasnikar
291 pages

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Event-based programming is everywhere. Nowadays, you can hardly write any kind of application without leaning on events and messages. This simple, yet extremely powerful mechanism is also the cornerstone of asynchronous and multithreaded programming. Without events, we would not know when some task was completed.

But, asynchronous and multithreaded programming consists of more than just handling multiple threads, protecting shared resources, and synchronization. It also includes designing and understanding program flow. That design aspect is often forgotten, taken for granted, and solving all the fine-grained nuances of multithreaded programming hogs the spotlight.

Without understanding asynchronous flow and the bigger picture it can be hard to properly solve all the other issues, including multithreading. What used to be plain spaghetti code, now becomes temporal spaghetti. You can lose control over your objects, have bits of code creating and releasing them all over the place, even without adding multithreading into the mix.

12. Delphi Programming Projects: Build a range of exciting projects by exploring cross-platform development and microservices

Author: by William Duarte
248 pages

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Improve your Delphi programming skills by building robust applications for Android, iOS, and Windows platform Key Features Build responsive user interfaces (UIs) for desktop and mobile with FireMonkey Implement a microservices architecture using the Rapid Application Development(RAD) server Create clones of popular applications like Instagram and Facebook using Delphi 10.

3 Book Description Delphi is a cross-platform programming language and software development kit that supports rapid application development for Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS X, Android, and iOS. With the help of seven practical projects, this book will guide you through the best practices, Delphi Run-Time Library (RTL) resources, and design patterns.

Whether you use the Visual Component Library (VCL) or FireMonkey (FMX) framework, these design patterns will be implemented in the same way in Delphi, using Object Pascal. In the first few chapters, you will explore advanced features that will help you build rich applications using the same code base for both mobile and desktop projects.

13. Group techniques for program planning: A guide to nominal group and Delphi processes (Management applications series)

Author: by Andrew L. Delbecq
174 pages

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Do you want to discover the most effective method for learning Python Programming language? If YES then this Python Programming Book is definitely for you as it is PURPOSEFULLY crafted to give: -A quick boost to your career growth. Important Python concepts (tricks and hacks) with zero percent confusion.

Up-to-date Python knowledge. (You’ll find many Youtube channels, online courses and discussion forums that are not up-to-date)-INTERACTIVE coding examples that are 100% accurate and usable. (Big issue with many books over AMAZON. Please check the reviews yourself ! “Everyone has a different learning style and we all grasp concepts differently.

For me by the way, this book is absolutely awesome! This book is for anyone who wants to quickly dive into Python. Massive 5-star recommendation.” (Review from AMAZON US CUSTOMER) How have we made this book so EFFECTIVE? Each chapter is designed to retain the concepts.

The step-by-step instructions assure smooth and gradual learning experience. Each unit of code is thoroughly tested, executed and proofread in order to reduce any kind of potential frustration. The INTERACTIVE exercises are optimized for highest engagement level (This book is not intend to bore you) .

15. Delphi Programming: The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Learn Delphi Programming Step by Step , 1st Edition , 2020 .

Author: by Rufus Stewart
October 11, 2020

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The development of personal desktop computers led to the introduction of multi-tasking, multi-user operating systems such as Microsoft Windows. However, as a result, the process of creating software has become much more complicated. Visual integrated development environments (IDE) and rapid application development (RAD) systems were created by market leaders to facilitate the interaction with operating systems, reduce coding time, and improve the quality of the code.

Visual Programming is a process of building software applications in which a user can simultaneously design, edit, debug and test the app using Visual IDE. In other words, Visual Programming is a combination of two interconnected processes: designing an application window visually; and writing the code.

Delphi, a powerful Pascal compiler with a number of significant improvements for creating Windows applications, was first released in 1996. It is a high-level software development system with an integrated tool set for developing complete applications; it is a tool for rapid application development.