Best Engineering Power Systems Books

Here you will get Best Engineering Power Systems Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. Solar & 12 Volt Power for beginners: off grid power for everyone

Author: by George Eccleston
92 pages

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This book is a straightforward guide for the complete beginner! In less than a day you will learn how to: Choose, size and connect up a Solar Panel and 12-volt batteries Choose, wire up and use simple lighting for sheds, boats & vehicles Run mains powered power tools from a 12-volt power source Power and watch televisions anywhere and at any time Power and charge laptops and other devices And much, much more!

This book was specifically written for the complete beginner and for those who have struggled to understand the workings of solar and 12-volt power in the past. Overly complicated technical terms have been replaced where possible with straightforward layman’s terms, allowing you to get a grasp of the core concepts of 12-volt and solar power, much more quickly than you would normally be able to.

Allowing you to learn in one day what it would usually take most people weeks or months to pick up. This is your first step on your ladder to success with solar & 12-volt powerTake It Now!

2. The Guidebook for Linemen and Cablemen

Author: by Wayne Van Soelen
Cengage Learning
816 pages

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The Guidebook for Linemen and Cablemen, 2nd Edition is the much needed solution for anyone working on or training to work on electrical utility circuits. Packaged as a convenient, single-volume reference guide on the operation of electrical utility systems, this book will give you what other resources won’t: practical coverage of the equipment and situations that power line workers are exposed to on a daily basis, with a focus on ensuring concepts are meaningful and applicable.

This book also pays special attention to the order in which topics are addressed; simple concepts are explained first, and the book then builds upon these fundamentals to explain more complex theories, thereby setting a strong foundation for clearly understanding key rules and regulations.

This text been updated to include the most current industry information available, including applications of recent technology. This book also contains in-depth exploration of the mechanical aspects of the job, such as working with rigging, trucks, stringing wire, and tree felling.

3. LineKid's ABCs: A Kid's Guide to the Work of an Electrical Lineman

Author: by Jeanna Borgmann
32 pages

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Children and adults can explore the work of Electrical Lineman through the letters of the Alphabet.

4. Off Grid Solar Power: How to Design and Install a Mobile Solar System for RVs, Vans, Boats and Tiny Homes (DIY Solar Power)

Author: by Paul Holmes
229 pages

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Power your RV, Boat or Off-Grid House and Start Living a Self-Sufficient LifeThis beginner-friendly solar guide is an easy approach to off-grid solar design and installation. Solar Power Engineer Paul Holmes will guide you through the process to set-up your solar system with easy to follow step-by-step instructions.

Images and charts are presented at every step to make sure you have a smooth and hassle-free installation. In detail you will discover:Energy units you didn’t even know existedFormulas you can’t live without when building a solar systemA list of tools that you absolutely needA comprehensive guide to buying solar equipmentHow to choose wire sizes the right wayStep by step guide on sizing your off-grid solar system without costly mistakesBest methods to design and install your system that eliminate fire risks and other safety hazards Discover different batteries and their pricing, maintenance requirements, lifespan, configurations Discover different solar panels and associated tiltInverters; different types, sine waves, efficiency, power ratings,…

5. 4th Grade Science: Daily Practice Workbook | 20 Weeks of Fun Activities (Physical, Life, Earth and Space Science, Engineering | Video Explanations Included | 200+ Pages Workbook)

Author: by ArgoPrep
207 pages

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4th Grade Science Daily Practice workbook by ArgoPrep is designed to help build mastery of foundational science skills. Our science workbooks offer students with 20 weeks of practice of various science skills required for fourth grade including Physical Science, Life Science, Earth & Space Science, and Engineering.

Students will explore science topics in depth with ArgoPrep’s 5 E’S to build science mastery. Engaging with the topic: Read a short text on the topic and answer multiple choice questions. Exploring the topic: Interact with the topic on a deeper level by collecting, analyzing and interpreting data.

Explaining the topic: Make sense of the topic by explaining and beginning to draw conclusions about the data. Experimenting with the topic: Investigate the topic through hands on, easy to implement experiments. Elaborating on the topic: Reflect on the topic and use all information learned to draw conclusions and evaluate results.

ArgoPrep’s 4th Grade Science Daily Practice Workbook is state-aligned and aligns with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Here’s a preview of what our workbook covers! Speed & EnergyEnergy TransferEnergy TransferEnergy ConversionModeling WavesPerception Of LightInformation TransferAnimal Structures & Their FunctionsPlant Structures & Their FunctionsThe SensesResponding To StimuliEarth’s Changes Over TimeWeathering & ErosionEarth’s Physical FeaturesRenewable & Nonrenewable EnergyRenewable & Nonrenewable EnergyHuman Impact On EarthDefining Design ProblemsDesign ConstraintsComparing SolutionsImproving Ideas & DesignsArgoPrep is one of the leading providers of K-8 supplemental educational products.

6. Gasifiers Wood Gasification & Off Grid Power: A Beginners Guide

Author: by George Eccleston
104 pages

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This book is a straightforward guide for the complete beginner! In less than a day you will learn: What is a Gasifier?How does it work? How do you build one? What parts do you need? What type of fan do you need and why is one needed?

And much, much more! For the beginner building a gasifier seems to be one never ending stream of questions. In this beginner’s guide I have answered these basic questions for you and lots more besides? Inside this book are the basic details needed for you to understand how gasifiers work, without the technical jargon that confuses most beginners.

There is a multitude of diagrams & simple explanations detailing different gasifier designs and the chemical processes that occur inside the gasifier itself. Written especially for the beginner this book holds the necessary information that you will need to start your journey in wood gasification, helping you advance to the next level of self-reliance and fuel independence.

If you want to get started in the world of Gasifiers then get started here!Get It Now!

7. One Moon Present Quick Start Guide: A Radical Healing Formula to Transform Your Life in 28 Days: Love Yourself Through Hard Emotions and Hard Times (Self-Love Healing)

Author: by Borut Lesjak
67 pages

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Does negativity rule your life? Discover a transformational approach to reclaiming joy, peace, and love. Stuck in an endless cycle of despair? Feeling blocked at every turn? Can’t seem to find the light in your day? Experienced healer, teacher, and author Borut Lesjak has spent over twenty years helping clients overcome tough situations and find their way back to hope.

Now he’s here to share his straight-to-the-point suite of tools to address those deep wounds in less than one month. One Moon Present Quick Start Guide: A Radical Healing Formula to Transform Your Life in 28 Days: The Healing Power of Self-Love is a concise and well-organized guidebook to restoration using the simplest of techniques.

By following Lesjak’s grounded daily plan and learning to stay in the moment with this highly practical approach, you’ll soon feel the fog clearing. And as your own truth becomes clearer with each day, any anger, sadness, and hurt will evaporate in favor of a potent sense of feeling in charge of your own destiny.

8. Off Grid Solar Power Simplified: The DIY Guide to Install a Mobile Solar Power System in Boats, RVs, Vans and Tiny Homes

Author: by Will Smart
114 pages

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It’s time to GENERATE your own ELECTRICITY!About this book… Are you ready to start building your incredible solar powered electricity generating system in your own home, boat or RV? Are you fed up with increasing charges on your electricity bills?

Do you want to create a more environmentally friendly system in your home and reduce your family’s carbon footprint?KEEP READING! This book was written to provide exact and reliable information to get you started on building your own fully functioning and energy efficient solar powered generating system.

For most home users, the electricity grid is the most convenient source of electricity. It appears that a serious blackout or power outage is still in the distant future. However, growing concern about fossil fuel depletion is prompting authorities around the world to use renewable energy sources.

Since solar energy is the most commercialized among other renewable energies, it is necessary to know how you, as end-users in residential areas, can benefit from solar energyIncluded in this bookFIND OUT HOW SOLAR ENERGY WORKS SELECTION OF A SOLAR ENERGY SYSTEM WHAT IS A SOLAR SYSTEM?

9. TEXAS DMV TEST MANUAL: Practice and Pass DMV Exams with over 300 Questions and Answers

Author: by Donald Frias

133 pages

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TEXAS DMV TEST MANUALWith proper preparation you can achieve maximum success in your Texas DMV license test on first sitting. Having guided many test takers towards achieving success in their DMV exam, I decided to put out this manual which will serve as a standard guide towards helping you pass your DMV theory examination.

With this guide there is no need to be afraid of failing as the questions contain there-in are close enough to what you will be tested on. This test guide is divided into different section of what you will be tested on.

The General Question (76) Defensive driving (56) Road signs (82) Traffic Control (75) Special driving condition (38)With over 300 question and answer in this guide, you are sure of achieving an excellent result at the end of your test. You are strongly advised to repeat each practical test until you can achieve a consistent score of 90% and above.

Purchase your copy and prepare to pass your exam now

10. Power Line Worker Level 2: Distribution Trainee Guide

Author: by NCCER
246 pages

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This exceptionally produced trainee guide features a highly illustrated design, technical hints and tips from industry experts, review questions and a whole lot more! Key content includes: Alternating Current and Three-Phase Systems, Introduction to Aerial Distribution Equipment, Cable and Conductor Installation and Removal, Underground Residential Distribution Systems (URDs), Overhead and URD Service Installations, and Distribution Line Maintenance.

11. Power System Operation

Author: by Robert Miller
McGraw-Hill Education

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Publisher’s Note: Products purchased from Third Party sellers are not guaranteed by the publisher for quality, authenticity, or access to any online entitlements included with the product. The best-selling power system operation manual ever published-NOW IN AN ALL-NEW EDITION! For over 30 years more electrical power professionals have used this guide for safe, economical system operation than any other in print.Why?

Because Power System Operation, by Robert Miller and James Malinowski, presents more of the fundamental principles and methods dispatchers and operators need in a clear, easy-to-understand style. Now this third edition has been expanded by 50% to cover even more: VAR flows; Power system control; Telemetering methods; Supervisory control and data acquisition methods; System control, protection and stability; System reliability factors, Power system energy transfer; Energy accounting in interconnected operations; Operating systems most economically; EHV operation; Power system communications; Impedance of parallel circuits; Effects of resistance on impedance.

12. DC/AC Fundamentals: A Systems Approach

Author: by Thomas Floyd
768 pages

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DC/AC Fundamentals: A Systems Approach takes a broader view of DC/AC circuits than most standard texts, providing relevance to basic theory by stressing applications of dc/ac circuits in actual systems.

13. Wood Pole Overhead Lines (Energy Engineering)

Author: by Brian Wareing
256 pages

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Wood Pole Overhead Lines provides comprehensive coverage of medium voltage wood pole overhead lines. It includes guidance on the planning and mechanical design of overhead lines, as well as details of statutory requirements and the latest UK and European standards affecting UK design of wood pole networks, Sag/tension calculations are explained, and details of the latest work on safe design tension limits to avoid conductor fatigue from vibration are included.

The basic characteristics of bare and covered conductors are discussed as well as upgrading possibilities, condition assessment and the latest work on ‘health indices’ for overhead lines. Other topics include wood pole decay and mitigation methods, maintenance schedules, live line working and basic lightning protection.

14. Alternating Current Fundamentals

Author: by Stephen L. Herman
Cengage Learning
768 pages

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ALTERNATING CURRENT FUNDAMENTALS, 8E, an industrial standard for over thirty years, has been updated to provide readers with the most current information available on the essentials of alternating current. The topics in this book are arranged to build readers’ knowledge, progressing from basic principles such as the differences between peak, rms, and average values to more complex coverage of circuits containing resistance, inductance, and capacitance.

This edition of ALTERNATING CURRENT FUNDAMENTALS, 8E includes additional information on diodes and rectifiers and contains improved graphics that will assist readers in understanding state-of-the-art concepts.

15. Sonic The Hedgehog ABC Book: Letter Tracing & Numbers | Sonic Activity Book for Kids Ages 3-5 | First Big Alphabet & Numbers Preschool Kindergarten … Girls (Sonic The Hedgehog Coloring Book Kids)

Author: by Activity A.R
66 pages

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Sonic The Hedgehog ABC & 123 BookSet kids up to succeed in school with a learn to write for kids guide that teaches them letters and numbers. And makes it fun introduces your early writer to proper pen control, steady line tracing, new words, and more with dozens of exercises that will engage their minds and boost their reading and writing comprehension skills.

This book will help your kids:Build writing musclesFun and colorfulPractice makes perfectGreat for your kidsAmazing Gift for all Little Sonic Fans