Best Headache Books

Here you will get Best Headache Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. Heal Your Headache (The 1-2-3 Program for Taking Charge of Your Headaches)

Author: by David Buchholz
Published at: Workman Publishing; 1st edition (August 1, 2002)
ISBN: 978-0761125662

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A three-step program that puts headache sufferers back in control of their lives. A must read for all individuals with migraine!Ronald J.Tusa, M.D., PH.D., Professor of Neurology and Otolaryngology, Dizziness and Balance Center, Emory University Based on the breakthrough understanding that virtually all headaches are forms of migrainebecause migraine is not a specific type of headache, but the built-in mechanism that causes headaches of all kinds, along with neck stiffness, sinus congestion, dizziness, and other problemsDr. Buchholz’s Heal Your Headache offers a simple, transforming program.

Step 1: Avoid the Quick Fix. Too often painkillers only make matters worse because of the crippling complication known as rebound. Step 2: Reduce your triggers. The crux of the program: a migraine diet that eliminate the foods that push headache sufferers over the top.

Step 3: Raise your threshold. When diet and other lifestyle changes aren’t enough, preventive medication can help stay the course.That’s it. In three steps, you can turn your headache problems around. Includes answers to questions like:What is a migraine anyway?

2. Hope After Stroke for Caregivers and Survivors: The Holistic Guide To Getting Your Life Back

Author: by Tsgoyna Tanzman
Published at: Bowker My (March 7, 2019)
ISBN: 978-1732953802

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Have you lost hope and wonder how or if you will get your life back? Stroke affects 800,000 people yearly, but that’s just a statistic. Someone you love had a stroke. Readers are calling Hope After Stroke for Caregivers and Survivors: The Holistic Guide to Getting Your Life Back, the The Stroke Bible, that should be in every hospital and rehab facility.

It’s a must read for every caregiver and survivor. Are you desperate for answers as you struggle to understand the confusing maze of medical terms? Do you wish someone would guide and prepare you for what to expect and how to manage the challenges and the uncertainty of what this disability means to your relationship and life?

Hope After Stroke reads and feels like a personal therapist is with you simplifying medical language, guiding and empowering you each step of the way. You’ll discover simple practical tools and strategies you can use in the hospital, upon homecoming, and re-entering the community and workplace.

Hope After Stroke will help you find the hope, certainty and resolve needed for recovery. Hope After Stroke is an easy-to-read, essential and evidence-based resource guide that will help caregivers and stroke survivors get their lives back after stroke. This book will help you:Easily understand medical terms so you can effectively speak with doctors, therapists and insurance companies to obtain the best servicesKnow what to expect at the 3 stages after stroke: Hospital, Coming Home and After Therapy is over.

3. Regenerate Your Brain: A Breakthrough Plan To Restore Your Brilliant Mind

Author: by Dr. Jacqueline Chan
Published at: Ashlar Press (August 28, 2020)
ISBN: 978-1735038704

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Restore Your BrillianceYou may be suffering from an anxious mood, persistent distress, agitation, an inability to focus, insomnia, feeling overwhelmed, exhausted or you simply may have lost your mojo. Worse yet, someone in your family may have dementia, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, stroke, autism, mental illness, an addiction or has suffered a concussion and never been the same.

Amidst the explosion of new discoveries in neuroscience and our exposure to unprecedented volumes of information a silent tragedy is occurring. We Are Slowly Losing Our MindsAfter working with hundreds of patients over the course of twenty-five years, Dr.Chan is convinced that the ultimate path to harnessing the maximum capacity for our brain’s remodeling needs to be an inclusive, whole approach.

Fortunately, what’s good for the brain is good for your entire body. Through the practical, evidence-based wellness strategies in Regenerate Your Brain you can learn how to:Nourish your brain for optimal mood and focusIncrease the hormones that lead to happiness and sprout new nerves for memoryCool the inflammation in your brainHeal the gut/brain axisAddress toxins and detoxificationBoost your mitochondriaEngage in neuro-regenerative practices to build new neural pathwaysHeal from the effects of emotional and physical trauma on the brainDeeply rest your mind for renewalThe good news is your brain can regenerate new tissue and develop pathways for creativity, ingenuity, joy and resilience.

4. The 30-Minute Instant Pot Mini Cookbook: Quick and Delicious 3-Quart Pressure Cooker Recipes for Weight Loss and Health

Author: by Connor Thompson
Published at: Independently published (May 22, 2020)
ISBN: 979-8614759728

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Make Delicious, Quick and Easy Instant Pot Meals in just 30 minutes Now! Do you often struggle for time when it comes to cooking? Do you own an Instant Pot but don’t know how to use it to create tasty and nutritious meals?

This Instant Pot cookbook will revolutionize the way you eat! There is no doubt that cooking for one or two can be more of a challenge than cooking for a larger family. Many Instant Pot recipes that are to be found tend to be aimed at 4-6 people, so when you are looking to save time and money it isn’t always easy finding one that suits.

That has changed with The 30-Minute Instant Pot Mini Cookbook: Quick and Delicious 3-Quart Pressure Cooker Recipes for Weight Loss and Health, a book that is dedicated to catering for Instant Pot owners who are cooking for smaller numbers and offers you:Setting up you Instant Pot How the different functions workMaintaining your Instant PotA selection of quick and easy recipesChicken and savory dishesVegan and vegetarian optionsMeat and pasta recipesA 14 day meal planAnd moreCrammed with tips and advice for getting the best from your 3-Quart Pressure Cooker, The 30-Minute Instant Pot Mini Cookbook is a new way for singles, couples and smaller families to cook and enjoy delicious food that will take just 30 minutes out of your busy day!

5. Hemiparesis Living After Stroke or TBI, Home Care Rehab and Safety: Focus on Safety, Home Care , Rehabilitation: Partial Paralysis or Muscle … After Stroke or Tbi, Living with Hemiparesis)

Author: by Leon Edward
Published at: Independently published (July 4, 2017)
ISBN: 978-1520450131

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Home Care and Safety, associated conditions, problem areas, treatment options, behavioral, emotional consequences, realistic goals, future expectations, resources, brain training, safety practices, Rehabilitation exercises, are covered. Provided for readers is a safety checklist that is so helpful in setting up a safe environment at home and rehab throughout daily activity.

Understanding conditions with safety, care, rehabilitation at home, ongoing communication of those affected is the primary focus. This book compiles researching current health care and home care nursing or caretaker assistant practices emphasizing safety with reviewing valuable lessons learned and studied in over 30 years since the author ‘awoke’ from a coma, revealing his own partial paralysis or hemiparesis and beginning the road back and successful career.

Many people with hemiparesis, reportedly up to 40% yearly after a traumatic brain injury, stroke or other cause experience a major fall accident within one year’s time. While no amount of preparation can 100 percent eliminate post-stroke or tbi accidents, much is preventable by taking appropriate safety measures and adjusting the home environment.

6. Holistic Healing for Anxiety, Depression, and Cognitive Decline

Author: by Brant Cortright, Ph.D.
Published at: Psyche Media (October 15, 2020)
ISBN: 978-0986149221

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Learn how to feel good at every level by reading this book! Dave Asprey, founder of Bulletproof and NY Times bestselling authorIt’s a more dangerous environment for the brain than ever before in history. A neurotoxic perfect storm that assaults the brain and self on all levels physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

No one escapes the weakening effects of this mysterious and invisible epidemic. Rates of anxiety, depression, and cognitive decline have skyrocketed and keep climbing. Medication and conventional treatments have failed to stop the mental health crisis, even if they suppress the symptoms.

Until the real cause is discovered and treated, things will keep getting worse. Holistic Healing is the first guidebook that shows, step-by-step, how to navigate the neurotoxic minefield of modern life, so you can function at the highest levels of creative productivity, without the exhaustion and burnout.

It brings together the newest research in neuroscience, nutrition, and psychology to reveal the complex sources of this neurotoxic stew. And most important, it offers a way back towards our own peak intelligence and radiant brain function, so we can show up and participate in the world at full mental capacity.

7. Quantum Sound Miracle iQube: 7 Quantum Hacks to Transform Your Healing Business

Author: by Helena Reilly M.A.
Published at: ISBN Services (August 29, 2019)
ISBN: 978-1646695874

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The Missing Modality for Your Growing Healing PracticeIf you are feeling burned out by the demands of your healing business and don’t have enough time to fully recharge your batteries, this book will enlighten you with 7 shortcuts to get you back in the zone of healer bliss.

It’s a true healer business handbook that will guarantee your resilience, and optimize your client results. Author, Helena Reilly, M.A., a University of Chicago trained HSP (Highly Sensitive People) Psychotherapist, has spent her entire life exploring modalities of transformation.

Her journey led her to the meditation and yoga masters of India, and the western professors of psychotherapy and psychology. She developed this method after realizing what was missing from her private practice on Manhattan’s upper west side. Quantum Sound Miracle iCube offers 7 Quantum Shortcuts to:Get your healer mojo back effortlessly: How to automatically generate a zero point field (without the heavy lifting) that relaxes, calms, balances your chakras and recharges your batteries effortlessly and automatically every day of your life.

8. Headache Free: Relieve Migraine, Tension, Cluster, Menstrual and Lyme Headaches

Author: by Suzy Cohen
Published at: Dear Pharmacist, Incorporated; 1st edition (December 11, 2013)
ISBN: 978-0981817309

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Your how-to manual to get rid of headaches, once and for all… Up until now headaches were considered a pain syndrome that is only manageable, not curable. Prescription analgesics are addictive, while triptans have their own limitations. Pharmacist Suzy Cohen has seen headaches of every sort and helps you uncover the hidden cause.

Is it a hormonal imbalance, infection or food allergy? Is it a nutrient deficiency? Are your estrogen, testosterone and thyroid hormones in balance? What about neurotransmitters? The latest research is at your fingertips with this easy-to-read book. Cohen offers hundreds of solutions to end the pain including herbals, vitamins, minerals, medications, teas and much more!

Inside Headache Free you will learn how to pacify pain from: * Migraine headaches * Cluster headaches * Trigeminal neuralgia * Tension headaches * Sinus headaches * Hormonal headaches * Sex Headaches * Lyme disease and Babesia-related headaches

9. Honey, I Don't Have a Headache Tonight: Help for Women Who Want to Feel More In the Mood

Author: by Shelia Wray Gregoire
Published at: Kregel Publications (October 25, 2004)
ISBN: 978-0825426933

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A look at attitude adjustments, relationship enhancements, and changes to daily life that can help women revive their God-given sexual vitality.

10. Headache And Facial Pain (What Do I Do Now? )

Author: by Lawrence C Newman MD
Published at: Oxford University Press, U.S.A.; Illustrated edition (December 10, 2008)
ISBN: 978-0195373875

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Patients with headache pose many clinical challenges. Even experienced clinicians occasionally arrive at the point where diagnostic, work-up, treatment, or prognostic thinking becomes blocked. In short, we all find ourselves from time to time in an exam room or at the bedside, asking ourselves, “What do I do now?

” Standard textbooks are often not helpful enough, and tracking down a consultant can be difficult. This book serves the need for a quick reference tool for these difficult headache clinical questions. In this book, nationally known headache specialists Drs Lawrence Newman and Morris Levin have simulated the “curbside consultation” in a representative set of 33 “mini-cases” of headache and facial pain.

The key questions in each are addressed, much as a consultant would do over the phone or in the hallway. This volume is divided into three sections that cover the typical ground for head/face pain consultation: (1) Diagnostic Questions, (2) Treatment Considerations, and (3) Prognostic, Social and Legal Issues.

11. All in My Head: An Epic Quest to Cure an Unrelenting, Totally Unreasonable, and Only Slightly Enlightening Headache

Author: by Paula Kamen
Published at: Da Capo Lifelong Books (March 14, 2006)
ISBN: 978-0738210391

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At the age of twenty-four, Paula Kamen’s life changed in an instant. While she was putting in her contacts, the left lens disturbed a constellation of nerves behind her eye. The pain was more piercing than that of any other headache she had ever experienced.

More than a decade later, she still has a headache-the exact same headache. From surgery to a battery of Botox injections to a dousing of Lithuanian holy water, from a mountain of pharmaceutical products to aromatherapy and even a vibrating hat, All in My Head chronicles the sometimes frightening, usually absurd, and always ineffective remedies Kamen-like so many others-tried in order to relieve the pain.

Beleaguered and frustrated by doctors who, frustrated themselves, periodically declared her pain psychosomatic, she came to understand the plight of the millions who suffer chronic pain in its many forms. Full of self-deprecating humor and razorsharp reporting, All in My Head is the remarkable story of patience, acceptance, and perseverance in the face of terrifying pain.

12. Doctor, Why Does My Face Still Ache?: Getting Relief from Persistent Jaw, Ear, Tooth, and Headache Pain

Author: by Donald R. Tanenbaum DDS MPH
Published at: Gordian Knot; Illustrated edition (May 8, 2012)
ISBN: 978-1884092961

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Solutions for chronic facial pain by leading specialists in pain management. This groundbreaking book explains why tens of millions of Americans with persistent headaches, toothaches, jaw pain, and other debilitating facial pain can’t find relief-even after seeing many doctors in search of a solution.

The problem is that most physicians and dentists look for injury or disease to explain the pain but ignore the connection between emotions and muscles-which compose most of the face. While the intimate connection between mind and body has long been studied and applied to treat back, heart, skin, and gastrointestinal system pain, this is the first book to clearly explain how the mind can initiate changes in the body that result in persistent pain in the mouth, ears, jaw, forehead, and other facial areas.

Detailed case studies clearly describe the relief from pain that patients finally feel, either through an understanding of the “brain-pain” connection alone or in combination with traditional pain-relieving medications and technologies. This book will not only benefit people who suffer from persistent facial pain, but also physicians and dentists insufficiently trained to recognize and diagnose facial pain problems or unable to explain to patients why stressful life challenges and emotions have fueled their suffering.ENDORSEMENTS: “Drs.

13. Headaches: An Alternative Medicine Definitive Guide (Alternative Medicine Guides)

Author: by Burton Goldberg
Published at: Books; 1st edition (January 1, 1997)
ISBN: 978-1887299183

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Headaches-whether migraine, tension, sinus, eyestrain, allergy/sensitivity, or any of 11 different types covered in this book-can be eliminated for good.Robert Milne, M.D., and Blake More skillfully help you identify the type and probable cause of your headache, then guide you through treatment options suited for your condition.

This book presents the most effective treatment strategies from nutrition therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, homeopathy, biofeedback, aromatherapy, and many more modalities.

14. Hamster Wheel Relationships for Women: A Step by Step Process to Transform Unfulfilling Relationship Patterns (No More)

Author: by Louise VN Liebenberg
Published at: ISN Agency National Library of South Africa (October 24, 2018)
ISBN: 978-0639968339

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ATTENTION: You can now buy the paper back version of this book at the current reduced price of $19. 99 and get the kindle version at a discounted price of $0.99 instead of $9. 99 using our Kindle Matchbook program! No matter whether you are looking for love, marriage and relationships or if you just want to live your best life, this powerful book will empower you and give you the self-insight and tools to redesign your life.

Word of caution though: If you are looking for just another fluffy book that will make you feel better but change nothing, this is not the book for you! But if you are ready, go ahead and jump right in!

If you are caught in pointless spirals in which you repeat the same arguments and the same relationship disasters over and over, you will love this book.So…If you… Are struggling to retain connection and acceptance in relationshipsrepeatedly find yourself lonely and unsupported, are tired of the same communication patterns with the same outcomesare so over relationship dramafind it hard to voice your wants and needs in a relationship.

15. Quick headache relief without drugs: How to relieve your headache in seconds : a physician's do-it-yourself technique

Author: by Howard D Kurland
Published at: Morrow; First Edition / First Printing (January 1, 1977)
ISBN: 978-0688031473

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The author gives his professional advise on the various causes of headaches and practices one may try to relieve the headache. He also offers advise on when to consult with a medical doctor.