Best Hepatitis Books

Here you will get Best Hepatitis Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. Heal Your Body, Cure Your Mind: Leaky Gut, Adrenal Fatigue, Liver Detox, Mental Health, Anxiety, Depression, Disease & Trauma. Mindfulness, Holistic Therapies, Nutrition & Food Diet

Author: by Dr. Ameet Aggarwal ND
178 pages

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Voted as one of the Top 43 therapists in the world, 5-times bestselling author, naturopath and psychotherapist Dr. Ameet helps you to easily heal your health issues, gut, liver, adrenals, depression, anxiety, mood, liver, skin, hormones, inflammation and sexual issues with nutrition, healthy foods, natural medicine, holistic therapies & emotional healing.

Your health is the most valuable gift you have. Reading this intensely holistic book will quickly improve your health, happiness and mood by helping you treat the root causes of dis-eases in your mind and body, which are: Leaky gut, Inflammation & LIVER DETOXAdrenal Fatigue, Thyroid & hormonal healthTrauma and painful thoughts healing, mood therapy & emotional supportHerbs, homeopathic remedies, diet, nutrition, acupuncture points and Bach flower remedies that the most successful natural therapists use.

Get this book to quickly feel amazingly well with clear instructions on powerful holistic therapies from world renowned naturopathic doctor, psychotherapist & teacher. Know:What the best low inflammatory foods, probiotics and supplements for digestive problems, IBS and inflammation areWhy your thyroid, hormones, mood and brain heal when you fix your liver and how to detoxify your liverWhich herbs, amino acids, homeopathic remedies and supplements to use for stress, burnout, anxiety and depression.

2. Virus Mania: Corona/COVID-19, Measles, Swine Flu, Cervical Cancer, Avian Flu, SARS, BSE, Hepatitis C, AIDS, Polio, Spanish Flu. How the Medical … Making Billion-Dollar Profits At Our Expense

Author: by Torsten Engelbrecht
Books on Demand
516 pages

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“The book ‘Virus Mania’ has been written with the care of a master-craftsman, courageously evaluating the medical establishment, the corporate elites and the powerful government funding institutions.” Wolfgang Weuffen, MD, Professor of Microbiology and Infectious Epidemiology “The book ‘Virus-Wahn’ can be called the first work in which the errors, frauds and general misinformations being spread by official bodies about doubtful or non-virus infections are completely exposed.” Gordon T.

Stewart, MD, professor of public health and former WHO advisor – – – The population is terrified by reports of so-called COVID-19, measles, swine flu, SARS, BSE, AIDS or polio. However, the authors of “Virus Mania,” investigative journalist Torsten Engelbrecht, Dr. Claus Khnlein, MD, Dr. Samantha Bailey, MD, and Dr. Stefano Scoglio, BSc PhD, show that this fearmongering is unfounded and that virus mayhem ignores basic scientific facts: The existence, the pathogenicity and the deadly effects of these agents have never been proven.

3. The Metabolism Reset Diet: Repair Your Liver, Stop Storing Fat, and Lose Weight Naturally

Author: by Alan Dr. Christianson
320 pages

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Dr. Alan Christianson, top naturopathic physician and bestselling author of The Adrenal Reset Diet, introduces a four-week cleanse that heals damage to the liver, helping readers unlock the key to rapid weight loss and lower blood sugar. The path to becoming naturally thin isn’t as impossible as it may seem.

In The Metabolism Reset Diet, you’ll unlock the key to rapid, sustained weight loss and lower blood sugar with a four-week cleanse that heals your liver and gives your metabolism new life. The hidden truth is that your liver is actually the key to a healthy metabolism.

When it isn’t functioning properly, it loses the ability to burn fuel. An overloaded liver can only store fuel as fat, which slows your metabolism and leads to excess weight gain. Even if you cut out sugar and carbs, you can still struggle with weight loss and high blood sugar.

With Dr. Alan Christianson’s clinically proven program, you’ll be able to reverse damage to your liver in just four weeks. Once your liver regains its ability to manage your metabolism, you’ll have fewer food cravings, steady energy levels, better digestion, and a metabolism that works optimally.

4. The New Oxygen Prescription: The Miracle of Oxidative Therapies

Author: by Nathaniel Altman
Healing Arts Press
512 pages

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A guide to the latest research in oxygen therapies and their use on the path to optimum health Presents new clinical advancements and scientific findings from Cuba, Italy, Spain, Russia, China, and the United States Explores the effectiveness of oxidative therapies for treating many conditions, including heart disease, cancer, HIV, hepatitis, diabetes, MS, macular degeneration, herniated discs, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, Crohn’s, candida, emphysema, and eczema Includes new research on oxidative therapies in veterinary medicine and dentistry, including its success in treating cavities and preventing infection Scientists now agree that most disease states are caused by oxygen starvation at a cellular level.

Polluted air, devitalized foods, and poor breathing habits can all lead to chronic oxygen deficiency, a bodily environment in which toxins thrive as the overall immune response is weakened. Through oxidative therapies-the medical use of ozone (O3) or hydrogen peroxide (H2O2)-we can assist the body in generating the oxygen needed to oxidate viruses and bacteria as well as weak and sick tissue cells, so stronger and healthier cells can take their place.

5. Never Be Sick Again: Health Is A Choice, Learn How To Choose It

Author: by Raymond Francis
Health Communications Inc

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Care instruction keep away from fire.

6. The First Year: Cirrhosis: An Essential Guide for the Newly Diagnosed

Author: by James L. Dickerson
Da Capo Lifelong Books
320 pages

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For all those newly diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver-a unique and comprehensive guide to understanding and managing your condition Millions of Americans live with cirrhosis of the liver, a degenerative, complex, and often misunderstood condition in which liver cells are damaged and then replaced by scar tissue, impeding liver function.

The disease is most commonly caused by excessive alcohol consumption, hepatitis, or complications from prescription drugs. Immediately after his diagnosis, James Dickerson set out to educate himself on all of his options-and found there is hope for recovery. Now, he offers The First Year: Cirrhosis, the first guide for patients and their families to understanding and managing this chronic condition.

In clear, accessible language, the book walks readers step-by-step through everything they need to do each day of the first week after a cirrhosis diagnosis, each subsequent week of the first month, and the following eleven months of the crucial first year.

7. Food As Medicine: How to Use Diet, Vitamins, Juices, and Herbs for a Healthier, Happier, and Longer Life

Author: by Guru Dharma Singh Khalsa M.D.
Atria Books
368 pages

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A holistic approach to healing through making smart food choices by health guru Dr. Dharma Singh Khalsa that combines spiritual advice and integrative medicine to provide healthful recipes and nutrition plans targeting common and chronic illnesses for a longer, healthier, natural life.

Did you know that blueberries can increase brain longevity? That kiwi fruit can be an excellent weapon for battling cancer and heart disease? That pears can help prevent fibroid tumors? From the bestselling author of Meditation as Medicine, comes a remarkable book that helps you achieve maximum health by eating well.

Grounded in science, Food as Medicine is a pragmatic and accessible reference that sets readers on the right nutritional path. Dr. Khalsa then explains how to use natural organic juices and foods as medicine, and how food can help reverse the progress or diminish the symptoms of certain diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and Hepatitis C.

Drawing on patient case histories, Food as Medicine outlines the seven principles of “The Khalsa Plan” for healthy eating, details ailment-specific nutritional plans, and lays out dozens of delicious recipes that promote overall well-being. After all, food is not only the original medicine – it’s the best medicine.

8. Dr. Sebi Smoothie Diet: Over 53 Delicious and Easy to Make Alkaline & Electric Smoothies to Naturally Cleanse, Revitalize, and Heal Your Body with Dr. … Approved Diet (Dr. Sebi's Alkaline Smoothies)

Author: by Stephanie Quiñones
96 pages

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Are you looking for an easier and more efficient way to cleanse, revitalize, and heal your body? With the Dr. Sebi Smoothie Diet, You’ll gain all the benefits of fighting off diseases whilst drinking a delicious smoothie. This updated unique book version series of The Dr. Sebi Smoothie diet is jammed packed with even more smoothies and many more ways to improve health, lose weight, remove phlegm and mucus, and naturally prevent other diseases.

Discover over 53 Dr. Sebi Alkaline and electric smoothies compliant with the Dr. Sebi nutritional diet. This Diet consists of preventing the formation of mucus and making it difficult for infection-causing organisms to thrive. Download: Dr. Sebi Smoothie Diet: 53 Delicious and Easy to Make Alkaline & Electric Smoothies to Naturally Cleanse, Revitalize, and Heal Your Body with Dr. Sebi’s Approved Diet.

Are You Looking to be free from modern and over the counter medicine that have little to no results? Dr. Sebi diet practices involved cutting out all the food groups except live and raw foods, thereby encouraging you to eat as close as possible to raw vegan.

9. Red Book 2021: Report of the Committee on Infectious Diseases

Author: by David W. Kimberlin MD FAAP
1100 pages

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“Refer to the Red Book.” That’s been the watchword for generations of healthcare professionals seeking trustworthy guidance on pediatric infectious disease prevention, management, and control Now the 32nd edition continues this tradition of excellence with the latest clinical guidance on the manifestations, etiology, epidemiology, diagnosis and treatment of more than 200 childhood infectious diseases.

The 32nd edition provides evidence-based guidance on pediatric infections and vaccinations based on the recommendations of the committee as well as the combined expertise of the CDC, FDA, and hundreds of physician contributors. Red Book is an indispensable reference for pediatricians and pediatric infectious disease specialists and is useful for family medicine and emergency medicine physicians as well.

Public health and school health professionals, medical residents, and students also will find it a high-yield source of pediatric infectious disease and vaccine information.

10. DAILY WELLNESS JOURNAL – Personal Health Diary and Symptoms Log: A 100 Day Food, Fitness, Mood, Sleep, Anxiety, Activity and Health tracker | Medical … Diary | (8 x 10) | Takes Just 5 Minutes.

Author: by B. M. Editions
224 pages

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Elegant and Holistic Daily Wellness Journal This book helps you not only when you have problems, but also when things are going well. Start of the day: Start each day with positivity by writing an inspirational quote focusing on gratitude and stimulating thoughts, write Top 3 things to accomplish today.

End of the day: take stock of your 3 highlights of your day and Top 3 things you will do to your Care-self. Wellness tracker: A 100 Day Food, Fitness, Mood, Sleep, Anxiety, Activity, weather, Vital signs, Medication, Pain, and Other Physical Symptoms.Medical planner.

In this Daily Wellness Journal, you will find :Two page daily spreads to record your health for 100 days. Pages are not pre-dated so it can be used every day or whenever needed. Each day includes space to record all of the following :Weight/Temperature/ Blood pressure/ Sugar level.

Sleep quality and quantityMedications / Vitamins / Herbs. Symptom notesPain assessment: two human body outlines make it simple to mark areas of pain.Physical activity. Mood / Fatigue / Anxiety / Depression. WeatherDay’s DietBowel movements. A section of comments or notes every day to mark any additional information.

11. Herbal Antivirals: Heal Yourself Faster, Cheaper and Safer (Your A-Z Guide to Choosing, Preparing and Using the Most Effective Natural Antiviral Herbs)

Author: by Mary Jones
April 3, 2020

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Are you tired of using the nasty chemicals in medicine to fight your family’s illnesses? Discover the power of natural medicines and herbs to eradicate your viral infections. Are you scared of the hidden dangers in pharmaceutical medicines? Do normal treatments give you aches, pains, and other side effects?

Is the cost of prescription medication making a major dent in your wallet? Author Mary Jones has dedicated years of her life to researching natural remedies and learning from naturopathic doctors. After proving the efficacy of these remedies in her own life, Jones has compiled all of her hard-earned information in one easy-to-use reference.

In Herbal Antivirals: Heal Yourself Faster, Cheaper and Safer – Your A-Z Guide to Choosing, Preparing and Using the Most Effective Natural Antiviral Herbs, you’ll find the 45 most medically-effective herbs available. Through Jones’ comprehensive resource, you’ll learn how to replace medical antibiotics and antivirals with herbal remedies with far fewer side effects.

12. Keeping Livestock Healthy: A Comprehensive Veterinary Guide to Preventing and Identifying Disease in Horses, Cattle, Swine, Goats & Sheep, 4th Edition

Author: by N. Bruce Haynes D.V.M.
Storey Publishing, LLC
352 pages

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Offering expert advice on nutrition, proper housing, and routine maintenance, Keeping Livestock Healthy covers all the everyday medical care your horses, cattle, pigs, goats, and sheep are likely to require. From vaccines and artificial insemination to detecting and treating Lyme disease, Potomac fever, and bluetongue, you’ll find everything you need to know to keep your animals healthy and thriving.

Stressing preventative methods wherever possible, N. Bruce Haynes helps you reduce veterinary costs, increase your self-sufficiency, and boost the productivity of your livestock operation.

13. Aboriginal Secrets of Awakening: A Journey of Healing and Spirituality with a Remote Australian Tribe

Author: by Robbie Holz
Bear & Company

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AWARD-WINNING – READ IN 43 COUNTRIES! One woman’s story of healing through Aboriginal principles and awakening to her own healing powers * Explains principles from the 60,000-year-old Aboriginal culture of Australia that can help create transformation in your life * Details her experiences participating in secret women’s ceremonies with an Outback Aboriginal tribe * Describes how she recovered from illness, met her team of spirit guides, coped with her husband’s passing, and found that love can transcend death Sharing her journey from bedridden patient to inspired healer, Robbie Holz recounts her recovery from hepatitis C, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and temporary treatment-induced brain damage, as well as the blossoming of her own healing powers, through her work with her husband, the late healer Gary Holz, and her experiences with a remote tribe in the Outback of Australia.

Robbie describes many of the miraculous healings she witnessed while working with Gary in his Aboriginal-inspired healing practice. She details the powers that Gary developed after his transformative time being healed by Aborigines, including telepathy, seeing the inner workings of his patients’ bodies, and channeling the healing energy of the universe.

14. HIRATA ZONE THERAPY WITH THE ONTAKE METHOD: Repurposing the Lost Art of Japanese Dermatome Moxibustion for Contemporary Practice

Author: by Oran Kivity
244 pages

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Want to empower your patients? Learn this simple home moxa method from Japan and teach them a powerful routine they can apply daily Hirata was a medical student by dayand a rebel by night. Critical of Western medicine, he pioneered a holographic system of dermatome stimulation using a heated probedesigned to trigger the body’s self-healing mechanisms and empower laypeople to treat themselves.

Hirata’s first book in 1933 was a runaway bestseller. In the West, however, the tools used in Japan to heat the skin were not available, and his system is not well known. Now, nearly one hundred years laterHirata Zone Therapy has found new life with the integration of Ontake Warm Bamboo, a simple-to-apply moxibustion tool.

Oran Kivity’s first book was Moxa in Motion with the Ontake Method. For this second book on rhythmic moxibustion, he has researched the Hirata Zones extensively, decoding the approaches not only of Hirata, but his more famous exponent, Dr Manaka.

Simply written and clearly illustrated, this is the first systematic exploration in English of these ideas, repurposing them for contemporary practice. In this book, you will learn:How to load, light, and apply bamboo safelyThe twelve Hirata zones and their mappingsThe integration of Dr Manaka’s meridian frequenciesBasic, intermediate, and complex strategies for treating over 200 diseasesStrategies for home treatmentHirata Zone Therapy will significantly expand your reach as a practitioner, adding new understanding and extra momentum to your treatments, whatever your style of practice.

15. A Never Event: Exposing the Largest Outbreak of Hepatitis C in American Healthcare History

Author: by Evelyn V. McKnight
360 pages

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CANCER CLINIC CAUSES WORST HEPATITIS OUTBREAK IN US HISTORYIn the small farming community of Fremont, Nebraska, townspeople eagerly welcomed an acclaimed doctor as the first full-time oncologist at their new cancer treatment centerbut the fanfare soon turned into a nightmare.

During chemotherapy treatments, 857 patients who were already waging the fights of their lives against cancer, were inexplicably exposed to the deadly, blood-borne hepatitis C virus. At least ninety-nine of them contracted the lethal illness. The horror was unprecedentedthis was the largest healthcare-transmitted outbreak of hepatitis C in American history.

A Never Eventa term used to describe a preventable medical tragedyis a searing story of recklessness, deception and betrayal. It’s part mystery, part courtroom drama. Written by a survivor of the tragedy and an attorney who represented many of the victims, A Never Event is a wake-up call to medical and legal communities nationwide.

[A] harrowing account I commend [McKnight’s] advocacy and efforts to raise awareness about healthcare-related infections and other potentially life-threatening illnesses. Hon. Shelley Berkley, congresswoman, NevadaThe wake-up call to doctors, nurses and to patients. Joe Hardy, MD, Nevada State AssemblyA must-read’ for patients.