Best Horse Showing & Training Books

Here you will get Best Horse Showing & Training Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. Selah's Sweet Dream (Dream Horse Adventures Book 2)

Author: by Susan Count
Published at: Hastings Creations Group (December 15, 2015)
ISBN: 978-0997088304

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Award Winning Juvenile Fiction The emotional detail makes Selah a genuine, young heroine. When an ordinary girl rescues a lost horse, she dreams of becoming an equestrian superstar. Twelve-year-old Selah trains with a fierce determination, but the mare is wild and defiant.

Selah must gather her courage or watch her dreams gallop away. American Horse Publications FIRST Place Equine FictionFeathered Quill GOLD AwardReaders Favorite GOLD AwardEQUUS Film Festival FinalistFor fans of the classic horse stories like Black Beauty and The Black Stallion.

2. A Step By Step Guide To Starting And Running A Successful Horse Boarding Business: The Comprehensive Book Of Horse Boarding & Effective Barn Management

Author: by Sheri Grunska
Published at: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (March 26, 2018)
ISBN: 978-1545355954

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This book is being recognized and used in College Equine Programs across the country! A fantastic resource for starting and running a horse business. This book will open your eyes to the world of horse boarding and all that it encompasses.

The FIRST complete book of starting and running a horse boarding business and includes the financials for your entire operation. Two of the most often asked questions I get from people who want to start a boarding business are, “Where do I start?” and “Can I make money at boarding horses?” This book is a step by step guide on what you need to do to get your barn or stable up and going and how to maintain a strong and healthy boarding business.

Whether you want to run a large facility or a small stable this book will cover everything you need to know to help you start off with a strong foundation for your business. This book includes Designing your barn and stable for efficiency (with all four seasons in mind) when it comes to the daily chores, turnout and weather and how that affects your revenue monthly and seasonallyWalking through size and cost verses revenue that you will generate and how to determine your board rates.

3. Blackjack: Dreaming of a Morgan Horse (Morgan Horse Series, Book 1)

Author: by Ellen F. Feld
Published at: Willow Bend Publishing; 3rd edition (May 1, 2007)
ISBN: 978-0970900289

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Mrs. Feld has a true gift in capturing the imagination and engaging the reader. It is not always easy to find a set of books that will be read willingly by preteens! Kudos to Mrs. Feld on her delightful Morgan Horse Series.

Jenefer Igarashi, Senior Editor, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine Winner of the national book award, “Children’s Choices” co-sponsored by the International Reading Association and The Children’s Book Council! An Accelerated Reader Book The inspiration for the Breyer Animal Creations Blackjack model horse.

Sold with a copy of the award-winning book. Ages 9 – 13 Blackjack introduces Heather Richardson, a horse-loving youngster who has a problem: She keeps dreaming of a beautiful black Morgan Horse, and her dreams have told her that he s in danger and that she needs to save him.

She s thrilled when she discovers that the horse is real and, with the encouragement of Blackjack s owner, she learns to ride and show while developing a strong bond with the animal. But when tragedy strikes and Blackjack falls into the hands of a cruel trainer, Heather must find a way to get her beloved horse back before it is too late…

4. The Modern Horseman's Countdown to Broke: Real Do-It-Yourself Horse Training in 33 Comprehensive Steps

Author: by Sean Patrick
Published at: Trafalgar Square Books; Illustrated edition (August 1, 2009)
ISBN: 978-1570764196

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It’s time to get realthat is, real, do-it-yourself horse training. Professional trainer Sean Patrick has created the ultimate guide to the complete riding horsewhether a performance, working, or just for fun prospect. Quite simply, you begin at Lesson Number 33 and count your way down through the basic exercisesthe primary education every horse needs.

And when you get to Lesson 1, you’ve done it; you’ve prepared your horse for advanced work in any number of equestrian disciplines. You can’t get lost along the way. There’s no room for confusion. Sean clarifies the point and explains the gist of every step.The happy result?

He trains you to be a trainer. Whether your horse is a foal or five, guilelessly green or imperfectly veteran, he will benefit from the Countdown;a true foundation program, serving to prepare him for the endless variety of activities and jobs horses perform today.

From indispensable handling, sacking-out, and tying exercises, to how you, the rider, can control the different parts of the horse’s body from the ground and the saddle; from mounting on both the left and the right to performing flawless flying lead changes, you’ll be amazed at how effective and efficient this program is.


Author: by ELIZA TODD
Published at: Independently published (August 28, 2020)
ISBN: 979-8679931817

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You are Wonderful is an inspiring and uplifting coloring book that wants to remind each person how special they truly are! The 18+ whimsical and heartwarming illustrations help children of all ages explore topics like kindness, bravery, creativity, strength and much more.

This innovative coloring book is designed to build confidence while giving them an opportunity to express themselves creatively. FEATURES AND HIGHLIGHTS:Positive, Encouraging and Fun! Filled with inspiring quotes and all kinds of fun images to encourage children to reflect on those most important and meaningful characteristics that are truly important in life.

Designed to Build Confidence through encouraging illustrations that offer an opportunity to reflect on all the ways we are unique and special. You Are Wonderful uses hundreds of adorable black and white line drawings to illustrate the many ways we all have something wonderful to bring to the world.

Based on Studies that show that engaging in a creative activity like coloring can help us to create an overall better sense of well-beingWhimisical, Heartwarming and Relatable IllustrationsThis book is full of of hundreds of lighthearted engaging black and white illustrations that exemplify the many ways the reader is wonderful!

6. Cursive Joke Book: Handwriting Fun With Riddles And Puns (Educational Resources For Quality Learning)

Author: by Caterpillar Curl
Published at: Independently published (April 18, 2020)
ISBN: 979-8638484927

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The addition of humor to CURSIVE handwriting tasks helps to hold attention and even help to make handwriting practice more FUN! Cut along the dotted lines and staple together to make your own joke book to give to friends, family, or your teacher!

Pages are one-sided so that cutting them out to make a mini book does not affect the next page. This fun handwriting practice book is designed specifically for grades 3-5. It begins by tracing jokes and then moves to copying jokes.

With handwriting guide lines (top, middle-dotted, bottom) throughout, each page has a tip or reminder as well as a picture to go with the joke or riddle. Jokes support language skills through idioms, vocabulary, homophones, figurative language, homonyms, why-questions, and more!

Joke themes include animals, school, nature, space, food, and other concepts. FEATURES:Premium Matte Soft CoverBright White Paper8. 5″ x 11″*We have a printing joke book too – NOTE the same jokes are used in both books*

7. The Adventures of Oti and Valentina: Oti Moves to California

Author: by Nicola Ducharme
Published at: ISBN (November 4, 2020)
ISBN: 979-8678329455

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Valentina had always loved horses and dreamed of having her own. One day, her dream came true when her family met Oti, a sweet, snuggly horse with a fun personality. As Oti moved to California to be with his new family, he became excited thinking that maybe he could become a Hollywood star.

But as he settled into his new home and was cared for and loved by Valentina, he realized that was all he needed after all. Join Valentina and Oti in this fun and loving story of friendship and acceptance.

8. Make Your ABCs & Animals Come Alive: Fun Dot Markers Activity Book Filled with Colorful Alphabets and Cute Animals for Kids & Toddlers

Author: by GracePress
Published at: Independently published (August 28, 2020)
ISBN: 979-8680149911

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If You Want to Keep Your Kids Engaged While Cultivating Their Creativity & Sense of Wonder, then Keep Reading! Is your child becoming restless and bored with nothing to do for most of the day? Are you looking for a way to keep your child busy as you focus on work?

Do you want your toddler to improve their motor skills while cultivating their imagination? You’re in the right place! When children have nothing to do, you can expect hell to break loose! Kids are notorious for their high energy levels and their need to stay entertained.

If you’re busy with work responsibilities, you have to give your kids something fun to do! Studies show that when children are challenged or engaged, they start to pay attention. They also become mesmerized by the wonderful things unfolding in front of them.

There are only a few things that entertain kids for hours and they usually involve iPads and gadgets. However, too much screen time turns children into tiny zombies.BUT don’t fret! If you’re looking for a fun way to keep kids entertained while cultivating their minds, you’re in luck!

9. What I'd Teach Your Horse: Training & Re-Training the Basics (Horse Training How-To) (Volume 8)

Author: by Keith Hosman
Published at: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 2nd edition (March 29, 2014)
ISBN: 978-1497496811

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Here’s how to train (or “re-train”) a horse, your map to building the foundation every horse needs regardless of age, breed or background, regardless of riding discipline (English or Western), regardless of what you’ve planned for your mare, stallion, colt or filly’s future.

It’s your guide to learning and practicing proven, natural horsemanship tips & techniques, methods vital to ensuring future success – because your horse won’t change until you do. Unillustrated (no pictures), 219 pagesWhen you finish this horse training book of mine, you’ll have a horse that’s better trained and more dependable than 99% of the others at your barn, a horse that goes where you want it to go at a speed you pick, a partner to hit the trail with or to enjoy in a thousand other ways.

But you’ll also have a horse that’s had the schooling necessary to move to the next level (showing & competing) if and when you’re ready. You’ll be set to train for barrels, roping, or reining, eventing, jumping or dressage. Section I is pure step-by-step “horse training.” It’s what to do and precisely how to do it.

10. Animals Color by Number for Kids: Coloring Activity for Ages 4 – 8

Author: by Zoey Bird
Published at: Independently published (June 17, 2020)
ISBN: 979-8646685576

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Fun color by number animals for kids! Suitable for ages 4 8: easy to medium50 cute animal designs for hours of entertainmentLarge 8. 5 x 11 pages made simple to color inImproves hand-eye coordinationDevelops number and color identificationGet this Fun Activity Today by Clicking the “Add to Cart” Button.

11. The Ultimate Horse Behavior and Training Book: Enlightened and Revolutionary Solutions for the 21st Century

Author: by Linda Tellington-Jones
Published at: Trafalgar Square Books; Illustrated edition (September 1, 2006)
ISBN: 978-1570763205

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A superbly illustrated instructional manual offering groundbreaking, step-by-step solutions for hundreds of horse behavior, health, and training problems.

12. The Reluctant Farmer of Whimsey Hill

Author: by Bradford M. Smith
Published at: Whimsey Wylde (June 29, 2016)
ISBN: 978-0988285859

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Winner of the national book award, “Children’s Choices” co-sponsored by The International Reading Association and The Children’s Book Council. An Accelerated Reader Book Frosty, the second book in the Morgan Horse series, continues the adventures of Heather Richardson and her horse Blackjack.

In addition, the story introduces a new character, a rare gray Morgan named Frosty. Through Frosty, Heather realizes that not all horses are meant to be show ring stars. Although disappointed at first, she soon discovers that Frosty’s real talent lies in the area of trail riding, and it isn’t long before Heather loves this sport.

She and Frosty become trail buddies and must learn to trust each other if they are to survive the woods of Vermont…


Author: by Jenny Patterson
Published at: Independently published (June 5, 2019)
ISBN: 978-1072350378

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This Crossword Puzzle book has been designed to offer hours of fun, while at the same time reinforcing the vocabulary expected of kids ages 9 and up. Many of the words in these puzzles come from basic vocabulary lists. However, throughout the book are also words to find that have been taken from lessons for advanced learners.

With 100 puzzles, this crossword book provides hours of entertainment and challenge. Crossword puzzles are a perfect way to entertain and educate at the same time. Here, kids will get the chance to learn new words and to practice the vocabulary they already have.

Written by college-educated, native speakers of EnglishPresented in a large-type, easy-to-read formatFun for the whole familyStarts with easier puzzles and ends with bonus challengesA hundred puzzles; all researched for this age groupCovers a large variety of subjectsGreat 3rd through 6th grade vocabulary practiceAdvanced younger kids will enjoy these tooOrder NowOld Town Publishing offers the best in Word Puzzle and Sudoku books.

15. Annie: The Mysterious Morgan Horse (Morgan Horse Series, Book 5)

Author: by Ellen F. Feld
Published at: Willow Bend Publishing; 1st edition (May 1, 2007)
ISBN: 978-0970900296

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A Moonbeam Children’s Book Award Winner! Book five in the Morgan Horse series. The fifth book in the popular Morgan Horse series introduces a new horse, Annie. Uncertain of her origin, Chauncy decides to bring Annie home to Gallant Morgans, but he makes it clear she can only stay if he can locate her registration papers.

When Heather discovers Annie’s true identity, she is afraid to tell Chauncy, knowing the horse may be returned to a cruel trainer. Will Chauncy send Annie back to her original owner? What will happen to Annie if she is returned?

Heather hides the truth from her friend and soon events spiral out of control. In addition to the mystery, this book also includes the exciting Justin Morgan class, the famous class that re-enacts the amazing athletic feats of Justin Morgan, and the Morgan Trotting Races, held on the same dirt road that Justin Morgan raced over 200 years ago.

Both events are treasured by Morgan Horse enthusiasts around the country. And don’t miss the book Meet the Morgans – the perfect companion to the Morgan Horse series where readers can meet the real horses behind the stories. A note to parents: We are often asked about the content of our children’s books.