Best Irritable Bowel Syndrome Books

Here you will get Best Irritable Bowel Syndrome Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. 7 Minute Fitness Strength Training for Seniors and Over 60+: Simple Home Exercise to Maintain Healthier Body and High Energy in 7 Days

Author: by Liam Owen
June 25, 2021

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The science-based method for restoring your energy and getting into shape in less than 7 minutes a day, even if you think it’s too late to start. Are you constantly worrying about becoming frail and suffering injuries from falls? Do you want to know how you can reverse the effects of aging and reclaim your strength and balance without resorting to medication?

Do you wish you had a way to improve your health that’s safe and not as confusing and complicated as all the other fitness programmes out there? If you’re a senior citizen who feels like their health is slowly going downhill, you’re not alone.

According to the National Council on Aging, around 80% of the elderly population is suffering from at least one chronic disease, and 77% have two or more diseases. As we grow older, we naturally start losing muscle mass every year. Even if you don’t feel anything now, eventually you’ll wake up one day and be surprised that you’re struggling just to get up from your chair or are simply not as strong as you used to be.

2. The Complete Low-FODMAP Diet (A Revolutionary Plan for Managing IBS and Other Digestive Disorders)

Author: by Sue Shepherd
The Experiment
288 pages

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178 pages

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“By combining cutting-edge technical and medical information from health experts with her own expert advice and insights as a patient who has been there herself, Shivan Sarna has created an invaluable resource for the millions of people struggling with SIBO.” Dr. Allison SiebeckerA guide to recognizing and overcoming SIBO, with a 21-day plan to stop feeling bloated, start losing weight, and fix your gut.

Millions of Americans suffer from bloating, constipation, diarrhea, food intolerances, and other gastrointestinal symptoms. Many spend years in pain before they figure out just what’s going on with their gut. And while irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is commonly diagnosed, SIBO, a disorder with basically all the same symptoms, is not.

Some studies show eighty percent of people who suffer from IBS, mostly women, likely also have SIBO, an overlooked health issue that is difficult to diagnose.So, what is SIBO? The acronym stands for Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth, a disorder in which bacteria that usually live in other parts of the gut start to proliferate and take up residence in the small intestine.

5. The 28-Day Plan for IBS Relief: 100 Simple Low-FODMAP Recipes to Soothe Symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Author: by Audrey Inouye BSc RD
226 pages

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Soothe your symptoms, enjoy your lifea meal plan for IBS reliefIf IBS has diminished your love of food, there’s good newsit doesn’t have to be that way. Satisfy your palate and relieve your symptoms with The 28-Day Plan for IBS Relief.

More than just creative recipes, this one-month plan takes a low-FODMAP diet approach to accommodating your specific food tolerances so you can thrive with a personalized diet. You’ll start with understanding the science behind how your gut works through informative lessons about personal thresholds and serving sizes.

Then you’ll take advantage of the helpful charts and tables that make shopping for FODMAP-friendly groceries and preparing yummy meals for your new IBS diet, fast and delicious. The 28-Day Plan for IBS Relief includes:Plan it outA thorough, 4-week guide takes the stress out of every meal with no more guessing which foods might trigger IBS symptoms.

Read upLearn how to quickly scan labels for high FODMAP ingredients so you know exactly what you’re eating. Track progressUse dedicated journaling space to make notes on what you love, or jot down any recipe tweaks for future reference.

6. Between the Hips: A Practical Guide for Women

Author: by Dr. Megan Rorabeck
216 pages

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Have you ever wondered if your bladder and bowel habits are really normal? Did you know that pelvic pain is quite treatable? Would you like to learn how to achieve phenomenal orgasms? Most women have never been taught this paramount information, so they were left feeling hopeless…Until now!

Between the Hips offers the solutions you’ve been missing. In this compassionate and personal illustrated guide, Dr. Megan Rorabeck crushes common pelvic health myths from adolescence to elderhood, and she offers practical solutions to make sure you get the help and relief you truly need and deserve.

An annotated outline for this guide includes: Introduction: Gone are the days when women had to accept their pelvic health symptoms as normal just because they had a baby, got older, or were plagued with female trouble. With this book, there will be no more taboos or secrets about their bodiesonly solutions.

The Pelvic Girdle: This anatomy lesson is unlike any other; you will finally feel in-the-know about your lady bits. When Your Pelvic Support System Fails: Learn the lowdown of what could be hanging low down there with pelvic organ prolapse and just what to do about it.

7. Dr. Sebi Alkaline Diet: Detox, Nutrition and Female Health (Dr. Sebi Diet and Cookbooks – Dr. Sebi Books Series)

Author: by Imani Johnson
110 pages

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DR.SEBI TREATMENT AND CURE BOOK FOR WOMEN Do you want to finally go deep into a healthy diet to prevent the most common female diseases and regenerate your body at an intra-cellular level? Do you know Dr. Sebi and need a guide to start applying his teachings?

This Dr. Sebi book is for you. Dr. Sebi was a world-famous herbalist who dedicated a big part of his life to studying alkaline foods and herbs and their positive impact on body health. His idea was that to stay healthy (or re-gain health in case of issues), a body must be in an alkaline condition granted by a nutrition providing the correct elements to do so.

Dr. Sebi concentrated his attention for a long time on female issues that affect thousands of women every year and created his renowned anti-inflammatory Dr. Sebi Diet to help the body eliminate toxins efficiently and feel better in no time.

While Dr. Sebi Diet is not specifically designed for weight loss, weight loss is a consequence if you have excess pounds to shed, as one of the goals to regain health. Herpes, cystitis, menstrual issues, endometriosis, fibroids, candida, PCOS, and other diseases can be managed through the right nutrition and herbs.

8. The First Year: IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)–An Essential Guide for the Newly Diagnosed

Author: by Heather Van Vorous
Da Capo Lifelong Books
242 pages

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Offers answers and advice for those who have just been diagnosed with IBS. Like the other titles in the “First Year” series, The First Year-IBS offers two distinct advantages. First, it is written by a patient-expert, Heather Van Vorous, who has managed her IBS for more than fifteen years and knows firsthand what’s required to manage her condition.

Second, it guides readers through their first seven days following diagnosis, then the next three weeks of the first month, and finally the next eleven months of their first year. Starting with the day of diagnosis, Van Vorous provides detailed information about trigger foods, safe foods, soluble versus insoluble fiber, tips for eating and cooking, traveling, eating out, exercise, and much more.

The First Year-IBS will inspire and educate those with IBS as no other guide does.

9. Food Sensitivity Journal: Cute 3-Month Food Diary and Symptom Tracker, Low-FODMAP Food Diary, IBS Diet Notebook, Food Allergy Logbook

Author: by Well-Planned Bee
130 pages

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Would you like to keep track of your symptoms after eating? Would you like to understand better what is causing you difficulty? This 3-Month Food Sensitivity Journal may help you identify foods that trigger physical and emotional discomfort. Easy-to-use daily logbook to recordDaily:sleepweightdietexercisewater intakefood and drinkmedicationssupplementstriggerssymptoms (pain, digestion, bloating, hives, poop type)+ 3 custom panelMonthly:digestionbloatinghivespainpoop type+ 3 custom chartsfood reintroductionnotesIn addition to the 3-Months Daily and Monthly Symptom Tracker, you can alsotrack your Lab Tests,track your Medications and Supplements,create your personalized Food List,record your Appointments,and write NotesThis information is useful for both you & your doctor.

Journal measures 8,5” wide x 11” high.

10. How I Cured My Silent Reflux: The Counterintuitive Path to Healing Acid Reflux, GERD, and Silent Reflux (LPR)

Author: by Don Daniels
105 pages

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Acid reflux is by far the most widespread gastrointestinal disorder. To put it in perspective, the U.S. Alone spends more than $10B on reflux medications globally. Thus, given the incredible prevalence of medications you might wonder why: WebMD reports the disease has increased +50% over the last decade The National Cancer Institute shares throat cancer, the fastest growing cancer, is +850% since 1975 The Voice Institute finds mortality from throat cancer is +7xYou may also wonder why mainstream medical approaches, which you might think would be the best cure for acid reflux, have not helped you address your acid reflux or GERD.

The startling answer to both of these questions is thoroughly explored in this book. If you are among the 10% of sufferers with silent / laryngopharyngeal reflux (LPR) you may initially have been misdiagnosed with a number of respiratory illnesses ranging from asthma to allergies.

Even specialists are at a loss with regards to an effective treatment and diagnosis leaving you to suffer the many symptoms alone: Sleep disturbance – breathing difficulty, choking, coughing Social challenges – hoarseness, clearing throat, belching Health issues – pain, mucus, lump in throat, difficulty swallowing Food and drink Issues – regurgitation, indigestion, eating problems Emotional distress – anxiety, stress, apathyIn addition to these symptoms, there is the growing concerns of long term damage, cancer, and long term effects of reflux medications.

11. The Quick & Easy IBS Relief Cookbook: Over 120 Low-FODMAP Recipes to Soothe Irritable Bowel Syndrome Symptoms

Author: by Karen Frazier
194 pages

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Easy, stress-free meals to manage your IBS. You can stop worrying about what to eat thanks to The Quick & Easy IBS Relief Cookbook. Designed to make an IBS-friendly diet as simple and straightforward as possible, this cookbook focuses on easy-to-fix meals that taste great and are easy on your gut.

Rediscover the joy of eating with recipes for tasty dishes like Fried Eggs with Potato Hash, Parmesan Baked Zucchini, Sirloin Chimichurri, and Peanut Butter Cookies. Newly diagnosed with IBS? Just looking for more information? The Quick & Easy IBS Relief Cookbook is full of helpful guides.

Learn about all 4 types of IBS, what FODMAPs are, and more. The Quick & Easy IBS Relief Cookbook includes:120 low-FODMAP recipesHelp control your IBS with recipes that avoid FODMAPsa type of carbohydrate that may trigger gastrointestinal distress. Limited ingredients, quick prepTake the stress out of sticking to your IBS-friendly diet with recipes that feature 5 or less ingredients, 30-minute cook times, and more.

12. The Low-FODMAP Diet Cookbook: 150 Simple, Flavorful, Gut-Friendly Recipes to Ease the Symptoms of IBS, Celiac Disease, Crohn's Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, and Other Digestive Disorders

Author: by Sue Shepherd PhD
The Experiment
248 pages

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The low-FODMAP diet is changing lives. If you suffer from the pain and discomfort of a digestive condition such as IBS, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, or nonresponsive celiac disease, it just might change yours. The Complete Low-FODMAP Diet (cowritten by Sue Shepherd) introduced this revolutionary treatment, which is rapidly becoming the first-line recommendation by doctors and dietitians worldwide.

FODMAP is an acronym that stands for a group of difficult-to-digest carbohydrates found in foods such as wheat, milk, beans, soy, and some fruits, vegetables, nuts, and sweeteners. More than three quarters of adults with IBS who reduce their intake of these foods gain relief.

Now, this follow-up cookbook brings you 150 simple, delicious, and brand-new recipes that are full of flavor but low in FODMAPs. The mix includes:breakfasts to start the day off right (Blueberry Pancakes; Banana-Chocolate Chip Muffins)starters and sides for every occasion (Spring Rolls; Chicken, Bacon, and Pesto Mini Pizzas; Stuffed Roasted Bell Peppers)soups and salads full of flavor (Vietnamese Beef Noodle Salad; Creamy Seafood Soup)entres that make you feel good (Chicken and Vegetable Curry; Speedy Spaghetti Bolognese; Beef Satay Stir-Fry with Peanut Sauce)desserts that satisfy (Flourless Chocolate Cake; Almond Cookies; Baked Blueberry Cheesecakes).

13. Making Sense of IBS: A Physician Answers Your Questions about Irritable Bowel Syndrome (A Johns Hopkins Press Health Book)

Author: by Brian E. Lacy

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Vital information about new treatments and dietary factors affecting irritable bowel syndrome. IBS, which affects almost one in six Americans, is characterized by abdominal pain, bloating, gas, and diarrhea or constipation. Today more than ever before, physicians are able to diagnose this complex disorder, understand and explain its origins, and develop a treatment plan that effectively meets the individual needs of a patient.

Drawing on his many years of experience treating people who have symptoms of IBS, Dr. Brian E. Lacy explains normal digestion, the causes of IBS, how IBS is diagnosed, and what to expect with treatment. He also explores special topics such as IBS in children and psychological, hypnotherapeutic, and psychiatric therapies.

Important new information in the second edition includes The roles of fiber, gluten, lactose, and fructose in the development and treatment of IBS The use of probiotics and antibiotics to treat IBS Similarities and differences between IBS and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) The relationship between small intestine bacterial overgrowth and IBS How to make the most of your visits to a gastroenterologist Lifestyle modifications that can improve symptoms of IBSMaking Sense of IBS is an essential resource for anyone who has symptoms or a diagnosis of IBS as well as for health professionals who treat people with this complex disorder.

14. A New IBS Solution: Bacteria-The Missing Link in Treating Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Author: by Mark Pimentel
Health Point Press
156 pages

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A New IBS Solution offers people the relief they have been so desperately searching for. It takes readers through the historical evolution of conventional medicine’s views on IBS in a way that can be easily understood and provides real life examples.

Dr. Pimentel provides readers with the missing link-bacteria overgrowth in the small intestines-and sets forth a treatment protocol adopted by such renowned institutions as Cedars-Sinai Medical Center that will not only resolve your IBS symtoms, but will also prevent it from recurring.

15. IBS For Dummies

Author: by Carolyn Dean
384 pages

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Spot the triggers and handle IBS at home or work Get control of your symptoms and improve your quality of life Are you or a loved one suffering from IBS? This plain-English, reassuring guide explains all aspects of this frustrating condition and helps you find the right doctor and treatment plan.

You get up-to-date information on the latest tests, healthy nutrition guidelines, diet and exercise plans, and the newest medicines and therapies to bring you much-needed relief. Discover how to * Get an accurate diagnosis * Recognize the warning signs * Reduce your stress * Weigh treatment pros and cons * Adopt an IBS-friendly diet * Help children with IBS