Best Jewish Reform Movements Books

Here you will get Best Jewish Reform Movements Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. Forgiving What You Can't Forget: Don't Give Up, Go Forward, Overcome Life's Obstacles And Build A Bright Future (Spiritual Awakening and Soul Therapy for Highly Sensitive People)

Author: by Ashley Taylor
177 pages

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Break Up With Your Past So You Can Happily Marry Your Future: The Secret to Never Giving Up, Moving Forward, Overcoming Obstacles, & Building a Brighter, Happier Future! Is it truly impossible to forgive what you can’t forget? Is resentment really the poison that you keep feeding yourself?

Is fear the great equalizer? Or is it simply a state of mind? You’re about to find out! Forgiving What You Can’t Forget by Ashley Taylor is a book about pain, regret, shame, and the inability to see the good that is in front of you all because you are standing in your own way.

When life seems to be going so wrong, what needs to change?Is it you? Is it your circumstance? Or is it a little bit of both? With this life-changing, enlightening book, troubled souls like you will:Find out the truth about Resentment: Why you keep resentment and how you can overcome itMaster the art of forgiveness in daily life: What is TRUE forgiveness and how it can help you healLearn how to move forward in life: Even when the other person refuses to change and never says they’re sorryTame the monster that is Rejection: Why you should not let the fear of rejection take over your life and powerBreak up with your past: Learn how to overcome the pain and grief so you can move toward a better, happier futureFind out what the Bible really says about forgiveness: Gain inner peace from living in the presentAnd so much more!

2. Mishkan T'filah: Shabbat: A Reform Siddur

Author: by Elyse D. Frishman
October 15, 2015

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Including services for Shabbat and texts for more than a hundred songs, Mishkan T’filah reflects the full diversity of our Movement. This volume is for Shabbat only, and does not include weekday and festival liturgy. This Siddur includes: broad selection of readings, including beloved passages from our Reform liturgical tradition and great poetic writings from throughout Jewish history, faithful, elegant translations, contemporary, gender-inclusive English, theological and stylistic diversity, full transliteration, extensive commentaries, source notes and usage guides, more than 100 contemporary and traditional song texts, innovative design in two-page spreads (additional Shabbat services in linear style also included), and two-color printing to enhance usability.

3. God's Spiritual Warrior's Prayer Handbook: 52 weeks of soul-empowering prayers that will strengthen your armor for beginners and advance warriors

Author: by Dr. Rocky Spencer
158 pages

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Do you want to become a true warrior of God? If so, “God’s Spiritual Warrior’s Daily Prayer Handbook: 52 Weeks of Soul-Empowering Prayers That Strengthen Your Armor for Beginners and Advanced Young Christians and Christian Warriors” is the right book for you!

Did you know that becoming God’s warrior means contributing each day to the good in this world through both prayer and action? Did you know that your loving heart can battle evil the same way as you do God’s work in your daily life?

Did you know that you can maximize your spiritual potential with the simple act of prayer? But the challenges of daily life often get in the way of overcoming evil with good. The temptations of conflict, crime, illness, and personal weaknesses can break your spirit.

These temptations can unrest your mind and take away the inner peace, humbleness, and humility needed to overcome the bad and the wrong with the grace of God’s word. This book will show you how to become a true warrior of God.

4. The Mussar Torah Commentary: A Spiritual Path to Living a Meaningful and Ethical Life

Author: by Barry H Block
402 pages

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This mussar-based commentary is a vital resource for Torah study, offering a thoughtful analysis of each of the 54 week. Each essay in this anthology brings a parashah into juxtaposition with one of the mussar middot (character traits as described within the Jewish school of ethics called mussar), thereby providing an applied lens of mussar teachings that helps us to delve deeper into our tradition with increased mindfulness and intention.

5. The Jewish State: The Historic Essay that Led to the Creation of the State of Israel

Author: by Theodor Herzl
96 pages

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Originally published in 1896 as Der Judenstaat, The Jewish State has taken its place among the likes of The Communist Manifesto and Common Sense as polemic writings which have changed modern history. Theodor Herzl’s advocacy for a separate, independent Jewish state as a remedy for centuries of hostility and persecution served as the basis for modern Zionism.

And though his vision would not be realized in his lifetime, it did set the course for the creation of the Israel we know today. This edition, based on the original translation to English by Sylvie D’Avigdor, includes a foreword by Alan Dershowitz, who is among Israel’s most prominent and most vocal scholars defenders.

The Harvard law professor, who has been calledIsrael’s lead lawyer in the court of public opinion, discusses The Jewish State’s place in history and its impact today.

6. Jewish Living: A Guide to Contemporary Reform Practice

Author: by Mark Washofsky
UAHC Press

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This definitive guide for Reform Jewish practice leads the reader to an understanding of the whole of Jewish life – from blessing to b’nei mitzvah, Havdalah to haftarah, and tikkun olam to Tikkun Leil Shavuot. The revised edition features an index, cross-references to Mishkan T’filah, and new sections exploring the impact of changes in the movement and the world at large over the last decade, including same-sex marriage, conversion, bioethics, and justification of war.

Jewish Living is an ideal gift for b’nei mitzvah, confirmation, and graduation, and deserves pride of place on the bookshelf of every Reform Jewish library, classroom, office, and home. Definitive source for Reform Jewish practice Easy- to-use format Excellent resource for study or reference

7. Remix Judaism: Preserving Tradition in a Diverse World

Author: by Roberta Rosenthal Kwall
266 pages

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Remix Judaism: Preserving Tradition in a Diverse World offers an eloquent and thoughtful new vision for all Jews seeking a sense of belonging in a changing world, regardless of their current level of observance. Kwall sets out a process of selection, rejection, and modification of rituals that allow for a focus on Jewish tradition rather than on the technicalities of Jewish law.

Her goal is not to sell her own religious practices to readers but, rather, to encourage them to find their own personal meaning in Judaism outside the dictates of Commandment by broadening their understanding of how law, culture and tradition fit together.

In Remix Judaism, Kwall inspires her audience to be intentional and mindful about the space they allocate for these elements in defining their individual Jewish journeys and identities.

8. Pirkei Avot: A Social Justice Commentary

Author: by Shmuly Yanklowitz
CCAR Press (May 31, 2018)
468 pages

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Pirkei Avot is the urtext of Jewish practical wisdom. In many ways, the words of Pirkei Avot were the first recorded manifesto of social justice in Western civilization. This commentary explores the text through a lens of contemporary social justice and moral philosophy, engaging both classical commentators and modern thinkers.

9. Opening Your Heart with Psalm 27: A Spiritual Practice for the Jewish New Year

Author: by Debra J Robbins
178 pages

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This volume is a compelling invitation to meditate on the deeper meaning of the fourteen verses of Psalm 27. During the month of Elul and the High Holy Day and Festival season, we reflect on our relationships, choices, beliefs, and practices, considering where to make repairs, adjustments, and atonement.

Opening Your Heart with Psalm 27 provides gentle guidance through this journey of reflection, offering heartfelt insight, profound translation, and an invaluable framework for meaningfully participating in this annual spiritual practice.

10. Rabbi Leo Baeck: Living a Religious Imperative in Troubled Times (Jewish Culture and Contexts)

Author: by Michael A. Meyer
288 pages

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Rabbi, educator, intellectual, and community leader, Leo Baeck (1873-1956) was one of the most important Jewish figures of prewar Germany. The publication of his 1905 Das Wesen des Judentums (The Essence of Judaism) established him as a major voice for liberal Judaism.

He served as a chaplain to the German army during the First World War and in the years following, resisting the call of political Zionism, he expressed his commitment to the belief in a vibrant place for Jews in a new Germany.

This hope was dashed with the rise of Nazism, and from 1933 on, and continuing even after his deportation to Theresienstadt, he worked tirelessly in his capacity as a leader of the German Jewish community to offer his coreligionists whatever practical, intellectual, and spiritual support remained possible.

While others after the war worked to rebuild German Jewish life from the ashes, a disillusioned Baeck pronounced the effort misguided and spent the rest of his life in England. Yet his name is perhaps best-known today from the Leo Baeck Institutes in New York, London, Berlin, and Jerusalem dedicated to the preservation of the cultural heritage of German-speaking Jewry.Michael A.

11. Lights in the Forest: Rabbis Respond to Twelve Essential Jewish Questions

Author: by Paul Citrin
258 pages

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An anthology of essays written by a wide cross-section of rabbis, Lights in the Forest presents a range of Jewish responses to both theological and philosophical questions pertaining to God, humanity, and the Jewish people. Thoughtful and engaging, these responses are meant to strengthen the reader’s sense of Jewish identity through expanding his or her knowledge and understanding of Jewish life, practice, and tradition.

Perfect for self-study, group study, adult learning, and conversion, the collection strives to encourage further study and ongoing discussion through presenting Judaism’s intellectual and spiritual tools as means for leading a life full of purpose and commitment Rabbi Israel of Rhyszin tells a story of two people entering a forest.

One has a lantern while one does not. The two meet, and the one carrying the lantern is able to illuminate their shared path. When the two part, the one without a lantern is left in the dark once more.

From this, we learn that we all must carry our own light. My hope is that this book will provide light along the path and, in so doing, will provide a wider horizon of Jewish tradition and ideals to light the way.

12. Mishkan HaNefesh: Rosh HaShanah: Machzor for the Days of Awe

Author: by Joel Shapiro
August 30, 2016

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Rosh HaShanah Only *Mishkan HaNefesh: Machzor for the Days of Awe offers meaningful liturgy for both regular service attendees and those new to Jewish spirituality and practice. Providing an accessible guide through the journey of t’shuvah (repentance) and cheshbon hanefesh (self-reflection), it bridges the personal and the communal, as well as the ritual and the ethical dimensions of Yamim HaNoraim.

From feelings of awe to moments of solace, from the solitude of contemplation to the solidarity of song and worship, Mishkan HaNefesh inspires a multifaceted experience through the High Holy Days while embracing both the rich liturgical voices of the Jewish past and the aspirations of our people today.

Special Features- Fully transliterated liturgy- Expanded options for Torah readings- Study texts that provide background and context- Contemporary poetry and alternative readings- Rich commentary drawing from Jewish tradition- A range of theological possibilities- New translations that capture the beauty of the Hebrew- Original woodblock art by acclaimed artist Joel Shapiro- Includes essays by the leading Reform Movement thinkersThis ebook is the Rosh HaShanah volume only.

13. Defenders of the Faith: Studies in Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Orthodoxy and Reform (Touro University Press)

Author: by Judith Bleich
440 pages

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The Emancipation of European Jewry during the nineteenth century led to conflict between tradition and modernity, creating a chasm that few believed could be bridged. Unsurprisingly, the emergence of modern traditionalism was fraught with obstacles. The essays published in this collection eloquently depict the passion underlying the disparate views, the particular areas of vexing confrontation and the hurdles faced by champions of tradition.

The author identifies and analyzes the many areas of sociological and religious tension that divided the competing factions, including synagogue innovation, circumcision, intermarriage, military service and many others. With compelling writing and clear, articulate style, this illuminating work provides keen insight into the history and development of the various streams of Judaism and the issues that continue to divide them in contemporary times.

14. Mishkan Moeid: A Guide to the Jewish Seasons

Author: by Peter S. Knobel
242 pages

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Mishkan Moeid: Guide to the Jewish Seasons offers a survey of the sacred days of the Jewish yearly cycle. Based on CCAR’s classic Gates of the Seasons, this volume is revised and updated for a new generation. Within is detailed guidance on Shabbat and the Jewish holidays, including historical background and extensive notes.

Also included are new essays from leading rabbis, such as “What is a Mitzvah,” “Technology and Sacred Time,” by Rabbi Lisa J.Grushcow, D.Phil., “Holiness, Mitzvot, and Justice in Jewish Time,” by Rabbi Jonah Pesner, “Approaching the High Holy Days,” by Rabbi Elaine Zecher, “The Festival and Holy Day Liturgy of Mishkan T’filah,” by Rabbi Joel Sisenwine, “Eating Our Values,” by Rabbi Mary L.

Zamore, “The People of the Food,” by Tina Wasserman, “M’nuchah and M’lachah: On Observing the Sabbath in Reform Judaism,” by Rabbi Mark Washofsky, Ph.D., and “The Journey to Judaism: Choosing Judaism, Choosing Mitzvot,” by Rabbi Judith Schindler.

15. Existential Dialogues II

127 pages

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Throughout life, a person may encounter many questions without having the time to watch and contemplate, to wonder what everything means to them personally. What did I ask for, other than gentle moments of existence, in which I could devote myself to the silence within me, and debate my spirit over real decisions on real issues?

For what is the common alternative? To nullify my existence in blind devotion to the choices of the many, who would dictate my way of life, though I had never asked for their advice? Such a choice would be an insult.

I then figured that there must be another way to live, before that predetermined script which some are so quick to carve into the spirits of young people. Harsh words of this kind have burst out of me, a defensive storm protecting me from the possible insult of being a leaf, blowing in the wind without any hold or internal decision.

That is why I decided to hold an internal discourse with my spirit, over all those great questions which have always haunted my mind, without letting external voices be a determining factor. Moreover, I sought to have a discussion with the old man I will become to find an appropriate partner for these intimate conversations, so rare in the freezing reality.