Best Mass Transit Books

Here you will get Best Mass Transit Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. 4th Grade Common Core Math: Daily Practice Workbook – Part II: Free Response | 1000+ Practice Questions and Video Explanations | Argo Brothers (Common Core Math by ArgoPrep)

Author: by Argo Brothers
154 pages

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This book is your comprehensive workbook for 4th Grade Common Core Math. By practicing and mastering this entire workbook, your child will become very familiar and comfortable with the state math exam and common core standards. This 4th Grade Common Core Math Workbook (Free Response) includes:20 Weeks of Daily Free Response PracticeWeekly AssessmentsState Aligned Common Core CurriculumEnd of Year Assessment This book has following topics covered:Week 1 – Place value and comparison symbolsWeek 2 – Rounding numbersWeek 3 – Division problemsWeek 4 – Multiplication and division problemsWeek 5 – Multi-step word problemsWeek 6 – Patterns and rulesWeek 7 – Fraction comparisonsWeek 8 – Adding and subtraction fractionsWeek 9 – Multiplying fractions by a whole numberWeek 10 – Denominators with 10 or 100Week 11 – Comparing decimal numbersWeek 12 – Measurement unitsWeek 13 – Real world word problemsWeek 14 – Tables and chartsWeek 15 – AnglesWeek 16 – Angles (continued)Week 17 – Angles (continued)Week 18 – Right, acute, and obtuse anglesWeek 19 – Geometric shapesWeek 20 – Line of symmetryEnd of Year AssessmentFor practice with Multiple Choice questions, be sure to check out Part I of our workbook titled:4th Grade Common Core Math: Daily Practice Workbook – Part I: Multiple Choice 1000+ Practice Questions and Video Explanations Argo BrothersEach question is labeled with the specific common core standard so both parents and teachers can use this workbook for their student(s).

2. Drone FAA 107 License Study Guide: Everything You Need to Know to Pass Your 107 Test the First Time

Author: by Damon Darnall
124 pages

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The Drone Boss FAA 107 Guide is designed to provide you with every thing you need to pass the FAA Part 107 exam the 1st time and become a Drone Pilot! SPECIAL BONUSES and RESOURCES LINK IN BOOK They include a FAA 107 Practice Test, The Official FAA Reference Book, FAA 107 Airspace Reference Guide, Exam Expectations Guide, How to Submit Your Exam, How to Build a Drone BusinessThis comprehensive guide is based on the structure of the exam which contains the following topics: -Rules and Regulations-National Airspace System -Weather, Loading and Performance -Operations -Airspace and Sectional ChartsDamon Darnall (The DroneBoss) has used his more than 12,000 drone flying hours and 25 years ofcommercial experience to personally teach over 9,000 people how to start theirown successful Drone business.

Join him as he guides you through the maze of information onwhat to learn to pass your FAA 107 test the first time. Inside this comprehensive guide you will learn: The Essential FAA Rules and Regulations regarding operating a dronecommercially which you need to know.

3. CDL – Commercial Driver's License Study Guide Test Prep: Everything You Need to Pass Your CDL Exam

Author: by Litteram Test Prep Team
200 pages

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Do you wish to take the CDL test but you don’t have enough time to study? Perhaps you are one of those busy people with many things to juggle. It could tough to find the necessary time to study for the Commercial Driver’s License examination.

That’s why this book CDL COMMERCIAL DRIVER’S LICENSE STUDY GUIDE TEST PREP is here to help you. This complete guide will cover every aspect of the CDL examination. This updated and comprehensive guide will help potential and professional tractor-trailer drivers for the test to get a commercial driver’s license.

Keep in mind that a Commercial Driver’s License allows you to bring passengers and cargo in all types of vehicles, whether they are buses, tanker trucks, or tractor-trailer. The good news is that it does not take that too long to get certified and start working.

You need to pass two examinations: the written test, and the other is behind the wheel. Below is a quick peek of what you will find inside this book:Getting a CDLSafety firstTransporting Cargo SafelyTransporting Passengers SafelyAir BrakesCombination VehiclesDoubles and TriplesTank VehiclesHazardous MaterialsHazardous MaterialsCDL Skills TestsCDL Vehicle inspection testOn-Road DrivingAnd much more!

4. Subway: The Curiosities, Secrets, and Unofficial History of the New York City Transit System

Author: by John E. Morris
Black Dog & Leventhal
264 pages

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This dynamic visual history of the world’s largest transit system – in all its intriguing, colorful, and even seedy glory – is packed with fascinating facts and hundreds of compelling photographs. When the first New York subway line opened in 1904, it was the most advanced in the world and a source of enormous civic pride.

Today, it is an essential function to the lives of New Yorkers and a perennial cultural touchstone. To be a New Yorker is to take the train. To celebrate it, or grumble about it. Subway: The History, Curiosities, and Secrets of the New York City Transit System by John E.

Morris is both a vivid history of this great transportation system and an exploration of its impact on the city and popular culture. The book covers every remarkable moment, from the technical obstacles and corruption that impeded plans for an underground rail line in the 1800s, to the current state of the system and plans for the future; profiles of the colorful, forgotten characters who built and restored the subway; graphics and imagery showing the evolution of subway cars and the way fares are collected; how subway etiquette rules have evolved with society; great subway chase scenes and songs about the subway; a look at abandoned stations and half-built tunnels; and more.

5. Soviet Bus Stops

Author: by Christopher Herwig
192 pages

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Photographer Christopher Herwig first noticed the unusual architecture of Soviet-era bus stops during a 2002 long-distance bike ride from London to St. Petersburg. Challenging himself to take one good photograph every hour, Herwig began to notice surprisingly designed bus stops on otherwise deserted stretches of road.

Twelve years later, Herwig had covered more than 18,000 miles in 14 countries of the former Soviet Union, traveling by car, bike, bus and taxi to hunt down and document these bus stops. The local bus stop proved to be fertile ground for local artistic experimentation in the Soviet period, and was built seemingly without design restrictions or budgetary concerns.

The result is an astonishing variety of styles and types across the region, from the strictest Brutalism to exuberant whimsy. Soviet Bus Stops is the most comprehensive and diverse collection of Soviet bus stop design ever assembled, including examples from Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Ukraine, Moldova, Armenia, Abkhazia, Georgia, Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus and Estonia.

6. Transit Maps of the World: Expanded and Updated Edition of the World's First Collection of Every Urban Train Map on Earth (PENGUIN BOOKS)

Author: by Mark Ovenden
Penguin Books
176 pages

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A completely updated and expanded edition of the cult bestseller, featuring subway, light rail, and streetcar maps from New York to Nizhny Novgorod. Transit Maps of the World is the first and only comprehensive collection of historical and current maps of every rapid-transit system on earth.

In glorious, colorful graphics, Mark Ovenden traces the cartographic history of mass transitincluding rare and historic maps, diagrams, and photographs, some available for the first time since their original publication. Now expanded with thirty-six more pages, 250 city maps revised from previous editions, and listings given from almost a thousand systems in total, this is the graphic designer’s new bible, the transport enthusiast’s dream collection, and a coffee-table essential for everyone who’s ever traveled in a city.

7. From Prison To The Car Hauling Game: The Financial Freedom and Secure Income of Over the Road Trucking and Car Transport Business

Author: by A. Roy Milligan
72 pages

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Looking For A Step-By-Step Guide To Start A Business & Get One Step Closer To Financial Freedom? Do you want to start your own transportation business, avoid common mistakes, and build wealth? If you think that starting your own business is impossible, think again.

If you are intimidated by all those mind-numbingly boring trucking business books that require a degree from MIT in order to understand them, don’t hit that panic button just yet. What You Need Is Simple; You Need A Plan. Now, for the first time, you have access to a proven, step-by-step strategy that will allow you to build your own car hauling business from scratch and enjoy the secure income of over the road trucking.

How To Start Your Own Trucking Company: An In-Depth Guide.A. Roy Milligan, the author of this game-changing business book, will help you follow his journey from prison to becoming a big player in the car hauling game, and offer you an in-depth understanding of the ins and outs of the car transport business.

8. CDL Study Guide 2021-2022: The most complete and up to date Test Prep for the Commercial Drivers License Exam

Author: by Frank Woods
160 pages

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Looking to get your CDL and start a new and profitable career? Do you work in manufacturing and your boss wants you to get a Commercial Driver’s License? Then you’re probably starting to worry about your CDL test. This Book Will Make YOUR Exam Preparation A Breeze!

Based on the current CDL exams, the unique CDL STUDY GUIDE 2021-2022 focuses on what you need to know. Easy-to-follow review chapters cover all the topics tested on the exams, including: – General Knowledge- Passenger Transport- Combination Vehicles- Hazardous Materials- Tankers- Doubles/Triples- School Bus- Air Brakes- Metal CoilChecklists, diagrams, and definitions of must-know terms help reinforce your knowledge and skills as you study.And much more!!!

The CDL STUDY GUIDE 2021-2022 is your complete preparation tool for the Commercial Driver’s License exam. It covers in great detail all of the important information that you need to know specifically for the exam, and is presented to you in a manner that is easy to understand and absorb.

9. Soviet Metro Stations

Author: by Owen Hatherley
248 pages

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From the author of Soviet Bus Stops, an underground trip through the Soviet MetroFor us, said Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev in his memoirs, there was something supernatural about the Metro. Visiting any of the dozen or so Metro networks built across the Soviet Union between the 1930s and 1980s, it is easy to see why.

Rather than the straightforward systems of London, Paris or New York, these networks were used as a propaganda artworka fusion of sculpture, architecture and art that combined Byzantine, medieval, baroque and constructivist ideas and infused them with the notion that communism would mean a communal luxury for all.

Today these astonishing spaces remain the closest realization of a Soviet utopia. Following his bestselling quest for Soviet Bus Stops, Canadian photographer Christopher Herwig has completed a subterranean expedition photographing the stations of each Metro network of the former USSR.

From extreme marble and chandelier opulence to brutal futuristic minimalist glory, Soviet Metro Stations documents this wealth of diverse architecture. Along the way Herwig captures the elements that make up this singular Soviet experience: neon, concrete, escalators, signage, mosaics and relief sculptures all combine to build a vivid map of the Soviet Metro.

10. Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices for Streets and Highways – 2009 Edition with 2012 Revisions

Author: by U. S. Department of Transportaton
860 pages

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The Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, or MUTCD defines the standards used by road managers nationwide to install and maintain traffic control devices on all public streets, highways, bikeways, and private roads open to public traffic. The MUTCD is published by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) under 23 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Part 655, Subpart F.

The MUTCD, which has been administered by the FHWA since 1971, is a compilation of national standards for all traffic control devices, including road markings, highway signs, and traffic signals. It is updated periodically to accommodate the nation’s changing transportation needs and address new safety technologies, traffic control tools and traffic management techniques.

On May 14, 2012 final rules adopting Revisions 1 and 2 of the 2009, MUTCD were published in the Federal Register with an effective date of June 13, 2012. These are also included in this manualNote: Item is in black and white color.

11. Drone FAA Part 107 Test Study Guide: The Complete Training Manual To Study For Your FAA Part 107 License Exam and Pass the First Time

Author: by Andy Brouwer
158 pages

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When it comes to drones, things can get complicated when flying them commercially. Also, it implies that the rules that are in place will need to be revised and it’s all because the FAA is in the process of updating its regulations.

These new regulations have gone into effect in the spring of 2021. This is something that seems inevitable given that drone technology continues to develop. At the moment, the FAA does not allow drones to be operated out of the sight of a human pilot.

This includes nighttime operations. For this reason, it is always advisable to have a flight plan when you are going to be operating a drone. This will allow the drone to be tracked in real-time. Contained in this book are possible to test objectives that will spur you to come out successful in being a licensed drone pilot.

Some of the things you’ll learn reading this guide are listed below ::Understanding Drone WeightsUnderstanding Airspace ClassificationHow to Choose the Right DroneRadio Frequency Terms You Should KnowHow to Read the Pilot’s AlphabetThe Physics of AirplaneUsing Legend to Understand Sectional ChartsAirspace ChartExercising Caution When Flying Military Operations Areas (MOAs)Codes for Understanding Hazardous AreasInformation About Latitude and LongitudeSafety When Flying Drones in AirportThe Pattern of the RunwayUnderstanding The Runway MarksAll The Documents The FAA Wants You to Know AboutHow to Maintain Your DroneSectional ChartsIn-depth Guide On Chart SupplementNOTAM (Notice to Airmen) RulesHow to Read and Understand A METAR ReportHow to Read and Understand A TAF ReportEffects of Weather On Your Unmanned AircraftWhy You Need a Crew and Their RolesHow to Manage Crew ResourceUnderstanding Risk ManagementHow to Scan the SkyPersonality Traits When Flying AircraftHow to Get Your Drone License CertificateIs it the end if I don’t pass the test?

12. The Landscape of Contemporary Infrastructure

Author: by Marcel Smets
272 pages

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Since its initial publication in 2010, The Landscape of Contemporary Infrastructure has become a standard reference for designers; this new edition brings the indispensable volume back into print. The design of infrastructural networks-the systems that enable flow within a structure such as a city, like roads and railways-is among urban design’s foremost tasks.

Around the globe, the awareness of enhanced infrastructure fluidity as a catalyst for economic development is rising. The Landscape of Contemporary Infrastructure investigates how infrastructure design determines the organization and flow of the inhabited landscape-as an agency of enhanced mobility, as a physical presence, as a design feature contributing to the character of a city and as a sound theoretical approach to a positive experience of collective space.

In this volume, these four issues are explored in four chapters that catalogue these approaches, and each chapter is buttressed with key projects from around the world by designers such as Norman Foster, Zaha Hadid, OMA, Arata Isozaki, Paul Andreu, Xaveer De Geyter, Jean Nouvel and Ricardo Bofill.

13. All On The Board: Inspirational quotes from the TfL underground duo

Author: by All on the Board
288 pages

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A BOOK TO BRIGHTEN YOUR DAY – A GIFT OF HOPE, COMFORT, POSITIVITY, OPENNESS AND LOVE FOR ANY OCCASION – INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES FROM THE TFL UNDERGOUND DUOTransport for London employees and dynamic masked duo, All on the Board (aka Jeremy and Ian), made it their mission to bring smiles to the faces of London commuters through writing creative messages, quotes and poems on the underground’s service information boards.

‘We were tired of looking at a board that just said “keep right” and thought can’t we do something a bit more fun?’. Fast-forward 3 years, they’ve grown a community of 750,000+ online fans and have a plethora of celebrity supporters.

Through their magical words, they’ve marked momentous occasions, celebrated countless artists, legends and heroes, raised awareness of mental health and hidden illnesses and sprinkled thousands of our daily journeys with positivity, humour and love. Their kind messages remind us all that we’re in it together and now, with their beautiful, colourful collection of quotes, stories and drawings you can add joy to your day wherever you are and however you’re feeling.

14. Human Transit: How Clearer Thinking about Public Transit Can Enrich Our Communities and Our Lives

Author: by Jarrett Walker
Island Press
256 pages

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Public transit is a powerful tool for addressing a huge range of urban problems, including traffic congestion and economic development as well as climate change. But while many people support transit in the abstract, it’s often hard to channel that support into good transit investments.

Part of the problem is that transit debates attract many kinds of experts, who often talk past each other. Ordinary people listen to a little of this and decide that transit is impossible to figure out. Jarrett Walker believes that transit can be simple, if we focus first on the underlying geometry that all transit technologies share.

In Human Transit, Walker supplies the basic tools, the critical questions, and the means to make smarter decisions about designing and implementing transit services. Human Transit explains the fundamental geometry of transit that shapes successful systems; the process for fitting technology to a particular community; and the local choices that lead to transit-friendly development.

15. ROUTE EIGHT-RADIO CHECK: Sweet School Bus Stories and a Bumpy Ride

Author: by Nichelle Williams Isiah
143 pages

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Take a ride with us on the yellow school bus, where we are driving the most “Precious Cargo” ever! Sit in the driver’s seat and experience the teachable moments, highs and lows. Within the world of school bus transportation. From driving in the cold snowy weather of NNY, on the “Camel” bus to driving bus “ROUTE EIGHT” in the hot, humid weather of Texas.

The “Wheels on the Bus” do go ’round and ’round” and there is more to it than one might think. From releasing the brakes to watching your tail swing, there is always some natural as well as spiritual lesson to learn.

Special Recognition is given to those who make “Transportation” move right along. So put on your seat belt, check all mirrors and do your RADIO CHECK…Let’s Go!