Best Medical Transportation Books

Here you will get Best Medical Transportation Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. The Aeromedical Certification Examinations Self-Assessment Test

Author: by William E Wingfield
Published at: The ResO Shop; 1st edition (May 17, 2010)
ISBN: 978-0615191249

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The ACE SAT will assist the critical care transport provider with preparing to challenge the Certified Flight Paramedic (FP-C), Certified Flight Nurse (CFRN) or Certification for Emergency Nurses (CEN) exam(s). Written by Will Wingfield, a Flight Paramedic/RN with over 15 years experience in the fields of pre-hospital/transport medicine, SAR, TEMS and critical care nursing.

Will completed his residency in Nurse Anesthesia in 2008, enabling him to discuss the most advanced physiologic principles with specific focus & application to the critical care transport medicine field. Will has trained hundreds of successful FP-C, CFRN and CEN candidates.

2. Ventilator Management: A Pre-Hospital Perspective

Author: by Eric R Bauer
Published at: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1st edition (August 24, 2015)
ISBN: 978-1492299646

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2nd EDITION Printing Released September 2016 with expanded commentary on advanced modes of ventilation, neonatal-pediatric modes and critical care application in these patient subsets. Own the #1 Best Seller and trusted resource for Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine and Critical Care mechanical ventilation. Find out why hundreds of critical care providers, flight companies and universities around the globe have adopted this resource as their go-to reference.

The goal of this book is to provide the most up to date information on mechanical ventilation based on current research, evidence based practice and my experiences as a flight paramedic and educator. This book is a must own for flight nurses, flight paramedics, medical students, resident MD’s, attending MD’s, nurses, paramedics or respiratory therapists.

Ventilator Management A Pre-Hospital Perspective, will take a comprehensive look at ventilator management strategies as it relates to emergency medicine, and pre-hospital transport in both EMS and HEMS industries. The book is written in a comprehensive, but conversational, format and will hit on all things related to critical care transport ventilation.

3. Patient Transport: Principles and Practice

Author: by ASTNA
Published at: Mosby; 5th edition (October 5, 2017)
ISBN: 978-0323401104

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Whether you’re caring for patients on the ground or in the air, Patient Transport: Principles & Practice, 5th Edition is an essential tool for your success in transport nursing. Developed by ASTNA, this trusted, one-of-a-kind resource has been extensively revised to keep you up-to-date with the latest technological advances, and help you meet the ever-changing needs of this critical nursing field.

Comprehensive overviews familiarize you with the most common conditions and injuries encountered in practice, accompanied by important management considerations to help you ensure the most effective communication and the safest patient care in all transport settings. In addition, expanded content on bariatrics are featured throughout the book, along with 350 online questions and answers mapped to the CRFN/CTRN exams.

Expanded coverage of injuries commonly encountered in flight and ground nursing includes pathophysiology, assessment, planning, implementation, and evaluation discussions. Information based on the latest updates from the Federal Aviation Association and the National Transportation Safety Board alerts you to important safety regulations.

4. FlightBridgeED, LLC – FP-C/CFRN Certification Review & Advanced Practice Update: FP-C, CCP-C, CFRN, CCRN, CEN, CTRN advanced certification review study guide

Author: by Eric R Bauer
Published at: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1st edition (June 11, 2013)
ISBN: 978-1492168553

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This valuable resource has garnered the #1 Best Seller status in transport medicine! FlightBridgeED, LLC is proud to provide a comprehensive 2nd Edition -OUTLINE review book that encompasses a thorough overview of critical care concepts pertaining to the CFRN, CCRN, CEN, FP-C, and CCP-C advanced certification exams.

The 2nd Edition is a newly reformatted version with current 2015 updated content. This detailed, 215 page, full-color review book will give the candidate an excellent overview of all critical care core topics covered on these certification exams. Along with the highly detailed critical care lecture outlines that are approved by the Board of Critical Care Transport Paramedic Certification (BCCTPC), you will find practice exam questions that re-enforce each lecture, along with the answers and rationale for follow up and continued exam preparation.

You will also find tables and quick reference material to help you prepare for these tough exams. All material is up to date and based on new evidence-based medicine and protocols including the 10th edition CAMTS standards. Also, check out our newest book that is an essential supplement to this book..The F.A.S.

5. EMT Exam Study Guide 2019 & 2020: EMT Basic Exam Prep Secrets & Practice Test Questions for the NREMT Emergency Medical Technician Exam (Updated for the Current EMT Cognitive Exam Test Plan)

Author: by Mometrix EMT Certification Test Team
Published at: Mometrix Media LLC (March 26, 2019)
ISBN: 978-1516710584

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Mometrix Test Preparation’s EMT Exam Study Guide 2019 & 2020 is the ideal prep solution for anyone who wants to pass their NREMT Emergency Medical Technician Exam. The exam is extremely challenging, and thorough test preparation is essential for success. Our study guide includes:Practice test questions with detailed answer explanationsTips and strategies to help you get your best test performanceA complete review of all EMT test sectionsMedical, Legal, and EthicalAirwayCardiologyTraumaMedical EmergenciesObstetrics and PediatricsGeriatricsOperationsMometrix Test Preparation is not affiliated with or endorsed by any official testing organization.

All organizational and test names are trademarks of their respective owners. The Mometrix guide is filled with the critical information you will need in order to do well on your EMT exam: the concepts, procedures, principles, and vocabulary that the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) expects you to have mastered before sitting for your exam.

6. Ventilator Management: Advanced Concepts In Critical Care

Author: by Eric Bauer
Published at: Independently published (December 7, 2019)
ISBN: 978-1710098358

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Mechanical ventilation is a broad subject that encompasses many factors that must be considered while providing overall resuscitation. It is not as easy as just entering in a rate and tidal volume and pushing start. Critical care medicine has many core resuscitation pathways that need to be applied with mechanical ventilation in mind.

Resuscitation is our goal, with mechanical ventilation being a small part in the overall treatment paradigm. As a critical care provider, it is imperative that you have a broad understanding of current practice guidelines and how each treatment affects your patient in a positive or negative manner.

Couple this with the massive subject called mechanical ventilation and you have an even bigger mountain to conquer. Eric Bauer and Tyler Christifulli team up for this dynamic, thought-provoking book that will dissect ventilator management concepts within critical care medicine.

Ventilator Management ADVANCED: Concepts in Critical Care will continue building on the foundational book – Ventilator Management: A Pre-Hospital Perspective, which is used by colleges, universities and critical care transport companies around the world. Ventilator Management ADVANCED: Concepts in Critical Care will take a comprehensive look at ventilator management strategies as they relate to pre-hospital transport in both the ground and helicopter emergency medical services (HEMS) industries, with a core focus on advanced ventilation concepts and resuscitation factors that will impact your clinical practice and patient care.

7. F.A.S.T Exam Prep – C-NPT: FlightBridgeED – Air – Surface – Transport – Exam – Prep | C-NPT

Author: by Eric R Bauer
Published at:
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1st edition (March 1, 2016)
ISBN: 978-1530516223

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This is the most UP TO DATE exam prep book on the market related to the NCC – C-NPT exam content. Preparing for advanced certification exams isn’t easy! It requires planning ahead, studying hard and having quality materials from experienced educators to guide you.

This book includes the highest level critical care questions, rational and test tips, designed to provide you with practice in the types of questions typical of the C-NPT and CPEN exams. This book was authored by the same quality educators that bring our industry-leading CFRN/FP-C Exam Review & Advanced Practice Update book.

Combined these books for an unbeatable set of advanced certification review tools!Go to www.Flightbridgeed. Com for our free podcast series!

8. The Wheelchair Evaluation: A Clinician's Guide: A Clinician's Guide

Author: by Mitchell Batavia
Published at: Jones & Bartlett Learning; 2nd edition (June 19, 2009)

ISBN: 978-0763761721

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The Wheelchair Evaluation: A Clinician’s Guide, Second Edition is an updated, practical, and concise reference on the wheelchair prescription process. It’s perfect for students and clinicians in the health fields who work with physically disabled individuals in need of a wheelchair.

This book is a portable, hands-on manual that implements a real-world approach to patient evaluation, choice of wheelchair components, documentation, and funding.

9. Field Guide for Air and Ground Transport of Neonatal and Pediatric Patients (A Quick Reference for Transport Teams)

Author: by American Academy of Pediatrics Section on Transport Medicine
Published at: American Academy of Pediatrics; 1st edition (December 10, 2018)
ISBN: 978-1581108392

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The Field Guide for Air and Ground Transport of Neonatal and Pediatric Patients is a brand-new clinical transport resource brought to you by the American Academy of Pediatrics Section on Transport Medicine. The guide is written by clinicians with extensive transport expertise and is a must for every clinician in the field of neonatal and pediatric transport.

A concise, outline format makes this resource the convenient go-to reference for all your transport questions and needs. The pathophysiology of common illnesses and transport management pearls are at your fingertips. Topics include:Challenges of the transport environmentDiagnostic testing and procedural skillsRadiology pearlsNeonatal contentPediatric contentApproach to selected signs and symptomsAnd more…

10. Guidelines for Air and Ground Transport of Neonatal and Pediatric Patients, 4th Edition

Author: by AAP Section on Transport Medicine
Published at: American Academy of Pediatrics; 4th edition (August 26, 2015)
ISBN: 978-1581108385

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Completely revised and updated, the new 4th edition includes must-have information and guidelines for health care professionals and hospital systems interested in developing transport systems and improving the transport care they deliver. Authored by leading experts in transport medicine, the editorial team is devoted to ensuring that appropriate evidence-based conclusions and recommendations are included, when available, for the clinical and administrative subjects presented.

The 4th edition covers all aspects of air and ground transport – from team organization and training to equipment selection, quality improvement, safety, ethics and much more. Obtain the latest guidelines to insure quality of care and safety during transport with this leading-edge publication.

Content highlights:All chapters thoroughly reviewed and updated by the leading authorities in transport medicineNew chapter on telemedicine covering equipment and teleconferencing, telemedicine in other clinical settings, regulations and reimbursement, and moreExpanded sections on driving performance improvement, risk management, and bioethicsUpdated Web resourcesHandy tools including sample position descriptions, sample transport medicine transfer agreement, policies and procedures, and more

11. Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Composition Notebook College Ruled / 8.5 x 11 in: Supercars Notebook, Lined Composition Book, Diary, Journal Notebook

Author: by Sam Supercar
Published at: Independently published (July 25, 2019)
ISBN: 978-1082714511

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Be a trend-setter this year at your middle, high school or College and University. Lamborghini Composition Notebook is ample room inside for writing notes and ideas. Perfect for students use as an all-purpose notebook, gratitude journal, daily diary, list-making, documenting, note taking, or anything else you can think of !

Lamborghini Notebook, Would make a great gift for a friend or a family member.Notebook size 8. 5 x11 inches (extra large), and has 100 durable pages. Get your copy today! Please visit “Sam Supercar” author page for more Supercars books.


ASTNA Patient Transport: Principles and Practice (Air & Surface Patient Transport: Principles and Practice)

Author: by ASTNA
Published at: Mosby; 4th edition (September 24, 2009)
ISBN: 978-0323057493

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Whether you’re caring for patients on the ground or in the air, this trusted, one-of-a-kind resource is an essential tool for your success in transport nursing. The 4th edition has been extensively revised to keep you up to date with the latest technological advances and help you meet the ever-changing needs of this critical nursing field.

Comprehensive overviews familiarize you with the most common diseases and injuries encountered in practice, accompanied by important management considerations to help you ensure the most effective communication and the safest patient care in all transport settings. Case studies presented at the end of each clinical chapter demonstrate how to apply concepts to scenarios similar to those you’ll encounter in practice.

Special Populations Unit helps you meet the unique care needs of pregnant, neonatal, pediatric, and military patients. Competencies listed at the beginning of each chapter help you identify key components of effective patient care. Collaborative, multidisciplinary focus meets the educational and reference needs of all transport health care providers and emphasizes the importance of teamwork in ensuring successful patient outcomes.

13. EVOS: EMS Vehicle Operator Safety: Includes eBook with Interactive Tools

Author: by Bob Elling
Published at: Jones & Bartlett Learning; 1st edition (October 17, 2016)
ISBN: 978-0763781675

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Every year, thousands of emergency medical services (EMS) vehicle collisions cause significant property damage, injury, and deathunderscoring the need for dedicated EMS vehicle operator training. To meet this need, the Jones & Bartlett Learning Public Safety Group partnered with the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians (NAEMT) to develop a comprehensive course for EMS practitioners who operate ambulances and other emergency response vehicles.

EMS Vehicle Operator Safety (EVOS) addresses the vehicle operations and transport safety knowledge gaps that lead to injury and death. Built on current research and featuring discussions of actual crashes and common driving scenariosand the lessons that can be learned from them it challenges emergency vehicle operators to consider if they truly know how to arrive at a scene safely.

The course manual profiles real-life incidents and provides practical safety pointers, emphasizing the critical safety principles that are needed to transform a culture of dangerous driving habits into a culture of safety. Promoting a Culture of Safety EMS Vehicle Operator Safety trains EMS providers to recognize the specific behaviors that must be changed in order to promote a culture of safe driving.

14. Emergency Care And Transportation Of The Sick And Injured

Author: by American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS)
Published at: Jones & Bartlett Learning; 9th edition (June 8, 2006)
ISBN: 978-0763744069

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For nearly 35 years, the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons has been a driving force in the field of EMS education, first by publishing Emergency Care and Transportation of the Sick and Injured. Now, the Ninth Edition continues that dedication and committment to training future EMT-Basics and the instructors who are paving their way.

Emergency Care and Transportation of the Sick and Injured, Ninth Edition is the center of an integrated teaching and learning system that will help define the future direction of EMS education. It combines comprehensive medical content with dynamic new features and interactive technology to better support instructors and to help prepare students for the field.

An interactive skills DVD is packaged free with each copy of the text.

15. Primer on Transplantation

Author: by American Society of Transplantation
Published at: Wiley-Blackwell; 3rd edition (March 7, 2011)
ISBN: 978-1405142670

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Produced in association with the American Society of Transplantation, this new edition is full of practical advice for the next generation of transplant professionals. In addition to 5 organ-specific chapters: kidney, pancreas, heart, lung and liver, the book includes essential information on: immunobiology pharmacology donor management infectious complications pediatric transplantation general principles of patient management Fully updated and redesigned to make it even more user-friendly, the book now contains clinical vignettes, key point boxes, and self-assessment multiple choice questions in each chapter.

Primer on Transplantation, Third Edition is an invaluable resource for all health professionals in the transplant team including trainees, residents, fellows, physicians, surgeons, nurses and transplant co-ordinators. Purchasing this book entitles you to access to the companion website: www.Astprimer.

Com The website includes: Interactive Multiple-Choice Questions for each chapter Figures from the book as Powerpoints for downloading All chapters online