Best Mystery & Detective Literary Criticism Books

Here you will get Best Mystery & Detective Literary Criticism Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. Father Brown Complete Murder Mysteries: The Innocence of Father Brown, The Wisdom of Father Brown, The Donnington Affair…

Author: by G. K. Chesterton
KTHTK (July 12, 2021)
July 12, 2021

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Shabby and lumbering, with a face like a Norfolk dumpling, Father Brown makes for an improbable super-sleuth. But his innocence is the secret of his success: refusing the scientific method of detection, he adopts instead an approach of simple sympathy, interpreting each crime as a work of art, and each criminal as a man no worse than himself…

2. Famous Hollywood Movies Word Search Puzzles: Based on Popular Blockbusters from Film and Cinema (Large Print, Themed Word Search Puzzles)

Author: by Thea Austen
107 pages

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101 MOVIE-THEMED PUZZLES: Search for the names of actors, characters, plot points, dialogue, and other terms related to big-screen blockbusters. Featured films include: CasablancaMission ImpossibleThe GodfatherGone with the Windand more! LARGE PRINT: Puzzles are in size 30 font and easy-to-read for seniors.

FOR ADULTS & KIDS: Puzzles are appropriate for both kids and adults alike! PRINTED ON HIGH-QUALITY PAPER: Puzzles are printed on 60-pound high quality white paper so you can use pencils, pens, and highlighters without worry of bleed-through. KEEPS YOUR MIND HEALTHY: Word searches are a proven method for keeping the mind healthy and combating Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

A GIFT LIKE NO OTHER: If someone in your life loves word search puzzles, you won’t find a more unique gift than this book.

3. Mark Twain: The Complete Novels

Author: by Mark Twain
KTHTK (July 12, 2021)
July 12, 2021

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Here you will find the complete novels of Mark Twain in the chronological order of their original publication: – The Gilded Age: A Tale of Today – The Adventures of Tom Sawyer – The Prince and the Pauper – The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn – A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court – The American Claimant – Tom Sawyer Abroad – The Tragedy of Pudd’nhead Wilson – Tom Sawyer, Detective – Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc – A Double Barrelled Detective Story – A Horse’s Tale – The Mysterious Stranger

4. The Sherlock Holmes Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained

Author: by DK

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512 pages

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Jack Reacher’s Rules is the ultimate fan’s guide to the World of Reacher! Featuring selections from all seventeen electrifying Jack Reacher novels and an introduction from Lee Child himself, this one-of-a-kind book compiles timeless advice from maverick former army cop Jack Reacher, the hero of Lee Child’s blockbuster thrillers and now the star of a major motion picture.

My name is Jack Reacher. No middle name, no address. I’ve got a rule: People mess with me at their own risk. You don’t have to break the rules if you make the rules. Case in point: Jack Reacher, the two-fisted, quick-witted, current poster-boy of American crime fiction (Los Angeles Times).

The brainchild of #1 New York Times bestselling author Lee Child, Reacher is a freelance troubleshooter with a mysterious pastand a serious passion for justice. Now the hard-won knowledge and hard-hitting strategies of fiction’s toughest tough guy are within every thriller reader’s reachin a rapid-fire rundown of the trade secrets, tried-and-true tricks, and time-honored tactics that separate the man in the street from the man to beat.Rule 1.

7. What Happened at the Lake

Author: by Phil M. Williams
Phil W. Books

288 pages

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They went on vacation. Not everyone made it back. The Palmers went to the lake for a week of fun in the sun. But Alex Palmer had an agenda. He wanted his brother to reconcile with their hypercompetitive father. He wanted his daughter to break up with her shady boyfriend.

Most of all, Alex wanted them to be a family one more time before he faced his predicament at home. Evil incarnate and a brutal double murder shifted Alex’s focus from wants to needs. He needed to keep his family safe.

He needed to find her. He needed to know what happened at the lake. His pastor often said, God won’t give you more than you can bear. This had nothing to do with God. Buy this twisty page turner to find out what happened at the lake.

Adult language and explicit sexual violence.”This is the best fiction book I’ve read in a very long time. Masterfully suspenseful.” – Salina Young “Shocking, but realistic, “What Happened at the Lake” will grab you from the beginning and shake you to your core!” – Susan “I gave this book the 5 star maximum but it was 20 stars short.

8. The Essential Stories & Poems of Edgar Allan Poe (illustrated): 21 essential short stories & poems from Edgar Allan Poe.

Author: by Edgar Allan Poe
176 pages

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Discover a classic collection by the literary legend Edgar Allan Poe! Inside this book, you’ll find an incredible selection of some of Edgar Allan Poe’s most famous works. Containing classic stories and short poems including The Raven, The Fall of the House of Usher and The Black Cat, these works have stood the test of time, and continue to entertain and inspire people to this day.

With powerful stories of insanity, murder mysteries, torture and love, Poe’s work is the foundation of modern horror literature, influencing other legends such as H.P. Lovecraft and Arthur Conan Doyle. Perfect for both new and existing fans, this beautifully-formatted collection contains some of Edgar Allan Poe’s best literature.

14 Essays & Tales The Fall of the House of UsherThe Pit and the PendulumThe Tell-Tale HearthThe Black CatThe Masque of the Red DeathThe Cask of AmontilladoBereniceThe Premature BurialLigeiaThe Murders in the Rue MorgueWilliam WilsonThe Purloined LetterHop-FrogThe Gold Bug 7 Classic Poems Annabel LeeThe RavenA Dream Within A DreamLenoreTo HelenThe City in the SeaThe Haunted PalaceWith stunning illustrations, this incredible collection makes both the perfect keepsake for dedicated fans and a great way to introduce new readers to Poe’s stories.

9. Murder At First Light: A Lake Pines Murder Mystery (A Lake Pines Murder Mystery Series)

Author: by L.L. Abbott
LLABBOTT (May 6, 2021)
307 pages

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A regatta, a murder, and a small town. As dawn breaks and the horn is about to signal the start of the season’s favorite race, a body drifts out from under the main city dock, sending chills through spectators and racers.

While vacationing in Lake Pines, Doctor Kerry Dearborne finds herself in the unfortunate position of not only finding the body but immediately being at odds with the current coroner when she disagrees with his reported cause of death. Kerry is positive that the unknown woman has been murdered, and she wastes no time in telling Constable Peter George what she thinks.

Having more faith in Kerry than his own coroner, Constable George pulls her into the case and soon the two uncover evidence that not only proves the unknown woman has been murdered but that there is no shortage of suspects either.

As the tormented life of the victim unravels there is more to this small idyllic cottage town than anyone realizes as tensions mount, and soon the murder victim’s life of regret begins to reveal itself one piece at a time.

10. Dire Wolf of the Quapaw: a Jubal Smoak Mystery (Jubal Smoak Mysteries)

Author: by Phil Truman
239 pages

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Winner 2019 Will Rogers Medallion AwardHe’s been hot on an outlaw’s trail for months. But deep in Native American territory, he’s no longer sure who’s innocent and who’s a monsterQuapaw tribal lands, new State of Oklahoma, 1910.Greenhorn Deputy U.S. Marshal Jubal Smoak knows he can either lay down the law or get stampeded.

So after the gruesome murder of a young family, he relentlessly pursues the ruthless outlaw who gave him a bullet in the back. Trailing the man for months, he refuses to be put off the scent by foolish rumors of a mythical Native American monster.

Hunting his suspect through snow-covered trails, he learns the grisly string of deaths have also ravaged neighboring ranches. But when he gets a closer look at the mutilated carcasses and massive paw prints, he worries this case isn’t as cut and dried as he thought.

Can Smoak end the slaughter before more innocent lives are lost? Dire Wolf of the Quapaw is the first book in the dark Jubal Smoak Western mystery series. If you like frontier settings, gritty characters, and Native American myths, then you’ll love Phil Truman’s twisted tale.

11. Writing and Selling Your Mystery Novel Revised and Expanded Edition: The Complete Guide to Mystery, Suspense, and Crime

Author: by Hallie Ephron
Writer's Digest Books
304 pages

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A Mystery Writers of America Edgar Award Finalist for Best Critical/Biographical Work Discover the secrets to crafting an unforgettable mystery! To piece together the puzzle of your mystery novel, you need patience, resilience, a solid understanding of the craft, and a clear blueprint for combining the plot, characters, setting, and more.

And while patience and resilience must come from you, the essentials of craft and the plan to execute them are right at your fingertips with Writing and Selling Your Mystery Novel. This completely revised and updated edition features solid strategies for drafting, revising, and selling an intriguing novel that grips your readers and refuses to let them go.

New York Times best-selling author Hallie Ephron shows you how to: Create a compelling sleuth and a worthy villain Construct a plot rich in twists, red herrings, and misdirection Bring the story to a satisfying conclusion Sharpen characters and optimize pace during revision Seek publication through both traditional and indie pathsFilled with helpful worksheets and exercises for every step of the process, Writing and Selling Your Mystery Novel Revised and Expanded reveals the keys to writing a memorable story that will have fans of mystery, suspense, and crime clamoring for more.

12. The Doorbell Rang (A Nero Wolfe Mystery Book 41)

Author: by Rex Stout
Bantam (May 28, 2010)
May 28, 2010

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There’s no one and nothing the great detective Nero Wolfe wouldn’t take on if the price was right. That’s something wealthy society widow Rachel Bruner is counting on when she writes him a check for a whopping hundred grand. But even Wolfe has a moment’s doubt when he finds out why the prize is so generous.

For the oversize genius and his able assistant Archie Goodwin are about to lock horns with the FBIand those highly trained G-men have a way with threats, tails, and bugs that could give even sedentary sleuth Nero Wolfe a run for his money.

Introduction by Stuart Kaminsky It is always a treat to read a Nero Wolfe mystery. The man has entered our folklore. The New York Times Book Review A grand master of the form, Rex Stout is one of America’s greatest mystery writers, and his literary creation Nero Wolfe is one of the greatest fictional detectives of all time.

Together, Stout and Wolfe have entertainedand puzzledmillions of mystery fans around the world. Now, with his perambulatory man-about-town, Archie Goodwin, the arrogant, gourmandizing, sedentary sleuth is back in the original seventy-three cases of crime and detection written by the inimitable master himself, Rex Stout.

13. A is for Arsenic: The Poisons of Agatha Christie

Author: by Kathryn Harkup
Bloomsbury Sigma
September 10, 2015

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Shortlisted for the BMA Book Awards and Macavity Awards 2016Fourteen novels.Fourteen poisons. Just because it’s fiction doesn’t mean it’s all made-up … Agatha Christie revelled in the use of poison to kill off unfortunate victims in her books; indeed, she employed it more than any other murder method, with the poison itself often being a central part of the novel.

Her choice of deadly substances was far from random the characteristics of each often provide vital clues to the discovery of the murderer. With gunshots or stabbings the cause of death is obvious, but this is not the case with poisons.

How is it that some compounds prove so deadly, and in such tiny amounts? Christie’s extensive chemical knowledge provides the backdrop for A is for Arsenic, in which Kathryn Harkup investigates the poisons used by the murderer in fourteen classic Agatha Christie mysteries.

It looks at why certain chemicals kill, how they interact with the body, the cases that may have inspired Christie, and the feasibility of obtaining, administering and detecting these poisons, both at the time the novel was written and today.

14. Amelia Peabody's Egypt

Author: by Elizabeth Peters
William Morrow
336 pages

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Amelia Peabody’s Egypt was originally published in 2003; minor changes are being made to the July 2017 edition, but it basically the same book*The Egypt that so enticed and enchanted intrepid archaeologist-sleuth Amelia Peabody in the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries was a place of wonder, mystery, danger, and the lure of antiquity.

Now, with this monumental volume of Egyptian culture, history, and arcania, readers will be able to immerse themselves in the great lady’s world more completely than ever before. Journey through the bustling streets and markets of Cairo a hundred years ago.

Surround yourself with the customs and color of a bygone time. Explore ancient tombs and temples and marvel at the history of this remarkable land – from the age of the pharaohs through the Napoleonic era to the First World War.

Also included in Amelia Peabody’s Egypt are a hitherto unpublished journal entry and intimate biographies of the Emersons and their friends, which provide a uniquely personal view of the lives, relationships, opinions, politics, and delightful eccentricities of mystery’s first family, as well as unforgettable pearls of wit and wisdom from everyone’s favorite fictional Egyptologist herself.

15. The Annotated Big Sleep

Author: by Raymond Chandler
Vintage Crime/Black Lizard
512 pages

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The first fully annotated edition of Raymond Chandler’s 1939 classic The Big Sleep features hundreds of illuminating notes and images alongside the full text of the novel and is an essential addition to any crime fiction fan’s library. A masterpiece of noir, Raymond Chandler’s The Big Sleep helped to define a genre.

Today it remains one of the most celebrated and stylish novels of the twentieth century. This comprehensive, annotated edition offers a fascinating look behind the scenes of the novel, bringing the gritty and seductive world of Chandler’s iconic private eye Philip Marlowe to life.

The Annotated Big Sleep solidifies the novel’s position as one of the great works of American fiction and will surprise and enthrall Chandler’s biggest fans. Including: -Personal letters and source texts -The historical context of Chandler’s Los Angeles, including maps and images -Film stills and art from the early pulps -An analysis of class, gender, sexuality, and ethnicity in the novel