Best Performing Arts Antiques & Collectibles Books

Here you will get Best Performing Arts Antiques & Collectibles Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. The Official Vintage Guitar Magazine Price Guide 2021

Author: by Alan Greenwood
628 pages

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The Official Vintage Guitar magazine Price Guide 2021 Information You Need – Now More Than Ever! The last year has been a big bag of crazy. How did it affect the values of your favorite gear? Thirty-two years of publication proves The Guide is your most-trusted source.

Knowledge and information are vital in the dynamic world of collectible guitars and gear, and no source provides it better than The Official Vintage Guitar Price Guide. With listings for more than 2,000 brands along with 1,100 photos and 215,000 copies sold, this book is the industry’s hands-down leading source of pricing information on guitars, basses, amps, effects, lap steels, steels, and ukuleles all in one book!

2. Harry Potter Talking Dobby and Collectible Book (RP Minis)

Author: by Running Press
RP Minis

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A one-of-a-kind talking collectible of the wizarding world’s most beloved free elf, Dobby! Kit includes:3-inch polyresin figure of Dobby, mounted on a base. He speaks several memorable lines from the Harry Potter films at the push of a button.

48-page book full of quotes and full-color photography

3. TRAEGER GRILL COOKBOOK: #2021 Master your Wood Pellet and Smoker Grill with Tips and Tricks and Enjoy 300 Delicious BBQ Recipes for Beginners and Advanced Pitmasters.

Author: by Steve Mc Lean
125 pages

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Are you looking for a guide to mastering your traeger grill? Perhaps with delicious BBQ recipes to amaze your guests? If you want to know all about the traeger grill then keep reading…. Traeger grills are high quality products that with the right knowledge, will allow you to grill and smoke while maintaining the same quality as a restaurant.

The only thing you need, is a cooking companion, a cookbook and a guide that can reveal all the secrets to cooking delicious meals with the traeger grill. If you DOWNLOAD TRAEGER GRILL COOKBOOK you will have everything you need at your fingertips, whether you are a beginner or an advanced pitmaster who is looking for the secrets that no one has ever revealed to you.

In fact in this book you will find:300 BBQ recipes to grill, smoke, bake or roast that will make you use the full potential of the Traeger GrillRecipes divided by ingredient, pork, beef, game, vegetables and more, so that you will be able to find the recipe you are looking for in a short time and without difficultyDetailed chapters on how to master the traeger grill, how to clean it, what type of pellets to use and much more, so you won’t leave anything to chance and elevate your cooking level to the next step.

4. Ghostbusters: P.K.E. Meter (RP Minis)

Author: by Running Press
RP Minis (April 9, 2019)
16 pages

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This officially-licensed kit includes a mini replica of the Psychokinetic Energy (P.K.E. Meter) from the 1984 classic film, Ghostbusters! SPECIFICATIONS: 4 mini P.K.E. Meter with sensor wings that spring open at the push of a button LIGHTS UP: 2 light modes consisting of multi colored LEDs + light illuminating along wingsSOUND EFFECT: Features authentic detecting soundBOOK INCLUDED: Mini book contains 8 full-color stickersPERFECT GIFT: A unique gift for fans of the Ghostbusters filmsOFFICIALLY LICENSED: Authentic collectible & 2019 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc.

5. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: Bendable Bowtruckle (RP Minis)

Author: by Running Press
RP Minis (April 3, 2018)
32 pages

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Fans of J.K.Rowling’s Wizarding World will be enchanted by this life-size collectible-a poseable figure of Pickett, Newt Scamander’s Bowtruckle companion in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Kit includes:5″ bendable, poseable figure of Pickett 2 full-color magnets Description card on the Bowtruckle of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Newt Scamander and his Bowtruckle buddy, Pickett, are constant companions.

Now he can be yours, too!

6. Motown: The Sound of Young America

Author: by Adam White
Thames & Hudson
400 pages

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Now in paperback, the definitive visual history of Motown, the Detroit-based record company that became a music powerhouse. The music of Motown defined an era. From the Jackson 5 and Diana Ross to Stevie Wonder and Smokey Robinson, Berry Gordy and his right-hand man, Barney Ales, built the most successful independent record label in the world.

Not only did Motown represent the most iconic recording artists of its time and produce countless global hitsit created a cultural institution that redefined pop and gave us the vision of a new America: vibrant, innovative, and racially equal. This new paperback edition of the first official visual history of the label includes a dazzling array of images, and unprecedented access to the archives of the makers and stars of Motown.

Extensive specially commissioned photography of treasures extracted from the Motown archives, as well as the personal collections of Barney Ales and Motown stars, lends new insight into the lives of the legends. Motown also draws on interviews with key players from the label’s colorful history, including Motown founder Berry Gordy; Barney Ales; Smokey Robinson; Mary Wilson, founding member of the Supremes; and many more.1000+ illustrations

7. The NFT Revolution 2021: 2 in 1 Basic guide for beginners + Crypto art & Real Estate Edition. Create, buy, sell and make a profit with non-fungible tokens

Author: by Crypto Dukedom
167 pages

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THE NFT REVOLUTION 2021 includes:Basic guide for beginnersCrypto art + Real estate editionAre you looking to discover how you can make a profit on the NFT disrupting revolution? Did you just find out about NFTs? Do you want to jump in as an artist, designer, or creator?

Or as a real estate agent, designer, or investor? Are you finding it tricky to get all the information in the same place? If this sounds like you… Then keep reading!”The Nft Revolution 2021 2 in 1 Basic guide for beginners + Crypto art & Real Estate Edition” offers comprehensive information regarding this new profitable and promising trend.

This guide tells about what NFTs are and all the essential information that you need. The inner workings of NFTs and their fame and value are additionally covered in this practical guide. Areas of application and uses will allow you to know where you can start in this digital trend.

Furthermore, the information in this book also lists the best marketplaces and the creation, buying, and selling process of NFTs. In this guide, you’ll find out:A greater understanding of NFTsHistory, Key Concepts and UsesHow to create, buy and sell NFTsHow to become a crypto artist step by stepBest marketplacesSuccess stories, innovative creators and disruptive projectsNft, real estate and amazing virtual worlds (Decentraland, The Sandbox, SuperWorld)And much more!

8. Star Wars: The Ultimate Action Figure Collection

Author: by Stephen J. Sansweet
Chronicle Books

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Here at last is the complete and definitive collection of the more than 2,500 Star Wars action figures produced over the last 35 years. Fans and collectors can finally trace the evolution of each character in toy form from the time of their first appearance through the designs of today, with pages of amazing and inventive variations crafted to tell the stories of Luke Skywalker, Darth Maul, and literally hundreds more.

Compiled by Stephen J. Sansweet, owner of the world’s largest private collection of Star Wars memorabilia, the book also showcases and details the rare, popular, forgotten, and beloved figures coveted by fans the world over, drawing figures from the feature film, video game, and cartoon realms of the vast Star Wars universe.

9. Award-Winning Fashions of Edith Head Paper Dolls

Author: by Tom Tierney
Dover Publications
32 pages

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From the 1920s into the 1980s, Edith Head designed costumes for Hollywood’s biggest stars as well as legions of supporting players and extras. The diminutive doyenne of screen fashion received 35 Oscar nominations, winning eight times more than anyone else in Academy Award history.

This tribute features two dolls and 29 of the designer’s creations, including outfits from Sunset Boulevard, All About Eve, Rear Window, The Sting, and many other films.

10. Guitar Aficionado: The Collections: The Most Famous, Rare, and Valuable Guitars in the World

Author: by Tom Beaujour
256 pages

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In this spectacular full-color deluxe volume, Guitar Aficionado magazine-today’s preeminent luxury guitar publication-presents the world’s most epic guitars, the stories behind them, and the people who own them. Inside is an exclusive look into the incredible collections of the world’s most illustrious players, including Eric Johnson, Jimmie Vaughan, Elliot Easton of the Cars, Robbie Robertson of the Band, Joe Bonamassa, Joe Perry and Brad Whitford of Aerosmith, Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick, Randy Bachman, Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac, Steve Earle, and many more.

All instruments are photographed in meticulous detail and are accompanied by descriptions and recollections in the artists’ own words. Guitar Aficionado: The Collections also features special chapters devoted to the iconic, historic, and often priceless instruments employed by the likes of Eddie Van Halen, Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top, Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath, Ace Frehley of Kiss, Peter Frampton, John Lennon-artists who changed not only the face of music, but of popular culture itself.

11. NFT and Cryptoart: The Complete Guide to Successfully Invest in, Create and Sell Non-Fungible Tokens in the Digital Art Market

Author: by Daniel L. Bray
110 pages

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Discover the ultimate guide to creating, selling and investing in Non-Fungible Tokens! Are you searching for a complete, down-to-earth guide to the world of Non-Fungible Tokens? Do you want to discover how you can harness the power of this ingenious technology for buying, selling, and investing in digital art?

Then this book is for you! With the popularity of NFTs exploding in recent times, more and more artists and entrepreneurs are discovering the unique potential that NFTs have for the digital art market. But with so much confusing advice out there and so many conflicting ideas, how do you know where to begin?

Breaking down the basics of Non-Fungible Tokens in a practical, common-sense way, NFT & Cryptoart offers you an illuminating look at how this revolutionary technology will shape the art world. Exploring the fundamentals of crypto and the foundations behind NFTs, the best ways to begin creating, buying and selling, and even a wealth of tips and tricks for becoming an NFT investor, this essential handbook arms you with everything you need to know about Non-Fungible Tokens.

12. The Compleat Talking Machine; A Collector's Guide to Antique Phonographs

Author: by Eric L. Reiss
Sonoran Pub
272 pages

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For over 25 years, the Compleat Talking Machine has served as the definitive repair and restoration manual for antique phonographs. The updated 5th edition delivers practical step-by-step solutions to repair problems, plus includes an identification section with pictures and descriptions of over 300 early machines, and a comprehensive guide to current market values.

13. Clint Eastwood: Icon: The Essential Film Art Collection

Author: by David Frangioni
Insight Editions
240 pages

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Featuring rare, outstanding additional content, Clint Eastwood: Icon is the definitive collection of film art and material representing Clint Eastwood’s legendary career as seen through the original iconic artwork. Clint Eastwood is a nameless vigilante, a vengeful detective, a bare-knuckle boxer, a Secret Service agent, and countless other definitive screen archetypes now embedded in our shared pop-culture consciousness.

However you define him, Clint Eastwood has a powerful and extremely recognizable image that exists as something beyond the narratives of his films. Featuring a wealth of additional content, this new edition of Clint Eastwood: Icon presents an unprecedented collection of film art and rare material surrounding the legendary actor.

This comprehensive trove gathers together poster art, lobby cards, standees, Italian Spaghetti Western Premier posters, studio ads, and esoteric film memorabilia from around the world. From his early roles as the nameless gunslinger in Sergio Leone’s spaghetti Westerns, to the vigilante films of the 1970s and 1980s, through his directorial roles and latest releases, Clint Eastwood: Icon captures the powerful presence that turned Eastwood into the definitive American hero.

14. Vinyl Junkies: Adventures in Record Collecting

Author: by Brett Milano
St. Martin's Griffin
240 pages

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Not too far away from the flea markets, dusty attics, cluttered used record stores and Ebay is the world of the vinyl junkies. Brett Milano dives deep into the piles of old vinyl to uncover the subculture of record collecting.

A vinyl junkie is not the person who has a few old 45s shoved in the cuboard from their days in high school. Vinyl Junkies are the people who will travel over 3,000 miles to hear a rare b-side by a German band that has only recorded two songs since 1962, vinyl junkies are the people who own every copy of every record produced by the favorite artist from every pressing and printing in existance, vinyl junkies are the people who may just love that black plastic more than anything else in their lives.

Brett Milano traveled the U.S. Seeking out the most die-hard and fanatical collectors to capture all that it means to be a vinyl junkie. Includes interviews with Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth, Peter Buck from R.E. M and Robert Crumb, creator of Fritz the cat and many more underground comics.