Best Propagation & Cultivation Gardening Books

Here you will get Best Propagation & Cultivation Gardening Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. The Garden Journal, Planner and Log Book: Repeat successes & learn from mistakes with complete personal garden records. 28 adaptable year-round forms, … (The Garden Journal Log Books) (Volume 1)

Author: by Joy L. Kieffer
Published at: Hidden Cache Media; 1st edition (November 28, 2015)
ISBN: 978-0692573983

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WARNING ~ ONLY BOOKS SOLD AS FROM AMAZON ARE LEGITIMATE NEW BOOKS, authorized and published by the auther Joy Kieffer/Hidden Cache Media. Used books can only be obtained through questionable methods. If you want a journal that is new and unmarked buy directly from Amazon.

BOOK DESCRIPTION: (See Author Link for other journals) For the gardener who wants to enjoy the benefits of gardening, without the frustrations. FOR THE COST OF ONE SIMPLE GARDEN TOOL, you can OWN THE MOST VALUABLE GARDEN TOOL OF ALL; one that will save you hundreds and perhaps thousands of dollars in mistakes.

Even more valuable than your favorite garden trowel or spade is a written record of what works in your garden. WHILE GARDENING BOOKS AND THE INTERNET ARE FULL OF GREAT ADVICE, THEY CAN’T REPLACE PERSONAL EXPERIENCE. Your garden is in your micro-climate, with your soil.

Perennials in one part of the country aren’t perennials in another. There are simply too many plants and too many variables for anyone to remember from year to year what worked where and what didn’t and why. You need to remember WHAT WORKS FOR YOUIN YOUR GARDEN.

2. Texas Home Landscaping, 3rd Edition, Includes Oklahoma! 48 Landscape Designs, 200+ Plants & Flowers Best Suited to the Region (Creative Homeowner) Nearly 400 Photos and Easy Step-by-Step Instructions

Author: by Greg Grant
Published at: Design Originals; Third edition (July 25, 2011)
ISBN: 978-1580115131

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Find inspiring ideas to make your Texas or Oklahoma home landscape more attractive and functional! 48 beautiful designs created by landscape professionals specifically for TX & OKOver 200 plants picked for your region, with detailed descriptions and all you need to know to plant & maintain themNearly 400 photos and illustrations to help envision your resultsStep-by-step instructions for building structures like paths, ponds, walls, fences, arbors, and trellisesCreative solutions for front entries, foundation plantings, patios, steep slopes, and moreTexas Home Landscaping, 3rd Edition is an updated, expanded edition of Creative Homeowner’s award-winning book on landscaping Texas-style!

Inside, you’ll find inspiring ideas for making your home landscape more attractive and functional. The 48 featured designs are created by landscape professionals from the region and use more than 200 region-specific plants that thrive in Texas and Oklahoma. Included are detailed instructions for projects such as paths, patios, ponds, and arbors, concise information for gardening techniques, and easy-to-follow plans.

3. Organic Mushroom Farming and Mycoremediation: Simple to Advanced and Experimental Techniques for Indoor and Outdoor Cultivation

Author: by Tradd Cotter
Published at: Chelsea Green Publishing (August 18, 2014)
ISBN: 978-1603584555

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What would it take to grow mushrooms in space? How can mushroom cultivation help us manage, or at least make use of, invasive species such as kudzu and water hyacinth and thereby reduce dependence on herbicides? Is it possible to develop a low-cost and easy-to-implement mushroom-growing kit that would provide high-quality edible protein and bioremediation in the wake of a natural disaster?

How can we advance our understanding of morel cultivation so that growers stand a better chance of success? For more than twenty years, mycology expert Tradd Cotter has been pondering these questions and conducting trials in search of the answers.

In Organic Mushroom Farming and Mycoremediation, Cotter not only offers readers an in-depth exploration of best organic mushroom cultivation practices; he shares the results of his groundbreaking research and offers myriad ways to apply your cultivation skills and further incorporate mushrooms into your lifewhether your goal is to help your community clean up industrial pollution or simply to settle down at the end of the day with a cold Reishi-infused homebrew ale.

4. Northeast Home Landscaping, 3rd Edition: Including Southeast Canada (Creative Homeowner) 54 Landscape Designs, 200+ Plants & Flowers Best Suited to CT, MA, ME, NH, NY, RI, VT, NB, NS, ON, PE, & QC

Author: by Roger Holmes
Published at: Creative Homeowner; Third edition (December 1, 2006)
ISBN: 978-1580115155

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Find inspiring ideas to make your home landscape more attractive and functional! 54 beautiful designs created by landscape professionals specifically for the Northeast U.S. And Southeast Canada Over 200 plants picked for your region, with detailed descriptions and all you need to know to plant & maintain them Nearly 400 photos and illustrations to help envision your results Step-by-step instructions for building structures like paths, ponds, walls, fences, arbors, and trellises Creative solutions for front entries, foundation plantings, patios, steep slopes, and more Northeast Home Landscaping shows you how to beautify 27 common landscape situations, such as front and back entries, walkways, borders, slopes, and patios.

The 54 featured design variations are created by landscape professionals from the region and incorporate more than 200 region-specific plants that thrive in the Northeast U.S. Included are detailed instructions to install the paths, fences, walls, arbors, and trellises that make up the designs, concise information for gardening techniques, and easy-to-follow plans.

5. Magic Mushroom Grower's Guide Simple Steps to Bulk Cultivation

Author: by Principium Quaesitor
Published at: The Psychonautical Society; 1st edition (August 10, 2015)
ISBN: 978-0992558406

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This book is a comprehensive manual on the bulk cultivation of psilocybin mushrooms, using do-it-yourself equipment made of common materials wherever possible. It walks you through every step of the procedure, providing easy-to-follow instructions, essential information, and useful advice about growing these magical fungi using a simple and economical methodology.

This book provides hundreds of photos and diagrams to help you understand the processalso offering helpful resources for sourcing equipment and materials. Advanced procedures are also presented, allowing for rapid progression from the basics to more sophisticated methods of cloning and growing with agar.

6. Plant Combinations for an Abundant Garden: Design and Grow a Fabulous Flower and Vegetable Garden (Creative Homeowner) Practical Advice, Step-by-Step Instructions, and a Comprehensive Plant Directory

Author: by David Squire
Published at: Design Originals; First edition (May 13, 2019)
ISBN: 978-1580118279

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This concise, easy-to-use book shows how to create productive gardens by selecting the perfect plant combinations! Over 300 gorgeous photographs, illustrations, and diagramsPractical, expert advice from leading cultivation specialistsStep-by-step instructions for building up layers of soil with mushroom compost, covering weeds with mulch, protecting plants with nets and plastic and much moreA comprehensive plant directory covers summer-flowering annuals, herbaceous perennials, shrubs, small trees, climbers, water plants, bamboos, culinary herbs, fruits, vegetables and moreWhat could be better after a challenging day at work or a long drive home than to relax in the garden?

Reflecting among aromatic flowers and enjoying your own homegrown vegetables is what dreams are made of. For some, it can seem like just thata dream. But two cultivation specialists have teamed up to break down the steps of creating the perfect flower and vegetable garden in this handy guide.

Packed with practical advice from leading cultivation specialists, this concise, easy-to-use book covers virtually every aspect of garden design and maintenancefrom choosing a plot to selecting plants, maximizing space, and building raised beds. Plant Combinations for an Abundant Garden shows how to create productive gardens by selecting the perfect plant combinations.

7. Regrow Your Veggies: Growing Vegetables from Roots, Cuttings, and Scraps (CompanionHouse Books) Sustainable Tips, Troubleshooting, & Directions for Lettuce, Potatoes, Ginger, Scallions, Mango, & More

Author: by Melissa Raupach
Published at: CompanionHouse Books (February 17, 2020)
ISBN: 978-1620083680

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Don’t rebuy your veggies, regrow them! 21 delicious foods that can be regrown at home, from scallions and lettuce to galangal, Jerusalem artichoke, and mangoStep-by-step instructions and photography to help you effectively propagate your favorite vegetables, herbs, and fruitsTroubleshooting advice, including dealing with pests, pathogens, and moldSave money and time at the grocery store by sustainably regrowing your own produceThere no need to keep buying the same vegetables over and over just because you eat them all the time.

Learn how to produce your own produce from scraps! Regrow Your Veggies is an insightful guide that provides effective propagation techniques to recycle and regrow more than 20 popular vegetables, herbs, and fruits right at home! Learn how to have a source of fresh and healthy vegetables close byfrom onions and sweet potatoes to pineapples and mangoes.

Reduce waste, save money, and learn how to prevent and solve issues with pesky pests and pathogens. Inside Regrow Your Veggies, you’ll find regrow instructions for:Chinese cabbageHorseradishBeetsCorianderTurmericLemongrassAvocadoPineapple…And many more! This book is packed with tips and information that makes reusing your produce simple and rewarding: Scallions are some of the easiest to grow, doing well in either soil or water.

8. House Plant Journal Log Book: A plant journal notebook for Plant Info, Watering and Fertilizing Dates, Photos, etc.

Author: by Nina Bird
Published at: Independently published (July 31, 2020)
ISBN: 979-8671107579

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This logbook is perfect for keeping track of your green friends, helping you ensure that they are watered properly and given the right conditions they need to thrive. This journal includes:watering and fertilizing trackersindividual plant profile pagessunlight needsfertilization needssoil needswater needspropagation methodspace for up to 100 individual plant species to be recorded202 pages of journaling spaceElegant CoverThis would be a perfect gift for your plant obsessed friend!

9. American Horticultural Society Plant Propagation: The Fully Illustrated Plant-by-Plant Manual of Practical Techniques

Author: by Alan Toogood
Published at: DK; 1st American ed edition (April 26, 1999)
ISBN: 978-0789441164

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This comprehensive guide contains all the techniques you need with easy-to-follow, step-by-step explanations of how to propagate your plant. Whether you want to increase your plants by the easiest or most reliable methods of propagation, experiment with more unusual or advanced techniques, or use specialized techniques for a favorite plant group, you will find everything you need in this approachable handbook.

Want to know the best way to propagate a particular plant? Each entry in the A-Z section of this book tells you which method of propagation to use, when to do it, and what degree of skill each method requires.

Curious how you can improve your seed germination? AHS Plant Propagation instructs you on which seeds need special treatment before sowing, and how to provide the conditions to ensure a good rate of germination. Confused about how long it takes to obtain a flowering plant?

You’ll find guidelines on the average success rate for each plant, how big a yield you can expect, and how long it should take to get a mature or flowering plant. Need to make sure your cuttings won’t fail? This guide lets you know how to take appropriate cuttings from each type of plant and make sure they root successfully.

10. Mushroom Cultivation: A Practical Guide to Growing Mushrooms at Home

Author: by Barton Press
Published at: More Books LLC (February 2, 2021)
ISBN: 978-1954289444

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Discover the Easiest and Most Convenient Way to Cultivate Mushrooms With This Practical Guide to Growing Mushrooms at HomeWould you like to discover the easiest way to grow mushrooms at your home? Do you want that process to be stress- and hassle-free?

If you are reading this, you are obviously interested in cultivating your own mushrooms from the comfort of your home, but you have a lot of questions about the process, and you are not quite sure how to do that.Right?

You don’t have to worry, because this guide will show you everything you need to know about growing mushrooms. It will guide you, step-by-step, through the learning and growing process. That way, you’ll mitigate all mistakes that beginners make. With this guide in your hands, you’ll become an expert mushroom grower in no time.

Forget about failure and frustrations because this book will free you from all of that. You will discover the science behind the mushrooms and their growth; you’ll learn how to prepare the best soil for them and to manage the nutrients they need.

11. Gardening for Geeks: All the Science You Need for Successful Organic Gardening (CompanionHouse Books) Step-by-Step Processes with Diagrams, Expert Tips, & Nerdy Details on Soil Biology, Botany, & More

Author: by Christy Wilhelmi
Published at: CompanionHouse Books; Updated edition (February 17, 2020)
ISBN: 978-1620083581

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Know the nature of your garden! The ultimate resource to organic gardening for people who want to learn the science behind it allStep-by-step processes, helpful diagrams, and expert tips on best practicesLearn the biology and ecology of how plants work, how soil lives, how bugs help, and moreExpert advice on planning, planting, garden beds, irrigation, pest control, garden ecosystems, harvesting, storage, and compostingThe perfect organic gardening guide and gateway into all things gardening, this updated and redesigned edition of Gardening for Geeks provides everything you need to know about designing, building, and sustaining the garden of your dreams!

Filled with step-by-step processes, helpful diagrams, and expert tips on the best practices, this book covers it all for anyone who dreams of gardening, even if you’re a city dweller! Starting off with the beginner-friendly basics, then progressing into more advanced, in-depth concepts for a wide scope of gardening strategies and techniques, this is a comprehensive and geeky look at your favorite hobby.

12. Garden Planner And Log Book: Gardening Organizer & Journal Notebook – Unique Gardener Planting Gifts

Author: by Cartba Publishing
Published at: Independently published (December 30, 2019)
ISBN: 978-1653335275

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For Gardening LoversStay organized while keeping your garden beautiful with this awesome Gardening Journal Notebook And Organizer. Designed with section features that are important to gardeners including Seasonal Planning, Monthly Planting Goals, Weekly and Daily To Do Lists, Pests and Diseases Tracker and much more!

Treat yourself today or buy it as a gift for a friend or loved one. The Garden Lovers Journal Features: Large 8 x 10 matte-finished soft cover book with 120 pre-formatted white pages. The interior is organized into 4 Planting Seasons (Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter) for a full 12 Months of Planning and Recording.

Each Month allows for Weekly and Daily documenting with To Do Lists and Notes and Reminders pages. Pages for Tracking Flower Planting, Vegetables and Herbs, Pests and Diseases, Potted Plants as well as an Annual Rainfall Chart. Ample interior blank lined page space for writing about your planting progressions or jotting down any new thoughts and ideas.

13. Cactus and Succulent Coloring Book BLACK BACKGROUND Color By Numbers for Adults Desert Plants Mosaic Puzzles: Houseplant Book- Plants of the Southwest

Author: by Color Questopia
Published at: Color Questopia (February 4, 2021)
ISBN: 978-1954883000

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This is a Midnight Edition of our Cactus and Succulent Color by Number Coloring Book For Adults- on black paper with black lines! If you’re looking for a soothing way to relieve stress and lower anxiety, then this gorgeous black background succulent coloring book is the book for you!

Enjoy the most creative, relaxing yet challenging collection of desert plants and tiny terrariums for adults and teens! If you know our books, and don’t love coloring in the white lines of the mosaics (which can be very detailed), this is the book for you!

All the lines are already filled in in black! You will get: 20 mosaic black background cactus and succulent designs and illustrations in a large activity book Big 8. 5×11 pages that fit easily into a standard 8. 5 x11 frame Extra BONUS color by number puzzle pages at the end from other books to feed your addiction!

Single sided pages that are great for framing Premium shiny finish cover design Chart of numbered colors at the back for ease and stress relief Plenty of space to play- get wild and free! The images in this jumbo colouring book include a wide variety of black background cacti to color and complete!

14. GARDENING FOR BEGINNERS: 4 books in 1: Hydroponics Gardening, Vegetable Gardening for Beginners, Raised Bed Gardening for Beginners, Container Gardening

Author: by Phil Green
Published at: Independently published (August 21, 2020)
ISBN: 979-8677596834

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Do you want to approach the world of gardening but are confused about the many facts and typologies of gardening? Would you like all the information in 1 book to better understand different growing approaches, become self-sufficient, grow flowers, vegetables, herbs and fruits in a yard and even in a small urban space?

This compilation includes: Vegetable Gardening for Beginners. The easiest guide to getting started growing delicious produce Raised Bed Gardening for Beginners. How to plan, build and grow a thriving raised bed Container Gardening. The secret to maintaining year-round edible gardens in pots and tubes or more imaginative decorative containers Hydroponics Gardening.

Your step-by-step guide to starting a hydroponic gardening system and achieve 4 seasons harvestsGardening for Beginners 4 Books in 1 is the ultimate bundle containing everything you need to know. 4 Manuscripts rolled up in 1 book to give you all the basic information to make the best growing decisions and keep your green space under control.

15. Growing Roses in Cold Climates: Revised and Updated Edition

Author: by Richard Hass
Published at: Univ Of Minnesota Press; Revised, Updated ed. edition (February 14, 2012)
ISBN: 978-0816675937

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This thoroughly updated edition of the landmark volume Growing Roses in Cold Climates includes: Accessible information on 875 varieties of roses best suited to cold climates New methods for protecting roses in winter Hundreds of new rose introductions, including disease-resistant and hardy varieties Five-star ratings to help you select top-performing rosesIn addition to describing both organic and inorganic solutions to common rose problems, this volume also profiles twelve major classes of roses, complete with photographs and step-by-step guidelines on achieving ideal growing conditions.