Best Public Utilities Law Books

Here you will get Best Public Utilities Law Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. Notary Journal: Official Notary Log Book To Record Notarial Acts

Author: by Bliss Life Publishing
111 pages

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This Notary Journal is well designed for professional useThis notary record book comes with 8. 5″ x 11″ in size and includes sequential numbered records with two records per page. It has plenty of space to write all the notary details. It also includes a front page for notary’s name and contact information, as well as log book number and log book start date information.

Comes with professional look cover and high quality paper, transactions are kept secure and organized in this notary journal. Each record includes:Record NumberNameAddressPhone NumberEmailService PerformedIdentification TypeIdentification Number / Issuer / Issue & Expiration DateDocument Date and TypeDate and Time NotarizedFeesWitness Name / Address / Phone / EmailWitness’ SignatureSigner’s SignatureThumb PrintComments box for additional informationFeatures of the book:8.

5 x 11 inches size page2 records per page110 pagesPrinted on bright whiteHigh-quality, Soft and Glossy coverGet Your Copy Today!

2. DARK PSYCHOLOGY: 10 BOOKS IN 1 : Learn the Art of Persuasion, How to Influence People, Hypnosis, Manipulation Techniques, NLP Secrets, Analyze Body language, Mind Control, and Emotional Intelligence.

Author: by Joseph Griffith
805 pages

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THIS BOOK INCLUDES 10 MANUSCRIPTS- Do You want to learn Dark Psychology Secrets and the Art of Persuasion? Does the idea of mind control fascinate you? Do you think someone is using manipulation methods to manage your actions? Are you interested in learning the art of influencing and manipulating people through body language?

If you answered “yes” to any of these, then this is the perfect, educational and informational book for you!Hello! Welcome to the guide of “Dark Psychology”In this book, you’ll discover how you can be a master of manipulation to help you get what you want out of life.

You will read about the three steps of manipulation, including analysis, manipulation, and persuasion. Learn the secrets of using and resisting dark psychologyManipulation delves deep into the nitty-gritty and exposes the world of dark psychology to shed new light on human behavior.

Dark psychology Secret is powerful, ubiquitous, and the missing tool that you need to have an advantage in everyday life. In this book, you’ll learn that there is much more to it than that. You will see what people are doing each day, consciously and subconsciously, and how to recognize it faster.

3. Diabetic Air Fryer Cookbook: Easy and Healthy Diabetic Cookbook Using Your Air Fryer with 30-Days Meal Plan (Diabetic Cookbooks 2 of)

Author: by AMZ Publishing
97 pages

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Is keeping track of a healthy lifestyle your problem too? Have you been recently diagnosed with diabetes? Is the fast-paced life confusing and keeps throwing you off your diet plan? Well, this Diabetic Air Fryer cookbook is one of the best things to have happened to you today.

Diabetes can have an adverse effect on your body if left untreated. The disease tends to particularly attack the heart and vascular system. This may cause various heart ailments, stroke, kidney disease, or partial blindness, among other serious health hazards.

This Diabetic cookbook is specially designed keeping in mind the conditions and body taste of someone who is just beginning to follow the diabetes diet. Having diagnosed with diabetes can be frustrating at times, given the strict diet control it requires.

This Diabetic Cookbook contains the following categories: Diabetic Cookbook: Understanding DiabetesDiabetic Cookbook: The Link Between Obesity and Type 2 DiabetesDiabetic Cookbook: Types of Diabetes, Symptoms, and TreatmentDiabetic Cookbook: Understanding the Air FryerDiabetic Cookbook: How to Start Cooking in an Air FryerDiabetic Cookbook: 30-Day Meal PlanDiabetic Cookbook: Breakfast RecipesDiabetic Cookbook: Poultry RecipesDiabetic Cookbook: Beef, Pork, and Lamb RecipesDiabetic Cookbook: Vegetarian RecipesDiabetic Cookbook: Seafood Recipes

4. Checking Account Ledger: 6 Column Payment Record, Record and Tracker Log Book, Personal Checking Account Balance Register, Checking Account Transaction Register (checkbook ledger)

Author: by Cindy Tolgo
100 pages

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Checking Account Ledger: 6 Column Payment RecordThis book is for- Check And Debit Card Log Book- Account Payment Record Tracking- Checkbook Registers- Personal Checking Account Ledger- Management Finance Budget ExpensePerfect Checkbook balance for you have been keeping your own record transactions.

DETAILS: For your write in. Starting Balance – Record Date – Code or Check No. Description – Payment/Debit (-) – Deposit/Credit (+) – Balance – Portable Size 6×9″

5. Notary Public Record Book: Notary Journal to log a detailed recording of notarial acts

Author: by Verat Publishing
100 pages

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Why do people fight about water rights? Who decides how much water can be used by a city or irrigator? Does the federal government get involved in state water issues? Why is water in Colorado so controversial? These questions, and others like them, are addressed in Colorado Water Law for Non-Lawyers.

This concise and understandable treatment of the complex web of Colorado water laws is the first book of its kind. Legal issues related to water rights in Colorado first surfaced during the gold mining era in the 1800s and continue to be contentious today with the explosive population growth of the twenty-first century.

Drawing on geography and history, the authors explore the flashpoints and water wars that have shaped Colorado’s present system of water allocation and management. They also address how this system, developed in the mid-1800s, is standing up to current testsincluding the drought of the past decade and the competing interests for scarce water resourcesand predict how it will stand up to new demands in the future.

7. Dark Psychology: 9 IN 1: The Complete Body Language Guide to Take Full Control Of Your Life And Make Your Mind Inaccessible From Any Form Of Manipulation

Author: by Jonathan Mind
October 20, 2020

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Our mind is like a powerful hard disk and it constantly risks being hacked. We are facing a toxic society full of people who every day try to exploit our minds for their interest. Enough is enough: you are about to discover the ultimate bundle guide that teaches you how to get rid of any form of manipulation!

You can bear this torture again and again or you can turn your mind into an inaccessible safe to which you alone have the key. And the good news is that’s more simple than you think! Imagine your life change for the better after discovering all the winning formulas in this proven guide.

No more bosses or colleagues treating you like a defenseless child, no more ambiguous behavior implemented by your partner going unnoticed. All of that without the need to become a wizard in psychology. After reading Dark Psychology: 9 Books in 1, you will learn to:Understand NLP and use it to unmask unethical behavior made by other people towards youRecognize all the subtler forms of deception and reacting accordinglyMaster the non-verbal communication and the body language to unveil the smallest inconsistency from the words pronounced by somebody else and his real intentionsAnalyze the dark side of persuasion and understanding how to take advantage of complicated situationsErect an effective barrier that protects you from narcissism and any mental abuseHeal from negative experiences step-by-step and recover your self-esteem for a new life cycleAnd much moreStop unfair manipulation right now: Click the Buy Now button and earn the happy and fulfilled life you deserve.

8. Bill Organizer: Bill and Expense Tracker / Keep Track of Your Monthly Expenses With This Simple Organizer

Author: by Medabix Log Book

‎ B08Y49S9YZ
120 pages

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This large book provides a fantastic way to track and organize your bills for the Management of your money to reduce your monthly spending total. It is perfect for your budget, personal finance and business.

9. 2020-2021 Two Year Planner: Flower Watecolor Cover | 2 Year Calendar 2020-2021 Monthly | 24 Months Agenda Planner with Holiday | Personal Appointment … 8.5×11, 24 Months Jan 2020 to Dec 2021)

Author: by Independently published

8.5 x 0.23 x 11 inches

9 ounces


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This two year monthly planner 2020-2021 24 months calendar from January 2020 to December 2021 and is perfect for big planning. Plan for a month from now, a year from now, or two years from now in one convenient planner. This 2 year planners and organizers will help you to accomplish your goals over the next two years, once you spend time to think of them, plan for them, write them down and scheduled them in your planner.

2020-2021 Monthly Planner Details

10. Weight Lifting Log Book: Workout Tracker for Men and Women, Exercise Notebook and Fitness Journal for Personal Training

Author: by Medabix Log
120 pages

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This simple log book helps you keep track of your daily exercises. Easy to use, excellent for beginners or avid lifters and fitness enthusiasts!


International Aviation Law
Author: by Ron Bartsch
424 pages

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International Aviation Law: A Practical Guide explains the international context and application of the law as it applies to commercial and recreational aviation, and to the broader aviation environment. It provides a comprehensive introduction to all aspects of aviation law, from criminal law to contract law, to the legal duties and responsibility of aircrew and other aviation personnel including airport operators, air traffic controllers and aircraft engineers.

Each area of the law is clearly explained in accessible language and supported with practical case studies to illustrate the application of the law within an operational aviation context. It also provides advice on how to avoid or minimize legal liability for those working in the aviation industry.

Thoroughly revised and updated throughout, this second edition adds new material on subjects such as unmanned aircraft systems, ASEAN’s Single Aviation Market, common rules on compensation and assistance to passengers, and a discussion on the impact of Brexit to the UK’s aviation market and legal status.

12. Regulating Public Utility Performance: The Law of Market Structure, Pricing and Jurisdiction

Author: by Scott Hempling
500 pages

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Organizing a century of legal principles to help the U.S. Public utility industry resolve tensions created by the current legal boundaries of legal regulation and fashion new policies for the future. Its mix of case narratives and doctrine, drawn from all legal sources, is geared to lawyers and non-lawyers, veterans and novices, practitioners and decision-makers, academics and the media-anyone seeking to use the law to serve the public interest.

Topics covered include market structure, pricing, and jurisdictional issues. Regulating Public Utility Performance is used or has been used as a text at the following law schools: University of Arkansas Law School Georgetown University Law Center Washington University University of Tulsa Vermont Law School University of Hawaii

13. Principles of Public Utility Rates

Author: by James C. Bonbright
Public Utilities Reports
700 pages

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Classic reference, previously out-of-print, available again in response to customer demand! Since 1961, Principles of Public Utility Rates, has laid the foundation of public utility pricing theories, policies and the economic concepts supporting rate designs. Updated to reflect new rate-making challenges, this book continues to be cornerstone reference for everyone involved in analyzing what constitutes fair and reasonable utility rates.

The last printing sold out!Don’t wait! Order your copy today!

14. Notary Journal: Official Notary Log Book To Record Notarial Acts By Public Notaries

Author: by Laetitia Rafferty
110 pages

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Each page has two entries with useful information to capture any type of notary event and enough space to write in. You love that it has space for the thumb print and additional space for additional information. This Notary Journal is 8.

5″ x 11″ in size and includes:Name, Address, Phone Number & Email;Service Performed, Identification Type;Identification Number/Issuer / Issue & Expiration Date;Document Data & Type, Date and Time Notarized;Fee Charged;Witness Name / Address / Phone / Email;Witness’s / Signer’s Signature; Thumb Print;Comment box for additional information;It’s Guaranteed to Love!

15. Notary Journal: Official Notary Public Log Book – Records Notarial Acts

Author: by Hobby Bobby
104 pages

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PERFECTLY DESIGNED JOURNAL FOR PROFESSIONAL USEThe 8. 5 “x 11” book has plenty of space to write in all the notary details, contains sequentially numbered records with two per page. Includes a first page with space for the notary’s name and other information.

What does this notary journal give us? The beautiful look of the matte cover and high quality paper and that our transactions are organized and safely stored. Record Contains:Record NumberNameEmail AddressPhone NumberAddressSigner’s SignatureThumb PrintDocument Date and TypeDate NotarizedFee ChargedIdentification Number : Issuer / Issue & Expiration DateIdentification : ID Card / Known Personally / Driver’s License / Witness / Passport / OthersService Performed : Jurat / Acknowledgement / Oath / OthersWitness Name / Address / Phone / EmailWitness’ SignatureNote box for additional informationGeneral information about the book:8.

5 x 11 inches size page2 records per page100 pagesPrinted on bright whiteHigh-quality, Soft and Matte coverScroll up and click buy now. Promotion price while stocks last!