Best Radio History & Criticism Books

Here you will get Best Radio History & Criticism Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. Susan, Linda, Nina & Cokie: The Extraordinary Story of the Founding Mothers of NPR

Author: by Lisa Napoli
352 pages

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A group biography of four beloved women who fought sexism, covered decades of American news, and whose voices defined NPR In the years after the Civil Rights Act of 1964, women in the workplace still found themselves relegated to secretarial positions or locked out of jobs entirely.

This was especially true in the news business, a backwater of male chauvinism where a woman might be lucky to get a foothold on the women’s pages. But when a pioneering nonprofit called National Public Radio came along in the 1970s, and the door to serious journalism opened a crack, four remarkable women came along and blew it off the hinges.

Susan, Linda, Nina, and Cokie is journalist Lisa Napoli’s captivating account of these four women, their deep and enduring friendships, and the trail they blazed to becoming icons. They had radically different stories. Cokie Roberts was born into a political dynasty, roamed the halls of Congress as a child, and felt a tug toward public service.

Susan Stamberg, who had lived in India with her husband who worked for the State Department, was the first woman to anchor a nightly news program and pressed for accommodations to balance work and home life. Linda Wertheimer, the daughter of shopkeepers in New Mexico, fought her way to a scholarship and a spot on-air.

2. Imposters: Two boys Who Fooled America

Author: by Richard Blade

‎ English
298 pages

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Good Morning Vietnam meets Bill & Ted – an incredible true story with film awards written all over it. I raced through each chapter wondering what would happen to these guys next!Kelly Urich, 94. 9 KCMO An amazing true story that would be impossible to happen today.

Richard Blade steers us on a wild, thrilling musical ride – buckle up! Terri Nunn, lead singer, Berlin! In 1966, two teenage boys from Torrance, California, were hunted by the FBI, and disappeared by assuming the identity of a best-selling singing duo from the fifties.

For the next three years they toured America, masquerading as popstars, racing to stay one step ahead of the authorities, while they watched their country endure its most turbulent decade as it reeled from the effects of assassinations, protests and the Vietnam War

3. Rush Limbaugh: An Army of One

Author: by Ze'ev Chafets
Penguin Publishing Group

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NATIONAL BESTSELLER! The bestselling biography of America’s Anchorman by the journalist who knew him best”Chafets has seen more of the pundit’s personal world than any other journalist.” -The Washington Post People tend to remember the moment they first heard The Rush Limbaugh Show on the radio.

For Zev Chafets, it was in a car in Detroit. The braggadocio, the outrageous satire, the slaughtering of liberal sacred cows performed with the verve of a rock and roll DJ-it seemed fresh, funny, and completely subversive. “They’re never going to let this guy stay on the air,” he thought.

Almost two decades later Chafets met Rush and they spent hours together talking on the record about politics, sports, music, show business, religion, and modern American history. Rush opened his home and his world, introducing Chafets to his family, his closest friends, even his psychologist.

What has emerged after months of correspondence revealing Rush Limbaugh’s thoughts, fears, and ambitions, is a uniquely personal look at the man who was not only the most popular voice on the radio, but also one of the most influential figures in the conservative movement.

4. White Line Fever: Lemmy: The Autobiography

Author: by Lemmy Kilmister
Simon & Schuster UK
June 8, 2012

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The incredible true story of a rock legend… Lemmy’s name was synonymous with notorious excess: his blood would have killed another human being. This is the story of the heaviest drinking, oversexed speed freak in the music business. Updated after Lemmy’s untimely death in 2016, White Line Fever offers a sometimes hilarious, often outrageous, highly entertaining ride with the frontman of (what was) the loudest rock band in history.

Motrhead stand firm as conquerors of the rock world, their history spanned an incredible forty years and while the Motrhead line-up saw many changes, Lemmy was always the soul of the machine. In the words of drummer Mikkey Dee, Lemmy was Motrhead.’ From playing with local bands in Wales, his early career with the Rocking Vicars, backstage touring with Hendrix, and his time with Hawkwind to creating speed metal and forming the legendary band Motrhead, this is the truly epic finale, and tribute, to Lemmy from those who loved him best.

5. Radio Replies: Three Volume Set

Author: by Leslie Rumble
TAN Books
1046 pages

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3 vols.4,374 questions and answers on every conceivable aspect of the Catholic Faith by these intrepid preachers. Clear, succinct, uncompromising, powerful. Best refutation of Protestantism in print.Indexed.Very famous.Impr.3 vol, PB

6. Chuck D Presents This Day in Rap and Hip-Hop History

Author: by Chuck D
Black Dog & Leventhal
352 pages

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A one-of-a kind survey of rap and hip hop history from 1973 to today by Chuck D, arguably the most influential rapper in the world. In the more than 40 years since the days of DJ Kool Herc and “Rapper’s Delight,” hip hop and rap have become a billion-dollar worldwide phenomenon.

Yet there is no definitive history of the genre-until now. Based on Chuck’s long-running show on Rapstation. Com, this massive compendium details the most iconic moments and influential songs in the genre’s recorded history, from Kurtis Blow’s “Christmas Rappin'” to The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill to Kendrick Lamar’s ground-breaking verse on “Control.” Also included are key events in hip hop history, from Grandmaster Flash’s first scratch through Tupac’s holographic appearance at Coachella.

Throughout, Chuck offers his insider’s perspective on the chart toppers and show stoppers as he lived it. Illustrating the pages are more than 100 portraits from the talented artists specializing in hip hop.


On the Air: The Encyclopedia of Old-Time Radio

Author: by John Dunning
Oxford University Press
840 pages

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Now long out of print, John Dunning’s Tune in Yesterday was the definitive one-volume reference on old-time radio broadcasting. Now, in On the Air, Dunning has completely rethought this classic work, reorganizing the material and doubling its coverage, to provide a richer and more informativeaccount of radio’s golden age.

Here are some 1,500 radio shows presented in alphabetical order. The great programs of the ’30s, ’40s, and ’50s are all here-Amos ‘n’ Andy, Fibber McGee and Molly, The Lone Ranger, Major Bowes’ Original Amateur Hour, and The March of Time, to name only a few.

For each, Dunning provides acomplete broadcast history, with the timeslot, the network, and the name of the show’s advertisers. He also lists major cast members, announcers, producers, directors, writers, and sound effects people-even the show’s theme song. There are also umbrella entries, such as “News Broadcasts,” whichfeatures an engaging essay on radio news, with capsule biographies of major broadcasters, such as Lowell Thomas and Edward R.Murrow.

8. The Network: The Battle for the Airwaves and the Birth of the Communications Age

Author: by Scott Woolley
April 26, 2016

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The astonishing story of America’s airwaves, the two friendsone a media mogul, the other a famous inventorwho made them available to us, and the government which figured out how to put a price on air. This is the origin story of the airwavesthe foundational technology of the communications ageas told through the forty-year friendship of an entrepreneurial industrialist and a brilliant inventor.

David Sarnoff, the head of RCA and equal parts Steve Jobs, Jack Welch, and William Randolph Hearst, was the greatest supporter of his friend Edwin Armstrong, developer of the first amplifier, the modern radio transmitter, and FM radio. Sarnoff was convinced that Armstrong’s inventions had the power to change the way societies communicated with each other forever.

He would become a visionary captain of the media industry, even predicting the advent of the Internet. In the mid-1930s, however, when Armstrong suspected Sarnoff of orchestrating a cadre of government officials to seize control of the FM airwaves, he committed suicide.

9. Diana Ross:: A Biography

Author: by J. Randy Taraborrelli
May 27, 2014

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The New York Times bestselling biographer provides the dish on Motown’s most famous songstress in this newly updated edition (The Dallas Morning News). Drawn from hundreds of interviews conducted over four decades, Diana Ross paints an unforgettable picture of an extraordinary and often controversial legenda pop music goddess, acclaimed actress, loving mother, Civil Rights trailblazer, and consummate entertainer.

Beautiful and fascinating, she is her own inventionthe definition of a superstar. First-time revelations abound, from the tough decisions she made while having Berry Gordy’s baby and the real reasons behind the break-up of the Supremes to her triumphant recovery after a surprising DUI arrest and her gala appearance at the Kennedy Center Honors.

Bestselling biographer J. Randy Taraborrelli boldly explores Diana Ross’s troubled relationships and the heartbreak she feels compelled to hide, bringing into focus a complex personality too often obscured by the bright lights of fame. Rich with detail and personal anecdotes, and fully up-to-date, Diana Ross is both definitive and delightfulthe ultimate biography that Miss Ross so richly deserves.

10. Gunsmoke: A Complete History and Analysis of the Legendary Broadcast Series with a Comprehensive Episode-by-Episode Guide to Both the Radio and Television Programs

Author: by SuzAnne Barabas
848 pages

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The series ran nine years on radio and twenty on television-the all-time longest running prime-time program with continuing characters. It introduced to the American people a cast of characters that quickly took on mythic proportions. There are 74 in-depth interviews and reminiscences by principal performers (Arness, Blake, Weaver, et al., guest stars (Hartley, O’Connor, Leachman, Reynolds, Conrad, et al., and directors, writers and producers associated with the radio and television programs.

A 128-page section contains 246 photographs of guest stars and leads. A comprehensive episode-by-episode guide provides entries for more than 1,000 radio and television programs, spanning 23 years, and for each includes title, synopsis, air date, cast, director, writer, producer and anecdotal information.

Eleven appendices: memorable quotes, the writers, TV schedules, radio and TV awards; principal performers’ credits Enormous index.

11. 200 Meters & Down: The Story of Amateur Radio

Author: by Clinton Desoto

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Chronicles the exciting evolution of Amateur Radio from the pioneers who perfected the wireless art through the technical advances of the mid-1930s.

12. TX Magazine: Pirate radio dispatches from eighties London

Author: by Stephen Hebditch

186 pages

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For three years between 1985 and 1988, TX Magazine documented the changes on London’s illegal airwaves. New laws had just increased the risks of pirate broadcasting, driving away many of the earlier participants. An experiment in community broadcasting was planned by the government, only to be axed over extremism fears.

From a small hardcore of pirates in 1985, the FM band exploded with new and diverse stations. This book presents a slice through the archives of TX Magazine, giving an insight into London’s radio at this critical time in its history and the hopes for a better radio system that reflected the changing city.

Compiled by Stephen Hebditch, the editor of TX Magazine and author of the acclaimed history of unlicensed radio in the capital, London’s Pirate Pioneers.

13. The Top 100 Classic Radio Shows

Author: by Carl Amari
Published at: Portable Press; Har/Com edition (November 1, 2017)

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A compendium of the top radio shows from the golden age of Hollywood. This book is chock-full of fascinating facts and behind-the-scenes information about the best shows from every era including the 1930s, ’40s, and ’50s. Organized into six categories, you’ll learn tantalizing tidbits about the shows and talent who made them famous.

Includes comedies, westerns, dramas, variety shows, mysteries and suspense, sci-fi and superheroes. Settle into your easy chair and get ready to revisit the golden oldies, including The Roy Rogers Show, The War of the Worlds, The Bob Hope Show, The Shadow, and much more.

Includes three audio CDs featuring one radio show from each genre, plus many more shows available to download. Audio CD run times: CD1: 58:26 CD2: 59:05 CD3: 54:22 Total: 2:51:53


Author: by Jenny Patterson
117 pages

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Hundreds of Clues and Hours of Fun – Easy on the Eyes and Refreshing to the Mind From young adults to seniors all can enjoy these entertaining challenges. Here are 50 Fun and Easy Crossword Puzzles printed in large print and perfect for the casual crossword puzzle aficionado.

50 easy crossword puzzles to buoy the spirit and exercise the mindHours and hours of captivating challengesLarge-print puzzles and solutionsLarge grids make it easier to enter lettersHundreds of clues to solveSolutions are in an easy-to-read format with six answer keys per page.

Great for limbering up the mind during breakfast, an evening’s entertainment, a break at the office, or to pass the time enjoyably while traveling. Other Readers Have Found Many Hours of Enjoyment with These Puzzle and We Hope You Will too.

Go Ahead Buy This Book for Yourself or a Friend Today Definitely a Winner! I’ve been a crossword puzzle fan for many years, so I was particularly delighted to receive this book and see how easy the type is to read and how clearly laid out the puzzles are.


FM: The Rise and Fall of Rock Radio

Author: by Richard Neer
384 pages

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“It was all so honest, before the end of our collective innocence. Top Forty jocks screamed and yelled and sounded mightier than God on millions of transistor radios. But on FM radio it was all spun out for only you.

On a golden web by a master weaver driven by fifty thousand magical watts of crystal clear power … Before the days of trashy, hedonistic dumbspeak and disposable three-minute ditties … In the days where rock lived at many addresses in many cities.”from FMAs a young man, Richard Neer dreamed of landing a job at WNEW in New Yorkone of the revolutionary FM stations across the country that were changing the face of radio by rejecting strict formatting and letting disc jockeys play whatever they wanted.

He felt that when he got there, he’d have made the big time. Little did he know he’d have shaped rock history as well. FM: The Rise and Fall of Rock Radio chronicles the birth, growth, and death of free-form rock-and-roll radio through the stories of the movement’s flagship stations.