Best Solid Works Software Programming Books

Sketching & Intro to Modeling, Modeling and Assemblies & Drawing includes step by step tutorials and videos showing students how to Sketch, Model and create Assemblies in SOLIDWORKS.

1. Remodel Your Kitchen Without Going Bonkers or Broke: Have a Stress-Free Renovation and Get the Kitchen of Your Dreams

Author: by Jim Molinelli
Published at: Jim Molinelli LLC (December 4, 2020)
ISBN: 978-0578813455

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They say the KITCHEN is the HEART of the home. But is your heart broken? When a kitchen becomes dated, breaks down, or fails to keep up with our changing family needs it can cause us daily embarrassment. Why do we stress-out and do nothing?

Maybe it’s the doubts and fears we entertain about:the high cost of remodelinggetting ripped-offbecoming overwhelmedmaking costly mistakesour own indecision and confusionRemodel Your Kitchen! Teaches a simple, step-by-step method to plan and coordinate a stress-free kitchen renovation that meets your needs and leaves you smiling.

It’s time to – Improve your kitchen and Improve your life! After all, everyone deserves a kitchen they love and a re proud to show off!

2. Beginner's Guide to SOLIDWORKS 2020 – Level I

Author: by Alejandro Reyes
Published at: SDC Publications (November 19, 2019)
ISBN: 978-1630573058

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The complete SolidWorks reference-tutorial for beginner to advanced techniques Mastering SolidWorks is the reference-tutorial for all users. Packed with step-by-step instructions, video tutorials for over 40 chapters, and coverage of little-known techniques, this book takes you from novice to power user with clear instruction that goes beyond the basics.

Fundamental techniques are detailed with real-world examples for hands-on learning, and the companion website provides tutorial files for all exercises. Even veteran users will find value in new techniques that make familiar tasks faster, easier, and more organized, including advanced file management tools that simplify and streamline pre-flight checks.

SolidWorks is the leading 3D CAD program, and is an essential tool for engineers, mechanical designers, industrial designers, and drafters around the world. User friendly features such as drag-and-drop, point-and-click, and cut-and-paste tools belie the software’s powerful capabilities that can help you create cleaner, more precise, more polished designs in a fraction of the time.

4. Learn SOLIDWORKS 2020: A hands-on guide to becoming an accomplished SOLIDWORKS Associate and Professional

Author: by Tayseer Almattar
Published at: Packt Publishing (December 2, 2019)
ISBN: 978-1789804102

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Explore a practical and example-driven approach to understanding SOLIDWORKS 2020 and achieving CSWA and CSWP certification Key Features Gain comprehensive insights into the core aspects of mechanical part modeling Get up to speed with generating assembly designs with both standard and advanced mates Focus on design practices for both 2D as well as 3D modeling and prepare to achieve CWSP and CWSA certification Book Description SOLIDWORKS is the leading choice for 3D engineering and product design applications across industries such as aviation, automobiles, and consumer product design.

This book takes a practical approach to getting you up and running with SOLIDWORKS 2020. You’ll start with the basics, exploring the software interface and working with drawing files. The book then guides you through topics such as sketching, building complex 3D models, generating dynamic and static assemblies, and generating 2D engineering drawings to equip you for mechanical design projects.

5. Engineering Analysis with SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2020

Author: by Paul Kurowski
Published at: SDC Publications (March 6, 2020)
ISBN: 978-1630573256

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Engineering Analysis with SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2020 goes beyond the standard software manual. Its unique approach concurrently introduces you to the SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2020 software and the fundamentals of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) through hands-on exercises. A number of projects are presented using commonly used parts to illustrate the analysis features of SOLIDWORKS Simulation.

Each chapter is designed to build on the skills, experiences and understanding gained from the previous chapters. Topics covered Linear static analysis of parts and assemblies Contact stress analysis Frequency (modal) analysis Buckling analysis Thermal analysis Drop test analysis Nonlinear analysis Dynamic analysis Random vibration analysis h and p adaptive solution methods Modeling techniques Implementation of FEA in the design process Management of FEA projects FEA terminology Table of Contents 1.Introduction 2.

Static analysis of a plate 3. Static analysis of an L-bracket 4. Static and frequency analysis of a pipe support 5. Static analysis of a link 6. Frequency analysis of a tuning fork and a plastic part 7. Thermal analysis of a pipe connector and heater 8.

6. Introducing MATH! Grade 1 by ArgoPrep: 600+ Practice Questions + Comprehensive Overview of Each Topic + Detailed Video Explanations Included | 1st … (Introducing MATH! Series by ArgoPrep)

Author: by Argo Brothers
Published at: Argo Brothers (May 1, 2019)
ISBN: 978-1946755742

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Introducing Math!By ArgoPrep is an award-winning series created by certified teachers to provide students with high-quality practice problems. This workbook is designed to provide you with a comprehensive overview of Grade 1 mathematics. Our workbooks include topic overviews with instruction, practice questions, answer explanations along with free digital access to video explanations.

Practice in confidence – with ArgoPrep! Grade 1 Mathematics:Chapter 1 – Operations and Algebraic Thinking1.1. Represent and solve word problems.1.2. Add and subtract within 20.1.3. Understand Even adn Odd Numbers. Chapter 2 – Numbers & Operation in Base Ten2.1. Understanding Three Digit Numbers.2.2. Adding and Subtracting.

Chapter 3 – Measurement & Data 3.1. Using Tools to Measure.3.2. Using Addition and Subtraction to Solve Word Problems.3.3. Working with Time and Money.3.4.Represent Data. Chapter 4 – Geometry4.1. Recognizing and Drawing Shapes. Chapter 5 – Mixed AssessmentWhether your school follows common core curriculum or a state-aligned curriculum, our Introducing Math!

7. SOLIDWORKS 2020 Basic Tools

Author: by Paul Tran
Published at: SDC Publications (December 2, 2019)
ISBN: 978-1630573065

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SOLIDWORKS 2020 Basic Tools is the first book in a three part series. It introduces new users to the SOLIDWORKS interface, SOLIDWORKS tools and basic modeling techniques. It provides you with a strong understanding of SOLIDWORKS and covers the creation of parts, assemblies and drawings.

Every lesson and exercise in this book was created based on real world projects. Each of these projects has been broken down and developed into easy and comprehensible steps. Furthermore, at the end of every chapter there are self test questionnaires to ensure that you have gained sufficient knowledge from each section before moving on to more advanced lessons.

This book takes the approach that in order to understand SOLIDWORKS, inside and out, you should create everything from the beginning and take it step by step. Who this book is for This book is for the beginner who is not familiar with the SOLIDWORKS program and its add ins.

Table of Contents Introduction: SOLIDWORKS 2020 User Interface 1.System Options 2. Document Templates 3. Basic Solid Modeling – Extrude Options 4. Basic Solid Modeling – Extrude & Revolve 5.Revolved Parts 6. Rib & Shell Features 7.Patterns 8. Part Configuration 9. Modeling Threads 10. Bottom Up Assembly 11. Using Advanced Mates 12.Layout Assembly 13.

8. Small Talk: How to Start a Conversation, Truly Connect with Others and Make a Killer First Impression

Author: by Diane Weston
Published at: Independently published (April 9, 2020)
ISBN: 979-8635689493

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Did you ever wonder how to jumpstart a conversation that just won’t get off the ground? Or have you even felt the urge to avoid social gatherings because striking up a conversation with a stranger makes your stomach do flip-flops?

Diane Weston provides solutions for those who feel their conversations have more awkward moments than they would like. She reveals tools and techniques anyone can use to start a meaningful conversation so you don’t need to worry about upcoming social gatherings anymore.

Whether it is a work party, a conference, or a friend’s dinner, with the help of this book you will be prepared to turn a stranger into an acquaintance and an acquaintance into a friend. Small Talk: How to start a conversation, truly connect with others and make a killer first impression teaches you how to become an expert at small talk.

This practical guide is divided into four easy-to-read sections. The introduction will ease you into an exploration of good communication. You’ll be able to learn all about:The differences between introverts and extrovertsThe basics of human interaction and foundations of good communicationThe unspoken rules of small talk It will also help you put all that basic theory into practice, so you can boost your social skills to the max.

9. Benny The Farting Bunny Saves Easter: Funny Rhyming Read Aloud Illustrated Story Book For Kids – Easter Basket Stuffer Gift For Boys And Girls (Fartastic Tales)

Author: by Joy Tyler
Published at: Independently published (March 12, 2021)
ISBN: 979-8721056956

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Benny The Farting Bunny is a colorful illustrated rhyming read aloud Easter story book. Benny dreams of becoming the next Easter bunny. He goes through a lot of funny farting adventures and gets the chance to achieve everything he ever wanted.

Read along to find out how he did it. This hilarious read aloud story is appropriate for people of all ages who appreciate funny farts humor (that is not overly gross). The book features:8.5″ x 8. 5″ sizeBeautiful glossy coverHilarious storyFull color beautiful hand-drawn illustrations by a professional artistThe perfect Easter Basket Stuffer for anyonePerfect for entertaining the little onesBook 2 of The “Fartastic Tales” SeriesAlso in these series: Lucas The Farting LeprechaunNew Books Coming Soon!Collect them all!

10. Engineering Graphics with SOLIDWORKS 2020

Author: by David Planchard
Published at: SDC Publications (January 10, 2020)
ISBN: 978-1630573157

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Engineering Graphics with SOLIDWORKS 2020 is written to assist students, designers, engineers and professionals who are new to SOLIDWORKS. The book combines the fundamentals of engineering graphics and dimensioning practices with a step-by-step project based approach to learning SOLIDWORKS. The book is divided into four sections with 11 Chapters.

Chapters 1 – 3: Explore the history of engineering graphics, manual sketching techniques, orthographic projection, Third vs. First angle projection, multi-view drawings, dimensioning practices (ASME Y14. 5-2009 standard), line type, fit type, tolerance, fasteners in general, general thread notes and the history of CAD leading to the development of SOLIDWORKS.

Chapters 4 – 9: Comprehend the SOLIDWORKS User Interface and CommandManager, Document and System properties, simple machine parts, simple and complex assemblies, proper design intent, design tables, configurations, multi-sheet, multi-view drawings, BOMs, and Revision tables using basic and advanced features. Follow the step-by-step instructions in over 80 activities to develop eight parts, four sub-assemblies, three drawings and six document templates.

11. Parametric Modeling with SOLIDWORKS 2020

Author: by Randy Shih
Published at: SDC Publications (March 30, 2020)
ISBN: 978-1630573133

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Parametric Modeling with SOLIDWORKS 2020 contains a series of seventeen tutorial style lessons designed to introduce SOLIDWORKS 2020, solid modeling and parametric modeling techniques and concepts. This book introduces SOLIDWORKS 2020 on a step-by-step basis, starting with constructing basic shapes, all the way through to the creation of assembly drawings and motion analysis.

This book takes a hands on, exercise intensive approach to all the important parametric modeling techniques and concepts. Each lesson introduces a new set of commands and concepts, building on previous lessons. The lessons guide the user from constructing basic shapes to building intelligent solid models, assemblies and creating multi-view drawings.

This book also covers some of the more advanced features of SOLIDWORKS 2020, including how to use the SOLIDWORKS Design Library, basic motion analysis, collision detection and analysis with SimulationXpress. The exercises in this book cover the performance tasks that are included on the Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate (CSWA) Examination.

12. Beginner's Guide to SOLIDWORKS 2020 – Level II

Author: by Alejandro Reyes
Published at: SDC Publications (January 9, 2020)
ISBN: 978-1630573072

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Beginner s Guide to SOLIDWORKS 2020 Level II starts where Beginner s Guide Level I ends, following the same easy to read style and companion video instruction, but this time covering advanced topics and techniques. The purpose of this book is to teach advanced techniques including sheet metal, surfacing, how to create components in the context of an assembly and reference other components (Top-down design), propagate design changes with SOLIDWORKS parametric capabilities, mold design, welded structures and more while explaining the basic concepts of each trade to allow you to understand the how and why of each operation.

The author uses simple examples to allow you to better understand each command and environment, as well as to make it easier to explain the purpose of each step, maximizing the learning time by focusing on one task at a time.

This book is focused on the processes to complete the modeling of a part, instead of focusing on individual software commands or operations, which are generally simple enough to learn. At the end of this book, you will have acquired enough skills to be highly competitive when it comes to designing with SOLIDWORKS, and while there are many less frequently used commands and options available that will not be covered in this book, rest assured that those covered are most of the commands used every day by SOLIDWORKS designers.

13. PMP Exam Prep: How to Pass on Your First Attempt (Based on the PMBOKĀ® Guide Sixth Edition). (2020 2nd Edition Revised and Updated)

Author: by Rita Gladwell
Published at: Independently published (May 10, 2020)
ISBN: 979-8644739363

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You are one-click away from discovering how to get a PMP certification on your first try. Passing the PMP Exam is no easy task, but this book can make it a lot simpler. PMP Exam Prep teaches you the latest principles and certification objectives in The PMBOK Guide in a unique and inspiring way.

Designed specifically to ensure you learn faster, retain more, and pass the PMP exam, the all new PMP Exam Prep is based on the PMBOK Guide 6th edition and will provides all the information project managers need to thoroughly prepare for and pass the test.

This comprehensive study resource includes:Procurement managementCost managementShdul mngmntCmmunitin managementRisk mngmntMillnu frmulA cheat sht n frmulPractice questions200 Questions with SolutionsOver 30 real life examplesExam Tips and TricksExplanations for each Question TypeFormula Cheat SheetFull-length practice test10 Mock ExamsIf you hv been looking fr a way t become a Prjt Management Prfinl (PMP), th content right hr will be n eye nr for you.

14. SOLIDWORKS 2021 Advanced Techniques

Author: by Paul Tran
Published at: SDC Publications (November 25, 2020)
ISBN: 978-1630574253

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SOLIDWORKS 2021 Advanced Techniques picks up where SOLIDWORKS 2021 Intermediate Skills leaves off. Its aim is to take you from an intermediate user with a basic understanding of SOLIDWORKS and modeling techniques to an advanced user capable of creating complex models and able to use the advanced tools provided by SOLIDWORKS.

The text covers parts, surfaces, SimulationXpress, sheet metal, top-down assemblies and core and cavity molds. Every lesson and exercise in this book was created based on real world projects. Each of these projects has been broken down and developed into easy and comprehensible steps.

Furthermore, at the end of every chapter there are self test questionnaires to ensure that you have gained sufficient knowledge from each section before moving on to more advanced lessons. This book takes the approach that in order to understand SOLIDWORKS, inside and out, you should create everything from the beginning and take it step by step.

Who this book is for This book is for the intermediate to advanced user who has already completed the SOLIDWORKS Basic Tools book and may have also completed the SOLIDWORKS Intermediate Skills book. People who are very familiar with SOLIDWORKS and its add ins will also find this book to be a valuable resource.

15. SolidWorks 2021 – Step-By-Step Guide: Part, Assembly, Drawings, Sheet Metal, & Surfacing

Author: by CADFolks
Published at: Independently published (December 1, 2020)
ISBN: 979-8575010128

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This book starts with SolidWorks 2021 using step-by-step examples. It begins with creating sketches and parts, assembling them, and then creating print ready drawings. This book gives you an idea about how you can design and document various mechanical components, and helps you to learn some advanced tools and techniques.

This book also follows some of the best practices in creating parts. In addition to this, there are some additional chapters covering sheet metal and surface design. Each topic in this book has a brief introduction and a step-by-step example.

This will help you to learn SolidWorks 2018 quickly and easily. Go through with the User Interface A step-by-step practice to create sketches and 3D models Teach you about advance Part Modeling tools Learn the procedure to create Multiple-body parts Learn to modify components at each step Learn to create assemblies Learn Top-down assembly design Learn to create 2D drawings Learn basic tools available in Sheet Metal and Surface Environment Create sheet metal drawings Create complex shapes using surface modeling tools