Best Sports Law Books

Here you will get Best Sports Law Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. Yahtzee Score Sheets: 888 Yahtzee Score Sheets Large Print 8.5"x11" Games

Author: by Katie Banks
151 pages

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2. The Truth about the O.J. Simpson Trial: By the Architect of the Defense

Author: by F. Lee Bailey
Skyhorse (June 8, 2021)
328 pages

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The Definitive Account of the O.J. Simpson Trial, by Legendary Defense Attorney F. Lee BaileyIt was called The Trial of the Century. Beloved football sensation, O.J. Simpson was famous for his prowess on the field, his good looks, and his charm.

But all that changed the night his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman were brutally slaughtered in her front yard late at night on June 12, 1994. The media circus that consumed the news cycle for the next eighteen months would forever change the world’s opinion of O.J.

Simpson, despite the fact that the jury, after nearly a year of sequestration, came to their decision in just a few hours: Not Guilty. Although at least a dozen books have been written about the O.J. Simpson trial, from every possible perspective from provocative to sensationalistic, The Truth About the O.J.

Simpson Trial is the most revealing because the writer was the Architect of the Defense. Bailey, shows definitively why the jury was correct in finding that the timeline of the evening made Simpson’s presence at the murder scene impossible, which eclipses the question Did he do it?

3. Trials To Triumph

Author: by Freddie Stevenson
112 pages

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For Freddie Stevenson, life has been a roller coaster – homelessness, poverty, and antagonists made his childhood a living hell. But through hard work , discipline, and perseverance, Stevenson transformed himself, from a scared, hopeless child with no plans for the future into a very accomplished Football Player and one of the top up and coming motivational speakers.

Stevenson was one of the top football players in the country coming out of high school, he won a National Championship at the collegiate level, and also had an opportunity to play in the National Football League. Stevenson’s journey is inspiring to so many across the country, the obstacles that he has overcome is nothing less than amazing.

In Trials To Triumph, he shares his breathtaking life story and the demons that he fought throughout his journey to becoming a motivational speaker. Stevenson believes that a great mindset can be the difference between success or failure in life.

Follow along as he illustrates how a positive mindset has propelled him over immovable mountains in life, but also how a negative mindset has lead to an abundance of his downfalls and almost costed him his life. Use Stevenson’s story and apply it to your life so that you can get the most out of the gifts that you have been blessed with and Triumph over every Trial that arises in your life.

4. Clubbie: A Minor League Baseball Memoir

Author: by Greg Larson
264 pages

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“If Clubbie isn’t the best piece of baseball literature since Ball Four, it’s the leader in the clubhouse.”-Los Angeles Daily News”[A] well-written, realistic, and necessary addition to current baseball literature.” -Library Journal Greg Larson was a starry-eyed fan when he hurtled headfirst into professional baseball.

As the new clubhouse attendant for the Aberdeen IronBirds, a Minor League affiliate of the Baltimore Orioles, Larson assumed he’d entered a familiar world.He thought wrong. He quickly discovered the bizarre rituals of life in the Minors: fights between players, teammates quitting in the middle of the games, doomed relationships, and a negligent parent organization.

All the while, Larson, fresh out of college, harbored a secret wish. Despite the team’s struggles and his own lack of baseball talent, he yearned to join the exclusive fraternity of professional ballplayers. Instead, Larson fell deeper into his madcap venture as the scheming clubbie.

He moved into the clubhouse equipment closet, his headquarters to swing deals involving memorabilia, booze, and loads of cash. By his second season, Larson had transformed into a deceptive, dip-spitting veteran, now fully part of a system that exploited players he considered friends.

5. Introduction to Sport Law With Case Studies in Sport Law

Author: by John O. Spengler
Human Kinetics
304 pages

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Introduction to Sport Law With Case Studies in Sport Law, Second Edition, provides students with comprehensive information on the fundamental legal issues in sport and sport management using a jargon-free approach that is accessible to readers with little or no legal background.

The content covers legal and management matters most commonly found in sport management, including liability issues, protecting the legal rights of athletes and employees, and managing legal risk. These texts contain straightforward examples and case studies that deliver timely information to ground sport law theory in practical applications.

Fully updated and expanded, Introduction to Sport Law, Second Edition, helps students understand the types of law that are most relevant to sport management professionals. New references and updated court cases throughout the text allow students to see laws and issues from a contemporary point of view to further their comprehension.

A new chapter on labor law adds a current perspective for students and sport management professionals. Introduction to Sport Law, Second Edition, is organized in a progressive way that takes into account all law categories relevant to sport management. The text presents an overview of the United States legal system, including the court system, the various types of law, and legal resources.

6. Sports Law and Regulation: Cases, Materials, and Problems (Aspen Casebook)

Author: by Matthew .J Mitten
Wolters Kluwer
1128 pages

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Sports Law and Regulation explores both amateur and professional sports as well as issues common to both industries. A comprehensive collection of cases and materials provides balanced perspective and flexible coverage, while the organization provides instructors the flexibility to cover selected sections or chapters for a separate course in either Amateur Sports Law or Professional Sports Law.

The fifth edition includes recent landmark sports precedents, cases, and articles. Materials examining internal governance issues of the MLB, the World Anti-doping Code applying to sports doping, the NCAA infractions process, and concussions and brain trauma have also been included in the updated edition.

Sports Law and Regulation contains the appropriate amount of introductory and explanatory materials, notes, and questions to facilitate students’ understanding as well as hypothetical problems for applying new knowledge. New to the 5th Edition: New problems on sports intellectual property Recent antitrust cases challenging NCAA student-athlete eligibility rules Excerpts from recent law review articles by former MLB commissioner Bud Selig regarding MLB internal governance issues New CAS cases applying World Anti-doping Code to sports doping Landmark Castor Semenya CAS award Recent cases regarding National Governing Body (NGB) legal duty to protect athletes from sexual abuse and U.S.

7. Sports and the Law: Text, Cases, and Problems (American Casebook Series)

Author: by Paul Weiler
West Academic Publishing
1179 pages

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Hardbound – New, hardbound print book.

8. Out of Bounds: Inside the NBA's Culture of Rape, Violence, and Crime

Author: by Jeff Benedict

March 17, 2009

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Out of Bounds: Inside the NBA’s Culture of Rape, Violence, and Crime is a searing indictment of professional basketball players who live in a world where criminal laws and social norms don’t exist, a world where they are given license to act above the law.

On the court, they dazzle us with their spectacular physical feats. They generate millions of dollars of revenue for the NBA and their teams. They inspire adulation. But underneath all the glitz, the money, and alley-oops is a seamy underbelly, a rash of lawlessness that is gripping the NBA.

Based on a first-of-its-kind investigation into the criminal histories of 177 NBA players from the 20012002 season, Out of Bounds shows that an alarming four out of every ten NBA players have a police record involving a serious crime. They are All-Stars and they are journeymen, involved in crimes ranging from armed robbery to domestic violence to gun possession to rape.

Out of Bounds takes a hard look at shocking cases, with graphic accounts of physical and sexual violence and other outrageous conduct by players. In all, more than 250 people are named, including many prominent NBA players. It exposes the environment and culture that encourages such criminal behavior.

9. How to Play the Game: What Every Sports Attorney Needs to Know

Author: by Darren A. Heitner
American Bar Association
200 pages

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How to Play the Game, by Miami-based attorney and sports agent Darren Heitner, is the go-to source for anyone interested in getting into the field of sports law. It discusses the laws that govern the sports industry, from contract drafting and negotiation to antitrust issues, intellectual property matters, and labor law concerns.

It also discusses the role of players’ associations, the power of sports commissioners, sports betting regulations, and more. But what makes it truly unique are the real-life case studies involving recognized professional and college sports figures as well as anecdotes from Darren’s own experiences as a sports attorney, agent, and media spokesperson for college and professional sports industries.

10. Done Deal: An Insider's Guide to Football Contracts, Multi-Million Pound Transfers and Premier League Big Business

Author: by Daniel Geey
Bloomsbury Sport
256 pages

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Insightful, enlightening and thought-provoking, leading Premier League lawyer Daniel Geey lifts the lid on the inner workings of modern football. Whether it is a manager being sacked, the signing of a new star player, television rights negotiations, player misconduct or multi-million-pound club takeovers, lawyers remain at the heart of all football business dealings.

Written by leading Premier League lawyer Daniel Geey, who has dealt with all these incidents first hand, this highly accessible book explores the issues-from pitch to boardroom-that shape the modern game and how these impact leagues, clubs, players, and fans.

Featuring insider anecdotes and expert contributions, Done Deal provides football fans with a fresh and authoritative perspective on all off-field football matters.

11. Law for Recreation and Sport Managers

Author: by Doyice J Cotten
Kendall Hunt Publishing

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Since 1997, Law for Recreation and Sport Managers has been the leading recreation and sports law book for undergraduate and graduate sport management and recreation programs. Key Features: Up-to-date on current court cases Each chapter is written by leading recreation and sport law professors and experts in the field.

Each chapter follows an easy-to-read format. Each chapter examines a significant case and reviews how the courts apply the fundamental legal concepts. Designed for both undergraduate and graduate students, the book is divided into seven approachable sections plus additional materials that educates readers on the complex issues of recreation and sport law.

Also included: Supplemental cases online In addition to the significant cases in each chapter, students can now access additional select cases online to further illustrate important concepts. Chapter sidebars – Each chapter now includes a sidebar, an interesting point of law or a new ruling that presents a new idea.

12. Sport Law: A Managerial Approach

Author: by Anita M. Moorman

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Sport Law: A Managerial Approach, third edition, merges law and sport management in a way that is accessible and straightforward. Its organization continues to revolve around management functions rather than legal theory. Concise explanations, coupled with relevant industry examples and cases, give readers just enough legal doctrine to understand the important concepts that apply to each area.

This book will help prepare students as they get ready to assume a broad range of responsibilities in sport, education, or recreation. Whether readers work as coaches or teachers; administer professional programs; manage fitness/health clubs; or assume roles in a high school, college, Olympic, or professional sport organization, legal concerns will inevitably be woven into their managerial concerns.

This book provides knowledge of the law that helps create a competitive advantage and build a more efficient and successful operation that better serves the needs of its constituents. Special Features of the Book Managerial context tables. Chapter-opening exhibits act as organizational and study tools identifying managerial contexts in relation to major legal issues, relevant law, and illustrative cases for the chapter.

13. Sports Law (South-Western's Special Topics Collection)

Author: by Adam Epstein
Cengage Learning

496 pages

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Sports Law by Adam Epstein brings the multi-billion dollar business of sport to the classroom. Epstein’s book delves into the world of interscholastic, intercollegiate and professional athletics by exploring various categories of law and its relationship to sport. In addition to providing an examination of the history of the NCAA, this textbook examines relevant NCAA cases along with excerpts from the most recent NCAA bylaws in chapters throughout the book.

This aspect of the text is particularly helpful for those who have an interest in pursuing a career in college sports. The book begins with an examination of the most current cases and regulations governing sports agents and how such individuals have helped to shape the sport business.

The author also provides the best discussion on the importance and role of contracts in the sports industry with an exploration of various sports contracts and special contract clauses. Along with the aforementioned topics, Sports Law dives into other important legal topics in the sports industry including torts, crimes, Title IX and gender issues, social media concerns, disability issues, antitrust and labor issues involving leagues and their player associations, an examination of international issues including the Olympic Movement and more.

14. Citadels of Pride: Sexual Abuse, Accountability, and Reconciliation

Author: by Martha C. Nussbaum
296 pages

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A groundbreaking exploration of sexual violence by one of our most celebrated experts in law and philosophy. In this essential philosophical and practical reckoning, Martha C. Nussbaum, renowned for her eloquence and clarity of moral vision, shows how sexual abuse and harassment derive from using people as things to one’s own benefitlike other forms of exploitation, they are rooted in the ugly emotion of pride.

She exposes three Citadels of Pride and the men who hoard power at the apex of each. In the judiciary, the arts, and sports, Nussbaum analyzes how pride perpetuates systemic sexual abuse, narcissism, and toxic masculinity. The courage of many has brought about some reforms, but justice is still elusivewarped sometimes by money, power, or inertia; sometimes by a collective desire for revenge.

By analyzing the effects of law and public policy on our ever-evolving definitions of sexual violence, Nussbaum clarifies how gaps in U.S. Law allow this violence to proliferate; why criminal laws dealing with sexual assault and Title VII, the federal law that is the basis for sexual harassment doctrine, need to be complemented by an understanding of the distorted emotions that breed abuse; and why anger and vengeance rarely achieve lasting change.

15. The Business of Sports Agents

Author: by Kenneth L. Shropshire
272 pages

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Successful sports agents are comfortable with high finance and intense competition for the right to represent talented players, and the most respected agents are those who can deal with the pressures of high-stakes negotiations in an honest fashion. But whereas rules and penalties govern the playing field, there are far fewer restrictions on agents.

In The Business of Sports Agents, Kenneth L. Shropshire, Timothy Davis, and N. Jeremi Duru, experts in the fields of sports business and law, examine the history of the sports agent business and the rules and laws developed to regulate the profession.

They also consider recommendations for reform, including uniform laws that would apply to all agents, redefining amateurism in college sports, and stiffening requirements for licensing agents. This revised and expanded third edition brings the volume up to date on recent changes in the industry, including:the emergence and dominance of companies such as Creative Artists Agency and Wasserman Media Grouphigh-profile cases of agent misconduct, principally Josh Luchs, whose agent certification was revoked by the NFLPAlegal challenges against the NCAA that may fundamentally change the definition of amateurismchanges to agent regulations resulting from new collective bargaining agreements in all of the major professional sportsevaluation of the effectiveness of the Uniform Athlete Agents Act (2000) to regulate agent conductissues faced by the increasing number of agents representing athletes who work abroad as well as athletes from abroad who work in the United States.