Best Teen & Young Adult Basketball Books

Here you will get Best Teen & Young Adult Basketball Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. Dragon Hoops

Author: by Gene Luen Yang
First Second
448 pages

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In his latest graphic novel, Dragon Hoops, New York Times bestselling author Gene Luen Yang turns the spotlight on his life, his family, and the high school where he teaches. Gene understands storiescomic book stories, in particular.Big action.Bigger thrills.

And the hero always wins. But Gene doesn’t get sports. As a kid, his friends called him Stick and every basketball game he played ended in pain. He lost interest in basketball long ago, but at the high school where he now teaches, it’s all anyone can talk about.

The men’s varsity team, the Dragons, is having a phenomenal season that’s been decades in the making. Each victory brings them closer to their ultimate goal: the California State Championships. Once Gene gets to know these young all-stars, he realizes that their story is just as thrilling as anything he’s seen on a comic book page.

He knows he has to follow this epic to its end. What he doesn’t know yet is that this season is not only going to change the Dragons’s lives, but his own life as well.

2. Shoot Your Shot: A Sport-Inspired Guide To Living Your Best Life

Author: by Vernon Brundage Jr.
198 pages

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Michael Jordan.Kobe Bryant.LeBron James.Stephen Curry.Kawhi Leonard. Giannis Antetokounmpo.James Harden.Kevin Durant.Russell Westbrook. These are some of the most high profile names in one of the world’s most popular sports-basketball. But what steps did they take to elevate themselves to superstardom?

What principles did they follow in order to become the best of the best? More importantly, how can you use their example to attain success in all of your endeavors?’Shoot Your Shot’ identifies the key principles that the world’s most elite basketball players have applied to their lives and explains in detail how you can can use those same exact principles to help you navigate through life, accomplish your goals, and realize your dreams.

Divided into Quarters and making you feel like you are in an actual basketball game, ‘Shoot Your Shot’ provides an entertaining and unique reading experience while equipping you with proven tools for success. More than just a book about sports, ‘Shoot Your Shoot’ is suitable for everyone-regardless of age, gender, background, or standing in life.

3. Trust the Grind: How World-Class Athletes Got To The Top (Motivational Book for Teens, Gift for Teen Boys, Teen and Young Adult Football, Fitness and Exercise)

Author: by Jeremy Bhandari
Mango (April 14, 2020)
232 pages

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A Champion State of Grind”To all the young athletes out there looking for motivation check out Trust The Grind.” Jason Kidd, Member of the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame#1 Best Seller in Teen & Young Adult Fitness & ExerciseExclusive interviews with top athletes in sports today.

Trust the Grind reveals how these men and women reached the height of their profession. Sixteen athletes from eleven sports. Each chapter tells a different story, as each superstar shares the habit that helped them accomplish their goals and reach the pinnacle of their profession.

Sports fanatic or not. Guaranteed to tap into your athletic edge, Trust the Grind, is made for sports fans and nonfans alike. Fans of professional athletes get an in-depth look at their heroes’ climb to the top; those less passionate about sports have the chance to read the secrets of success from some of the most talented people in the world.

Both learn pivotal life lessons, and can immediately instill these traits and habits into their lifestyle. A success habit’ point of view. Learn the secrets behind success, and what it takes to remain on top. With Trust The Grind, you will learn about the value that comes with becoming disciplined, staying driven, setting goals, identifying your why, staying active and eating right, making sacrifices, obsessing over your passion, and more.

4. On the Court: Biographies of Today’s Best Basketball Players (Biographies of Today’s Best Players)

Author: by Matt Chandler
Rockridge Press
162 pages

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From the neighborhood to the hardwoodinspiring stories of basketball’s greatest players for teensExplore the most famous and talented athletes in the NBA and WNBA with On the Courtan updated entry into basketball books for teen boys that looks at the lives and careers of basketball’s biggest stars.

Basketball books for teen boys should cover more than just the game, and this book delivers a full dream team, showcasing a player from each league for every position. From Steph Curry to Brittney Griner, every pick also includes stats and facts, while telling the incredible stories of how each player put in the work to make it onto the court.

Go beyond other basketball books for teen boys with:Honorable mentionsOn the Court is jam-packed with mini biographies of other outstanding players in every position, so you get your fill of exciting tales of hard work and great players. The whole pictureUnlike other basketball books for teen boys, this one includes custom, full-color illustrations of every player.

5. Games of Deception: The True Story of the First U.S. Olympic Basketball Team at the 1936 Olympics in Hitler's Germany

Author: by Andrew Maraniss
256 pages

‎ 0525514651

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“Rivaling the nonfiction works of Steve Sheinkin and Daniel James Brown’s The Boys in the Boat…. Even readers who don’t appreciate sports will find this story a page-turner.” -School Library Connection, starred review*”A must for all library collections.” -Booklist, starred reviewWinner of the 2020 AJL Sydney Taylor Honor!

From the New York Times bestselling author of Strong Inside comes the remarkable true story of the birth of Olympic basketball at the 1936 Summer Games in Hitler’s Germany. Perfect for fans of The Boys in the Boat and Unbroken. On a scorching hot day in July 1936, thousands of people cheered as the U.S.

Olympic teams boarded the S.S. Manhattan, bound for Berlin. Among the athletes were the 14 players representing the first-ever U.S. Olympic basketball team. As thousands of supporters waved American flags on the docks, it was easy to miss the one courageous man holding a BOYCOTT NAZI GERMANY sign.

But it was too late for a boycott now; the ship had already left the harbor. 1936 was a turbulent time in world history. Adolf Hitler had gained power in Germany three years earlier. Jewish people and political opponents of the Nazis were the targets of vicious mistreatment, yet were unaware of the horrors that awaited them in the coming years.


Walk-On Warrior: Drive, Discipline, and the Will to Win

Author: by John Willkom
208 pages

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A basketball journey like no other. The incredible autobiography of a college season at Marquette, a summer with Hall of Fame coach, Rick Majerus, and a court-side seat with the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks.Small town.Undersized.Not enough talent. John Willkom heard it all as a young basketball player growing up in rural Wisconsin.

Despite the odds, John dedicated his life to the game, an arduous journey that challenged the very core of even the most disciplined. As John’s hard work lands him amongst basketball’s elite, it is the workouts, the people, and the behind-the-scenes interactions that not only change his skill set but how he lives his life.

Both heartfelt and funny, Walk-On Warrior takes you into the mind of an athlete from John’s perspective. Take a journey that will reignite your passion for life, challenge your perspectives on toughness and fear, and ultimately, inspire you to maximize your talent.

A must read for sports fans and youth that aspire to play college basketball

7. Attucks!: Oscar Robertson and the Basketball Team That Awakened a City

Author: by Phillip Hoose
224 pages

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An ALA Notable Book of 2019NYPL Best Book for Teens of 2018A 2018 Booklist Youth Editors’ ChoiceA Center for the Study of Multicultural Children’s Literature Best Book of 2018A Kirkus Reviews Best YA Nonfiction Book of 2018An ALSC Notable Children’s Book of 2019A YALSA Excellence in Nonfiction Award NomineeThe true story of the all-black high school basketball team that broke the color barrier in segregated 1950s Indiana, masterfully told by National Book Award winner Phil Hoose.

By winning the state high school basketball championship in 1955, ten teens from an Indianapolis school meant to be the centerpiece of racially segregated education in the state shattered the myth of their inferiority. Their brilliant coach had fashioned an unbeatable team from a group of boys born in the South and raised in poverty.

Anchored by the astonishing Oscar Robertson, a future college and NBA star, the Crispus Attucks Tigers went down in history as the first state champions from Indianapolis and the first all-black team in U.S. History to win a racially open championship tournamentan integration they had forced with their on-court prowess.

8. How to Be Better At Basketball in 21 days: The Ultimate Guide to Drastically Improving Your Basketball Shooting, Passing and Dribbling Skills

Author: by James Wilson
87 pages

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Want to learn the exact basketball skills, strategies, and techniques the pros use? Discover a 21-day fast-track program to break through your basketball barriers. Struggling to nail that winning shot? Can’t seem to pull off the spectacular passes and incredible crossovers you see on TV?

James Wilson is a 30-year veteran of basketball coaching with experience gained in 20 countries. Wilson’s genius, laser-focused 21-day program is designed to improve your game no matter your current skill level. How to Be Better At Basketball in 21 Days: The Ultimate Guide to Drastically Improving Your Basketball Shooting, Passing and Dribbling Skills, teaches you precision drills and specific exercises to stack skill after skill.

Using Wilson’s special core philosophy, this thorough system will improve your form, develop new skills, and help you challenge even the most advanced players. In How to Be Better At Basketball in 21 Days, you’ll discover:Expert techniques to dramatically increase your basketball shooting accuracyHow to crush your crossovers and handle the ball like a bossHow to toughen your mental state and play with courage, confidence, and controlHow to challenge those more advanced players and succeed while doing itHow to be that go-to player who takes the winning shot and much, much more!

9. They Better Call Me Sugar: My Journey from the Hood to the Hardwood

Author: by Sugar Rodgers
Black Sheep (May 4, 2021)
176 pages

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In unflinchingly honest prose, Sugar Rodgers shares her inspiring story of overcoming tremendous odds to become an all-star in the WNBA.”WNBA All-Star Sugar Rodgers doesn’t hold back in her memoir.”-New York Amsterdam News”They Better Call Me Sugar is fabulous-so infinitely readable and engaging.

Sugar Rodgers is such a clear-eyed and thoughtful writer and a huge inspiration. There are so many young people I can’t wait to give this book to.”-Jacqueline Woodson, author of Brown Girl Dreaming, former National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature”If it is one thing many of us have been doing a lot lately is spending more time curling up with favorite books of ours.

Our book games have been strong lately and that is always a positive. Here is a very athletic way to heighten that need for read-add a dash of Sugar to your bookshelves.”-Beyond the W”Rodgers wrote the book for her younger self, but the book is perfect for young readers, starting in middle school, and also young athletes.

10. Whatever It Takes: Walking Through God's Purpose

Author: by Sheldon Theragood
130 pages

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A dedicated police officer | A positive male figure | A loyal servant of God | A dynamic speaker and motivator | An awe-inspiring basketball player | Sheldon Theragood is all of these things and so much more. After realizing that it was not in God’s plan for him to play in the NBA or even college basketball, Sheldon searched for the purpose that God had planned for his life.

In his first book, Whatever It Takes, Sheldon shares how he went from a high school basketball player with NBA dreams to a police officer, youth mentor and advocate. Sheldon shares his journey of how it took going through life’s challenges to realize that there was much more to life than playing basketball.

He encourages young people to set goals in their lives, to have a plan, and to diligently seek what it is that God has planned for them. Having witnessed many young people faced with challenges, Sheldon knows that it is his God-given purpose and mission in life to help guide teens toward making the right decisions, living a life they are destined to live, and most importantly, not taking life for granted.

11. How to Dunk if You’re Under 6 Feet Tall: 13 Proven Ways to Jump Higher and Drastically Increase Your Vertical Jump in 4 Weeks (Vertical Jump Training Program in Black&White)

Author: by James Wilson
49 pages

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Have you tried and failed to will your short body to dunk a basketball? Learn how even the most vertically challenged players can slam the ball home with ease. Have you been told you’re far too short to touch the rim, let alone throw the ball down?

Having trouble increasing your vertical leap no matter how much weightlifting you do? Author James Wilson is a 30-year veteran of basketball coaching in 20 different countries. He’s cracked the scientific code to allow players of any height to dunk like a pro, and now he’s here to share his secrets with you.

In How to Dunk if You’re Under 6 Feet Tall: 13 Proven Ways to Jump Higher and Drastically Increase Your Vertical Jump in 4 Weeks, you’ll learn the meticulous science behind increasing your vertical leap. Through his proven step-by-step plan, you’ll find out the exact techniques necessary to dunk your first basketball in just four weeks.

Without weightlifting or special equipment, you’ll soon be able to jam in front of your friends with either one hand or two. In How to Dunk if You’re Under 6 Feet Tall, you’ll discover:The best exercise techniques for increasing your vertical jump in just four weeksThe best basketball shoes to make you jump higherHow shorter people can go from barely touching the rim to dunking with one or two handsHow to jump higher without lifting weightsThe precision mechanics of the perfect jump and dunk and much, much more!

12. Fitness Nutrition: The Ultimate Fitness Guide: Health, Fitness, Nutrition and Muscle Building – Lose Weight and Build Lean Muscle (Muscle Building Series)

Author: by Nicholas Bjorn
256 pages

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DO YOU WANT TO KNOW HOW YOU CAN LOSE WEIGHT AND BUILD MUSCLE FAST, STARTING RIGHT NOW? THIS BOOK WILL LET YOU IN ON THE SECRET! Everyone knows how important it is to maintain a healthy physique. Often, achieving the ideal body requires you to lose weight and build lean muscle.

But how do you do that? To become physically fit, you need to have the knowledge necessary to get you on your way and the motivation required to keep you going. Don’t you wish that you can get your hands on an ultimate fitness guide so that you could start understanding your body’s needs, lose weight, and stay motivated?

Well, I’ve got good news for you. This book will teach you how your body works and what it needs to lose those extra pounds so that you could achieve and maintain a fit and toned physique. Here’s what this book has in store for you:Learn how your body uses calories and what role carbohydrates play in your weightDiscover which foods contain good fats and lean protein that could benefit your bodyDetermine what your meal frequency and caloric intake should beKnow which exercises you should do to get that toned and sculpted lookPLUS:Alternative exercise optionsDelicious muscle-building recipesEffective natural supplementsYou will never be able to get a fitness guide as comprehensive as this book anywhere else.

13. The Crossover: The Graphic Novel

Author: by Kwame Alexander
224 pages

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‘With a bolt of lightning on my kicks … The court is SIZZLING. My sweat is DRIZZLING. Stop all that quivering. ‘Cuz tonight I’m delivering,’ raps twelve-year-old Josh Bell. Thanks to their dad, he and his twin brother, Jordan, are kings on the court.

But Josh has more than basketball in his blood he’s got mad beats, too, which help him find his rhythm when it’s all on the line. See the Bell family in a whole new light through Dawud Anyabwile’s dynamic illustrations as the brothers’ winning season unfolds, and the world as they know it begins to change.

14. My Shot: Balancing It All and Standing Tall

Author: by Elena Delle Donne
272 pages

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Elena is one of the brightest stars in our game today and an iconic role model.Lisa M. Borders, WNBA President Inspiring in many ways. Kirkus Reviews Elena Delle Donne, 2015 WNBA MVP and 2016 Olympic gold medalist, shares her inspirational story of being a young basketball prodigy who gave up an impressive basketball scholarship for family and self-discovery.

Elena Delle Donne has always forged her own path. During her first year of college, she walked away from a scholarship and chance to play for Geno Aurriema at UConnthe most prestigious women’s college basketball programso she could stay in her home state of Delaware and be close to her older sister, Lizzie, who has several disabilities and can only communicate through hand-over-hand signing.

Burned out and questioning her passion for basketball, she attended the University of Delaware and took up volleyball for a year. Eventually she found her way back to her first love, playing basketball for the Blue Hens, ultimately leading them, a mid-major team, to the Sweet Sixteen.

15. Pivot Move (Pivot Series)

Author: by Chris Boucher
158 pages

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After his father leaves, and 14-year-old Boyd Kindle loses his hair to alopecia, he longs to be free, too. Things seem to improve when he starts playing basketball. A fan of Superman as a kid, he develops an unusual interest in the inspirational sayings of Friedrich Nietzsche and the coach who looks to represent them.

Unfortunately, the team’s reactions to him are as diverse as its players. While the backcourt of Old School and Wick admires his sweet shooting touch, Noel, the team’s leader, dismisses him as a ball hog who shaves his head for attention.

His lone escape is the library next to the gym. That’s where he meets Sophie, a foreign exchange student and volunteer. She shares his weird interest in Nietzsche and, having stepped on a land mine as a child, has a physical challenge of her own.

Boyd tries hard to win his coach and teammates over, but his misguided attempts alienate more than they impress. His worst moment comes when he blows the big game. Maybe everything is his mother’s fault and he would be better off running away to his dad’sor can he find another way to pivot and free himself?