Best Teen & Young Adult Diseases, Illnesses & Injuries Books

Here you will get Best Teen & Young Adult Diseases, Illnesses & Injuries Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. I would, but my DAMN MIND won't let me!: a teen's guide to controlling their thoughts and feelings (Words of Wisdom for Teens) (Volume 2)

Author: by Jacqui Letran
ISBN: 978-0997624403
Published at: Healed Mind, LLC, A; 2nd edition (September 29, 2016)

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It wasn’t just the stress or the constant frustration. It was the nonstop doubt and unhappiness. In today’s world of social media reality distortion, teens face their toughest challenges yet. The battlefield is in the mind and they’re not equipped for the fight.

There’s good news… Teen Confidence Expert, Jacqui Letran, is here to help. With a Masters of Science in Nursing and more than 18-years of experience aiding young people, she’s skilled at equipping teens with the tools they need to win the battle with their mind.

This book will teach you how to: Challenge old negative beliefs and create positive new thought patterns Stay calm and in control of even the most difficult situations Keep unhealthy thoughts at bay and replace them with a positive mindset Use the power of your mind to create the success you deserve Make positive life choices, achieve goals, choose great friends and much, much more!

You’ll love this life-changing book, because the examples are real and will show you a quick and easy path to a happier, healthier life. A Children Literary Classics’ Lumen and Gold Medal Award Winner for Best Young Adult Non-Fiction Book of 2016.


5 Simple Steps to Manage Your Mood: A Guide for Teen Girls How to Let Go of Negative Feelings and Create a Happy Relationship with Yourself and Others (Words of Wisdom for Teens)

Author: by Jacqui Letran
134 pages

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So much hurt, anger, and frustrationthe blame and shame that just won’t stop. Why is it so difficult to manage these emotions? The constant replaying of arguments and let-downs is overwhelming. Is there a way to keep them from spinning out of control?

With 20-years of experience in helping teens, Nurse Practitioner and Teen Confidence Expert, Jacqui Letran, has the answer. She’s developed a time-tested program to help teens develop positive coping skills that boost self-confidence. This book teaches you how to:Understand your feelingsMove past disappointmentsRelease unwanted emotionsWork through challengesCreate a positive mindsetImprove your relationships, and much more!

Once you learn these simple stepsyou can take charge of your emotions. You can finally relax and focus on what’s important to you. Watch as your self-esteem rises, and your relationships improve. You’ll love this teen guide, because it will help you be positive and happy.Get started now.

This book has been previously published as, “5 Simple Steps to Reclaim Your Happiness” *

3. The Chronic Pain and Illness Workbook for Teens: CBT and Mindfulness-Based Practices to Turn the Volume Down on Pain

Author: by Rachel Zoffness MS PhD
Instant Help
176 pages

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In this powerful workbook for teens, pediatric pain specialist Rachel Zoffness offers evidence-based strategies to help you turn the volume down on chronic pain and illness and get back to living your life. Living with chronic pain and illness can be difficult, scary, and sometimes lonely.

But if you’re one of the millions of teens who suffer from chronic pain, you should know that there are real tools you can use now to help you feel better. Blending cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR), this workbook provides proven-effective solutions to help you take control of your pain and get back to being you!

With this powerful and easy-to-use workbook, you’ll learn how pain affects both your mind and body, how negative emotions can make pain worse, and strategies to help you turn the volume down on your pain, so you can go back to enjoying activities that you love.

You’ll also learn mindfulness and relaxation exercises, including belly breathing and body scan to help manage pain in the moment. The exercises and strategies in this book are rooted in research, fun to learn, and easy to practice.And the best part?

4. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – 11 Simple CBT Techniques to Strengthen Self-Awareness and Combat Negativity (Cognitive Behavior Therapy – CBT)

Author: by The Mentor Bucket
175 pages


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If Anxiety, Depression, & Intrusive Thoughts Are Negatively Impacting Your Personal & Professional Lives, It’s Time to Put an End to That Keep Reading*Is your anxiety stopping you from living up to your full potential? Does your lack of progress in certain areas of your life make you feel frustrated?

Are you prone to feeling burnt out? If you said YES to any of these questions and don’t want to rely on medication to see you through, you came to the right place. In this powerful book, the author shares his story of transcending seemingly insurmountable obstacles in his life with the help of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, or CBT, is a drug-free treatment that allows you to rewire your mind to identify and positively redirect destructive or disturbing thought patterns paving the way to a better, healthier, and happier you. The author walks you throughin simple, easy-to-digest languagehis personal experiences of denial and hopelessness and how proven CBT methods worked in mitigating the intrusive thoughts that fueled his anxiety and depression.

5. Positive: A Memoir

Author: by Paige Rawl
288 pages

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An astonishing memoir for the untold number of children whose lives have been touched by bullying. Positive is a must-read for teens, their parents, educators, and administratorsa brave, visceral work that will save lives and resonate deeply. Paige Rawl has been HIV positive since birth, but growing up, she never felt like her illness defined her.

On an unremarkable day in middle school, she disclosed to a friend her HIV-positive statusand within hours the bullying began. From that moment forward, every day was like walking through a minefield. Paige was never sure when or from where the next text, taunt, or hateful message would come.

Then one night, desperate for escape, fifteen-year-old Paige found herself in her bathroom staring at a bottle of sleeping pills. That could have been the end of her story. Instead, it was only the beginning. Paige’s memoir, co-written with bestselling author Ali Benjamin (The Truth About Jellyfish), calls for readers to choose action over complacency, compassion over crueltyand above all, to be Positive.

6. Very, Very, Very Dreadful: The Influenza Pandemic of 1918

Author: by Albert Marrin
208 pages

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A School Library Journal Best Book of 2020 It’s time to bare it all about bodies! We all experience the world in a body, but we don’t usually take the time to explore what it really means to have and live within one.

Just as every person has a unique personality, every person has a unique body, and every body tells its own story. In Body Talk, thirty-seven writers, models, actors, musicians, and artists share essays, lists, comics, and illustrationsabout everything from size and shape to scoliosis, from eating disorders to cancer, from sexuality and gender identity to the use of makeup as armor.

Together, they contribute a broad variety of perspectives on what it’s like to live in their particular bodiesand how their bodies have helped to inform who they are and how they move through the world. Come on in, turn the pages, and join the celebration of our diverse, miraculous, beautiful bodies!

8. The Sober Survival Guide: How to Free Yourself from Alcohol Forever – Quit Alcohol & Start Living!

Author: by Simon Chapple
178 pages

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The Sober Survival Guide – How to Free Yourself from Alcohol Forever – By Simon Chapple – The Number 1 Best-SellerForeword by Annie Grace – Author of This Naked Mind – Control AlcoholAre you tired of thinking about drinking? Hands up if you believe any of the following about drinking alcohol to be true:I can’t have fun without alcohol.

Imagine going to a party without drinking! It makes me feel less anxious or depressed;Alcohol helps me sleep;I can’t relax without it;it makes me entertaining to be around;it fits the lifestyle of my boozy friends;I like the taste of alcohol; it’s cool and sophisticated;I’m not confident enough to talk to new people without it;it helps me deal with all the problems life throws my way;it stops me worrying about how much I’m drinking (ironic, I know).

If you find yourself nodding at even one of these statements, then I know how you feel. I was a heavy daily drinker for over twenty years, I too used to believe that I couldn’t live without alcohol, and that once I’d had a few drinks I was funny to be around (hilarious in fact).

9. Highs & Lows of Type 1 Diabetes: The Ultimate Guide for Teens and Young Adults

Author: by Patrick McAllister
172 pages

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Valuable tips, tricks, and advice from a veteran young adult with Type 1 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes (T1D) can be a daunting diagnosis, especially for a young kid or a teen. Patrick McAllister knows. Diagnosed with T1D at age twelve, McAllister’s life changed forever, and he faced an uncertain future of insulin shots, diet regulations, and high school.

If only I had a roadmap, he thought. So, years after he learned things the hard way, he decided to write one. Whether it is managing mood swings, hormones, or blood sugar levels, Highs & Lows of Type 1 Diabetes is the ultimate teenager’s and young adult’s handbook for surviving, thriving, and flourishing with T1D during one of the most terrifying, yet exciting, phases of your life.

Many think of T1D as a scary disease that is sporadic and uncontrollable, but after eight years of dealing with the literal and figurative highs and lows of T1D, McAllister has learned that it is more a lifestyle change.

These pages detail a framework for every situation you could possibly imagine involving T1D, from coming home from the hospital after your diagnosis to preparing to leave your nest for freshman year at college. Learn how to:Count carbohydrates, pump insulin like a pro, and correct irregular blood sugar levelsTell your friends, get good grades, and survive schoolPlay sports with the right game-planNavigate sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ rollAnd more!

10. Fever Year: The Killer Flu of 1918

Author: by Don Brown
Clarion Books
96 pages

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From the Sibert Honorwinning creator behind The Unwanted and Drowned City comes one of the darkest episodes in American history: the Spanish Influenza epidemic of 1918. This nonfiction graphic novel explores the causes, effects, and lessons learned from a major epidemic in our past, and is the perfect tool for engaging readers of all ages, especially teens and tweens learning from home.

New Year’s Day, 1918. America has declared war on Germany and is gathering troops to fight. But there’s something coming that is deadlier than any war. When people begin to fall ill, most Americans don’t suspect influenza. The flu is known to be dangerous to the very old, young, or frail.

But the Spanish flu is exceptionally violent. Soon, thousands of people succumb. Then tens of thousands … Hundreds of thousands and more. Graves can’t be dug quickly enough. What made the influenza of 1918 so exceptionally deadlyand what can modern science help us understand about this tragic episode in history?


Normal: One Kid's Extraordinary Journey

Author: by Magdalena Newman
Clarion Books
336 pages

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Praised by R.J.Palacio as wondrousthis moving memoir follows a teenage boy with TC syndrome and his exceptional family from diagnosis at birth to now. This touching memoir is a must-read for anyone who wants to know more about the real-world experiences of a child with craniofacial differences and his extraordinary family.

It’s also more than that. It’s a story about the love between a mother and a son, a child and his family, and the breadth of friends, helpers, and doctors that step in when the unexpected happens. It’s a story that will make young readers reevaluate the word normal’not only as it applies to others, but to themselves.

Any book that can do that is pretty wondrous, as far as I’m concerned.R.J. Palacio, author of Wonder In this uplifting and humorous memoir brimming with black-and-white comic illustrations, Nathaniel and his mother, Magda, tell the story of his growing up with the same craniofacial syndrome as the boy from Wonderfrom facing sixty-seven surgeries before the age of fifteen, to making friends, moving across the country, and persevering through hardships.

12. Mountains Beyond Mountains (Adapted for Young People): The Quest of Dr. Paul Farmer, A Man Who Would Cure the World

Author: by Tracy Kidder
288 pages

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From Tracy Kidder, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of A Truck Full of Money, and adapted by Michael French comes this captivating and critically acclaimed young adult adaptation of the nonfiction edition of Kidder’s Mountains Beyond Mountains, which tells the inspiring story of Dr. Paul Farmer, a Harvard-educated doctor with a self-proclaimed mission to transform healthcare on a global scale.

Farmer focuses his attention on some of the world’s most impoverished people and uses unconventional ways in which to provide healthcare, to achieve real results and save lives. From his humble beginnings and atypical childhood to his education at Harvard Medical School and on to Haiti, Peru, Cuba, and Russia, Farmer dedicated himself to the philosophy that “the only real nation is humanity.” He sets an example of a life based on hope and understanding of the Haitian proverb “Beyond mountains there are mountains”as you solve one problem, another problem presents itself, and so you go on and try to solve that one too.

13. Terrible Typhoid Mary: A True Story of the Deadliest Cook in America

Author: by Susan Campbell Bartoletti
Clarion Books
240 pages

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What happens when a person’s reputation has been forever damaged? With archival photographs and text among other primary sources, this riveting biography of Mary Mallon by the Sibert medalist and Newbery Honor winner Susan Bartoletti looks beyond the tabloid scandal of Mary’s controversial life.

How she was treated by medical and legal officials reveals a lesser-known story of human and constitutional rights, entangled with the science of pathology and enduring questions about who Mary Mallon really was. How did her name become synonymous with deadly disease?

And who is really responsible for the lasting legacy of Typhoid Mary? This thorough exploration includes an author’s note, timeline, annotated source notes, and bibliography.

14. Laughing at My Nightmare

Author: by Shane Burcaw
October 14, 2014

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With acerbic wit and a hilarious voice, Shane Burcaw’s Laughing at My Nightmare describes the challenges he faces as a twenty-one-year-old with spinal muscular atrophy. From awkward handshakes to having a girlfriend and everything in between, Shane handles his situation with humor and a “you-only-live-once” perspective on life.

While he does talk about everyday issues that are relatable to teens, he also offers an eye-opening perspective on what it is like to have a life threatening disease.

15. A Teen’s Guide to Gut Health: The Low-FODMAP Way to Tame IBS, Crohn’s, Colitis, and Other Digestive Disorders

Author: by Rachel Meltzer Warren MS RDN
The Experiment
224 pages

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Take charge of your gut health now with the low-FODMAP diet. Are you a teen dealing with stomach problems? If so, you’re not alone! Fourteen percent of high school students have symptoms of IBSsuch as pain, bloating, and frequent trips to the bathroom.

Plus (as if that weren’t bad enough!, poor gut health can mean missed school days and trips, awkward explanations, extra doctor’s visits, and major cafeteria confusion. Here’s the good news: In A Teen’s Guide to Gut Health, registered dietitian Rachel Meltzer Warren explains how you can find reliefon a low-FODMAP diet.

GET DIAGNOSED: Whether it’s IBS, Crohn’s disease, colitis, or something else, Rachel Meltzer Warren explains the differences and who can help. GET FODMAP SAVVY: FODMAPs are certain carbs that can be hard to digest, and they lurk in many kinds of goodfor-you food, from apples to yogurt.

Identify your triggers and learn to avoid themwith a twopart elimination diet, shopping lists, meal plans, and more. GET YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED: No topic is too embarrassing for Meltzer Warren. You’ll also find Real Talk from real teens throughout!GET COOKING!