Best Teen & Young Adult Middle Eastern Historical Fiction Books

Here you will get Best Teen & Young Adult Middle Eastern Historical Fiction Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. The Golden Bull: A Mesopotamian Adventure

Author: by Marjorie Cowley
224 pages

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A brother and sister’s search for a new life and new home … 5,000 years ago in ancient Mesopotamia during a terrible drought, Jomar and Zefa’s father must send his children away to the city of Ur because he can no longer feed them.

At fourteen, Jomar is old enough to apprentice with Sidah, a master goldsmith for the temple of the moongod, but there is no place for Zefa in Sidah’s household. Zefa, a talented but untrained musician, is forced to play her music and sing for alms on the streets of Ur.

Marjorie Cowley vividly imagines the intrigues, and harsh struggle for survival in ancient Mesopotamia.

2. The Adventures of Nur Al-Din

Author: by Badees Nouiouat
224 pages

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Amidst a Spanish naval campaign that aims to take over his country, a young Tunisian man joins a fearsome pirate crew that wants to fight back. From the sweltering deserts of Tunisia to the treacherous mountains of Spain, Farid experiences firsthand the importance of loyalty, courage, and most of all, his faith.

Fast paced and full of Islamic history and exciting adventures, this Young Adult novel from debut author Badees Nouiouat will have you itching for a sequel.

3. The Days of Elijah

Author: by John Noble
269 pages

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Elijah’s friends are dead, and without a miracle, he’s next. Elijah is a young prophet studying the Torah, when the soldiers of Queen Jezebel burn his school and massacre his teachers. He escapes, barely, but finds himself on the run and hunted as Queen Jezebel attempts to stamp out the worship of the Hebrew God in Israel and replace it with the worship of Ba’al.

As the queen’s soldiers close in on him, Elijah discovers a little known promise in the Scroll of Deuteronomy and prays for something impossible that God would turn the skies to bronze and stop the rain on the kingdom that has abandoned Him.And God says yes.

As drought and famine grip the cloudless land of Israel, God tells Elijah to hide and sends him to the land of Tyre, to a widow and her son who are on the edge of starvation. In Tyre Elijah finds a darkness at the heart of the city, a darkness that threatens to consume Israel next.

But even if he survives, will Israel listen to his warning? This is a re-imagining of the story of Elijah from the Bible.

4. West Point: A Novel

Author: by J.M. Patton
264 pages

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West Point: A Novel is a tale of honorable military commitment, love, and conflict. It gives the reader the experience of attending a U.S. Military academy-featuring the humor and heartbreak of daily life that slowly develops the panache of a West Point leader during the Vietnam Era.

Readers will likely laugh, be exhilarated by the tale, and may shed a tear or two. If you liked Solder’s Heart, Missy Goes to West Point, Tough As Nails, Beyond the Point, Duty First, or other books about West Point, you’ll love West Point: A Novel!

West Point: A Novel has all the qualities of a good read. It is enjoyable, informative, humorous, and true to life.” Readers will love this novel of historical fiction, which so accurately reflects the experience of attending West Point. In Praise of West Point”Exceptional story!Captivating!

Outstanding beginning at The United States Military Academy and a look at cadet life. And it only got better from there. It even included a great insight into the world of terrorism and international intrigue. I could not put it down.” – Steve Foust, Master Sergeant USAF (Ret.”J.M.

5. Haveli (Shabanu Series)

Author: by Suzanne Fisher Staples
336 pages

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The world of Newbery Honor Book Shabanu is vividly re-created in this novel of a young Pakistani woman’s heartbreaking struggle against the tyranny of custom and ancient law. Shabanu, now a mother at 18, faces daily challenges to her position in her husband’s household, even as she plans for her young daughter’s education and uncertain future.

Then, during a visit to the haveli, their home in the city of Lahore, Shabanu falls in love with Omar, in spite of traditions that forbid their union.

6. Girl on a Plane

Author: by Miriam Moss
Clarion Books
288 pages

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Bahrain, 1970.After a summer spent with her family, fifteen-year-old Anna is flying back to boarding school in England when her plane is hijacked by Palestinian terrorists and taken to the Jordanian desert.Demands are issued. If they are not met, the terrorists will blow up the plane, killing all hostages.

The heat becomes unbearable; food and water supplies dwindle. All alone, Anna begins to face the possibility that she may never see her family again. Inspired by true events in the author’s life, this is a story about ordinary people facing agonizing horror with courage and resilience.

Includes Q&A with the author.

7. The Minotaur Medallion

Author: by Bill K. Underwood
188 pages

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A Jewish conspiracy and a Bible-era shipwreck lead to perils for a modern-day Indiana Jones. Thirty years after Jesus’ death the apostle Paul, victim of a Jewish plot, is arrested and led in chains aboard an old Egyptian grain carrier bound for Rome.

Encountering the ‘storm of the century,’ the ship never arrives. 2000 years later, amateur archaeologist David Connor is on the tiny Mediterranean island of Malta looking for evidence of Paul’s lost ship. With the help of a smart – and beautiful – professor of ancient history, Caroline, he begins to build a credible case.

But just as the artifacts become more convincing, so does the evidence that someone is trying to kill him.

8. Moon at Nine

Author: by Deborah Ellis
224 pages

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Based on interviews with a young woman forced to flee Iran because of her sexual orientation, Moon at Nine is a tense and riveting novel that shines a light on an issue of social injustice that continues to this day.

Fifteen-year-old Farrin has grown up with secrets: ten years after the overthrow of the Shah, her aristocratic mother is still working against Iran’s conservative revolutionary government. But when Farrin befriends Sadira, the intriguing and outgoing new student at her school for gifted girls, her own new secret is even more dangerous.

Because the girls discover their relationship is more than just a friendshipand in Iran, being gay is punishable by death.Publisher

9. A Bottle in the Gaza Sea

Author: by Valerie Zenatti

‎ Bloomsbury USA Childrens
July 15, 2009

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A seventeen-year-old from Jerusalem, Tal Levine comes from a family that always believed peace would come to the Middle East. She cried tears of joy when President Clinton and Yitzhak Rabin shook hands with Yasser Arafat in 1993-a moment of hope that would stay with her forever.

But when a terrorist explosion kills a young woman at a caf in Jerusalem, something changes for Tal. One day she writes a letter, puts it in a bottle, and sends it to Gaza-to the other side-beginning a correspondence with a young Palestinian man that will ultimately open their eyes to each other’s lives and hearts.

10. The Descent of the Drowned

Author: by Ana Lal Din
418 pages

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She is bound to serve. He is meant to kill. Survival is their prison. Choice is their weapon. As the sacred slave of a goddess, Roma is of a lower caste that serves patrons to sustain the balance between gods and men.

What she wants is her freedom, but deserters are hunted and hanged, and Roma only knows how to survive in her village where women are vessels without a voice. When her younger brother is condemned to the same wretched fate as hers, Roma must choose between silence and rebellion.

Leviathan is the bastard son of an immortal tyrant. Raised in a military city where everyone knows of his blood relation to the persecuted clans, Leviathan is considered casteless.Lowest of the low. Graduating as one of the deadliest soldiers, he executes in his father’s name, displaying his worth.

When he faces judgement from his mother’s people-the clans-Leviathan must confront his demons and forge his own path, if he ever hopes to reclaim his soul. But in the struggle to protect the people they love and rebuild their identities, Roma’s and Leviathan’s destinies interlock as the tyrant hunts an ancient treasure that will doom humankind should it come into his possession-a living treasure to which Roma and Leviathan are the ultimate key.

11. The Fire Wish (Jinni Wars)

Author: by Amber Lough
336 pages

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A jinni.A princess.And the wish that changes everything…. Beautifully written and accessible fantasy for fans of Tamora Pierce, Rachel Hartman, and Laini Taylor. In this romantic and evocative fantasy, Najwa is a jinni, training to be a spy in the war against the humans.

Zayele is a human on her way to marry a prince of Baghdadwhich she’ll do anything to avoid. So she captures Najwa and makes a wish. With a rush of smoke and fire, they fall apart and re-formas each other.

A jinni and a human, trading lives. Both girls must play their parts among enemies who would kill them if the deception were ever discoveredenemies including the young men Najwa and Zayele are just discovering they might love.

12. Jonah In the Time of the Kings: A Novel

Author: by Anthony Barbera
319 pages


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These Biblical Characters Come to Life. Jonah, his betrothed, Naomi, and his friend Amos suffer the decline of their nation, the politics of fearsome battling kings, and an uncertain future. Feel Jonah’s love for Naomi, the young woman he’s about to marry as he’s sent by God to a dreaded city in a far-away country.

And Naomi, who never stops trusting God as she searches for her beloved Jonah. This historical novel takes you on a miracle-filled journey over 500 war-torn miles. Follow Jonah from his home in Israel into the whale’s belly and through the gates of the dreaded Assyrian city of Nineveh.

Above all, Jonah In the Time of the Kings’ reveals the very heart of God and his love for all people through the story of one of his most flawed yet faithful prophets in the Bible. Anthony Barbera’s carefully researched novel illuminates one of the Bible’s most remarkable stories of transformation.

Barbera fills in the details with a moving and inspiring portrait of Jonah, a prophet who lived in a time shockingly similar to our own.

13. The Zealots

Author: by G K Johnson
354 pages

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When two friends take different paths, their lives are changed forever…. Political angst of Roman rule has never been more harrowing than in first-century Judea.”No man knows what is in his friend’s heart.” Talmud, PesachimOne murderous event after another causes Shim’on to join a radical movement.

Shim’on craves peace, but can he find peace living in a den of snakes in the Zealot caves? Can vengeance satiate his demons? Meanwhile, his idealistic friend is taken into the underbelly of the Holy City of Jerusalem. This is the stuff of legends, myths & fables entertaining readers of Ben Hur, The Silver Chalice, Two from Galilee, The Robe, A Man Called Peter, and The Mark of the Lion.

A classic survival story. Do you love a mystery and appreciate the great storytelling of classic literature? Here is another epic tale of insurrection and free thought in the adventures of THE ZEALOTS parallelling these first-century novels. Here, we find a new illustrated brightness from the beginnings of the Christian faith.GET THIS.

14. I am Phoenix (Guardians of the Grail Book 5)

Author: by Stella Wilkinson
December 5, 2018

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I was born in the flames, and I am a Gypsy, a Priestess, over 2000 years old. My life is a quest, constantly searching, seeking out the reason for my immortality. My mind recalls Biblical Jerusalem, yet I know the present day.

I am an enigma, searching for the hidden scrolls of my father, waging war against the evils of the Earth, battling vampires and ancient Gods. And one day-mark my words-I shall return to find and destroy the man who betrayed me and left me for dead.

Because not even my final breath can halt me. I am Phoenix; through fire, I will rise, and rise again.

15. Parade of Shadows

Author: by Gloria Whelan
October 21, 2014

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At the dawn of the Young Turk Revolution, an English girl goes on the adventure of a lifetime For years Julia has stared at her globe, dreaming of countries on the other side of the earth. In 1907, when her father is assigned to go on a diplomatic mission to the exotic Ottoman Empire, Julia begs him not to leave her alone in the house that has been empty since her mother died.

Although Julia is only sixteen and young women rarely travel abroad, her father relents. She will accompany him on his tripseeing sights she never dreamed of that will change her life forever. The land of the Turks is in the first days of a rebellion, and Julia’s father has come to assess the revolt.

In the endless deserts of Syria, Julia encounters ruins too old to be imagined, fascinating people, romance, and a revolution that will move her in ways she never thought possible.