Best Teen & Young Adult Music History Books

Here you will get Best Teen & Young Adult Music History Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. Harmonica for Kids: Simple Guide to Learn and Play the Diatonic Harmonica and Have Fun with Easy Songs in Tablature Notation

Author: by Darren Hills
50 pages

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Are you looking for a book for children that teach you in a fun way how to play the harmonica and at the same time that it is a songbook with the best songs for children to practice? It is written in a simple, clear style that can be easily understood by children, contains pictures to help them understand the instructions, practical advice that will allow them to grasp the basics of the harmonica and start making music immediately, and all presented in a friendly, cheerful manner that will ensure they are having fun!

This book contains:Descriptions of how harmonicas work that doesn’t go into too much detail but give the basics to kidsSeveral tablature notations of simple songs kids love that will get them playing and having fun as soon as possibleMore detailed descriptions of how harmonica holes operate and how to blow and draw on themClearly explained step-by-step instructions for a wide variety of exercises that will improve the child’s physical health and make it easier for them to play wonderfullyThe harmonica is one of the most famous instruments most people are familiar with today.

2. Can't Stop Won't Stop (Young Adult Edition): A Hip-Hop History

Author: by Jeff Chang
352 pages

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The American Book Award winner, now completely adapted for a young adult audience! From award-winning author Jeff Chang, Can’t Stop Won’t Stop is the story of hip-hop, a generation-defining movement and the music that transformed American politics and culture forever.

Hip hop is one of the most dominant and influential cultures in America, giving new voice to the younger generation. It defines a generation’s worldview. Exploring hip hop’s beginnings up to the present day, Jeff Chang and Dave “Davey D” Cook provide a provocative look into the new world that the hip hop generation has created.

Based on original interviews with DJs, b-boys, rappers, activists, and gang members, with unforgettable portraits of many of hip hop’s forebears, founders, mavericks, and present day icons, this book chronicles the epic events, ideas and the music that marked the hip hop generation’s rise.

3. Yoko Ono: Collector of Skies

Author: by Nell Beram

4 hours and 28 minutes

Allison Hiroto

July 19, 2013

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This lyrical biography explores the life and art of Yoko Ono, from her childhood haiku to her avant-garde visual art and experimental music. An outcast throughout most of her life, and misunderstood by every group she was supposed to belong to, Yoko always followed her own unique vision to create art that was ahead of its time and would later be celebrated.

Her focus remained on being an artist, even when the rest of world saw her only as the wife of John Lennon. Yoko Ono’s moving story will inspire any young adult who has ever felt like an outsider, or who is developing or questioning ideas about being an artist, to follow their dreams and find beauty in all that surrounds them.

4. Rhythm Ride: A Road Trip Through the Motown Sound

Author: by Andrea Davis Pinkney
176 pages

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From award-winning author Andrea Davis Pinkney comes the story of the music that defined a generation and a movement that changed the world. Berry Gordy began Motown in 1959 with an $800 loan from his family. He converted the garage of a residential house into a studio and recruited teenagers from the neighborhood-like Smokey Robinson, Mary Wells, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, and Diana Ross-to sing for his new label.

Meanwhile, the country was on the brink of a cultural revolution, and one of the most powerful agents of change in the following decade would be this group of young black performers from urban Detroit. From Berry Gordy and his remarkable vision to the Civil Rights movement, from the behind-the-scenes musicians, choreographers, and song writers to the most famous recording artists of the century, Andrea Davis Pinkney takes readers on a Rhythm Ride through the story of Motown.

5. 100 THINGS TO DO AFTER I GRADUATE: My Bucket List Journal of Adventures (Graduation Gift for Him 2021)

Author: by Paper Panda Press
112 pages

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The Ultimate Bucket List Journal to Give a New Graduate! Imagine a massive waterfall of wealth, happiness, and good health cascading towards your new graduate. Bless them today with this thoughtful graduation gift! Filled with positive affirmations that will inspire teens to make exciting plans during summer break or before starting work.

This elegant journal allows them to record their goals this year (or the next, it’s all up to them!. It is un-dated, handy 6 x 9 inches to bring on-the-go, premium matt finish, with 100 Extra Epic Bucket List Ideas on pages 109 to 112, and certificate to spur them on!

Start this Bucket List with easy and simple goals that are quick to accomplish, it can be – ~ Try new dishes to savor and prepare ~ Practice self-love, meditation, gratitude ~ Learn new things (music, sports, art) ~ Help others, share your time blessings ~ Travel and explore new placesGet your copies now and enjoy listing and accomplishing your plans today!

6. Playlist: The Rebels and Revolutionaries of Sound

Author: by James Rhodes
Candlewick Studio
72 pages

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In a stunning and innovative performance, piano maestro James Rhodes introduces today’s readers to seven of the greatest composers of all time.Bach.Mozart.Beethoven. Old guys with curly wigs, right? But trust me: those composers were the original rock stars.

Open your mind to some of the most breathtaking and magnificent pieces of music ever created, and find out why the rebels and revolutionaries who wrote them are responsible for every track on your phone today. Discover their backstories and how each one shaped and defined classical music.

Learn about the structure of an orchestra, the language of music, and the history of musical periods. With jaw-dropping artwork and avant-garde design, this visually exquisite celebration of classical music is a surefire hit for both first-time listeners and longtime fans.

Budding aficionados will appreciate the online playlist featuring James Rhodes’s favorite selections.

7. Ukulele for Beginners: A Beginners Guide and Songbook to Learn and Play Ukulele, Reading Different Chords Including Popular Songs

Author: by Andrew Scott
83 pages

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Are you a beginner and would like to learn how to play the ukulele from scratch? Are you looking for a practical and simple guide to learning to play the ukulele? You found everything that you needed in these pages.

I have made sure that you have all of the necessary material to get started and a few great diagrams to give you a clearer picture. I am going to leave some tips for beginners that you will find in this book:This book assists you with lots of chord changes.

The goal is accuracy and as the speed will naturally come and will not the other way around. Refer to the figures on how to correctly hold your Ukulele standing or sitting. Proper strumming influences your sound when beginning. Besides strumming you can palm mute and then slap the strings to get down and funky.

Do exercises and practice fingering. This will make you more accurate and you guessed it, faster. Playing the ukulele should bring you peace and joy. Do not make it into a job where you feel like you have to practice every day.

8. Where Are All The Black Female Composers?: The Ultimate Fun Facts Guide (Why Music?)

Author: by Nathan Holder
82 pages

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Who wrote music with an astronaut? Who has her own Google Doodle? Who has written music in 6 different languages? Where Are All The Black Female Composers? Is the first children’s illustrated reference book all about Black female composers! It takes you on a musical journey to discover many over 80 women who have written various kinds of classical music over the past 150 years.

Read as Olivia, Callum, Zaki and Pheobe explore the lives and achievements of composers like Nora Holt, Errollyn Wallen, Kathryn Bostic, Florence Price and more. Filled with fun facts, quizzes and music, Where Are All The Black Female Composers? Is the perfect introduction to past and present Black female classical composers.

9. This Land Was Made for You and Me: The Life and Songs of Woody Guthrie (Golden Kite Awards)

Author: by Elizabeth Partridge
224 pages

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Before Springsteen and before Dylan, there was Woody Guthrie. With “This Machine Kills Fascists,” scrawled across his guitar in big black letters, Woody Guthrie brilliantly captured in song the experience of twentieth-century America. Whether he sang about union organizers, migrant workers, or war, Woody took his inspiration from the plight of the people around him as well as from his own tragic childhood.

From the late 1920s to the 1950s, Guthrie wrote the words to more than three thousand songs, including “This Land Is Your Land,” a song many call America’s unofficial national anthem. With a remarkable ability to turn any experience into a song almost instantaneously, Woody Guthrie spoke out for people of all colors and races, setting an example for generations of musicians to come.

But Woody didn’t have the chance to find everything he was looking for. He was ravaged by Huntington’s disease, just like his mother, and died in a mental institution at the age of fifty-five. Award-winning author, Elizabeth Partridge has taken the life of this songwriting genius and woven in his lyrics, and other rich materials to create a touching and highly entertaining portrait of a true talent.

10. The Complete Book of the Great Musicians (Yesterday's Classics)

Author: by Percy a Scholes
524 pages

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Contains in a single volume The First Book of the Musicians, The Second Book of the Great Musicians, and The Third Book of the Great Musicians. A stimulating introduction to the major composers, the music they wrote, and the instruments they used.

For each of the two dozen composers included, the author secures the reader’s interest by first relating stories of his childhood, then introducing representative pieces of his music, selected for appeal on first hearing. The reader is led on step by step to develop his listening skills, often through games of the author’s invention.

As he is ready to learn more about various aspects of musical form and its development, a chapter appears explaining just that. With the author taking special care to show how the paths of the different musicians intertwine and how supportive they are of each other, it seems as if he is inviting the reader to join the musical community and equipping him to be an appreciative listener, if not a musician himself.

11. On My Journey Now: Looking at African-American History Through the Spirituals

Author: by Nikki Giovanni
128 pages

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With the passion of a poet and the knowledge of a historian, Nikki Giovanni tells the story of Africans in America through the glorious words of spirituals. Ever since she was a little girl attending three different churches, poet Nikki Giovanni has loved the spirituals.

With the passion of a poet and the knowledge of a historian, she paints compelling portraits of the lives of her ancestors through the words of songs such as “Go Down, Moses” and “Ain’t Got Time to Die,” celebrating a people who overcame enslavement and found a way to survive, to worship, and to build.

Back matter includes a glossary, a bibliography, source notes, recommended recordings, an index of song titles, and an index.

12. Harlem Stomp!: A Cultural History of the Harlem Renaissance

Author: by Laban Carrick Hill
160 pages

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Celebrate one of the most important periods of American cultural history: the Harlem Renaissance! This package features beautiful illustrations, poetry, and prose. Determined to make a new start for themselves at the dawn of the twentieth century, many African Americans joined the Great Migration and headed North.

For those who landed in Harlem, New York, it was a time of intellectual, artistic, literary, and political blossoming. Influential African American artists and activists took center stage as they captured the attention of the world.Harlem Stomp! Is a breathtaking, in-depth exploration of this fascinating era.

Lavishly designed and illustrated, with photographs, historical documents, and full-color paintings, this virtual time capsule is packed with poetry, prose, and political rhetoric that introduce the amazing lives and work of notable figures such as Langston Hughes, Zora Neale Hurston, Sargent Johnson, and Marcus Garvey.

13. Janis Joplin: Rise Up Singing

Author: by Ann Angel
Harry N. Abrams

120 pages

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Forty years after her death, Janis Joplin remains among the most compelling and influential figures in rock-and-roll history. Her storytold here with depth and sensitivity by author Ann Angelis one of a girl who struggled against rules and limitations, yet worked diligently to improve as a singer.

It’s the story of an outrageous rebel who wanted to be loved, and of a wild woman who wrote long, loving letters to her mom. And finally, it’s the story of one of the most iconic female musicians in American history, who died at twenty-seven.

Janis Joplin includes more than sixty photographs, and an assortment of anecdotes from Janis’s friends and band mates. This thoroughly researched and well-illustrated biography is a must-have for all young artists, music lovers, and pop-culture enthusiasts.

14. The Listener's Guide to Music (Yesterday's Classics)

Author: by Percy a Scholes

180 pages

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An engaging introduction to the art of listening, starting with folk music familiar to all, and proceeding to the ways musical pieces are constructed from parts. Using a conversational style, the author draws out from the reader the points he wants to make, illustrating them with short musical pieces that appeal to a broad audience.

Along the way he gives tips of what to listen for, strengthening his reader’s listening skills by such games as ‘Camouflaged Tunes.’ In the course of the book, Scholes gives a brief history of classical music and introduces many of the noted composers, whetting appetite for further listening opportunities.

Musical terms are introduced only as needed, with a full glossary at the end of the book of terms the student is likely to encounter.

15. The Beatles: All Our Yesterdays (Campfire Graphic Novels)

Author: by Jason Quinn
150 pages

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The Beatles are the world’s most enduring and biggest rock band ever! This is the story of their struggle for success. Taking us through the early days of rock ‘n’ roll, and their lives in Liverpool during the 1950s, we journey with them to Hamburg as they come of age and through grit, determination and masses of talent became the lads who made the sixties swing!

This 145 page graphic novel is part of the Campfire Graphic Novel series, which brings classics, biographies and more to graphic novel format.