Best Teen & Young Adult Physical & Emotional Abuse Books

Here you will get Best Teen & Young Adult Physical & Emotional Abuse Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. 39 Lessons for Black Boys & Girls

Author: by Kenn Bivins
120 pages

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39 Lessons for Black Boys & Girls is a series of affirmations and lessons that promote self-esteem, education, justice and wisdom among Black children. This book is also a great kick-starter for in-depth conversations about race with boys and girls of all ethnicities.

2. The Sexual Trauma Workbook for Teen Girls: A Guide to Recovery from Sexual Assault and Abuse (Instant Help Books for Teens)

Author: by Raychelle Cassada Lohmann PhD LPC
Instant Help
200 pages

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The Sexual Trauma Workbook for Teen Girls offers healing, real-life stories from survivors and powerful, evidence-based tools to help you reclaim your life after sexual abuse or trauma. If you’ve been sexually abused or experienced sexual trauma, you may feel confused, angry, ashamed, and unable to move forward emotionally.You’re not alone.

Like many teens who’ve been abused, you may be tempted to keep the secret locked deep inside and feel uncomfortable discussing your struggles with others. If so, this book can help you find your voice. This empowering workbook will help you move past your trauma and serve as a comforting reminder that you are strong and resilient.

Healing is possibleand with healing, comes victory. In this book, you’ll find true stories from other teen survivors, and in reading the stories you’ll find reassurance in knowing you aren’t alone in your experiences. You’ll also find practical and proven-effective strategies and exercises to help promote emotional healing and reclaim your sense of self.

3. PTSD Workbook for Teens: Simple, Effective Skills for Healing Trauma

Author: by Libby Palmer
Instant Help Books
160 pages

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If you have traumatic memories from an extremely upsetting, stressful, or painful experience in your life, you are not alone. In fact, many young people have been exposed to traumatic events. As a result, you might have lingering flashbacks, trouble sleeping, or a constant feeling that you are in danger.

These are common symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Based in cognitive behavioral therapy, this user-friendly workbook for teens with PTSD and other trauma-related difficulties will help you work through your experience and make sense of your thoughts and feelings.

The book includes worksheets and activities to help you reestablish a sense of safety, gain control over your emotions, make peace with your traumatic experience, and reconnect with a positive sense of self. If you are ready to start recovering from traumatic memories and take back your life, the PTSD Workbook for Teens will show you the way.

4. Kids at Work: Lewis Hine and the Crusade Against Child Labor

Author: by Russell Freedman
Clarion Books
112 pages

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Photobiography of early twentieth-century photographer and schoolteacher Lewis Hine, using his own work as illustrations. Hines’s photographs of children at work were so devastating that they convinced the American people that Congress must pass child labor laws.

5. Mystic and the Secret of Happiness

Author: by Anne-Claire Szubaniska
330 pages

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.Could a depressed cat resolve the mystery of happiness? Mystic the cat loses everything he thought was the cause of his joy and reason for existence when his best friend, an elephant named Bumpa goes missing. Heartbroken, Mystic decides to search for his lost friend, and regain his happiness.

But on his journey, he meets a strange, beautiful black cat named Freedom who insists he doesn’t need Bumpa to be happy, and a terrifying red cat named Trembly who tries to convince him that happiness is an illusion. Mystic’s hope shatters and his worst fears threaten to push him into a bottomless abyss of pain.

Will Mystic have the strength to face his fears? Will he figure out who is trying to help him, and who his true enemies are? Will he ever see Bumpa, or be truly happy ever again? A cat who emotionally resembles us all.

More than a cat adventure, this practical roadmap will give you the tools necessary to discover a new perspective on the events of your life. The messages whispered among the chapters will free you from negativity, and strengthen your self-confidence.

6. Feelings First Shadow Work: A Simple Approach to Self Love and Emotional Mastery (with Journal Prompts)

Author: by Benjy Sherer
205 pages

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The biggest misconception around emotional healing that keeps people going in circles for years or even decades is that it is an intellectual activity. Most likely you’ve been trying to solve your emotional issues by searching for the root cause, right?

Trying to track down the initial core trauma that happened? Trying to figure out all the psychological logic behind your harmful patterns? That’s ALL intellectual. Inner healing is not intellectual, it’s emotional. Shadow work is not about chasing down all your past trauma.

It’s about learning how to release all the unresolved emotions inside of you. It’s about building emotional muscle and confronting the uncomfortable feelings that come up in a healthy way that allows us to release them. Healing can be simple.

It can be about feeling good, instead of analyzing your pain. In this book, I’ll show you how to bypass your brain and connect directly to your heart to release your past triggers and traumas so that you can start living without fear, guilt, shame, anxiety, and more…

7. Hidden Girl: The True Story of a Modern-Day Child Slave

Author: by Shyima Hall
240 pages

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An inspiring and compelling memoir from a young woman who lost her childhood to slaveryand built a new life grounded in determination and justice. When Shyima Hall was eight years old, her impoverished parents sold her to pay a debt.

Two years later, the wealthy family she was sold to moved to Orange County, California, and smuggled her with them. Shyima served the family eighteen hours a day, seven days a week until she was twelve. That’s when an anonymous call from a neighbor brought about the end of Shyima’s servitudebut her journey to true freedom was far from over.

A volunteer at her local police department since she was a teenager, Shyima is passionate about helping to rescue others who are in bondage. Now a US citizen, she regularly speaks out about human trafficking and intends to one day become an immigration officer.

In Hidden Girl, Shyima commands unfailing interest, sympathy, and respect (Publishers Weekly), candidly reveals how she overcame her harrowing circumstances, and brings vital awareness to a timely and relevant topic.

8. The PTSD Survival Guide for Teens: Strategies to Overcome Trauma, Build Resilience, and Take Back Your Life (The Instant Help Solutions Series)

Author: by Sheela Raja PhD
Instant Help
160 pages

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Your trauma doesn’t need to define you. In The PTSD Survival Guide for Teens, trauma specialist Sheela Rajaalong with her teen daughter Jaya Ashrafioffers evidence-based skills to help you find strength, confidence, and resilience in the aftermath of trauma. If you’ve experienced trauma or suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), the world can seem like a very frightening place.

You may even question your own deeply held beliefs, as well as the motives of others. It’s important for you to know that you aren’t alone, and there isn’t anything wrong with you. Many teens have suffered traumatic events, and there are solid skills you can learn that will help you recover.

So, how can you begin healing and start building the life you were always meant to lead? In this compassionate guide, you’ll find skills based in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) to help you tackle anxiety and harmful avoidance behaviors; manage negative emotions; cope with flashbacks and nightmares; and develop trusting, healthy relationshipseven if your trust in others has been shaken to the core.

9. Dear Self, I Love You: Inspirational Coloring Book for Self Discovery, Mindful Gratitude, and Enduring Courage | 52 Weeks Guided Prompts

Author: by Simple Psychology Press
108 pages

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A Colouring Journal to Celebrate and Create a Happier You! Self love is self care. It can boost immunity, promote creativity, and reduce stress. With 52 weeks guided prompts, this gorgeous art journal will help you remember that loving yourself is the happiest way to live.

52 Nature themed pictures, beautifully illustrated and without repetitionsHeartwarming and inspirational quotes in every spread, to lift up your spirits and put you in a positive moodSingle sided and grey backed pages to resist bleed through, perfect for colored pencils, light markers, and your favorite gold and glitter pensEnjoy this beautiful art journal for a stress free coloring experience!

Give a memorable gift of relaxation, gratitude and creativity. Order your copies and gift your loved ones today!

10. Can We Talk About Consent?: A book about freedom, choices, and agreement

Author: by Justin Hancock
160 pages

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What exactly is consent?Why does it matter? How can you respect other people’s boundaries, and have them respect yours? Can We Talk About Consent? Breaks down the basics of how to give and get consent in every aspect of life for readers aged 14 years and older.

It’s a powerful word, but not everyone understands exactly what it means. This stylish guide explains clearly why consent mattersfor all of us. With honest explanations by experienced sex and relationships educator Justin Hancock, you’ll learn how consent is a vital part of how we connect with ourselves and our self-esteem, the people close to us, and the wider world.

The book covers a broad range of topics, including: how we greet each other how to choose things for ourselveshow we say no to thingscommunicating and respecting choices in sexual relationshipsthe factors that can affect a person’s ability to choosehow to empower other people by giving them consentAndthere’s a whole lot of pizza.

This guide to consent gives you all the tools you need to build consensual relationships.

11. A Celebration of Vulva Diversity

Author: by Hilde Atalanta
This is us Books

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Pre-teen Ronni is a seemingly normal girl growing up in the suburbs, until the day her mom hides cookies. Soon after, Ronni has an unexplainable compulsion to eat more and more and more junk. In secret and shame, she overeats and binges through tween years, high school, college, an abusive first marriage, and even a loving second marriage.

Over thirty years, she steals food, eats food off of others’ plates, and scavenges food out of the trash, until one night, once again stuffed after a binge, on TV, she hears the words compulsive overeater. She searches and she learns she has an eating disorder, a mental illness, a disease.

Armed with this knowledge she attacks her compulsion full throttle. She goes to therapy, Overeaters Anonymous meetings, read books, and namelessly blogs in an attempt to gain power over food. A brutally honest glimpse into the trials, pervasive thoughts, and heartbreak of a compulsive overeater, discover how Ronni gains the courage and strength to live her life without being a slave to food.

13. The Keys to Being Brilliantly Confident and More Assertive: A Vital Guide to Enhancing Your Communication Skills, Getting Rid of Anxiety, and Building Assertiveness

Author: by Richard Banks
227 pages

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All of us can think of times when we know we should speak up, but we don’t. When we feel like we’re being taken advantage of, but we just accept it. Later, we kick ourselves, thinking: If only I would have said something!

If this sounds like you, look no further! This book serves as a complete guide to understanding what assertiveness is and how to become more assertive in your own life. Using practical exercises and techniques it will teach you how to stand up for what you believe in, ask for what you want, and say no to what you don’t want in a way that’s confident, calm, and respectful.

This book will also show you how to increase your self-confidence and your self-worth. This book is for: People who would like to massively boost their assertivenessPeople who would like to develop better communication skillsPeople who would like to learn how to deal with conflictsPeople who would like to communicate with confidence and charismaNew managers who need to be more assertive with their team.

14. The Bullying Workbook for Teens: Activities to Help You Deal with Social Aggression and Cyberbullying

Author: by Raychelle Cassada Lohmann PhD LPC
Instant Help
152 pages

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Being a teenager is difficult enough without having to worry about bullying. If you have experienced bullying or cyberbullying, you aren’t alone. Bullying and cyberbullying are at an all-time high, and the effects of both can be tremendous for a young person who is already dealing with major school, life, and home stressors.

The Bullying Workbook for Teens incorporates cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to help ease anxiety, fear, stress, and other emotions associated with being bullied. The workbook is made up of 42 step-by-step self-help activities designed to help you learn anti-bullying tips and strategies, manage emotions such as anxiety, fear, anger, and depression, and learn constructive communication skills to help you express your feelings.

With this workbook as your guide, you will also learn how to identify toxic friendships, how to build your own self-confidence, and importantly, how to ask for help when bullying gets out of control. The exercises in this book are designed to be useful in everyday situations, so that you gain helpful tools to help you combat bullying or cyberbullying in your life.

15. Dear Nobody: The True Diary of Mary Rose

Author: by Gillian McCain
Sourcebooks Fire
336 pages

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“A rare, no-holds-barred documentation of an American teenager’s life.” Publishers WeeklyTold through the actual diary entries of a real teenage girl, Dear Nobody chronicles Mary Rose’s struggles with drug addiction, bullying, and a deadly secret in this raw, authentic book.

Her story will inspire youand remind you that you’re not alone. They call me a freak.I’m sick of it. It makes me want dangerous, bad things. Drugshard drugsand people who are bad for me, but I don’t care, because I’m so lonely and no matter what their intentions are at least they’re talking to me…

They say that high school is supposed to be the best time of your life. But what if that’s just not true? More than anything, Mary Rose wants to fit in.To be heard.To be loved. And she’ll do whatever it takes to make that happen.

Even if it costs her her life. Compelling and unflinchingly honest, Dear Nobody is perfect for readers looking for: contemporary young adult nonfiction true stories about drug addiction books like Go Ask Alice and Lucy in the Sky stories that spark conversation about issues teens face