Best Teen & Young Adult Renaissance Historical Fiction Books

Here you will get Best Teen & Young Adult Renaissance Historical Fiction Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. The Shakespeare Stealer

Author: by Gary Blackwood
216 pages

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A delightful adveture full of humor and heart set in Elizabethan England! Widge is an orphan with a rare talent for shorthand. His fearsome master has just one demand: steal Shakespeare’s play “Hamlet”-or else. Widge has no choice but to follow orders, so he works his way into the heart of the Globe Theatre, where Shakespeare’s players perform.

As full of twists and turns as a London alleyway, this entertaining novel is rich in period details, colorful characters, villainy, and drama. “A fast-moving historical novel that introduces an important era with casual familiarity.” -School Library Journal, starred review”Readers will find much to like in Widge, and plenty to enjoy in this gleeful romp through olde England” -Kirkus Reviews “Excels in the lively depictions of Elizabethan stagecraft and street life.” -Publishers WeeklyAn ALA Notable Book

2. An Affair of Poisons

Author: by Addie Thorley
Page Street Kids

400 pages

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No one looks kindly on the killer of a king. Fast-paced and refreshing. SLJ, starred reviewThe perfect blend of history and dark fantasy. Mary Taranta, author of Shimmer and BurnThrilling, romantic, and addictive. Rosalyn Eves, author of Blood Rose RebellionThe only cure is to finish it.

Lyndsay Ely, author of Gunslinger GirlAfter unwittingly helping her mother poison King Louis XIV, seventeen-year-old alchemist Mirabelle Monvoisin is forced to see her mother’s Shadow Society in a horrifying new light: they’re not heroes of the people, as they’ve always claimed to be, but murderers.Herself included.

Mira tries to ease her guilt by brewing helpful curatives, but her hunger tonics and headache remedies cannot right past wrongs or save the dissenters her mother vows to purge. Royal bastard Josse de Bourbon is more kitchen boy than fils de France.

But when the Shadow Society assassinates the Sun King and half of the royal court, he must become the prince he was never meant to be in order to save his injured sisters and the petulant dauphin. Forced to hide in the sewers beneath the city, Josse’s hope of reclaiming Paris seems impossibleuntil his path collides with Mirabelle’s.

3. The Second Mrs. Gioconda

Author: by E.L. Konigsburg
160 pages

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July 24, 2018

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In this thrilling adventure by bestselling author Oliver Ptzsch, thirteen-year-old Lukas has been trained as a swordsman by his father, a nobleman who was once a famed Musketeer. When the threat of war and accusations of witchcraft spread across the land, Lukas’s life is forever changed.

He flees his home and vows to find his missing sister. Surviving as an outcast, Lukas encounters thieves and mercenaries, a strange astrologer, and a master swordsman. He also meets three other fencersGiovanni, Paulus, and Jerome. Each brings a special talent to their team that leads them to the Black Musketeers, the best fighters in the army.

But living with the black-armored Musketeers is nothing like they imagined. In his quest to find his sister, Lukas learns of a legendary book that holds powerful magic. As he fights to keep the Book of the Night out of the hands of his greatest enemy, Lukas discovers the secrets of his own family and what it really means to be a Musketeer.

6. Leonardo's Shadow: Or, My Astonishing Life as Leonardo da Vinci's Servant

Author: by Christopher Grey
400 pages

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The amazing story about the most celebrated artist who ever lived and a young man without a past who will stop at nothing to learn the truth about his life.Milan, 1497. The height of the Renaissance. And for Giacomo, servant of the famous painter Leonardo da Vinci, it’s the most difficult time of all.

His Master has been working on the Last Supper, his greatest painting ever, for nearly two years. But has he finished it? He’s barely started! The all-powerful Duke of Milan is demanding that it be completed by the time the Pope visits at Easter.

And Giacomo knows that if Leonardo doesn’t pick up his pace, the Duke may invite a young genius – Michelangelo – to finish the painting instead. Which means that Leonardo won’t be paid, which means that Milan’s shopkeepers (to whom he owes massive amounts) will take drastic measures against him.

It’s all down to Giacomo, and whether he can come up with a brilliant solution. And if he does, will his Master go for it? After all, Leonardo still doesn’t seem to trust him. He refuses to teach Giacomo how to paint; he won’t help him find his parents; nor will he discuss the significance of the medallion, ring, and cross that Giacomo was carrying when Leonardo found him.

7. The Apprentice

Author: by Pilar Molina Llorente
Square Fish
112 pages

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In Renaissance Florence, thirteen-year-old apprentice Arduino’s dreams of being a painter are challenged after he discovers the extreme measures the Maestro Cosimo di Forl will take in the name of jealousy. Arduino faces a decision that could cost him his only chance to realize his life’s dream.

8. The Amber Crane

Author: by Malve von Hassell
June 25, 2021

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Chafing at the rules of the amber guild, Peter, an apprentice during the waning years of the Thirty Years’ War, finds and keeps a forbidden piece of amber, despite the risk of severe penalties should his secret be discovered. Little does he know that this amber has hidden powers, transporting him into a future far beyond anything he could imagine.

In dreamlike encounters, Peter witnesses the ravages of the final months of World War II in and around his home. He becomes embroiled in the troubles faced by Lioba, a girl he meets who seeks to escape from the oncoming Russian army.

Peter struggles with the consequences of his actions, endangering his family, his amber master’s reputation, and his own future. How much is Peter prepared to sacrifice to right his wrongs?

9. The Wild Queen: The Days and Nights of Mary, Queen of Scots (Young Royals Book 7)

Author: by Carolyn Meyer
June 19, 2012

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The scandalous and tragic life of Mary, Queen of Scots. Read her incredible story before seeing the major motion picture starring Saoirse Ronan and Margot Robbie! Mary Stuart was just five years old when she was sent to France to be raised alongside her future husband.

But when the frail young king dies, eighteen-year-old Mary is stripped of her title as Queen of France and set adrift in the harsh world, alone. Determined to reign over what is rightfully hers, Mary returns to Scotland. Hoping that a husband will help her secure the coveted English throne, she marries again, but the love and security she longs for elude her.

Instead, the fiery young queen finds herself embroiled in a murder scandal that could cost her the crown. And her attempts to bargain with her formidable sister queen, Elizabeth I of England, could cost her her very life.

10. Queen's Own Fool (Stuart Quartet)

Author: by Jane Yolen
Puffin Books
400 pages

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Fans of historical sagas and the CW show Reign will be swept up by this clever tale by Jane Yolen and Robert Harris Once she was a traveling player … Now called La Jardinire, a resourceful and clever jester to the queen’s court, Nicola was a most unlikely person to end up fool and friend to Mary, Queen of Scots.

But Nicola isn’t an ordinary comedian tumbling and clowning before the court; her quick wit and sharp tongue are rare amongst the fawning nobles. As fate takes Mary from France to Scotland, and into confrontations with rebellious lords and devious advisors, Nicola remains deep in the queen’s inner circle.

But when the Scots start to turn on Queen Mary, Nicola struggles to find somethinganythingthat she, just a fool, can do to save her friend. Based deeply in fact and full of detail both luscious and sordid…. [Yolen and Harris] spin a historical tale of great immediacy and impact.

Kirkus Reviews”This rich and involving novel of Mary Queen of Scots and her court will have readers clamoring to know more about this dramatic period in French and Scottish history. Readers are treated to a fascinating look at royal politics.”School Library Journal

11. The Smile

Author: by Donna Jo Napoli
272 pages

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Hers is the most famous portrait in the world. Here, in prose as rich as the high Renaissance, is Mona Lisa’s tale. A story of passion, loss, and, above all, love. Elisabetta longs for romance, though she thinks she’s too plain.

Then, on a visit to Florence, she catches the eye of the great Leonardo da Vinci, and falls for a boy, Giuliano de Medici. It’s a dangerous time to be involved with a Medici. As tragedy and chaos threaten their happiness, Elisabetta faces the bittersweet truth of love.

12. Witch

Author: by Finbar Hawkins
Zephyr (October 1, 2020)

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Set in the 17th century, a breathtaking debut, and a potential prize-winner, about the power of women, witchcraft, fury, revenge and the ties that bind us. After witnessing the brutal murder of her mother by witch-hunters, Evey vows to avenge her and track down the killers.

Fury burns in her bright and strong. But she has promised her mother that she will keep Dill, her little sister, safe. As the lust for blood and retribution rises to fever pitch, will Evey keep true to the bonds of sisterhood and to the magick that is her destiny?

Praise for Witch: ‘A story that captures sibling rivalry so perfectly and tells its tale so beautifully I didn’t want it to finish’ JASBINDER BILAN’Raw, mystical and beautifully told. A striking debut’ KIRSTY APPLEBAUM’An assured debut of sisterhood and fury’ THE BOOKSELLER’A book filled with enchantment, in every sense.

Dark, exciting and pacy, Witch brilliantly balances magic and realism’ ANTHONY McGOWAN’There is real magic here, though what leaps off the page is the creepy atmosphere and the raw emotion of a grieving, raging girl … Perfect reading for a dark, stormy night’ IRISH TIMES WEEKEND

13. A Thief in Time: A Time Travel Romance

Author: by Cidney Swanson
Williams Press
August 10, 2018

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He can’t stay.She can’t let him go. Halley, stuck covering house-sitting jobs for her self-absorbed mom, has Hollywood dreams but no real life. Until the day covering for her mom leads to a tumble back to London, 1598, where Halley meets a hot, rich earl named Edmund.

And accidentally brings him to the 21st century. Her dull summer just got a whole lot more interesting as she tells Edmund to keep his hands off tech he doesn’t understand and a deadly sword he can’t use in public brawls.

All while trying to keep from falling for him, which definitely can’t happen. Now Halley’s job is to get Edmund back where he belongs-while preventing a very scary scientist from suspecting she messed with his time machine. If the evil scientist finds out about Edmund, Edmund’s as good as dead.

And what might that do to history? Not to mention, Halley would be next in line … Summer’s not boring anymore. Halley just needs to keep from getting killed, save Edmund (and history) before it’s too late, and not fall for a guy who can’t stick around.

14. Doomed Queen Anne: A Young Royals Book (3)

Author: by Carolyn Meyer
Clarion Books
230 pages

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Though born without great beauty, wealth, or title, Anne Boleyn blossomed into a captivating woman. She used her wiles to win the heart of England’s most powerful man, King Henry VIII, and persuade him to defy everyone-including his own wifeto make her his new queen.

But Anne’s ambition was her fatal flaw. This is the true story of the girl everyone loved to hate. Carolyn Meyer’s engrossing third novel in the award-winning Young Royals series tells Anne’s fascinating story in her own voicefrom her life as an awkward girl to the dramatic moments before her death.

15. Daughter of Venice

Author: by Donna Jo Napoli
Laurel Leaf

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In 1592, Donata is a noble girl living in a palazzo on the Grand Canal. Girls of her class receive no education and rarely leave the palazzo. In a noble family, only one daughter and one son will be allowed to marry; Donata, like all younger daughters, will be sent to a convent.

Donata longs to be tutored like her brothers and to see the Venice she has glimpsed only on the map. What is the world beyond her balcony, beyond what she sees when she glides, veiled, in a gondola down the canal?

She dresses as a boy and escapes the palazzo on the Grand Canal to see the world before she is shut away, and to try to find a way to escape her fate. Donata risks everything; she changes her life, and her family’s life, forever when she walks through the door and encounters a Venice she never knew existed.