Best U.S.Congresses, Senates & Legislative Books

Here you will get Best U.S.Congresses, Senates & Legislative Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. On the House: A Washington Memoir

Author: by John Boehner
288 pages

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INSTANT #1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER * #1 WALL STREET JOURNAL BESTSELLER *A rollicking, foil-mouthed [memoir]…. Boehner has delivered a classic Washington tell-all, albeit one with his typical jocular style. The Washington PostFormer Speaker of the House John Boehner shares colorful tales from the halls of power, the smoke-filled rooms around the halls of power, and his fabled tour bus.

John Boehner is the last of a breed. At a time when the arbiters of American culture were obsessing over organic kale, cold-pressed juice, and SoulCycle, the man who stood second in line to the presidency was unapologetically smoking Camels, quaffing a glass of red, and hitting the golf course whenever he could.

There could hardly have been a more diametrically opposed figure to represent the opposition party in President Barack Obama’s Washington. But when Boehner announced his resignation, President Obama called to tell the outgoing Speaker that he’d miss him. “Mr. President,” Boehner replied, “yes you will.” He thought of himself as a “regular guy with a big job,” and he enjoyed it.

2. His Truth Is Marching On: John Lewis and the Power of Hope

Author: by Jon Meacham
Random House
368 pages

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#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER An intimate and revealing portrait of civil rights icon and longtime U.S. Congressman John Lewis, linking his life to the painful quest for justice in America from the 1950s to the presentfrom the Pulitzer Prizewinning author of The Soul of America NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY THE WASHINGTON POST AND COSMOPOLITAN John Lewis, who at age twenty-five marched in Selma, Alabama, and was beaten on the Edmund Pettus Bridge, was a visionary and a man of faith.

Drawing on decades of wide-ranging interviews with Lewis, Jon Meacham writes of how this great-grandson of a slave and son of an Alabama tenant farmer was inspired by the Bible and his teachers in nonviolence, Reverend James Lawson and Martin Luther King, Jr., to put his life on the line in the service of what Abraham Lincoln called the better angels of our nature.

From an early age, Lewis learned that nonviolence was not only a tactic but a philosophy, a biblical imperative, and a transforming reality. At the age of four, Lewis, ambitious to become a minister, practiced by preaching to his family’s chickens.

3. Constitution of the United States (Books of American Wisdom)

Author: by Founding Fathers
Applewood Books
32 pages

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The landmark legal document of the United States, the U.S. Constitution comprises the primary law of the Federal Government. Signed by the members of the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia on September 17, 1787, the Constitution outlines the powers and responsibilities of the three chief branches of the Federal Government, as well as the basic rights of the citizens of the United States.

This beautiful gift edition contains the complete text of the United States Constitution, as well as all of its amendments. It is a treasure for Americans of all ages.

4. Kill Switch: The Rise of the Modern Senate and the Crippling of American Democracy

Author: by Adam Jentleson
336 pages

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THE CASE FOR ENDING THE FILIBUSTER “A truly excellent book blistering and persuasive. Ezra Klein, New York TimesAn insider’s account of how politicians representing a radical white minority of Americans have used the world’s greatest deliberative body to hijack our democracy.

Every major decision governing our diverse, majority-female, and increasingly liberal country bears the stamp of the United States Senate, an institution controlled by people who are almost exclusively white, overwhelmingly male, and disproportionately conservative. Although they do not represent a majority of Americansand will not for the foreseeable futuretoday’s Republican senators possess the power to block most legislation.

Once known as the world’s greatest deliberative body, the Senate has become one of the greatest threats to our democracy. How did this happen? In Kill Switch, Senate insider Adam Jentleson contends that far from reflecting the Framers’ vision, the Senate has been transformed over the decades by a tenacious minority of white conservatives.

5. Every Day Is a Gift: A Memoir

Author: by Tammy Duckworth
Twelve (March 30, 2021)
288 pages

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AN INSTANT NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER! Learn the incredible story of Illinois senator and Iraq War veteran Tammy Duckworth and see what inspired her to follow the path that made her who she is today. In Every Day Is a Gift, Tammy Duckworth takes readers through the amazingand amazingly truestories from her incomparable life.

In November of 2004, an Iraqi RPG blew through the cockpit of Tammy Duckworth’s U.S. Army Black Hawk helicopter. The explosion, which destroyed her legs and mangled her right arm, was a turning point in her life. But as Duckworth shows in Every Day Is a Gift, that moment was just one in a lifetime of extraordinary turns.

The biracial daughter of an American father and a Thai-Chinese mother, Duckworth faced discrimination, poverty, and the horrors of warall before the age of 16. As a child, she dodged bullets as her family fled war-torn Phnom Penh. As a teenager, she sold roses by the side of the road to save her family from hunger and homelessness in Hawaii.

6. Persist

Author: by Elizabeth Warren
320 pages

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The inspiring, influential senator and bestselling author mixes vivid personal stories with a passionate plea for political transformation. Elizabeth Warren is a beacon for everyone who believes that real change can improve the lives of all Americans. Committed, fearless, and famously persistent, she brings her best game to every battle she wages.

In Persist, Warren writes about six perspectives that have influenced her life and advocacy. She’s a mother who learned from wrenching personal experience why child care is so essential. She’s a teacher who has known since grade school the value of a good and affordable education.

She’s a planner who understands that every complex problem requires a comprehensive response. She’s a fighter who discovered the hard way that nobody gives up power willingly. She’s a learner who thinks, listens, and works to fight racism in America.

And she’s a woman who has proven over and over that women are just as capable as men. Candid and compelling, Persist is both a deeply personal book and a powerful call to action. Elizabeth Warrenone of our nation’s most visionary leaderswill inspire everyone to believe that if we’re willing to fight for it, profound change is well within our reach.

7. Doesn't Hurt to Ask: Using the Power of Questions to Communicate, Connect, and Persuade

Author: by Trey Gowdy
288 pages

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#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER Former congressman and prosecutor Trey Gowdy teaches you how to effectively communicate and persuade on the issues that matter most to you, drawing on his experience in the courtroom and the halls of Congress. A must-read for people who want to learn how best to succeed.

Dana Perino, Fox News host and bestselling author of And the Good News Is … You do not need to be in a courtroom to advocate for others. You do not need to be in Congress to champion a cause. From the boardroom to the kitchen table, opportunities to make your case abound, and Doesn’t Hurt to Ask shows you how to seize them.

By blending gripping case studies from nearly two decades in a courtroom and four terms in national politics with personal stories and practical advice, Trey Gowdy walks you through the tools and the mindset needed to effectively communicate your message.

Along the way, Gowdy reflects on the moments in his life when he learned the most about how to argue and convince. He recounts his missteps during his first murder trial, the conversation that changed his view on criminal justice reform, and what he learned while questioning James Comey and Secretary Hillary Clinton.

8. The Permanent Coup: How Enemies Foreign and Domestic Targeted the American President

Author: by Lee Smith
304 pages

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From the phony Russia collusion narrative to the coordinated riots laying waste to US cities, it’s the same ongoing operation orchestrated by the left and targeting not just President Trump but hundreds of millions of Americans who revere their country and what it stands for.

For the first time, crusading investigative journalist Lee Smith reveals who was responsible and the never before known involvement of Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and senior military officials who engineered a coup against a sitting president. Beginning in late 2015, political operatives, intelligence officials, and the press pushed a conspiracy theory about Trump-he was a Russian asset and spied on his campaign and his presidency in order to undo an election.

Because the ultimate goal of the anti-Trump operation is not simply to topple the president but rather to change the character and constitution of the country, the Deep State’s machinations didn’t stop even after Trump was cleared of charges of “colluding” with Moscow.

9. The Second Founding: How the Civil War and Reconstruction Remade the Constitution

Author: by Eric Foner
304 pages

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Gripping and essential. Jesse Wegman, New York TimesAn authoritative history by the preeminent scholar of the Civil War era, The Second Founding traces the arc of the three foundational Reconstruction amendments from their origins in antebellum activism and adoption amidst intense postwar politics to their virtual nullification by narrow Supreme Court decisions and Jim Crow state laws.

Today these amendments remain strong tools for achieving the American ideal of equality, if only we will take them up.

10. Profiles in Courage (P.S.)

Author: by John F. Kennedy
304 pages

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Written in 1955 by the then junior senator from the state of Massachusetts, John F. Kennedy’s Profiles in Courage served as a clarion call to every American. The inspiring true accounts of eight unsung heroic acts by American patriots at different junctures in our nation’s history, Kennedy’s book became required reading, an instant classic, and was awarded the Pulitzer Prize.

Now, a half-century later, it remains a moving, powerful, and relevant testament to the indomitable national spirit and an unparalleled celebration of that most noble of human virtues.This special “P. S.” edition of Profiles in Courage commemorates the fiftieth anniversary of the book’s publication.

Included in this new edition, along with vintage photographs and an extensive author biography, are Kennedy’s correspondence about the writing project, contemporary reviews of the book, a letter from Ernest Hemingway, and two rousing speeches from recipients of the Profile in Courage Award.

11. The Truths We Hold: An American Journey

Author: by Kamala Harris
Penguin Books
336 pages

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The #1 New York Times bestsellerFrom Vice President Kamala Harris, one of America’s most inspiring political leaders, a book about the core truths that unite us, and the long struggle to discern what those truths are and how best to act upon them, in her own life and across the life of our country”A life story that genuinely entrances.” Los Angeles Times Vice President Kamala Harris’s commitment to speaking truth is informed by her upbringing.

The daughter of immigrants, she was raised in an Oakland, California community that cared deeply about social justice; her parents-an esteemed economist from Jamaica and an admired cancer researcher from India-met as activists in the civil rights movement when they were graduate students at Berkeley.

Growing up, Harris herself never hid her passion for justice, and when she became a prosecutor out of law school, a deputy district attorney, she quickly established herself as one of the most innovative change agents in American law enforcement.

12. Endgame: Inside the Impeachment of Donald J. Trump

Author: by Eric Swalwell
320 pages

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How do you stop a rogue president? How do you protect our country from a man who lies, who obstructs justice, and who seeks to cheat with foreign powers to get reelected? Our constitution offers one remedy: impeachment. Thanks to the courageous actions of public servants who came forward to report his abuses of power, on December 18, 2019, President Donald J.

Trump became just the third president in US history to be impeached by the House of Representatives. In Endgame, Congressman Eric Swalwell offers his personal account of his path to office and how he and his colleagues resisted, investigated, and impeached a corrupt president.

After the shock of the 2016 election and Trump’s inauguration (including the luncheon afterward), Swalwell, as a member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and the House Judiciary Committee, quickly became involved in pushing back against Trump’s outrageous actions as he sought to get to the bottom of foreign interference in our elections.

13. Unified: How Our Unlikely Friendship Gives Us Hope for a Divided Country

Author: by Tim Scott
Tyndale Momentum
240 pages

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New York Times BestsellerIn a divided country desperate for unity, two sons of South Carolina show how different races, life experiences, and pathways can lead to a deep friendshipeven in a state that was rocked to its core by the 2015 Charleston church shooting.

Tim Scott, an African-American US senator, and Trey Gowdy, a white US congressman, won’t allow racial lines to divide them. They work together, eat meals together, campaign together, and make decisions together. Yet in the fall of 2010as two brand-new members of the US House of Representativesthey did not even know each other.

Their story as politicians and friends began the moment they met and is a model for others seeking true reconciliation. In Unified, Senator Scott and Congressman Gowdy, through honesty and vulnerability, inspire others to evaluate their own stories, clean the slate, and extend a hand of friendship that can change your churches, communities, and the world.

14. The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream

Author: by Barack Obama
375 pages

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#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER Barack Obama’s lucid vision of America’s place in the world and call for a new kind of politics that builds upon our shared understandings as Americans, based on his years in the Senate In our lowdown, dispiriting era, Obama’s talent for proposing humane, sensible solutions with uplifting, elegant prose does fill one with hope.

Michael Kazin, The Washington Post In July 2004, four years before his presidency, Barack Obama electrified the Democratic National Convention with an address that spoke to Americans across the political spectrum. One phrase in particular anchored itself in listeners’ minds, a reminder that for all the discord and struggle to be found in our history as a nation, we have always been guided by a dogged optimism in the future, or what Obama called the audacity of hope.

The Audacity of Hope is Barack Obama’s call for a different brand of politicsa politics for those weary of bitter partisanship and alienated by the endless clash of armies we see in congress and on the campaign trail; a politics rooted in the faith, inclusiveness, and nobility of spirit at the heart of our improbable experiment in democracy.

15. The Law

Author: by Frederic Bastiat
Creative Commons

70 pages

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Here, in this 1850 classic, a powerful refutation of Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto, published two years earlier, Bastiat discusses: what is law?, why socialism constitutes legal plunder, the proper function of the law, the law and morality, “the vicious circle of socialism”, and the basis for stable government.

French political libertarian and economist CLAUDE FRDRIC BASTIAT (1801-1850) was one of the most eloquent champions of the concept that property rights and individual freedoms flowed from natural law.