Best United States National Government Books

Here you will get Best United States National Government Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. Discrimination and Disparities

Author: by Thomas Sowell
Published at: Basic Books; Enlarged edition (March 5, 2019)
ISBN: 978-1541645639

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How often have people claimed that a certain thing was in the Constitution and you’ve wanted to pull out a copy to show them what this incredible document really says? This is the book you want to keep with you at all times: the full text of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, the two documents that are the backbone of United States government.

Reading them as they were written is a must for every American. Regular reading is required for any historian or member of the legal profession, and a good idea for all Americans. Acclaimed Constitutional scholar Paul Skousen, author of How to Read the Constitution, frames this simple text with a brief preface and a summary of important facts about these two documents, including important dates, for the ultimate quick reference.

Throughout the text of the Constitution, he provides a clear guide to parts that became invalid due to later amendments, making the current meaning clear. Without intruding on the meaning, Skousen gives you a great tool for understanding our most basic principles of good government.

3. The Vision of the Anointed: Self-Congratulation as a Basis for Social Policy

Author: by Thomas Sowell
Published at: Basic Books (June 28, 1996)
ISBN: 978-0465089956

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Thomas Sowell’s provocative critique of liberalism’s failures The Vision of the Anointed is a devastating critique of the mind-set behind the failed social policies of the past thirty years. Thomas Sowell sees what has happened not as a series of isolated mistakes but as a logical consequence of a vision whose defects have led to disasters in education, crime, family disintegration, and other social pathology.

In this book, “politically correct” theory is repeatedly confronted with facts – and sharp contradictions between the two are explained in terms of a whole set of self-congratulatory assumptions held by political and intellectual elites. These elites – the anointed – often consider themselves “thinking people,” but much of what they call thinking turns out, on examination, to be rhetorical assertion, followed by evasions of mounting evidence against those assertions.

4. Kill Switch: The Rise of the Modern Senate and the Crippling of American Democracy

Author: by Adam Jentleson
Published at: Liveright (January 12, 2021)
ISBN: 978-1631497773

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It’s more important than ever for every American to know exactly what the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence actually says. Here is the essential, 45-page, pocket-size edition. Now a USA Today Bestseller! The greatest gifts from our Founding Fathers are the two most fundamental documents in American politics.

This quick, easy reference for our federal government’s structure, powers, and limitations includes:The Constitution of the United StatesThe Bill of RightsAll Amendments to the ConstitutionThe Declaration of IndependenceWhether you are a Democrat, Republican, or independent, whether you are a support of Donald Trump or not, if you live and vote in the United States of America, you understand that The Constitution of the United States and The Declaration of Independence are two of the most important documents in American history.

They convey the principles on which the country was founded and provide the ideals that still guide American politics today. Signed by the members of the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia on September 17, 1787, The Constitution outlines the powers and responsibilities of the three chief branches of the federal government (executive branch, judicial branch, legislative branch), as well as the basic rights of the citizens of the United States (freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of religion, etc.

6. The Truths We Hold: An American Journey

Author: by Kamala Harris
Published at: Penguin Books; Illustrated edition (August 4, 2020)
ISBN: 978-0525560739

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The #1 New York Times bestsellerFrom Vice President Kamala Harris, one of America’s most inspiring political leaders, a book about the core truths that unite us, and the long struggle to discern what those truths are and how best to act upon them, in her own life and across the life of our country”A life story that genuinely entrances.” Los Angeles Times Vice President Kamala Harris’s commitment to speaking truth is informed by her upbringing.

The daughter of immigrants, she was raised in an Oakland, California community that cared deeply about social justice; her parents-an esteemed economist from Jamaica and an admired cancer researcher from India-met as activists in the civil rights movement when they were graduate students at Berkeley.

Growing up, Harris herself never hid her passion for justice, and when she became a prosecutor out of law school, a deputy district attorney, she quickly established herself as one of the most innovative change agents in American law enforcement.

7. Constitution of the United States (Books of American Wisdom)

Author: by Founding Fathers
Published at: Applewood Books; This beautiful gift edition contains the complete text of the United States Cons (April 1, 1995)
ISBN: 978-1557091055

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The landmark legal document of the United States, the U.S. Constitution comprises the primary law of the Federal Government. Signed by the members of the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia on September 17, 1787, the Constitution outlines the powers and responsibilities of the three chief branches of the Federal Government, as well as the basic rights of the citizens of the United States.

This beautiful gift edition contains the complete text of the United States Constitution, as well as all of its amendments. It is a treasure for Americans of all ages.

8. The Federalist Papers (Dover Thrift Editions)

Author: by Alexander Hamilton
Published at: Dover Publications (August 20, 2014)
ISBN: 978-0486496368

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An excellent reference for anyone who wants a better understanding of the Constitution, this compilation of eighty-five articles explains and defends the ideals behind the highest form of law in the United States. The essays were written and published anonymously in New York newspapers during the years 1787 and 1788 by three of the Constitution’s framers and ratifiers: Alexander Hamilton, General George Washington’s Chief of Staff and first Secretary of the Treasury; John Jay, the first Chief Justice of the United States; and James Madison, father of the Constitution, author of the Bill of Rights, and fourth President of the United States.

Thomas Jefferson hailed The Federalist Papers as the best commentary ever written about the principles of government. Milestones in political science and enduring classics of political philosophy, these articles are essential reading for students, lawyers, politicians, and those with an interest in the foundation of U.S.Government and law.

9. Why We're Polarized

Author: by Ezra Klein
Published at: Avid Reader Press / Simon & Schuster; Illustrated edition (January 28, 2020)
ISBN: 978-1476700328

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This New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller shows us that America’s political system isn’t broken. The truth is scarier: it’s working exactly as designed. In this superbly researched (The Washington Post) and timely book, journalist Ezra Klein reveals how that system is polarizing usand how we are polarizing itwith disastrous results.

The American political systemwhich includes everyone from voters to journalists to the presidentis full of rational actors making rational decisions given the incentives they face, writes political analyst Ezra Klein. We are a collection of functional parts whose efforts combine into a dysfunctional whole.

A thoughtful, clear and persuasive analysis (The New York Times Book Review), Why We’re Polarized reveals the structural and psychological forces behind America’s descent into division and dysfunction. Neither a polemic nor a lament, this book offers a clear framework for understanding everything from Trump’s rise to the Democratic Party’s leftward shift to the politicization of everyday culture.

10. Speaking for Myself: Faith, Freedom, and the Fight of Our Lives Inside the Trump White House

Author: by Sarah Huckabee Sanders
Published at: St. Martin's Press (September 8, 2020)
ISBN: 978-1250271334

Speaking for Myself: Faith, Freedom, and the Fight of Our Lives Inside the Trump White House Cover

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The Instant New York Times, Publishers Weekly, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today BestsellerA candid, riveting account of the Trump White House, on the front lines and behind the scenes. Sarah Huckabee Sanders served as White House Press Secretary for President Donald J.

Trump from 2017 to 2019. A trusted confidante of the President, Sanders advised him on everything from press and communications strategy to personnel and policy. She was at the President’s side for two and a half years, battling with the media, working with lawmakers and CEOs, and accompanying the President on every international trip, including dozens of meetings with foreign leadersall while unfailingly exhibiting grace under pressure.

Upon her departure from the administration, President Trump described Sarah as irreplaceable, a warrior and very special person with extraordinary talents, who has done an incredible job. Now, in Speaking for Myself, Sarah Huckabee Sanders describes what it was like on the front lines and inside the White House, discussing her faith, the challenges of being a working mother at the highest level of American politics, her relationship with the press, and her unique role in the historic fight raging between the Trump administration and its critics for the future of our country.

11. Follow the Money: The Shocking Deep State Connections of the Anti-Trump Cabal

Author: by Dan Bongino
Published at: Post Hill Press (October 6, 2020)
ISBN: 978-1642936599

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Wall Street Journal and USA Today Bestseller! As seen on The Ben Shapiro Show! Follow the Money exposes the labyrinth of connections between D. C.’s slimiest swamp creaturesDemocrat operatives, lying informants, desperate and destructive FBI agents, Obama power brokers, CIA renegade John Brennan, George Soros, and morewho conspired to attack Trump by manufacturing one bogus scandal after another.

Bestselling author, podcast favorite, and Fox News contributor Dan Bongino delivers the third and most shocking of his acclaimed series chronicling the Deep State war against Donald Trump. Starting with the Trump impeachment hearings, Bongino works forward and backward to piece together the connections of a vast, well-funded cabal of wealthy Democrats and D.C.

Swamp elite to the non-stop deluge of manufactured scandals launched specifically to attack, destabilize, and ultimately remove Trump and his administration. Zooming in on Ukraine, Bongino unspools a complex sequence of corruptionfrom the miraculous discovery of a mysterious black ledger that linked financial transactions to Trump campaign insider Paul Manafort and cast a shadow over the entire Trump team, to Joe Biden’s unexamined quid pro quo interference with Kyiv politics as he threatened to withhold a loan unless a prosecutor was removed from office.

12. White Rage

Author: by Carol Anderson
Published at: Bloomsbury Adult; Reprint edition (September 5, 2017)
ISBN: 978-1632864130

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National Book Critics Circle Award WinnerNew York Times BestsellerA New York Times Notable Book of the YearA Washington Post Notable Nonfiction Book of the YearA Boston Globe Best Book of 2016A Chicago Review of Books Best Nonfiction Book of 2016From the Civil War to our combustible present, White Rage reframes our continuing conversation about race, chronicling the powerful forces opposed to black progress in America-now in paperback with a new afterword by the author, acclaimed historian Carol Anderson.

As Ferguson, Missouri, erupted in August 2014, and media commentators across the ideological spectrum referred to the angry response of African Americans as black rage, historian Carol Anderson wrote a remarkable op-ed in The Washington Post suggesting that this was, instead, “white rage at work.

With so much attention on the flames,” she argued, “everyone had ignored the kindling.” Since 1865 and the passage of the Thirteenth Amendment, every time African Americans have made advances towards full participation in our democracy, white reaction has fueled a deliberate and relentless rollback of their gains.

13. Kamala's Way: An American Life

Author: by Dan Morain
Published at: Simon & Schuster (January 12, 2021)
ISBN: 978-1982175764

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A revelatory biography of the first Black woman to stand for Vice President, charting how the daughter of two immigrants in segregated California became one of this country’s most effective power players. There’s very little that’s conventional about Kamala Harris, and yet her personal story also represents the best of America.

She grew up the eldest daughter of a single mother, a no-nonsense cancer researcher who emigrated from India at the age of nineteen in search of a better education. She and her husband, an accomplished economist from Jamaica, split up when Kamala was only five.

The Kamala Harris the public knows today is tough, smart, quick-witted, and demanding. She’s a prosecutorher one-liners are legendarybut she’s more reticent when it comes to sharing much about herself, even in her memoirs. Fortunately, former Los Angeles Times reporter Dan Morain has been there from the start.

In Kamala’s Way, he charts her career from its beginnings handling child molestation cases and homicides for the Alameda County District Attorney’s office and her relationship as a twenty-nine-year-old with the most powerful man in the state: married Assembly Speaker Willie Brown, a relationship that would prove life-changing.

14. Civil War Volumes 1-3 Box Set

Author: by Shelby Foote
Published at: Vintage; 1st, Paperback edition (November 12, 1986)
ISBN: 978-0394749136

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Foote’s comprehensive history of the Civil War includes three compelling volumes: Fort Sumter to Perryville, Fredericksburg to Meridian, and Red River to Appomattox. Collected together in a handsome boxed set, this is the perfect gift for any Civil War buff.

Fort Sumter to Perryville “Here, for a certainty, is one of the great historical narratives of our century, a unique and brilliant achievement, one that must be firmly placed in the ranks of the masters.” Van Allen Bradley, Chicago Daily News “Anyone who wants to relive the Civil War, as thousands of Americans apparently do, will go through this volume with pleasure….

Years from now, Foote’s monumental narrative most likely will continue to be read and remembered as a classic of its kind.” New York Herald Tribune Book Review Fredericksburg to Meridian “This, then, is narrative historya kind of history that goes back to an older literary tradition….

The writing is superb… One of the historical and literary achievements of our time.” The Washington Post Book World “Gettysburg… Is described with such meticulous attention to action, terrain, time, and the characters of the various commanders that I understand, at last, what happened in that battle….

15. Live Free Or Die: America (and the World) on the Brink

Author: by Sean Hannity
Published at: Threshold Editions (August 4, 2020)
ISBN: 978-1982149970

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#1 New York Times Bestseller America’s top-rated cable news host offers his first book in ten years: a look at America’s fight against those who would reverse our tradition of freedoma fight we can’t afford to lose in 2020. America is great for a reason.

Built on principles of freedom, rugged individualism, and self-sufficiency, no country has ever accumulated more power and wealth, abused it less, or used that power more to advance the human condition. And yet, as America blossomed, leftwing radicalism and resentment festered beneath the surface, threatening to undermine democracy first in the sixties and nowmore insidiously than everin the form of social justice warriors, the deep state, and compromised institutions like academia and the mainstream media.

Our fate if we succumb to a Democratic victory in 2020? A big step toward full-blown socialism along with the economic dysfunction and social strife that are its hallmarks. With radical Democrats demanding the Green New Deal, socialized medicine, abortion on demand, open borders, abolishing the Electoral College, packing the Supreme Court, and an end to free speech, our great nation will be fundamentally transformed beyond recognition.