Best Veterinary Dentistry Books

Here you will get Best Veterinary Dentistry Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. The German Shepherd Handbook: The Essential Guide For New & Prospective German Shepherd Owners (Canine Handbooks)

Author: by Linda Whitwam
234 pages

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234 pages packed with the latest training tips for raising a happy, well-adjusted German Shepherd. An excellent reference book with tips to help throughout the dog’s life. We will ensure that no pup will be leaving us in the future without a copy of this book in their puppy pack, LARRY & DIANE YATES, breeders of Lornstone German Shepherds for over 50 years.

WARNING: This is a big book! Written by experts with 100s of years of combined experience with German Shepherds. Only buy it if you want an in-depth insight into GSDs. German Shepherds are unique dogs. They are incredibly loyal, affectionate, courageous & intelligent, & can be trained to a level higher than any other canine.

There’s just one snag – they don’t arrive in your home as the finished article! Will this book answer every single question you have on GSDs?Probably not. Is this book a must-have guide to raising & training a relaxed, obedient German Shepherd who’s a joy to live with & the envy of your dog-loving friends?DEFINITELY!

2. How to Become a Veterinarian: What They Do, How To Train, Daily Life As Vet, Is It Really The Right Career For You?

Author: by Susanna Lee
Independently published
120 pages

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The Most Up-to-Date, Comprehensive and Fun Guide to Becoming a Vet – Over 100 pages This fact-pact and enlightening book covers everything kids need to know about becoming a vet. It also gives a realistic view of what daily life is like as a vet – the challenges and triumphs.

My name is Susanna Lee and recently my daughter Monica, who has a passion for animals, asked me to help her find information on becoming a vet. Surprisingly, I couldn’t find a book that contains up-to-date information and gives a real insight into what it takes to become a vet.

Most importantly, I wanted my daughter to be able to decide for herself if veterinary medicine was truly the career for her based on getting the most rounded picture possible – the good, the bad and everything in between. So being a journalist and writer for over 20 years, I took up the challenge to create that missing book!

In How to Become a Veterinarian, I share the latest practical information available, but also offer a human perspective on life as a vet and what it’s really like to work towards that goal. This book covers: A History Of Veterinary Practice The Different Types of Vets Training to be a Vet Qualifications You Will Need What Veterinary Students Are Taught Life as a vet Is Veterinary Medicine the Right Career for You?

3. Fluids and Electrolytes: A Thorough Guide covering Fluids, Electrolytes and Acid-Base Balance of the Human Body

Author: by David Andersson
154 pages

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Fluids and ElectrolytesLet’s be very clear about this, the best way to start studying a new topic is to learn the basic fundamentals first before diving into the details. That way, you will not feel overwhelmed because you will understand the bigger picture first.

This book serves two purposes; It’s a great introduction for those that want a simple overview, and it’s also great for students looking for a quick recap that covers the most important information. How do you best prepare for an exam?

If you don’t have the time, you recap the fundamentals. This book is a must-have for all nursing and medical students looking to broaden or refreshen their skills of understanding human pathophysiology. It is perfect for anyone that wishes to work in the medical field, and it is a great complementary tool to have when preparing for the NCLEX!

Many students are ordering this book together with other nursing books such as medical surgical nursing. To test your knowledge, we have included multiple-choice questions after each chapter. The answers to these questions can be found at the very end.

4. The Cavapoo Handbook: The Essential Guide for New & Prospective Cavapoo Owners (Canine Handbooks)

Author: by Linda Whitwam
252 pages

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The No.1 Bestseller on Cavapoos!What a great find. I can’t recommend this book strongly enough both for new & existing owners. It’s actually written for Cavapoos, not a cloned book which just changes the breed name, LOUISE POWELL, UKIf you’re looking for a book full of specific info about Cavapoos, your search is over.

With 132,000 words & 252 pages DEDICATED TO CAVAPOOS, The Cavapoo Handbook is the biggest & most informative book ever published about this lovable hybrid. Part of the Canine Handbooks, Amazon’s top dog breed series, this easy-to-read book is packed full of the latest advice from Cavapoo breeders & owners with 100s of years of combined experience.

Together they help you raise a happy, healthy & well-trained adult Cavapoo. Find out what makes your Cavapoo tick, how temperament is affected by the Poodle & Cavalier ancestry & how YOUR behaviour affects your Cavapoo’s behaviour. Learn: Typical Traits, Cavapoos for Allergy Sufferers, Cavapoos & Children, What Cavapoos Love & Hate, Exercise, Grooming & Dealing with Puppy Biting, Jumping Up & Separation Anxiety.

5. The Poodle Handbook: The Essential Guide to Standard, Miniature & Toy Poodles (Canine Handbooks)

Author: by Linda Whitwam
263 pages

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The No.1 Bestseller on Poodles! With 264 pages packed full of detailed & up-to-date info on Toy, Miniature and Standard Poodles, this is the only reference book you’ll ever need. It guides you from Day 1 right through to caring for your Poodle in old age.

Part of The Canine Handbooks, Amazon’s No. 1 dog breed series, canine author Linda Whitwam has teamed up with Poodle experts to answer the dozens of questions every new owner has. Together they provide a blueprint for a rewarding lifelong partnership between you & your new arrival.

Poodles are complex, highly intelligent and sensitive dogs. Packed full of insider tips from established breeders, this book helps you understand what makes your Poodle tick, then how best to respond & take care of him or her. Puppies – Learn:Getting Through the First Few Days & NightsWhere Should Puppy Sleep?

Typical Poodle TraitsDifferences Between the Standard, Toy & MiniatureUnderstanding Your Puppy & Building a BondCrate Training & HousetrainingObedience Training, incl. Sit, Stay, Recall, Lead & Clicker TrainingHow to Stop Puppy Biting & Jumping UpSocializationWhat Poodles DON’T likeHow Often to Bathe & Groom Feeding a Puppy, Adult & Senior DogExercise How Often & How Much?

6. The Cockapoo Handbook: The Essential Guide For New & Prospective Cockapoo Owners (Canine Handbooks)

Author: by Linda Whitwam
237 pages

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NEW 2020 edition of The No. 1 Bestseller on Cockapoos! More training tips & latest info on everything Cockapoo. This book covers everything; well worth buying, Mary Gosling, Founder, British Cockapoo Society. It guides you step-by-step to raise, train & build a successful lifelong partnership with your Cockapoo.

Part of the Canine Handbooks, Amazon’s No. 1 dog breed series, author Linda Whitwam & leading breeders have produced the biggest & most up-to-date book yet on Cockapoos. Easy to read & packed full of insider tips, facts & practical info on understanding, caring for & training these beautiful, cheerful dogs.

Puppies:Getting Through the First Few Days & NightsPreparing Your Home Where Should Puppy Sleep? Understanding Your Puppy & Building a BondHow NOT to TrainTypical Cockapoo TraitsCrate Training & HousetrainingSocialisationObedience Training, incl. Sit, Stay, Recall, Leash & Clicker TrainingHow to Stop Puppy Biting & Jumping UpBreeders give their personal advice on what to expect from bringing home your puppy right through to old age & the pitfalls to avoid.


Author: by PAT HAYES
169 pages

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Looking for a comprehensive guide to lab puppy potty training and other training tips? Perhaps you have recently taken in a puppy of your own, and you are looking for a helpful and easy to understand guide that you can follow to ensure that you raise this puppy to the best of your ability?

Or maybe you are thinking about getting a puppy, but you want to make sure you have all of the information you need before you make the big decision of adding a little fluffball into your life? Maybe you already have an idea about potty training and how to walk your dog, but you know there are a lot of other things that you need to know to achieve success.

Your prayers have been answered! Potty Training Lab Puppies is the perfect guide for different levels of training and how to get started on obedience training, all while gaining the love and respect of your new little best friend! This comprehensive guide has been carefully crafted based on my 40 years of experience as a dog owner and handler and will allow you to train your puppy through tried and tested methods, with tips and tricks for so many important aspects of raising your first puppy.

8. BSAVA Manual of Canine and Feline Dentistry and Oral Surgery (BSAVA British Small Animal Veterinary Association)

Author: by Alexander M. Reiter
392 pages

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Following the success of previous editions, the BSAVA Manual of Canine and Feline Dentistry and Oral Surgery 4th edition is a timely publication in what is an internationally growing specialist field. It is an accessible source of core information for general small animal veterinary surgeons, students and nurses/technicians interested in developing their knowledge and practical skills in dentistry and oral surgery.

New for this edition are the inclusion of step-by-step operative techniques with detailed full-colour photographs and new illustrations, including the process for taking dental radiographs, and techniques for the management of periodontal disease, dental and oral trauma, developmental disorders and neoplasia, and closed and open tooth extractions.

9. Atlas of Dental Radiography in Dogs and Cats

Author: by Gregg A. DuPont DVM FAVD DAVDC

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Is it ever appropriate to diagnose and treat oral and dental problems without knowing the full extent of the problem? With more than 50% of anatomical structures and associated pathologies located below the gingivae and unseen to the eye, that’s the reality without the use of high-quality, accurately interpreted radiographs.

Atlas of Dental Radiography in Dogs and Cats presents hundreds of actual radiographic images, which are clearly labeled to facilitate accurate identification of normal and abnormal features. This valuable new atlas shows you exactly how to correlate common dental conditions with radiographic signs.

Radiographs are also compared side by side with actual anatomical photographs to confirm surface landmarks visible on the radiographs. Correct positioning techniques for producing diagnostic radiographs as well as helpful tips and pitfalls when obtaining quality radiographs are logically presented.

This approach helps you produce consistently high-quality radiographs, sharpen your interpretive skills, and confidently treat a wide range of dental problems. Presents the most logical and useful approach to dental and oral radiography, using actual anatomical photographs for accurate clinical correlationDepicts original and color-labeled radiographs side-by-side for accurate identification of normal and abnormal structuresHelps both veterinarians and technicians take the best possible radiographs, interpret them accurately, make sound treatment decisions, and monitor resultsProvides clear, technical guidance for taking quality radiographs and identifying artefacts and results of improper imaging technique and film developmentPresents clear pictorial instructions from 2 angles for correct positioning of the X-ray beam and intraoral filmsOffers new opportunities for expanded professional services and revenues in your practiceProvides proof of compliance with standards of care for medical record documentation, helping you legally protect yourself, your staff, and your practice

10. Veterinary Dentistry for the General Practitioner

Author: by Cecilia Gorrel BSc MA VetMB DDS MRCVS HonFAVD DEVDC
Saunders Ltd.
240 pages

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The new edition of Veterinary Dentistry for the General Practitioner has been thoroughly revised and updated to ensure it continues to meet the needs of today’s veterinarians and veterinary students. The book offers all the theoretical knowledge and practical help any general practitioner needs in order to practise good dentistry, providing comprehensive and detailed knowledge of how to diagnose, prevent and treat common oral conditions in the dog and cat.

It also presents information as to diagnosis and initial management of less common diseases, where the ultimate treatment will generally be performed by a specialist but the general practitioner needs to be able to identify a problem and have a basic understanding of the pathophysiology of the tissues involved.

Dental conditions of lagomorphs and rodents are also covered. In its new second edition Veterinary Dentistry for the General Practitioner remains the complete resource for the general veterinarian and unique in its detailed focus on common dental conditions. Concentrates on the most commonly encountered dental problems in small animal practiceThe author is a world authority on small animal dentistry and provides practical tips and unique insights on best practiceColor photographs and high-quality illustrations make this an essential consulting room companionHighlights risks associated with various proceduresIncludes details of how to manage complicationsIncludes the common diseases in the dog and cat, but also deals with dental disorders in lagomorphs and rodents, as these are becoming increasingly popular as petsNew for the second edition An expanded equipment and instrumentation chapter covers the subject in more depth and includes new available instrumentation and augmented sections on care of equipment The extraction chapter is totally rewritten and covers new techniques and instrumentation Illustrated with many updated and additional photographs.

11. Wiggs's Veterinary Dentistry: Principles and Practice

Author: by Heidi B. Lobprise
544 pages

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Wiggs’s Veterinary Dentistry: Principles and Practice, Second Edition is a fully updated and expanded new edition of the classic comprehensive reference for veterinary dentistry. Provides current, comprehensive information on veterinary dentistry Encompasses rudimentary tenets of the field as well as advanced techniques Presents the state-of-the-art in veterinary dentistry, with all topics fully updated, revised, and expanded to reflect current knowledge Written by leading veterinary dental specialists and edited by luminaries in the field Includes more images and color throughout to support the text The second edition of Wiggs’s Veterinary Dentistry: Principles and Practice is an updated and comprehensive guide to all things related to the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of the oral cavity in canine and feline patients….

Overall, this book will be a good resource for any small animal practice or practitioner who performs veterinary dentistry.JAVMA Vol 255 No.6

12. The Cocker Spaniel Handbook: The Essential Guide For New & Prospective Cocker Spaniel Owners (Canine Handbooks)

Author: by Linda Whitwam
284 pages

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The No.1 Bestseller on Cocker Spaniels!”A wonderful book filled to bursting with information for the Cocker Spaniel owner. It is an absolute must for everyone having a Cocker or planning to have one, Haja van Wessem, celebrated Cocker Spaniel breeder since 1960 & winner of numerous international show titles.

This step-by-step manual will help you care for, train & build a successful lifelong partnership with your Cocker Spaniel. This is a BIG book packed full of tips & detailed info specifically about Cockers. Canine author Linda Whitwam has teamed up with 40 leading breeders who share their decades of experience to make this the biggest & most in-depth book on Cockers.

This book is part of The Canine Handbooks, Amazon’s No.1 dog breed series. The 284 pages are easy to read & full of insider tips & practical info on understanding, caring for & training these handsome & cheerful dogs. Puppies – Learn:How to Prepare Your HomeTypical Cocker BehaviorGetting Through the First Few Days & NightsWhere Should Puppy Sleep?

13. Small Animal Dental Procedures for Veterinary Technicians and Nurses

Author: by Jeanne R. Perrone
272 pages

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Small Animal Dental Procedures for Veterinary Technicians and Nurses, 2nd Edition brings together all aspects of canine, feline, and exotic animal dentistry for veterinary technicians and nurses. Offering complete coverage of all aspects of dental treatment for dogs, cats, and exotic pets, the book describes techniques for veterinary technicians providing dental care.

The new edition includes brand new information on digital radiology, plus updates to current protocols and improved images throughout the book. The chapters contained within include in-depth coverage of all stages of small animal dental care, including: Anesthesia Radiology Dental cleaning Common diseases and treatment Equipment needs and maintenance Exotic dentistry Small Animal Dental Procedures for Veterinary Technicians and Nurses includes access to a companion website that provides video clips, review questions, training exercises, forms, and editable glossaries.

This book is an essential and invaluable resource for any veterinary technology student, veterinary technician or nurse regularly or occasionally engaged in small animal dental care.

14. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in Dogs and Cats – E-Book

Author: by Frank J M Verstraete
August 23, 2019

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Learn to master a highly specialized form of animal surgery. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in Dogs and Cats, 2nd Edition offers a unique, detailed, comprehensive and highly illustrated account of surgical procedures that will improve outcomes for all surgical and dental specialists.

The second edition of this text is a collaborative effort from both human and veterinary oral surgeons each considered an expert in their field. With in-depth clinical photos, and illustrations, this indispensable resource is perfect for both general practitioners and students alike.

An authoritative collaboration between human and animal surgeons includes over 30 international contributors whorepresent the peak of professional expertise in the field.UNIQUE! Only book on the market devoted to a surgical specialty of growing relevance provides you with a look at a highly specialized practice.

High-quality illustrations combined with step-by-step textual guidance give you a clear understanding of the material. In-depth descriptions of surgical conditions provide you with detailed explanations of surgical procedures.NEW! Expert Consult site provides you with digital access to the full textbook.NEW!

15. Veterinary Dentistry: Principles and Practice [Jan 30, 1997] Wiggs, Robert B. and Lobprise, Heidi B.

Author: by Robert B. Wiggs
748 pages

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Veterinary Dentistry is an outstanding resource designed to give you the most comprehensive and practical approach to the subject. The book delves beneath facts and procedures to explain why particular dental problems occur in animals, as well as the basic biological and physiological foundations behind treatments widely used in veterinary dentistry today.

Veterinary Dentistry provides step-by-step instruction on clinical procedures and invaluable information on clinical procedures and invaluable information on equipment, instruments, and techniques. The book is richly illustrated with over 200 photographs, tables, and drawings that clarify concepts. It covers dental and oral disease in both small and large animals, while a special chapter is included on the dental management of exotic animals.

This book is essential for anyone practicing or studying veterinary dentistry.