Best Veterinary Genetics Books

Here you will get Best Veterinary Genetics Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. Dr Sebi Diet Cookbook: The Alkaline Diet that Helps with Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, and Liver Diseases | 600 Simple Recipes and a Food List for Natural Weight Loss

Author: by Rachel Dash
121 pages

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NEW EDITION April 2021 Fully Edited and Revised Easy to read New inner graphicsAre you ready to find out how to improve your health, remove phlegm, and even naturally prevent certain diseases such as herpes and diabetes? If your answer is YES, you are in the right place because it’s possible thanks to a single diet!

BUY this book; you will find 600 simple RECIPES with lots of images and also precise instructions! This diet is called Doctor Sebi’s Diet. It is a alkaline diet that contains within it a list of alkaline foods and supplements that are not like those you find at the supermarket.

When Dr Sebi created this diet, he decided to recommend what you can or cannot eat and specified the natural herbs that provide the body with nutrients and the mineral herbs that help heal disease and make you healthier. A nutritional guide comprising vegetables and also other plants that produce alkaline conditions in your body.

This condition is necessary to prevent mucus formation and make it difficult for organisms that cause infections to survive.But there’s more! In fact, with this diet, you will experience cell REJUVENATION and also the elimination of harmful substances in your body and your blood.

2. Veterinary Anatomy Coloring Book: Animal Anatomy and Veterinary Physiology Coloring Book Vet Tech

Author: by Summer Sparks
Independently published

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Color your way to a complete mastery of veterinary anatomy with this book! BOOK UPDATED: June 2021 [Revised Content! Thank You For Your Kind Feedback. ]Coloring animal physiology and their systems is the most effective way to study the structure and functions of veterinary anatomy.

You assimilate information and make visual associations with key terminology when coloring in the Veterinary Anatomy Book, all while having fun! These illustrations show anatomy in detail and makes it easy to identify specific structures for an entertaining way to learn veterinary anatomy.

With this vivid change-of-pace study tool, you have the freedom to master veterinary anatomy in a fun and memorable way. Ideal for all kind of students and animal lovers to make the most out of their interest in animal anatomy and physiology.

This coloring book comes with a thoroughly amazing structure. This book features:More than 40 unique, easy-to-color illustrations of different animals with their anatomical terminology, grouped into small and large animals and arranged alphabetically. Allows students to easily learn the anatomy of multiple species.

3. Veterinary Anatomy Coloring Book: Veterinary School Gift | Animal Anatomy Coloring Book | Dog, Cat, Horse, Bird and more.

Author: by Sam Hammond
82 pages

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Master veterinary anatomy with this book. Click the cover to see samples. 40 illustrations of body parts and anatomical systems of dogs, cats, horses, reptiles, birds and more. Large and comfortable 8.25×8.25″ format. You know someone who could use this gift.

4. The Dr Sebi Diet Cookbook With Pictures: The Nutritional Guide with Easy Alkaline Diet Recipes & Food List. 21-Day Meal Plan Based on Dr Sebi Products & Herbs

Author: by Olivia Shields
158 pages

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Launching a new book by Olivia Shields, the best-selling author on Amazon! The lowest price is valid only for 48 hours! The foolproof recipes to lose weight, to fight Herpes, Diabetes, Cancer, Epilepsy, GERD, to Detox Liver, to Cleanse Colon, and to Lower High Blood Pressure Naturally.

Are you ready to change your life, improve your health, and lose weight? Do you want to remove phlegm and mucus, detox your body and skin, cleanse your liver, and naturally prevent some diseases, such as Herpes and Diabetes? This book is for YOU!

BUY this book, find Easy Alkaline RECIPES with PICTURES and Step-by-Step instructions, check 21-Day Meal Plan, and receive the shopping list of approved Dr. Sebi products in your email in PDF for FREE! This unique diet is called the Dr. Sebi Diet.

It is an alkaline plant-based diet that consists of an approved Dr. Sebi alkaline food list and supplements. This diet is composed of vegetables, fruits, greens, and other plants that are intended to create alkaline conditions within the body. This, in turn, prevents the formation of mucus and makes it difficult for infection-causing organisms to survive.

5. Dr. Sebi Cure for Erectile Dysfunction: Secrets for Man to Regain Long-Lasting Libido & Energy via Detox & Revitalizing Alkaline Diets & Herb; & Become Superman on Bed

Author: by Bright D. Philip
64 pages

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Composition Notebook Features:110 blank wide lined white pagesPrinted on both sides Perfect size 7.5″ x 9. 25″ inches (between A4 and A5) for tote bag, desk, backpack, school, home or workHigh quality sturdy matte coverPerfect gift for School Notebook, Notebook For Kids, Notebook For Girls, Notebook For Boys, School Supplies, Back to school supplies, journal, taking notes, writing, organizing, lists, journaling and brainstormingFor more unique journals and notebooks visit Latte Notebooks Author page (amazon.


7. Equine Color Genetics

Author: by D. Phillip Sponenberg

352 pages

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Equine Color Genetics, Fourth Edition presents a detailed examination of the color variation in horses and donkeys and the genetic mechanisms that produce color variations. Thoroughly covers the basic colors in horses, including bay, chestnut, black, and brown Details the genetic basis of the colors built from the basic coat color, including dilutions and white patterning Provides an explanation of genetic mechanisms that determine coat color Presents a thorough revision and update, including new advances in molecular genetics, biochemistry, molecular mechanisms, genetic loci, coat colors before domestication, and more Offers a new introduction describing the principles of genetics and genomics research to help outline how knowledge is discovered and to assist the reader in understanding concepts covered in the book

8. Veterinary Anatomy Coloring Book: kids relax design for students: younger kids for learn anatomy dog, cat, hourse,turtle, frog, bird, fish

Author: by patrick crown
52 pages

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Veterinary Anatomy Coloring For Kids UPDATE 2nd Edition ! Premium matte finish cover designFor animals loverLarge format 8.5″x11. 0″ (22cmx28cm) pagesdog, cat, horse, frog, snake, bird, shell, shrimp, fish etc

9. Robinson's Genetics for Cat Breeders and Veterinarians

Author: by Carolyn M. Vella
272 pages

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Robinson’s Genetics for Cat Breeders & Veterinarians 4th Edition is an essential purchase for all breeders of pedigreed cats, practising small animal veterinarians and veterinary undergraduates. This fully revised edition re-establishes Genetics for Cat Breeders as the text of choice in the field of feline genetics.

The 4th edition of Roy Robinson’s established text on cat genetics has been updated by a team of specialists to reflect a decade of changes and advances in genetic research * The authorship now includes a practising veterinarian as well as experienced cat breeders, thus making this new edition useful at both veterinary and breeder levels* New technical and historical appendices contain important reference material and a glossary has been added for ease of reference

10. The Full Colour Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Handbook (Canine Handbooks in Colour)

Author: by Linda Whitwam
276 pages

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The 2020 edition FULL COLOUR Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Handbook is packed with over 100 colour photos. With 276 pages, this colour version of Amazon’s No. 1 Bestseller on Cavaliers is the most detailed & up-to-date book devoted to this beautiful, gentle breed. It is the ONLY Cavalier KCS book with five-star reviews from over 80% of readers.

For anyone getting a Cavalier puppy, adult or rescue dog, this is the only reference book you’ll ever need, guiding you from Day 1 right through to caring for your Cav in old age. Part of The Canine Handbooks, Amazon’s No.

1 dog breed series, British canine author Linda Whitwam has teamed up with Cavalier breeders & experts to answer all your questions, every page beautifully illustrated. Cavaliers are unique dogs and wonderful companions. Packed full of insider tips from established breeders, this book helps you understand what makes your Cavalier tick, then how best to respond & take care of him or her.

Puppies – Learn:Getting Through the First Few Days & NightsWhere Should Puppy Sleep? Typical Cavalier TraitsDifferent ColoursUnderstanding Your Puppy & Building a BondCrate Training & HousetrainingObedience Training, incl. Sit, Stay, Recall, Lead & Clicker TrainingDealing with Puppy Biting & Jumping UpSocialisationWhat Cavaliers DON’T likeBathing & Grooming Your CavalierFeeding a Puppy, Adult & Senior DogExercise How Often & How Much?

11. The Full Colour German Shepherd Handbook: The Essential Guide For New & Prospective German Shepherd Owners (Canine Handbooks in Colour)

Author: by Linda Whitwam
240 pages

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New for 2020!The FULL COLOUR German Shepherd Handbook has over 150 colour photos. It’s packed full of the latest training techniques & insider tips for raising a happy, well-adjusted German Shepherd. WARNING: This is a big book! 240 pages written by experts with 100s of years of combined experience with German Shepherds.

Only buy it if you want an in-depth insight into GSDs – and lots of colour photos. Will this book answer every single question you have on GSDs?Probably not. Is this book a must-have guide to raising & training a relaxed, obedient German Shepherd who’s a joy to live with & the envy of your dog-loving friends?DEFINITELY!

German Shepherds are unique dogs. They are incredibly loyal, affectionate, courageous & intelligent, & can be trained to a level higher than any other canine. There’s just one snag – they don’t arrive in your home as the finished article! This book guides you through puppyhood:Coping with the First Few Days & NightsGetting Your Pup Used to You & Your HomeUnderstanding Your Puppy’s MindHousetraining & Crate TrainingWhen & When Not to Reward Your GSD PuppyBuilding a BondHow to Avoid Separation AnxietyObedience Training inc.

12. Stinky Winky Silly Willy Off-key Donkey: A Fun Rhyming Animal Bedtime Book For Kids (Really Silly Wonky Songy Children's Books)

Author: by Donald Jacobsen
48 pages

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Are you looking for a fun kids’ read-along book that teaches new words and rhymes in a silly and entertaining way? Grab this book and meet Silly Willy, the Off-key Donkey! Stinky Winky Silly Willy Off-key Donkey is a delightful and easy-to-read rhyming picture book that follows the antics of an adorable and mischievous donkey.

This book is full of colorful illustrations and tells a humorous story that will pique the interest of kids around ages two to six. Follow along as Willy explores the world around him and gets himself into some truly silly situations.

Your children will beg to read just one more page to see what Willy is up to next! Grab your copy of Stinky Winky Silly Willy Off-key Donkey today and set off on a whimsical adventure with your children! Get the eBook edition for free via Kindle Matchbook when you buy the paperback edition!

13. The Simple Vegetarian Cookbook for Beginners: The Complete Guide to Cooking Healthy Vegetarian Dishes with 135 Delicious, Family-Style Recipes & 14-Day Meal Plan, Weight Loss Solutions

Author: by Marvin Hampton
513 pages

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Are you ready to improve your overall health, lose weight, feel great and look awesome while enjoying delicious, healthy, plant-based meals?Come on let’s go! Let me ask a simpler question: Do you want to Kick Start a Healthy Lifestyle?Then keep reading.

This book is for you! Your body is special and deserves – a better and healthier way of living. Say goodbye to SAD (Standard American Diet) and adopt the whole vegetarian diet technique. Use this book as a guide to whole foods and weight loss on a vegetarian diet.

Take one easy step at a time towards your long-term goals – improved health and losing weight. The Simple Vegetarian Cookbook for Beginners provides you with 135 quick and easy as well as tasty and healthy RECIPES with color PICTURES, with a fantastic and comprehensive 14-Day Meal Plan and easy Step-by-Step Instructions.

This extensive cookbook provides you with the well-known balanced Vegetarian Diet for home cooks and a wide range of clear recipes that are easy-to-understand even for a beginner; all of which can be made for the whole family in just 30 minutes.

14. Introduction to Veterinary Genetics

Author: by Frank W. Nicholas
328 pages

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The concepts of veterinary genetics are crucial to understanding and controlling many diseases and disorders in animals. They are also crucial to enhancing animal production. Accessible and clearly presented, Introduction to Veterinary Genetics provides a succinct introduction to the aspects of genetics relevant to animal diseases and production.

Now in its third edition, this is the only introductory level textbook on genetics that has been written specifically for veterinary and animal science students. Coverage includes: basic genetics, molecular biology, genomics, cytogenetics, immunogenetics, population genetics, quantitative genetics, biotechnology, and the use of molecular tools in the control of inherited disorders.

This book describes in detail how genetics is being applied to artificial selection in animal production. It also covers the conservation of genetic diversity in both domesticated and wild animals. New for the Third Edition: End-of-chapter summaries provide quick recaps.

15. Speaking for Spot: The Definitive Guide for Helping Your Dog Live a Happy, Healthy, Longer Life

Author: by Dr. Nancy Kay
May 23, 2011

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Award winning veterinarian and author Dr. Nancy Kay provides an insider’s guide to navigating the often overwhelming, confusing, and expensive world of veterinary medicine. With warmth, candor, and humor cultivated over 25-plus years of working with canine patients and their human companions Dr. Kay explains how to initiate and nurture a healthy relationship with your veterinarian.

She provides expert advice and insider tips about: Finding a fabulous vet-Choosing a vaccination protocol for your dog-Pet health insurance-When and how to get a second opinion-How to deal with a cancer diagnosis and the tough choices that are bound to follow-How to know when it’s time to say goodbyePlus, you’ll find descriptions of hundreds of common diseases and related points you should be certain to clarify before leaving your vet’s office with a treatment plan in hand.

Additionally, SPEAKING FOR SPOT provides you with lists of important questions to ask your vet when contemplating a new medication, general anesthesia, a major procedure, spaying/neutering, or breeding for your dog. Whether you are new to dogs or a seasoned veteran, and whether you share your home and heart with a healthy pup or an under-the-weather mature dog, Dr. Kay will provide you with a wealth of insights.