Best Veterinary Microbiology Books

Here you will get Best Veterinary Microbiology Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. The Complete Labrador Handbook: The Essential Guide for New & Prospective Labrador Owners (Canine Handbooks)

Author: by Linda Whitwam
284 pages

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The Labrador Bestseller! As an Assured KC Breeder of Labradors I have already added this Handbook to my suggested reading list for prospective puppy families, and can wholeheartedly recommend it,” MOLANTALI, UK. This is an excellent read for anyone who wants a Labrador or already has one.

I have been breeding Labradors for 35 years and I will be recommending this to my puppy buyers from now on, CHERYL A. CURTIS, USAThe only Labrador book with FIVE-STAR reviews from 80% of owners. Learn how to raise & train a happy, well-behaved Labrador who’s a pleasure to take anywhere.

This 284-page in-depth manual is the only reference you’ll need. Canine author Linda Whitwam has teamed up with 31 Lab experts – all AKC Breeders of Merit or Kennel Club Assured Breeders – to answer the many questions every new owner has.

Together they provide a blueprint for a rewarding, lifelong partnership between you & your new Labrador. When you bring puppy home, there’s step-by-step advice on:Where Puppy Should SleepGetting Pup Used to You & Your HomeUnderstanding Your New ArrivalTypical Labrador TraitsWhat Labs Love & HateHousetraining & Crate TrainingSocialisationHow to stop Puppy Biting & Jumping UpObedience Training incl.

2. How to Become a Veterinarian: What They Do, How To Train, Daily Life As Vet, Is It Really The Right Career For You?

Author: by Susanna Lee
Independently published
120 pages

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The Most Up-to-Date, Comprehensive and Fun Guide to Becoming a Vet – Over 100 pages This fact-pact and enlightening book covers everything kids need to know about becoming a vet. It also gives a realistic view of what daily life is like as a vet – the challenges and triumphs.

My name is Susanna Lee and recently my daughter Monica, who has a passion for animals, asked me to help her find information on becoming a vet. Surprisingly, I couldn’t find a book that contains up-to-date information and gives a real insight into what it takes to become a vet.

Most importantly, I wanted my daughter to be able to decide for herself if veterinary medicine was truly the career for her based on getting the most rounded picture possible – the good, the bad and everything in between. So being a journalist and writer for over 20 years, I took up the challenge to create that missing book!

In How to Become a Veterinarian, I share the latest practical information available, but also offer a human perspective on life as a vet and what it’s really like to work towards that goal. This book covers: A History Of Veterinary Practice The Different Types of Vets Training to be a Vet Qualifications You Will Need What Veterinary Students Are Taught Life as a vet Is Veterinary Medicine the Right Career for You?

3. Cancer: The Metabolic Disease Unravelled (Curing Cancer)

Author: by Mark Sloan
341 pages

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Never Fear Cancer AgainWhat if I told you that all the research needed to end the disease of cancer forever has already been completed? Would you believe it? Well now you don’t have to! Cancer: The Metabolic Disease Unravelled is your complete guide to the revolutionary scientific discoveries made over the past 150 years that reveal exactly what cancer is, what cancer isn’t, and the most efficient ways to remedy it without causing patients any harm whatsoever in the process.

Bestselling author Mark Sloan lost his mother to cancer when he was 12 years old and now he’s made it his life mission to ensure that no child has to go through what he did, ever again. Backed by evidence from over 3500 scientific and clinical references, Cancer: The Metabolic Disease Unravelled explodes the myth that cancer is a disease of genetic origin, and reveals its true underlying cause: a dysfunctional metabolism.

In Cancer: The Metabolic Disease Unravelled, you’ll discover:The single most important scientific cancer discovery ever madeHow The overwhelming evidence showingcancer is a metabolic diseaseThe single most powerful dietary change you can make for longterm healthAt least 5 effective alternative cancer therapies and testimonials from cancer survivors who used themCancer: The Metabolic Disease Unravelled is your ultimate guide to understanding what cancer is, what cancer isn’t, and how to correct the root cause quickly and inexpensively without causing any harm whatsoever in the process.

4. Veterinary Anatomy Coloring Book: kids relax design for students: younger kids for learn anatomy dog, cat, hourse,turtle, frog, bird, fish

Author: by patrick crown
52 pages

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Veterinary Anatomy Coloring For Kids UPDATE 2nd Edition ! Premium matte finish cover designFor animals loverLarge format 8.5″x11. 0″ (22cmx28cm) pagesdog, cat, horse, frog, snake, bird, shell, shrimp, fish etc


Clinical Veterinary Microbiology
Author: by Bryan Markey MVB PhD DipStat MRCVS
Mosby Ltd.

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This beautifully illustrated, comprehensive reference provides concise information on the materials and methods of bacteriology, mycology, and virology. The book covers the collection, isolation, and culture of diagnostic specimens, with detailed notes on the biochemical, serological and other tests currently used to identify and distinguish between microbial pathogens.

The new edition sets out to provide the most up-to-date account of all the clinically and economically important pathogens, including Bovine Spongiform Encephalomyeltis, Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease, E-coli, and Salmonella. The clear, accessible format, together with the complete revision of the content, makes this a valuable resource.”This book, co-written by five specialists provides a complete and up-to-date source of information for everything related to infection”. Reviewed by: Fabienne Dethioux, Tomorrow’s Vets Date: December 2014High quality full colour photography – Essential for accurate diagnosisFully revised pathogenicity sections taking into account the major discoveries/incidences of the last 3-5 yearsReclassification of viruses, including changes to nomenclatureAppendices of Infectious Diseases – Fast access to vital informationUnique and practical inclusion of virology, bacteriology and mycology in one textGreatly expanded chapter on virusesMore on PRIONS (including BSE)Reclassification of viruses – many changes to nomenclatureFully revised pathogenicity sectionsRevised/complete coverage of E coli 0157Revised Systems sectionComplete update of Infectious Diseases coverage in the appendices

6. Essential Oils For Dogs: A Practical Guide to Healing Your Dog Faster, Cheaper and Safer with the Power of Essential Oils

Author: by Mary Jones
192 pages

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Are you concerned about your dog’s wellbeing? Discover powerful natural remedies to get your furry friend back on all four feet. Does your dog suffer from ailing health or recurring aches and pains? Are costly visits to the vet out of your budget?

Do you worry about the harmful side effects of traditional treatments? Author and dog-lover Mary Jones has witnessed firsthand the healing effects of essential oils on humans and their canine companions. And now she’s here to show you how to use tested natural remedies to put the pep back in your pup’s step.

Essential Oils For Dogs: A Practical Guide to Healing Your Dog Faster, Cheaper and Safer with the Power of Essential Oils contains simple instructions to care for your dog using Mother Nature’s remarkable remedies. With Jones’ guidance, you’ll learn the ins and outs of selecting the right oils for your dog and the correct steps for preparing and applying the treatments.

From restoring loss of appetite to banishing fleas, Jones’ cures for common ailments will have your pup wagging her tail in no time. In Essential Oils For Dogs, you will discover:Simple steps for choosing, preparing, and administering your pet’s treatmentsThe top 30 medically effective essential oils for treating common health problemsThe 27 essential oils you must avoid and what to do if you suspect poisoningCures for digestive issues, skin irritation, arthritis, soreness, chewing, and scratchingTips for applying oils on sensitive areas of the paws and ears and much, much more!

7. Pet Medical Record Book: Complete Pet Profile, Groomer & Veterinary Care Tracker. Immunization and Medication Records with Expense Sheet.

Author: by Pet Health Record Journals
100 pages

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For THE PET LOVERS Everywhere! Pet Owners have a lot to keep track of, and this conveniently designed VETERINARIAN PLANNER will make the job a lot easier. Features: Daily Pet JournalPet ProfileVeterinary are Tracker Pet Health Immunizations100 pages Uniquely designed matte cover High quality, heavy paper

8. Confocal Microscopy for Biologists

Author: by Alan R. Hibbs
480 pages

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There has been a great upsurge in interest in light microscopy in recent years due to the advent of a number of significant advances in microscopy, one of the most important of which is confocal microscopy. Confocal microscopy has now become an important research tool, with a large number of new fluorescent dyes becoming available in the past few years, for probing your pet structure or molecule within fixed or living cell or tissue sampies.

Many of the people interested in using confocal microscopy to further their research do not have a background in microscopy or even cell biology and so not only do they find considerable difficulty in obtaining satisfactory results with a confocal microscope, but they may be mislead by how data is being presented.

This book is intended to teach you the basic concepts ofmicroscopy, fluorescence, digital imaging and the principles of confocal microscopy so that you may take full advantage ofthe excellent confocal microscopes now available. This book is also an excellent reference source for information related to confocal microscopy for both beginners and the more advanced users.

9. Animal Biology and Care

Author: by Sue Dallas
370 pages

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The perfect study companion, Animal Biology and Care, 3rd Edition is specifically designed for students on animal care, animal nursing assistant and veterinary care assistant courses. This edition is fully updated with new course content, a refreshed design and colour illustrations throughout.

Basic biological theory is introduced with diagrams for visual learners while photographs demonstrate the common practical procedures carried out by animal care assistants. Key features include: New content on exotic species, recognising the increasing number of these animals kept as pets.

Extensive coverage of the Animal Welfare Act 2006 and recent advances in animal welfare. Written in line with course curricula, chapter summaries help you to remember key points and learning objectives. A companion website has interactive MCQs to help you test your knowledge.

Divided into three main sections covering animal science and genetics, health and husbandry and nursing procedures, this book will help lay the foundations for a successful career in animal care and management!

10. Concise Review of Veterinary Microbiology

Author: by P. J. Quinn

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Updated to reflect the latest developments in the field, Concise Review of Veterinary Microbiology, 2nd Edition, presents essential information on veterinary microbiology for students and those requiring a refresher on key topics relating to microbial diseases in animals. Morphological, cultural and other descriptive features of pathogenic microorganisms are described, together with their habitats and aetiological roles in disease production in animals and, where appropriate, in the human population.

Key features: There are five sections covering bacteriology, mycology, virology, biosecurity and other aspects of infectious diseases Provides concise, yet comprehensive information on pathogenic microorganisms of importance in veterinary medicine, the diseases which they cause, their diagnosis and control The 79 short chapters in this book include 13 new chapters on antibacterial resistance, structure and function of the immune system, antifungal chemotherapy, antiviral chemotherapy, principles of biosecurity and a number of topics related to the control and prevention of infectious diseases This latest edition uses updated nomenclature and includes detailed diagrams now in full colour, and comprehensive tables

11. Speaking for Spot: The Definitive Guide for Helping Your Dog Live a Happy, Healthy, Longer Life

Author: by Dr. Nancy Kay
May 23, 2011

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Award winning veterinarian and author Dr. Nancy Kay provides an insider’s guide to navigating the often overwhelming, confusing, and expensive world of veterinary medicine. With warmth, candor, and humor cultivated over 25-plus years of working with canine patients and their human companions Dr. Kay explains how to initiate and nurture a healthy relationship with your veterinarian.

She provides expert advice and insider tips about: Finding a fabulous vet-Choosing a vaccination protocol for your dog-Pet health insurance-When and how to get a second opinion-How to deal with a cancer diagnosis and the tough choices that are bound to follow-How to know when it’s time to say goodbyePlus, you’ll find descriptions of hundreds of common diseases and related points you should be certain to clarify before leaving your vet’s office with a treatment plan in hand.

Additionally, SPEAKING FOR SPOT provides you with lists of important questions to ask your vet when contemplating a new medication, general anesthesia, a major procedure, spaying/neutering, or breeding for your dog. Whether you are new to dogs or a seasoned veteran, and whether you share your home and heart with a healthy pup or an under-the-weather mature dog, Dr. Kay will provide you with a wealth of insights.

12. Antimicrobial Therapy in Veterinary Medicine

Author: by Steeve Giguère

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Zoonoses are a persistent threat to the global human health Today, more than 200 diseases occurring in humans and animals are known to be mutually transmitted. Classical infectious diseases, such as rabies, plague, and yellow fever, have not been eradicated despite major efforts.

New zoonotic diseases are on the increase due global conditions such as overpopulation, wars, and food scarcity, which facilitate human contact with rodents, stray animals, and their parasites. In addition, humans are unwittingly becoming accidental hosts and new links in an infectious chain by engaging in activities such as survival training, which involves camping in open areas and consumption of raw or insufficiently cooked food.

Zoonotic infections cause a variety of symptoms that often do not provide clear evidence of a known disease. Zoonoses, Fourth Edition, describes most occurring worldwide zoonosis and facilitates the identification, diagnosis and treatment of zoonotic infections. Written by a team of doctors, medical microbiologists and veterinarians, this completely, revised edition covers all aspects of the epidemiology and prevention of zoonotic diseases through clear descriptions of various illnesses.

14. Fenner's Veterinary Virology

Author: by N. James Maclachlan
Academic Press
December 15, 2010

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Fenner’s Veterinary Virology, Fifth Edition, is a comprehensive reference of global importance that features coverage on viral agents, viral diseases of animals, and newly emerging viral zoonotic diseases. It is an excellent first port of call for researchers and students alike, presenting the fundamental principles of virology, virus structure, genome replication, and viral diseases, while also focusing on the topics’ clinical aspects.

Organized on a taxonomic basis, readers can quickly understand how the virus (or the viral diseases) fits into the bigger picture of the virus genus and family. The basic information about each virus, such as disease, transmission, control, and treatment are useful for veterinary students and clinicians for their practices in disease management and prevention.

Revised and updated to include taxonomic organization changes and topical informationProvides a comprehensive overview of viruses and viral diseases of veterinary significanceIncludes global contributions from thought leaders Emphasizes new and emerging viral diseases

15. Avian Influenza and Newcastle Disease: A Field and Laboratory Manual

Author: by Illaria Capua
June 24, 2009

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Avian Influenza (AI) and Newcastle Disease (ND) are two devastating diseases of poultry, which cause losses to the poultry industry and influence the liveability of rural communities worldwide. Following the H5N1 epidemic they appear to be endemic at least in Asia, Eastern Europe, The Middle East and Africa.

Particularly in case of AI outbreaks it is essential that infection is diagnosed promptly and that isolates are made available to the international scientific community. Currently, several organisations including OIE, FAO and the EC have organised training courses in affected areas.

However, often these courses do not cover all aspects of AI/ND diagnosis but only certain aspects. This results in fragmented areas of knowledge and in the application of different diagnostic protocols in different parts of the world. The objective of this book is to provide a comprehensive approach to AI diagnosis ranging from the clinical elements that should trigger a suspicion in the field, to the post mortem technique, collection of samples, processing/ shipment of specimens, virological, serological and molecular diagnosis and guidelines for notification.