Best Windows Registry Books

Generally the Registry editing is considered "black art" has inspired a number of books.

1. Learn Docker in a Month of Lunches

Author: by Elton Stoneman
Published at: Manning Publications; 1st edition (August 4, 2020)
ISBN: 978-1617297052

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Summary Go from zero to production readiness with Docker in 22 bite-sized lessons! Learn Docker in a Month of Lunches is an accessible task-focused guide to Docker on Linux, Windows, or Mac systems. In it, you’ll learn practical Docker skills to help you tackle the challenges of modern IT, from cloud migration and microservices to handling legacy systems.

There’s no excessive theory or niche-use casesjust a quick-and-easy guide to the essentials of Docker you’ll use every day. Purchase of the print book includes a free eBook in PDF, Kindle, and ePub formats from Manning Publications. About the technology The idea behind Docker is simple: package applications in lightweight virtual containers that can be easily installed.

The results of this simple idea are huge! Docker makes it possible to manage applications without creating custom infrastructures. Free, open source, and battle-tested, Docker has quickly become must-know technology for developers and administrators. About the book Learn Docker in a Month of Lunches introduces Docker concepts through a series of brief hands-on lessons.

2. Operating System Forensics

Author: by Ric Messier
Published at: Syngress; 1st edition (December 16, 2015)
ISBN: 978-0128019498

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Operating System Forensics is the first book to cover all three critical operating systems for digital forensic investigations in one comprehensive reference. Users will learn how to conduct successful digital forensic examinations in Windows, Linux, and Mac OS, the methodologies used, key technical concepts, and the tools needed to perform examinations.

Mobile operating systems such as Android, iOS, Windows, and Blackberry are also covered, providing everything practitioners need to conduct a forensic investigation of the most commonly used operating systems, including technical details of how each operating system works and how to find artifacts.

This book walks you through the critical components of investigation and operating system functionality, including file systems, data recovery, memory forensics, system configuration, Internet access, cloud computing, tracking artifacts, executable layouts, malware, and log files. You’ll find coverage of key technical topics like Windows Registry, /etc directory, Web browers caches, Mbox, PST files, GPS data, ELF, and more.

3. PowerShell for Beginners: The Complete Guide to Master Windows PowerShell Scripting

Author: by Chase Clarke
Published at: Independently published (March 9, 2020)
ISBN: 979-8622958502

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WHAT IS POWERSHELL?Windows PowerShell is an item situated robotization motor and scripting language. It is primarily aimed at system administrators. It causes IT experts, to control and mechanize the administration of the Windows operating system and other applications. While many casual users know about the Command Prompt, only a few have heard about Windows PowerShell.

PowerShell is a much more powerful tool than the Command Prompt. It is also intended to replace the Command Prompt, as it delivers more power and control over the Windows operating system. Windows PowerShell is a shell initially developed by Microsoft for the purposes of task automation and configuration management.

PowerShell is now an open source project, and it can be installed on Windows, macOS, and Linux platforms. This shell is based on the . NET framework, and it includes a command-line shell and a scripting language. POWERSHELL FOR BEGINNERS contains chapters on…


4. Exam 98-365 MTA Windows Server Administration Fundamentals

Author: by Microsoft Official Academic Course
Published at: Wiley; 1st edition (March 1, 2011)
ISBN: 978-0470901823

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Students who are beginning studies in technology need a strong foundation in the basics before moving on to more advanced technology courses and certification programs. The Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) is a new and innovative certification track designed to provide a pathway for future success in technology courses and careers.

The MTA program curriculum helps instructors teach and validate fundamental technology concepts and provides students with a foundation for their careers as well as the confidence they need to succeed in advanced studies. Through the use of MOAC MTA titles you can help ensure your students future success in and out of the classroom.

Server fundamentals such as managing Windows Servers (including virtualization) and storage, along with monitoring and troubleshooting servers are included. It also covers such topics as essential naming, directory, and print services. Students also learn of popular Windows Network Services and Applications.

5. Windows Registry Forensics: Advanced Digital Forensic Analysis of the Windows Registry

Author: by Harlan Carvey
Published at: Syngress; 2nd edition (April 8, 2016)
ISBN: 978-0128032916

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Windows Registry Forensics: Advanced Digital Forensic Analysis of the Windows Registry, Second Edition, provides the most in-depth guide to forensic investigations involving Windows Registry. This book is one-of-a-kind, giving the background of the Registry to help users develop an understanding of the structure of registry hive files, as well as information stored within keys and values that can have a significant impact on forensic investigations.

Tools and techniques for post mortem analysis are discussed at length to take users beyond the current use of viewers and into real analysis of data contained in the Registry. This second edition continues a ground-up approach to understanding so that the treasure trove of the Registry can be mined on a regular and continuing basis.

6. Windows 10 in easy steps – Special Edition

Author: by Mike McGrath
Published at: In Easy Steps Limited; 3rd edition (October 3, 2019)
ISBN: 978-1840788075

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Windows 10 in easy steps Special Edition, 3rd Edition is a comprehensive, yet concise guide that will walk you through Windows 10 basics so that you can get up and running in no time. Then, in easy steps, it’ll gently guide you through advanced features to help you venture further and get more from Windows 10.

Install/upgrade the right Windows 10 release Master the new interface, desktop and the Start menu Learn to use the great new features in the latest update Find, download and use key apps for work and for fun Utilize internet and cloud facilities such as OneDrive Enjoy Microsoft Edge, the new innovative web browser Take control of devices and printers Save time use the Search feature and Cortana Create and monitor a home network Organize and share files safely Keep Windows 10 working smoothly & efficiently Explore Windows Registry, file encryption, Windows PowerShell, and more This guide also includes a chapter on troubleshooting so it’ll serve as a key reference point for the future.

7. LEAN & GREEN DIET: Burn Fat, Kill Hunger and Enjoy Flavorful Meals with 600 Healthy Recipes | 30-Day Meal Plan for a Lifelong Transformation (Italian Edition)

Author: by Rachel Dash
Published at: Independently published (February 2, 2021)
ISBN: 979-8703686959

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Are you feeling tried and tested from the previous failed attempts at losing weight? Keeping an eye on calories minute by minute mustn’t be that much fun. EVERY TIME you go on a diet, your mind goes into a deep and complicated STRESS to defeat.

You think about how many times you have to cook elaborate meals. You think about the pesky fat that makes you feel so inadequate and insecure! But the stress caused by following a dietIt won’t be a problem anymore! Usually, the motivation is there to start, but I know how difficult it can be to follow a complex diet with hard-to-find ingredients!

When I followed diets I often thought: I deserved a faster metabolism!. I don’t know if it ever happened to you, but I was SICK of having to give up my favorite things! Many times, I looked at myself thinking even if I eat very little, I’ll get fat!

Why do other people eat twice as much and still manage to stay fit? This is a thought I have struggled with my entire life. I’ve always loved eating; I’ve always been a foodie, and this has often backfired with every diet I’ve tried.

8. Windows Registry Troubleshooting

Author: by Mike Halsey
Published at: Apress; 1st ed. edition (April 30, 2015)
ISBN: 978-1484209936

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Whatever version of Windows you’re using-from Vista up to Windows 8. 1-the registry is at the heart of your desktop experience. Software installs and compatibility, hardware operation and more are managed by a complex database of codes and numbers. When something goes wrong it can seem impossible to diagnose and repair the problem, and harder still to prevent a recurrence or make the subtle changes and tweaks required to fix the problem.

In this book we’ll take you inside the workings of the Registry, and teach you how to repair, modify and clean it to keep your PCs running smoothly.

9. Windows Registry Forensics: Advanced Digital Forensic Analysis of the Windows Registry

Author: by Harlan Carvey
Published at: Syngress; 1st edition (February 7, 2011)
ISBN: 978-1597495806

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Harlan Carvey brings readers an advanced book on Windows Registry. The first book of its kind EVER – Windows Registry Forensics provides the background of the Registry to help develop an understanding of the binary structure of Registry hive files.

Approaches to live response and analysis are included, and tools and techniques for postmortem analysis are discussed at length. Tools and techniques will be presented that take the analyst beyond the current use of viewers and into real analysis of data contained in the Registry.

Packed with real-world examples using freely available open source toolsDeep explanation and understanding of the Windows Registry – the most difficult part of Windows to analyze forensicallyIncludes a CD containing code and author-created tools discussed in the book

10. Data Hiding Techniques in Windows OS: A Practical Approach to Investigation and Defense

Author: by Nihad Ahmad Hassan
Published at: Syngress; 1st edition (October 3, 2016)
ISBN: 978-0128044490

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“This unique book delves down into the capabilities of hiding and obscuring data object within the Windows Operating System. However, one of the most noticeable and credible features of this publication is, it takes the reader from the very basics and background of data hiding techniques, and run’s on the reading-road to arrive at some of the more complex methodologies employed for concealing data object from the human eye and/or the investigation.

As a practitioner in the Digital Age, I can see this book siting on the shelves of Cyber Security Professionals, and those working in the world of Digital Forensics it is a recommended read, and is in my opinion a very valuable asset to those who are interested in the landscape of unknown unknowns.

This is a book which may well help to discover more about that which is not in immediate view of the onlooker, and open up the mind to expand its imagination beyond its accepted limitations of known knowns.” – John Walker, CSIRT/SOC/Cyber Threat Intelligence Specialist Featured in Digital Forensics Magazine, February 2017 In the digital world, the need to protect online communications increase as the technology behind it evolves.

11. Microsoft Windows Registry Guide, Second Edition

Author: by Jerry Honeycutt
Published at: Microsoft Press; 2nd edition (September 14, 2005)
ISBN: 978-0735622180

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Get the in-depth information you need to modifyand seamlessly managethe Windows registry. Written for IT professionals and power users, this vital resource reveals little-known registry techniques, tricks, tips, and secrets to make your job easier. Understand the inner workings of the Windows operating systemand use the registry to get Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP to run the way you want, on a single desktop or across the network.

You’ll learn how to pinpoint registry settings and script registry changes, deal with registry permissions, use Windows Installer, and map Tweak UI settings. Also, find best practices for how to back up, restore, and maintain registry settings with confidence. The CD includes 100+ registry files for customizing operating system appearance and behavior, and the complete eBook.

You’ll learn how to: Apply best practices to back up, restore, manage, and modify the registry Customize group and system policies to manage multiple PCs and users remotely Track down registry settings and script changes Optimize server services, including network connections and authentication Deploy user profiles and Microsoft Office program settings Configure security services, including Windows Firewall, templates, and service pack features Troubleshoot the registryresolving common problems and corruption issues A Note Regarding the CD or DVD The print version of this book ships with a CD or DVD.

12. Excel 2020: Learn how to Master Excel and Boost your Productivity with this Complete Guide

Author: by Colombo Publishing Company
Published at: Independently published (October 5, 2020)
ISBN: 979-8693973718

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Do you encounter a lot of challenges compiling reports manually? Are you considering Microsoft Excel to automate some of the processes in your business and are looking for a comprehensive guide to get you started on Microsoft Excel? Well, look no further.

This is the book you needYou Are About To Learn How To Integrate Microsoft Excel Into Your Business Processes And Make The Most Out Of Its Multitude Of Powerful Features To Make Those Dark Days Of Compiling Reports A Whole Lot Easier!

Microsoft Excel is the most popular electronic spreadsheet program that you can use to organize, manipulate, and store your data. You can also use it to present your data in form of tables and graphs easily. Even if you are not the tech kind-of-person, Microsoft Excel is quite easy to learn, and this guide makes it even easier.

Based on the fact that you are reading this, it probably means that you are tired of spending lots of time doing your financials manually, and you have heard of the great things that Excel can do to save you lots of time and costly mistakes.

13. Windows Forensic Analysis Toolkit: Advanced Analysis Techniques for Windows 7

Author: by Harlan Carvey
Published at: Syngress; 3rd edition (February 10, 2012)
ISBN: 978-1597497275

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Windows Forensic Analysis Toolkit: Advanced Analysis Techniques for Windows 7 provides an overview of live and postmortem response collection and analysis methodologies for Windows 7. It considers the core investigative and analysis concepts that are critical to the work of professionals within the digital forensic analysis community, as well as the need for immediate response once an incident has been identified.

Organized into eight chapters, the book discusses Volume Shadow Copies (VSCs) in the context of digital forensics and explains how analysts can access the wealth of information available in VSCs without interacting with the live system or purchasing expensive solutions.

It also describes files and data structures that are new to Windows 7 (or Vista), Windows Registry Forensics, how the presence of malware within an image acquired from a Windows system can be detected, the idea of timeline analysis as applied to digital forensic analysis, and concepts and techniques that are often associated with dynamic malware analysis.

14. Windows XP Hacks, Second Edition

Author: by Preston Gralla
Published at: O'Reilly Media; Second edition (March 5, 2005)
ISBN: 978-0596009182

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A smart collection of insider tips and tricks, Windows XP Hacks, Second Edition covers the XP operating system from start to finish. Among the multitude of topics addressed, this must-have resource includes extensive coverage of hot-button issues such as:securityweb browsingcontrolling the control panelremoving uninstallable XP componentspop-up adsYou’ll also find timesaving hacks for file distribution; digital media, such as iTunes; and high-visibility web software, services, and exploits that have emerged since the book’s last edition.

Each hack in the book can be read easily in just a few minutes, saving countless hours of searching for the right answer. Now completely revised and updated to cover Service Pack 2 (SP2), the second edition of this bestseller carefully breaks down the new features that come with SP2, including IE pop-up blocker, Windows Firewall, and the new wireless client.

Written by Preston Gralla, the compact and affordable Windows XP Hacks, Second Edition provides direct, hands-on solutions that can be applied to the challenges facing XP beginners, as well as the more experienced power user. Each year, Windows XP is pre-installed on 90 million PCs worldwide, making it the world’s most popular operating system.

15. Inside the Microsoft Windows 98 Registry (Mps)

Author: by Gunter Born
Published at: Microsoft Press (August 1, 1998)
ISBN: 978-1572318243

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Fortunately, most of us don’t need to fiddle with the Registry. But if it’s your job, this book is the reference you’ll want to have close by. The book-and-CD set provides an overview, starting from the baseline tools of the Registry that are directly accessible, like RegEdit and .INF files.

Concepts and recurring features of the Registry are explained, so developers can ensure that their applications are well behaved in the many flavors of 32-bit Windows. They’ll also be able to extend the functionality of the various Windows shells through proper modification of Registry files.

It’s a single comprehensive source of much-needed information and tools.””Inside The Microsoft Windows 98 Registry”” topics include: – The basics- The Registry Editor and other Registry tools- Registering filename extensions- Customizing the desktop, Start Menu, and Control Panel- Customizing the Explorer menu and shell icon settings- Miscellaneous Registry settings- Programming issues