Best Wine Collecting Books

Here you will get Best Wine Collecting Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. The Wine Bible

Author: by Karen MacNeil
Published at: Workman Publishing Company; Second Edition, Revised (October 13, 2015)
ISBN: 978-0761180838

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Announcing the completely revised and updated edition of The Wine Bible, the perennial bestselling wine book praised as The most informative and entertaining book I’ve ever seen on the subject (Danny Meyer), A guide that has all the answers (Bobby Flay), Astounding (Thomas Keller), and A magnificent masterpiece of wine writing (Kevin Zraly).

Like a lively course from an expert teacher, The Wine Bible grounds the reader deeply in the fundamentals while layering on informative asides, tips, amusing anecdotes, definitions, glossaries, photos (all new for this edition), maps, labels, and recommended bottles. Karen MacNeil’s information comes directly through primary research; for this second edition she has tasted more than 10,000 wines and visited dozens of wine regions around the world.

New to the book are wines of China, Japan, Mexico, and Slovenia. And through it all the reader becomes ever more informedand, because of the author’s unique voice, always entertained: In great years Ptrus is ravishing, elegant, and richIngrid Bergman in red satin.

2. Hugh Johnson s Pocket Wine Book 2021

Author: by Hugh Johnson
Published at: Mitchell Beazley (September 1, 2020)
ISBN: 978-1784726812

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The brand new edition of the unrivalled and bestselling annual, Hugh Johnson’s Pocket Wine Book. The world’s best-selling annual wine guide. Hugh Johnson’s Pocket Wine Book is the essential reference book for everyone who buys wine – in shops, restaurants, or on the internet.

Now in its 44th year of publication, it has no rival as the comprehensive, up-to-the-minute annual guide. Hugh Johnson provides clear succinct facts and commentary on the wines, growers and wine regions of the whole world. He reveals which vintages to buy, which to drink and which to cellar, which growers to look for and why.

Hugh Johnson’s Pocket Wine Book gives clear information on grape varieties, local specialities and how to match food with wines that will bring out the best in both. This latest edition of Hugh Johnson’s Pocket Wine Book includes a color supplement on terroir.”Johnson’s guide is really all that a wine drinker-average or connoisseur level-will need this year.

And, next, year, for seventeen bucks, it’s worth another investment, if only to read Johnson’s prose.” – Forbes.Com

3. Vino Italiano: The Regional Wines of Italy

Author: by Joseph Bastianich
Published at: Clarkson Potter; Revised and Updated ed. edition (August 2, 2005)
ISBN: 978-1400097746

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At one time, Italian wines conjured images of cheap Chianti in straw-wrapped bottles. More recently, expensive Super Tuscans have been the rage. But between these extremes lay a bounty of delicious, moderately priced wines that belong in every wine drinker’s repertoire.

Vino Italiano is the only comprehensive and authoritative American guide to the wines of Italy. It surveys the country’s wine-producing regions; identifies key wine styles, producers, and vintages; and offers delicious regional recipes. Extensive reference materialson Italy’s 300 growing zones, 361 authorized grape varieties, and 200 of the top producersprovide essential information for restaurateurs and wine merchants, as well as for wine enthusiasts.

Beautifully illustrated as well as informative, Vino Italiano is the perfect invitation to the Italian wine experience.

4. The Billionaire's Vinegar: The Mystery of the World's Most Expensive Bottle of Wine

Author: by Benjamin Wallace
Published at: Three Rivers Press; 1st edition (April 14, 2009)
ISBN: 978-0307338785

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The rivetingly strange story of the world’s most expensive bottle of wine, and the even stranger characters whose lives have intersected with it. The New York Times bestseller, updated with a new epilogue, that tells the true story of a 1787 Chteau Lafite Bordeauxsupposedly owned by Thomas Jeffersonthat sold for $156,000 at auction and of the eccentrics whose lives intersected with it.

Was it truly entombed in a Paris cellar for two hundred years? Or did it come from a secret Nazi bunker? Or from the moldy basement of a devilishly brilliant con artist? As Benjamin Wallace unravels the mystery, we meet a gallery of intriguing playersfrom the bicycle-riding British auctioneer who speaks of wines as if they are women to the obsessive wine collector who discovered the bottle.

Suspenseful and thrillingly strange, this is the vintage tale of what could be the most elaborate con since the Hitler diaries. Part detective story, part wine history, this is one juicy tale, even for those with no interest in the fruit of the vine….

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Author: by solidan Cook
Published at: Independently published (May 11, 2020)
ISBN: 979-8645158903

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6. Château Lafite: The Almanac (Langue anglaise)

Author: by Saskia de Rothschild
Published at: Flammarion (November 25, 2020)
ISBN: 978-2080204202

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Winemakers ric and Saskia de Rothschild lead readers through 150 vintages of Chteau Lafite, sharing scientific and climatic data and visual memories since the family’s arrival in 1868. Over the past 150 years, six generations of the Rothschild family have attended to the winemaking tradition, developing Chteau Lafite’s reputation and transforming this classified Premier Grand Cru into a benchmark for fine wine in Bordeaux.

Discover how this occurred and what actually lies behind Lafite’s label through stories from the tightly-knit team of men and women who tend to Lafite wines. A chronology introducing each of the 150 vintages includes informative tasting notes, meteorological aspects, and the grape blends that mark each vintage.

An archival gem has been unearthed for each year: from the harvesters’ menu in 1922 to portraits by master photographers like Robert Doisneau, Richard Avedon, and Paolo Roversi. A fold-out original illustration by M/M Paris tracing the winemaker’s month-by-month activity from vine to wine.

7. Living with Wine: Passionate Collectors, Sophisticated Cellars, and Other Rooms for Entertaining, Enjoying, and Imbibing

Author: by Samantha Nestor
Published at: Potter Style; Illustrated edition (October 27, 2009)
ISBN: 978-0307407894

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America’s love of wine has spurred a collecting and entertaining phenomenon. Some of America’s most passionate oenophiles have re-invented the wine cellar as an inviting and beautiful part of the home. True collectors love to share their passion, and this book offers a tour of their distinctive cellars.

Created with the help of some of the best designers in the field, these rooms blend luxurious design aesthetics with ingenious storage solutions. The thirty stunning spaces featured include a traditional wood cellar finished with rich paneling and ornate lighting; a cathedral-like space that showcases ironwork inspired by the French Quarter of New Orleans (and has a secret entry from a library inside the house); an inviting living room lined with temperature-controlled wood alcoves behind insulated glass; and an Old World terra-cotta cellarwithin a sprawling entertainment center that includes a wet bar, a billiards table, and a tasting room.

Living with Wine reveals the details that make the cellars a welcoming place to returnfrom the materials, artwork, lighting, and cutting-edge preservation technology to the way the space harmonizes with the rest of the house. From the Bay Area to Boston, Napa to New York, homeowners such as Nancy and John Lasseter, the founder of Pixar Studios; American Idol host and TV and radio personality Ryan Seacrest; and entrepreneur Rick Ryan share insights into what they collect, why they started collecting, and how they designed their spaces to fit their passion.

8. The World Atlas of Wine, 7th Edition

Author: by Hugh Johnson
Published at: Mitchell Beazley; 7th Revised & Updated edition (October 8, 2013)
ISBN: 978-1845336899

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The seventh edition will confirm the status of The World Atlas of Wine as the most essential and authoritative wine reference work. Reflecting the changing nature of the wine scene, the Atlas details developments in climate, technique and fashion as well as new regulations made over the last six years.

A new Australian map highlights the importance of cool-climate regions as global warming takes effect, for example,while dynamic regions such as coastal Croatia, South Africa’s Swartland and Ningxia in China are covered for the first time. The world’s increasing appetite for wine is matched by a growing thirst for knowledge,which this book will amply satisfy.

9. Tangled Vines: Greed, Murder, Obsession, and an Arsonist in the Vineyards of California

Author: by Frances Dinkelspiel
Published at: St. Martin's Griffin; Reprint edition (October 18, 2016)
ISBN: 978-1250113894

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A New York Times BestsellerOn October 12, 2005, a massive fire broke out in the Wines Central wine warehouse in Vallejo, California. Within hours, the flames had destroyed 4. 5 million bottles of California’s finest wine worth more than $250 million, making it the largest destruction of wine in history.

The fire had been deliberately set by a passionate oenophile named Mark Anderson, a skilled con man and thief with storage space at the warehouse who needed to cover his tracks. With a propane torch and a bucket of gasoline-soaked rags, Anderson annihilated entire California vineyard libraries as well as bottles of some of the most sought-after wines in the world.

Among the priceless bottles destroyed were 175 bottles of Port and Angelica from one of the oldest vineyards in California made by Frances Dinkelspiel’s great-great grandfather, Isaias Hellman, in 1875. Sadly, Mark Anderson was not the first to harm the industry. The history of the California wine trade, dating back to the 19th Century, is a story of vineyards with dark and bloody pasts, tales of rich men, strangling monopolies, the brutal enslavement of vineyard workers and murder.

10. Luxury Wine Marketing: The art and science of luxury wine branding

Author: by Peter Yeung
Published at: Infinite Ideas Ltd.; 1st edition (September 23, 2019)
ISBN: 978-1913022044

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Wine has been considered a luxury product since the time of the ancient Egyptians, and today is coveted by collectors and wine enthusiasts from around the world. Yet little has been written about the world of luxury wine marketing, explaining how a wine brand can enter that special realm.

This book helps to demystify the process by describing how to craft, implement, and maintain a luxury wine brand. Beginning with a definition and history of luxury wine, the authors then explain the unique business model and consumer segments for luxury wine, before outlining industry best practice in the building of luxury wine brands.

Each chapter is supplemented with a vignette of a successful luxury brand producer, and provides beneficial advice on the long-term vision and passion that is necessary to create a successful luxury wine marketing strategy. This book also contains original research conducted by the authors on the size of the luxury wine market and analysis of its segmentation by region, allowing for new and unique insight into the world’s top wine regions.

11. Barolo and Barbaresco: The King and Queen of Italian Wine

Author: by Kerin O’Keefe
Published at: University of California Press; First edition (October 17, 2014)
ISBN: 978-0520273269

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Following on the success of her books on Brunello di Montalcino, renowned author and wine critic Kerin O’Keefe takes readers on a historic and in-depth journey to Piedmont to discover Barolo and Barbaresco, two of Italy’s most fascinating and storied wines.

In this groundbreaking new book, O’Keefe gives a comprehensive overview of the stunning side-by-side growing areas of these two world-class wines that are separated only by the city of Alba and profiles a number of the fiercely individualistic winemakers who create structured yet elegant and complex wines of remarkable depth from Italy’s most noble grape, Nebbiolo.

A masterful narrator of the aristocratic origins of winemaking in this region, O’Keefe gives readers a clear picture of why Barolo is called both the King of Wines and the Wine of Kings. Profiles of key Barolo and Barbaresco villages include fascinating stories of the families, wine producers, and idiosyncratic personalities that have shaped the area and its wines and helped ignite the Quality Wine Revolution that eventually swept through all of Italy.

12. The 100 Burgundy: Exceptional Wines to Build a Dream Cellar: Burgundy Exceptional Wines to Build a Dream Cellar

Author: by Jeannie Cho Lee
Published at: Assouline Publishing (August 1, 2019)
ISBN: 978-1614288084

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For wine enthusiasts discovering Burgundyand those already smitten with the region’s seductive winesThe 100 Burgundy: is the first guide of its kind to the region’s best wines and makers, detailing the domaines and highlighting each chosen wine with tasting notes. Considering factors such as a wine’s quality, its ability to evolve and improve over time, and its ability to evoke emotion, Master of Wine Jeannie Cho Lee invites readers to explore 100 memorable Burgundy wines of the Cte d’Or, from benchmark domaines to rising stars.

An exceptional Burgundy is not only well crafted and well balanced, it also must have essential qualities reflecting its own terroir as well as those unique to the particular vintage, distilling the very essence of the vine itself and the earth from which it springs.

Essential reading for all fine wine aficionados, whether curating a dream cellar or selecting the best Burgundy wines to experience with friends and family, The 100 Burgundy: offers a fresh perspective by a dedicated professional who visits the region regularly and recognizes the best it has to offer.

14. Brunello di Montalcino: Understanding and Appreciating One of Italy’s Greatest Wines

Author: by Kerin O’Keefe
Published at: University of California Press; First edition (April 18, 2012)
ISBN: 978-0520265646

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For fans of Italian wine, few names command the level of respect accorded to Brunello di Montalcino. With their earthy, wild-cherry sensations and full structure yet smooth textures, top Brunellos have the body and finesse of the most prestigious world-class bottlings from Bordeaux, Burgundy and Piedmont.

Expert wine writer Kerin O’Keefe has a deep personal knowledge of Tuscany and its extraordinary wine, and her account is both thoroughly researched and readable. Organized as a guided tour through Montalcino’s geography, this essential reference also makes sense of Brunello’s complicated history, from its rapid rise to the negative and positive effects of the 2008 grape-blending scandal dubbed “Brunellogate.” Brunello di Montalcino helps wine lovers maneuver their way among Montalcino’s minefield of diversity by breaking the vast commune down into seven distinct subzones, ranging from the highest reaches around the town of Montalcino, which yield austere, elegant wines destined for lengthy aging in cellars; down to the lower plains in the deep south around Sant’Angelo Scalo, home to immediate, muscular Brunellos with higher alchol and lower acidity; and to all the other fascinating areas that lie between those two geographical extremes.

15. The Concise Guide to Wine and Blind Tasting, third edition

Author: by Neel Burton
Published at: Acheron Press; Third edition (February 3, 2019)
ISBN: 978-0992912789

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This book is for all those seeking to acquire a deep and systematic appreciation and understanding of wine, whether for exams, work, or pleasure. It outlines a simple yet robust framework for analyzing wine as objectively as possible, and provides all the background knowledge that you need to interpret your findings, covering everything from grape varieties and vineyard management to winemaking techniques and the world’s most important wine styles.

It seeks throughout to examine in what ways a particular wine is unique and different from other, similar wines. For example, why and in what ways is Pauillac, in Bordeaux, different from Pomerol, also in Bordeaux? Why and in what ways is Mosel Riesling different from Riesling from the Rheingau, or the Nahe, or Alsace, Austria, or Australia?

This book is dedicated to all wine lovers, and should prove particularly useful to amateur and competitive blind tasters, students on higher-level wine courses, sommeliers, and anyone else who buys, sells, or recommends wine. “A rigorous, highly focused, well-honed bootcamp manual (Bible might be a better word) for the likes of WSET diploma students, MW students, Master Sommelier students, and anyone else who thinks that blind tasting competitions are a riot.” Tamlyn Currin for JancisRobinson.Com