Best Aerobics Books

Here you will get Best Aerobics Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. 6-Minute Fitness at 60+: Simple Home Exercises to Reclaim Strength, Balance, and Energy in 15 Days

Author: by Jonathan Su
218 pages

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If you want to age gracefully and comfortably, you need to prepare. After the age of 50, our lean muscle mass starts to shrink by 1 to 2 percent every year. Over time, that muscle loss increases our risk of injury from falls and accidents, and it can seriously reduce our independence.

What if you could reclaim your strength, balance, and energy faster than you ever thought possible? What if you had a field-tested approach to exercise that takes only six minutes, twice a day … And what if you could see dramatic results in just 15 days?

In this book, you will learn:A straightforward, science-based exercise plan that only takes six minutes, twice a day and produces consistent strengthening and mobility improvements. Three simple bodyweight exercises that effectively target the muscle groups you need to stay active, prevent falls, and remain independent.

How to design workouts at home that don’t rely on complicated equipment. The seven most important strategies for benefiting from regular workouts. Practical advice and guidance for family members and caregivers helping aging adults with exercise. The exercise program in this book has been tested with thousands of seniors and older adults just like you.

2. 7 Minute Fitness Strength Training for Seniors and Over 60+: Simple Home Exercise to Maintain Healthier Body and High Energy in 7 Days

Author: by Liam Owen
June 25, 2021

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The science-based method for restoring your energy and getting into shape in less than 7 minutes a day, even if you think it’s too late to start. Are you constantly worrying about becoming frail and suffering injuries from falls? Do you want to know how you can reverse the effects of aging and reclaim your strength and balance without resorting to medication?

Do you wish you had a way to improve your health that’s safe and not as confusing and complicated as all the other fitness programmes out there? If you’re a senior citizen who feels like their health is slowly going downhill, you’re not alone.

According to the National Council on Aging, around 80% of the elderly population is suffering from at least one chronic disease, and 77% have two or more diseases. As we grow older, we naturally start losing muscle mass every year. Even if you don’t feel anything now, eventually you’ll wake up one day and be surprised that you’re struggling just to get up from your chair or are simply not as strong as you used to be.

3. 100 No-Equipment Workouts Vol. 1: Easy to Follow Home Workout Routines with Visual Guides for all Fitness Levels (1)

Author: by Neila Rey
New Line Publishing
210 pages

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Hundreds of thousands of people all over the world use Darebee bodyweight, no-equipment workouts to exercise at home. The 100 Workouts Book is for everyone who wants to stay active, get fit, build muscle tone and/or shed extra weight in the home environment without acquiring any extra equipment.

Be in complete control of your fitness. No more worrying about the right equipment, the right attire, finding a gym, or finding the space or time to exercise. The 100 no-equipment fitness routines in this jumbo A4-size workout book will let you: Exercise on your terms Get fit with the time you have Have fun while getting fitter Stop worrying about the gym culture Find a routine to do whether you are an absolute beginner or someone already fit Different workouts will ensure that your muscles don’t get used to the same regime, giving you more in return, and also help you stay active and not get bored with the same routine.

Some of the workouts are more challenging and some are easier than others so you will never get bored. All have three different levels you can try them at, so there is always something to aim for. Easy-to-follow visual routines guide you through the workout, as you go from one exercise to the next, in an easier fashion than in a video.

4. Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain

Author: by John J. Ratey MD
Little, Brown Spark
304 pages

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A groundbreaking and fascinating investigation into the transformative effects of exercise on the brain, from the bestselling author and renowned psychiatrist John J.Ratey, MD. Did you know you can beat stress, lift your mood, fight memory loss, sharpen your intellect, and function better than ever simply by elevating your heart rate and breaking a sweat?

The evidence is incontrovertible: Aerobic exercise physically remodels our brains for peak performance.In Spark, John J.Ratey, M.D., embarks upon a fascinating and entertaining journey through the mind-body connection, presenting startling research to prove that exercise is truly our best defense against everything from depression to ADD to addiction to aggression to menopause to Alzheimer’s.

Filled with amazing case studies (such as the revolutionary fitness program in Naperville, Illinois, which has put this school district of 19,000 kids first in the world of science test scores), Spark is the first book to explore comprehensively the connection between exercise and the brain.

5. THE BREATHING CURE: Develop New Habits for a Healthier, Happier, and Longer Life

Author: by Patrick McKeown
275 pages

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NOSES ARE FOR BREATHING, MOUTHS ARE FOR EATING Many people believe that taking a deep breath increases body oxygenation. The opposite is the case. Patrick McKeown, bestselling author of The Oxygen Advantage Imagine a breathing technique that can increase oxygen uptake and delivery to the cells, improve blood circulation, and unblock the nose.

Perhaps it can help open the airways of the lungs, enhance blood flow and oxygen delivery to the brain, improve sleep and bring calmness to the mind. It might even restore bodily functions disturbed by stress, build greater resilience and help you to live longer.

You might think this description sounds farfetched.But it isn’t. The Breathing Cure will guide you through techniques that embody the key to healthy breathing and healthy living. McKeown’s goal is to enable you to take responsibility for your own health, to prevent and significantly reduce a number of common ailments, to help you realize your potential and to offer simple, scientifically-based ways to change your breathing habits.


Make the Pool Your Gym: No-Impact Water Workouts for Getting Fit, Building Strength and Rehabbing from Injury

Author: by Karl Knopf
Ulysses Press
104 pages

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Discover the non-impact, total-body benefits of water exercise with this step-by-step guide to pool aerobics from bestselling fitness author, Dr. Karl Knopf. Once used primarily for rehabilitation, water exercise has been proven to build strength, improve cardiovascular fitness and burn calories all without the strain and trauma of land-based activities.

This flexible training tool can help you: Improve muscular strength Increase flexibility Enhance cardiovascular fitness Alleviate pain Rehabilitate injuriesWith step-by-step instructions and clear photos, Make the Pool Your Gym shows how to create the effective and efficient workout best suited to your needs.

Whether you’re a non-swimmer, an elite athlete or someone with a chronic condition, you can make a splash in your fitness level without even getting your hair wet.

7. Chair Yoga: Accessible Sequences to Build Strength, Flexibility, and Inner Calm

Author: by Christina D'Arrigo
146 pages

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Improve stability and strength with easy chair yoga poses Adding a chair to your practice can provide a new level of accessibility and comfort that isn’t available in other forms of yoga. Whether you have physical restrictions due to age, pregnancy, a health condition, or just limited space, this book makes it easy to incorporate chair yoga into your daily routine.

An intro to chair yogaStart with a quick primer that explains the health benefits of chair yoga and how to create your own practice. 4 complete sequencesExplore chair yoga routines for warming up your body, moving while seated, incorporating more dynamic movement, or unwinding and relaxing.

Customizable routinesFind 10- and 20-minute programs with variations for each pose, so you can tailor your practice to your needs and schedule. A progressive approachBuild up strength and flexibility safely and comfortably with exercises that slowly increase in difficulty. Boost your confidence and stability through chair yoga poses and sequences that are gentle, simple, and easy to follow no matter your experience level.

8. I Hate Running and You Can Too: How to Get Started, Keep Going, and Make Sense of an Irrational Passion

Author: by Brendan Leonard
Artisan (March 16, 2021)
160 pages

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BRENDAN LEONARD HATES RUNNING. He hates it so much that he once logged fifty-two marathon-length runs in fifty-two weeks. Now he’s sharing everything he’s learned about the sport so that you can hate it too. Packed with wisdom, humor, attitude, tips, and quotesand more than sixty illuminating chartsI Hate Running and You Can Too delivers a powerful message of motivation from a truly relatable mentor.

Leonard nails the love-hate relationship most runners have with the sport. He knows the difficulty of getting off the couch, teaches us to get comfortable with being uncomfortable, embraces the mix of running with walking. And he shares all that he’s learnedcelebrating the mantra of Easy, light, smooth, and fast, observing that any body that runs is a runner’s body.

Plus Leonard knows all the practical stuff, from training methods to advice for when you hit a setback or get injured. Even the answer to that big question a lot of runners occasionally ask: Why? Easy: Running helps us understand commitment, develop patience, discover self-discipline, find mental toughness, and prove to ourselves that we can do something demanding.

9. Stretching for Beginners: Improve Flexibility and Relieve Aches and Pains with 100 Exercises and 25 Simple Routines

Author: by Natasha Diamond-Walker
200 pages

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Put some spring in your stepsimple stretches to soothe your sorenessMovement is lifeand stretching is an easy way for you to increase your flexibility, ease aches, and generally improve your quality of life. This easy-to-follow guide shows you how stretching long and slow can help you find fast pain relief and enhance your range of motion.

Take a deep dive into how muscles work and the health benefits of stretching, including plenty of how-tos for beginning stretchers. Get moving with 70 fundamental stretches, all designed to target specific affected areasor introduce stretching to your day-to-day using 25 routines that can be done anytime and anywhere.

Stretching for Beginners includes:Beginner to limberJumpstart your stretching with guides to performing each stretch safely, proper breathing techniques, and more. Focus your flexExtend your reach with illustrated step-by-steps for essential exercisesorganized by anatomical regions. Home stretchFind the right routine to relieve specific aches and pains, reduce daily stress, or warm up for a variety of activities.

10. 2 Weeks to Feeling Great: Because, seriously, who has the time? – THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER

Author: by Gabriela Peacock
May 27, 2021

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The Sunday Times Bestseller’The game-changing nutritionist ripping up the weight-loss rule book.’ – You Magazine’Gabriela’s tips on how to achieve a great relationship with your body are all in this book!’ – EVA HERZIGOV’The cool-girl, real-world guide to nutrition and more.

Sane, smart and funny.’ – LAURA BAILEY’I had no idea feeling great was going to be this easy.’ – JODIE KIDD2 Weeks to Feeling Great is nutritionist Gabriela Peacock’s comprehensive guide to health and wellbeing aimed at busy people who may not have the time – or inclination – to commit to strict rules that are not compatible with real life and instead focuses on what is achievable.

It includes two detailed 14-day programmes on intermittent fasting, scientifically proven to be the most effective method of safely reaching a healthy weight. Covering everything from improving sleep to rebalancing hormones and increasing energy, the easy-to-remember tips and recommendations require minimal effort but deliver significant results.

11. 80/20 Triathlon: Discover the Breakthrough Elite-Training Formula for Ultimate Fitness and Performance at All Levels

Author: by Matt Fitzgerald
Da Capo Lifelong Books
320 pages

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A breakthrough program for triathletes – beginner, intermediate, and advanced – showing how to balance training intensity to maximize performance – from a fitness expert and elite coach. Cutting-edge research has proven that triathletes and other endurance athletes experience their greatest performance when they do 80 percent of their training at low intensity and the remaining 20 percent at moderate to high intensity.

But the vast majority of recreational triathletes are caught in the so-called “moderate-intensity rut,” spending almost half of their time training too hard-harder than the pros. Training harder isn’t smarter; it actually results in low-grade chronic fatigue that prevents recreational athletes from getting the best results.

In 80/20 Triathlon, Matt Fitzgerald and David Warden lay out the real-world and scientific evidence, offering concrete tips and strategies, along with complete training plans for every distance-Sprint, Olympic, Half-Ironman, and Ironman-to help athletes implement the 80/20 rule of intensity balance. Benefits include reduced fatigue and injury risk, improved fitness, increased motivation, and better race results.

12. Running Your First Marathon: The Complete 20-Week Marathon Training Plan

Author: by Andrew Kastor
150 pages

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Andrew Kastor has taken the tried-and-true principles that all us pros follow and made them available and applicable for everyone. Just as Andrew has helped me on my journey, he is sure to help you on yours. Ryan Hall, US Olympic Marathoner, holder of the US record in the half marathon, and marathon training expertAs a marathon training coach for world-class runners and Olympic medalists, Andrew Kastor knows what it takes to get to the finish line.

Whether you are planning to run a full or half marathon, Coach Kastor’s marathon training program conditions you to set achievable goals, get in shape, and stay motivated. With an easy-to-follow 20-week marathon training schedule for building strength and endurance, plus expert advice from record-holding runners on what to expect, Running Your First Marathon is the only coaching you’ll need to go the distance.

Running Your First Marathon lays out a goal-oriented marathon training program with:A 20-Week Marathon Training Programdetailed day-by-day marathon training schedules and space to track your progressMarathon Training 101advice and tips from world-class marathoners on marathon training, fueling your body, avoiding injury, and race-day preparationMotivational Marathon Training Boostsfrom Coach Kastor and other famous runners to help you stay on track during marathon training”Running Your First Marathon will not only inspire you but also help train your mind and body to unlock hidden potential.”Shalane Flanagan, Olympic Silver Medalist, NYC Marathon champion, American record holder, and marathon training pro

13. The Simple Six: The Easy Way to Get in Shape and Stay in Shape for the Rest of your Life

Author: by Clinton Dobbins
64 pages

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Amazon No.1 Bestseller Ready to revolutionize your training? Looking for the quickest way to get in shape fast, with the least amount of effort required? Welcome to The Simple Six. On the hunt for the ultimate workout plan? The Simple Six presents you with an alternative approach to training utilizing six simple steps that reap real results.

Whether you’re a beginner, weekend warrior or a self-proclaimed fitness junkie, this workout program will take your health, strength, and athletic ability to the next level. Our proprietary fitness program is grounded on the idea that by repeating a small amount of work consistently, it can lead to incredible changes in the way you look, feel, and how you think about fitness and exercise.

A forward-thinking, get in shape workout plan, The Simple Six not only tells you what to do and how to do it, but also why it matters in stripped-back, simple terms that anyone can understand regardless of their fitness knowledge.

This book contains: The best exercises to help you get in shape fast Step by step instructions on how to perform each move Posture tips and tricks to get the most out of your workout How repeating The Simple Six steps can change your life forever.

14. Water Aerobics – How To Lose Weight And Tone Your Body In The Water

Author: by Jennifer Taylor
98 pages

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Never Before Has Losing Weight And Looking Good Been So Incredibly Easy. Give Yourself a Healthy, Enjoyable Lifestyle That Everyone Dreams Of With These Pool Exercises. One thing I can assure you that water aerobics is great at is being accessible to anyone and everyone.

In order to allow you to get the most out of these water exercises, it has been designed carefully with regards to its ease of usage. You can jump right in and immediately start seeing the results that you want.

Do you want to burn fat without having to sweat? Or get toned without having to lift weights? Or even just return to normal health without the need of prescription medication? If so, water aerobics is the PERFECT solution for you.

Walk or jump in the pool, burn some calories, and have a whole lot of FUN. You might break a sweat, but you won’t know it. You will perform resistance training and cardio training exercises, and you will ENJOY doing them.

You won’t quit why? The same reason why so many people keep doing Zumba every single week: It’s FUN and IT WORKS all at the same time! The Ultimate In Pool Fitness, this Water Workout is the Best Way to Lose Weight and Keep It Off”Water Aerobics – How To Lose Weight And Tone Your Body In The Water” contains the following:The Benefits of Water Aerobics how you can improve strength, endurance, flexibility, and cardiovascular health.

15. Calisthenics for Beginners: Step-by-Step Workouts to Build Strength at Any Fitness Level

Author: by Matt Schifferle
162 pages

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Achieve your fitness goals with calisthenicsno weights, trainer or gym required Gain strength, mobility, endurance, and flexibility using simple body movements and nothing more than your own weight. Calisthenics for Beginners provides an all-inclusive training plan that won’t require massive sacrifices to your time, energy, or wallet.

Power through three calisthenic workout programs that progress in technique and intensity as you build a comprehensive understanding of this approachable training method. Then, explore recovery techniques, plus guidelines for creating a workout routine that fits your personal goals and lifestyle.

Calisthenics is the workout of choice for athletes of all fitness levels, from weekend walkers to professional sports stars. Calisthenics for Beginners includes: Training for all levelsEndlessly adjustable and customizable calisthenics workouts meet you where you are and serve your unique fitness goals.

Full-body workoutsThis complete, efficient approach to fitness works your whole body with a series of simple movement patterns. Variety, versatility, and funMore than 35 dynamic exercises featuring the progressions, modifications, and variations you need to keep it interesting, challenging, and engaging.

16. Resistance Band Workouts: 50 Exercises for Strength Training at Home or On the Go

Author: by Karina Inkster
192 pages

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Improve Your Strength and Body Composition with 3 Types of Resistance Bands! This is your one-stop-shop for anyone who wants to improve their strength and body composition without having to purchase a gym membership. Fitness coach and author Karina Inkster will teach you about the overall benefits of strength training, and resistance bands in particular.

You’ll learn how to choose resistance bands, how to use them at home with a door anchor, and how to use them safely. An overview of the 3 types of resistance bands will help readers put together their own mini gym that can fit into a small bag.

A collection of 50 resistance band exercises that work all the major muscle groups will inspire readers to createand maintaina regular strength training practice, whether they’re working out at home, outdoors, or while travelling. Once readers are familiar with the various exercise possibilities, they’ll learn how to put together their own strength programs.