Best African American Mystery, Thriller and Suspense Books

Here you will get Best African American Mystery, Thriller and Suspense Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. Razorblade Tears: A Novel

Author: by S. A. Cosby
July 6, 2021

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Provocative, violent beautiful and moving, too. Washington PostSuperb… Cuts right to the heart of the most important questions of our times. Michael ConnellyA tour de force poignant, action-packed, and profound. Milwaukee Journal SentinelA Black father.A white father.Two murdered sons.

A quest for vengeance. Ike Randolph has been out of jail for fifteen years, with not so much as a speeding ticket in all that time. But a Black man with cops at the door knows to be afraid. The last thing he expects to hear is that his son Isiah has been murdered, along with Isiah’s white husband, Derek.

Ike had never fully accepted his son but is devastated by his loss. Derek’s father Buddy Lee was almost as ashamed of Derek for being gay as Derek was ashamed of his father’s criminal record. Buddy Lee still has contacts in the underworld, though, and he wants to know who killed his boy.

Ike and Buddy Lee, two ex-cons with little else in common other than a criminal past and a love for their dead sons, band together in their desperate desire for revenge. In their quest to do better for their sons in death than they did in life, hardened men Ike and Buddy Lee will confront their own prejudices about their sons and each other, as they rain down vengeance upon those who hurt their boys.

2. Animal V: Executioner's Song

Author: by K'WAN
440 pages

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When the Grand Design is finally revealed it will spell the last ride for Mr. Armed and Brokenhearted. In this final installment of the widely popular Animal series, we find our anti-hero on a hunt for the woman who forced him to pick his guns back up when she burned his entire world down.

The traitorous, Red Sonja. She alone holds the key to saving his children and avenging his murdered wife, Gucci, but first he has to find her. To do this, Animal reassembles his old gang: The Dog Pound for what will prove to be their most dangerous mission yet.

The stakes are higher than ever and not everyone is expected to make it, but the members of the Pound readily accept the task and the risks that come with it. With his old friends, and a few new ones, Animal is on the hunt for his elusive prey.

Then the unthinkable happens and there is an earth-shattering discovery that will change everything, including loyalties. Meanwhile, the Black Lotus finds herself a prisoner in a place she had once called home. Having been branded a traitor by the Brotherhood of Blood, she is remanded to the mountain fortress while awaiting trial for the crimes she stands accused of.

3. Blacktop Wasteland: A Novel

Author: by S. A. Cosby
July 14, 2020

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Los Angeles Times Book Prize Winner New York Times Notable Book NPR’s Best Books of 2020 BookPage’s #1 Mystery and Suspense of 2020 Sun Sentinel’s #1 Best Mystery of 2020 I loved Blacktop Wasteland… [A] fast-paced, bareknuckle thriller. Stephen KingA roaring, full-throttle thriller, crackling with tension and charm.

The New York Times Book Review”One of the year’s strongest novels.” -Sun SentinelA husband, a father, a son, a business owner… And the best getaway driver east of the Mississippi. Beauregard Bug Montage is an honest mechanic, a loving husband, and a hard-working dad.

Bug knows there’s no future in the man he used to be: known from the hills of North Carolina to the beaches of Florida as the best wheelman on the East Coast. He thought he’d left all that behind him, but as his carefully built new life begins to crumble, he finds himself drawn inexorably back into a world of blood and bullets.

When a smooth-talking former associate comes calling with a can’t-miss jewelry store heist, Bug feels he has no choice but to get back in the driver’s seat. And Bug is at his best where the scent of gasoline mixes with the smell of fear.

4. The Cartel Deluxe Edition: Books 1-3

Author: by Ashley & JaQuavis
Urban Books
608 pages

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The port of Miami brings in millions of dollars’ worth of cocaine every year, and the Cartel controls eighty percent of it. The Diamond family is a force to be reckoned with, but all hell breaks loose when they lose their leader.

The most ruthless gangster Miami has ever seen, Carter Diamond, leaves behind a wife, twin sons, a daughter, and a secret. The secret is his illegitimate son, Carter Jones. When young Carter learns of his father’s death, he comes to town and is introduced to the legacy of the CartelMiamor is a woman who uses her beauty to enhance her skill as a contract killer.

She is the leader of The Murder Mamas. When her crew is hired to take down the Cartel, they get caught slipping, and Miamor loses her sister in the process. She is determined to get revenge. Unknowingly, she meets the son of Carter Diamond, and he immediately catches her heart.

She is sleeping with the enemy, and when she finds out, she is torn between love and revenge. Thus begins the saga of the Cartel, the New York Times bestselling series by street lit superstars Ashley & Jaquavis. Every book in the series is full of their trademark fast-paced drama, deceit, and plot twists that will leave you shocked.

5. Alex Drakos: Nothing Left to Lose (The Alex Drakos Romantic Suspense Series Book 9)

Author: by Mallory Monroe
Austin Brook Publishing
June 8, 2021

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Billionaire industrialist Alex Drakos has parts of his life he is not proud of. His days as an enforcer and boss in the Greek mob. His failures as a father.His women. But when scum from his past attempts to blackmail him, and they drag his family into it, too, he will stop at nothing to stop them.

But when the tables are turned, and all is on the line, he and his lady love find themselves caught up in a high-stakes, deadly game that could cost them everything. Including their love for each other. In the latest pulse-pounding addition of the Alex Drakos Romantic Suspense Thriller series, Alex and Kari are pushed to the limits of love and life.

Until they start pushing back.

6. Morris PI: The Men from Ice House Four

Author: by Dion Baia
320 pages

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While investigating the disappearance of a prominent tycoon’s young employee, Harlem Private Detective Walter Morris uncovers an absolutely horrifying plot that brings the final days of the second World War to the mean streets of Manhattan. New York City, 1945. The war in Europe is in its final days and life in the Big Apple may soon be back to normal.

Harlem Private Detective Walter Morris is hired by the reclusive tycoon, Cuthbert Hayden, to find his maid’s missing daughter. Walter begins a journey into the dark and seedy underworld of the citythrough a world of back-alley nightclubs, gangsters, double agents, serial killers, black market surgeons, and scientifically engineered monstersand that doesn’t even scratch the surface.

Morris slowly peels back the layers and stumbles across a horrifying plan to thwart the American fight in the wara plot that brings Walter face to face with one of the most notorious mass murderers of all time, Doctor Josefe Mengele.

Why is Mengele in New York? And what is the totten core? The answer to those questions and many more will change Walter’s life forever and leave a scar on the worlda wound from which it still hasn’t recovered.

7. Trouble Is What I Do (Leonid McGill)

Author: by Walter Mosley
February 25, 2020

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Morally ambiguous P.I. Leonid McGill is back – and investigating crimes against society’s most downtrodden – in this installment of the beloved detective series from an Edgar Award-winning and bestselling crime novelist. Leonid McGill’s spent a lifetime building up his reputation in the New York investigative scene.

His seemingly infallible instinct and inside knowledge of the crime world make him the ideal man to help when Phillip Worry comes knocking. Phillip “Catfish” Worry is a 92-year-old Mississippi bluesman who needs Leonid’s help with a simple task: deliver a letter revealing the black lineage of a wealthy heiress and her corrupt father.

Unsurprisingly, the opportunity to do a simple favor while shocking the prevailing elite is too much for Leonid to resist. But when a famed and feared assassin puts a hit on Catfish, Leonid has no choice but to confront the ghost of his own felonious past.

Working to protect his client and his own family, Leonid must reach the heiress on the eve of her wedding before her powerful father kills those who hold their family’s secret. Joined by a team of young and tough aspiring investigators, Leonid must gain the trust of wary socialites, outsmart vengeful thugs, and, above all, serve the truth – no matter the cost.

8. August Snow (An August Snow Novel Book 1)

Author: by Stephen Mack Jones
February 14, 2017

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Winner of the Hammett Prize and the Nero AwardFrom the wealthy suburbs to the remains of Detroit’s bankrupt factory districts, August Snow is a fast-paced tale of murder, greed, sex, economic cyber-terrorism, race and urban decay. Tough, smart, and struggling to stay alive, August Snow is the embodiment of Detroit.

The son of an African-American father and a Mexican-American mother, August grew up in the city’s Mexicantown and joined the police force only to be drummed out by a conspiracy of corrupt cops and politicians. But August fought back; he took on the city and got himself a $12 million wrongful dismissal settlement that left him low on friends.

He has just returned to the house he grew up in after a year away, and quickly learns he has many scores to settle. It’s not long before he’s summoned to the palatial Grosse Pointe Estates home of business magnate Eleanore Paget.

Powerful and manipulative, Paget wants August to investigate the increasingly unusual happenings at her private wealth management bank. But detective work is no longer August’s beat, and he declines. A day later, Paget is dead of an apparent suicidewhich August isn’t buying for a minute.

9. Blood Grove (Easy Rawlins Book 15)

Author: by Walter Mosley
February 2, 2021

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“Master of craft and narrative” Walter Mosley returns with this crowning achievement in the Easy Rawlins saga, in which the iconic detective’s loyalties are tested on the sun-soaked streets of Southern California (National Book Foundation) It is 1969, and flames can be seen on the horizon, protest wafts like smoke though the thick air, and Easy Rawlins, the Black private detective whose small agency finally has its own office, gets a visit from a white Vietnam veteran.

The young man comes to Easy with a story that makes little sense. He and his lover, a beautiful young woman, were attacked in a citrus grove at the city’s outskirts. He may have killed a man, and the woman and his dog are now missing.

Inclined to turn down what sounds like nothing but trouble, Easy takes the case when he realizes how damaged the young vet is from his war experiencesthe bond between veterans superseding all other considerations. The veteran is not Easy’s only unlooked-for trouble.

Easy’s adopted daughter Feather’s white uncle shows up uninvited, raising questions and unsettling the life Easy has long forged for the now young woman. Where Feather sees a family reunion, Easy suspects something else, something that will break his heart.

10. Dead of Winter (An August Snow Novel Book 3)

Author: by Stephen Mack Jones
Soho Crime (May 4, 2021)
May 4, 2021

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A shadowy Detroit real estate billionaire.A ruthless fixer. A successful Mexicantown family business in their crosshairs. Gentrification has never been bloodier. Authentico Foods Inc. Has been a part of Detroit’s Mexicantown for over thirty years, grown from a home kitchen business to a city-blocklong facility that supplies Mexican tortillas to restaurants throughout the Midwest.

Detroit ex-cop and Mexicantown native August Snow has been invited for a business meeting at Authentico Foods. Its owner, Ronaldo Ochoa, is dying, and is being blackmailed into selling the company to an anonymous entity. Worried about his employees, Ochoa wants August to buy it.

August has no interest in running a tortilla empire, but he does want to know who’s threatening his neighborhood. Quickly, his investigation takes a devastating turn and he and his loved ones find themselves ensnared in a dangerous net of ruthless billionaire developers.

August Snow must fight not only for his life, but for the soul of Mexicantown itself.

11. Bury Me When I'm Dead: A Charlie Mack Motown Mystery

Author: by Cheryl A Head
July 18, 2016

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Charlene “Charlie” Mack is a PI in Detroit. Born and raised in the city that America forgot, Charlie has built a highly respected private investigations firm through hard work, smart choices, and relentless ambition. Her team of investigators are highly skilled and trustworthy, but she secretly struggles with her sexual orientation and a mother with early-onset Alzheimer’s.

When Charlie and her crack team head to Birmingham, Alabama following the trail of a missing person, what should be a routine case turns into a complex chase for answers. Shady locals and a southern patriarch with dark secrets dating back forty years obscure their path.

It seems like everyone has something to hide, including Charlie. When the case turns deadly with a double murder, and Charlie is attacked on a quiet neighborhood street, everything suddenly becomes personal. Who can Charlie trust, and will she ever solve the riddles of the Magic City?

A Detroit native, Cheryl A. Head now lives on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, where she navigated a successful career as a writer, television producer, filmmaker, broadcast executive, and media funder. Her debut novel, Long Way Home: A World War II Novel, was a 2015 Next Generation Indie Book Award finalist in both the African American Literature and Historical Fiction categories.

12. Dead Dead Girls (A Harlem Renaissance Mystery)

Author: by Nekesa Afia
Berkley (June 1, 2021)
336 pages

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In this terrific series opener, Afia evokes the women’s lives in all their wayward and beautiful glory, especially the abruptness with which their dreams, hopes and fears cease to exist. The New York TimesThe start of an exciting new historical mystery series set during the Harlem Renaissance from debut author Nekesa AfiaHarlem, 1926.

Young Black women like Louise Lloyd are ending up dead. Following a harrowing kidnapping ordeal when she was in her teens, Louise is doing everything she can to maintain a normal life. She’s succeeding, too. She spends her days working at Maggie’s Caf and her nights at the Zodiac, Harlem’s hottest speakeasy.

Louise’s friends, especially her girlfriend, Rosa Maria Moreno, might say she’s running from her past and the notoriety that still stalks her, but don’t tell her that. When a girl turns up dead in front of the caf, Louise is forced to confront something she’s been trying to ignoretwo other local Black girls have been murdered in the past few weeks.

13. Faith & Trust: "An Urban Love Story"

Author: by Blake Karrington
208 pages

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Faith often feels that her man has way too much money for the small legal endeavors that he tells her about, but she chooses to believe in him. That is until the feds kicks in her door one day. She doesn’t know if she has it in her to be a ride or die but putting her belief in Trust may give her an everlasting love or cause her to lose what she loves most.

Trust is a natural born hustler. When it comes to getting money he’s strategic and thorough. He likes his money fast and plentiful. For obvious reasons, he has to keep that between himself, and his partners. But living a double life isn’t easy, his main objectives are to stay free and to protect his future wife Faith.

When Trust has the chance at the biggest score of his life, he doesn’t hesitate, to risk it all. This couple seems to have everything right at their fingertips but losing faith & trust in one another may just be the cause of their ultimate downfall.

14. Runner (A Chicago Mystery Book 4)

Author: by Tracy Clark
June 29, 2021

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ExceptionalThe action builds to an exciting showdown. Those who like their crime novels with a social conscience will be amply rewarded. Publishers Weekly, STARRED review Former homicide cop turned private investigator Cass Raines gets the job done in this page-turning Chicago-set novel from award-winning author Tracy Clark.

For mystery/suspense fans as well as fans of Laura Lippman. Chicago in the dead of winter can be brutal, especially when you’re scouring the frigid streets for a missing girl. Fifteen-year-old Ramona Titus has run away from her foster home.

Her biological mother, Leesa Evans, is a recovering addict who admits she failed Ramona often in the past. But now she’s clean. And she’s determined to make up for her mistakesif Cass can only help her find her daughter. Cass visits Ramona’s foster mother, Deloris Poole, who is also desperate to bring the girl home.

Ramona came to Deloris six months ago, angry and distrustful, but was slowly opening up. The police are on the search, but Cass has sources closer to the streets, and a network of savvy allies. Yet it seems Ramona doesn’t want to be found.

15. Between Black and White (McMurtrie and Drake Legal Thrillers Book 2)

Author: by Robert Bailey
March 15, 2016

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In 1966 in Pulaski, Tennessee, Bocephus Haynes watched in horror as his father was brutally murdered by ten local members of the Ku Klux Klan. As an African American lawyer practicing in the birthplace of the Klan years later, Bo has spent his life pursuing justice in his father’s name.

But when Andy Walton, the man believed to have led the lynch mob forty-five years earlier, ends up murdered in the same spot as Bo’s father, Bo becomes the prime suspect. Retired law professor Tom McMurtrie, Bo’s former teacher and friend, is a year removed from returning to the courtroom.

Now McMurtrie and his headstrong partner, Rick Drake, must defend Bo on charges of capital murder while hunting for Andy Walton’s true killer. In a courtroom clash that will put their reputations and lives at stake, can McMurtrie and Drake release Bo from a lifetime of despair?

Or will justice remain hidden somewhere between black and white?

16. Detective Cross (Alex Cross BookShots, 2)

Author: by James Patterson
BookShots (May 2, 2017)
144 pages

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A threat from an anonymous caller sends D.C. Into panic as Detective Alex Cross teams up with his wife to uncover the chilling truth. An anonymous caller has promised to set off deadly bombs in Washington, DC. A cruel hoax or the real deal?

By the time Alex Cross and his wife, Bree Stone, uncover the chilling truth, it may already be too late …. BookShotsLightning-fast stories by James PattersonNovels you can devour in a few hoursImpossible to stop readingAll original content from James Patterson