Best Ajax Programming Books

AJAX is an important part of this development and it has changed the way applications run on a browser.

1. Essential ASP.NET Web Forms Development: Full Stack Programming with C#, SQL, Ajax, and JavaScript

Author: by Robert E. Beasley
585 pages

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Go from beginner to pro using one of the most effective and widely used technology stacks, Microsoft ASP.NET. Beginning with the basics, you will learn how to create interactive, professional-grade, database-driven web applications in no time, using ASP. NET, C#, SQL, Ajax, and JavaScript.Essential ASP.

NET Web Forms Development is divided into six learning modules and will take you from soup to nuts with ASP.NET. Part I is an introduction to the major concepts, methodologies, and technologies associated with . NET web application development. You will learn about the client-server model, the .

NET Framework, the ASP. NET and C# programming languages, and the Visual Studio integrated development environment. Part II teaches you how to develop a single-page . NET web application and add server and data validation controls, laying the foundation for learning languages in the context of an ASP.

NET web application. Part III is all about C# operations and shows you how to perform assignment operations, conversion operations, control operations, string operations, arithmetic operations, date and time operations, array operations, collection operations, and file system operations, as well as create custom C# classes in the context of a .

2. PHP Oracle Web Development: Data processing, Security, Caching, XML, Web Services, and Ajax

Author: by Yuli Vasiliev
July 30, 2007

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Through numerous examples, this book shows you how to build simple and efficient PHP applications on top of Oracle, efficiently distributing data processing between the Web/PHP server and Oracle Database server. Although this book covers only the most popular and up-to-date topic areas on the use of PHP in conjunction with Oracle, the author does not make any assumption about the skill level of the reader.

Packed with information in an easy-to-read format, the book is ideal for any PHP developer who deals with Oracle.

3. Sams Teach Yourself Ajax, JavaScript, and PHP All in One

Author: by Phil Ballard
Sams Publishing
July 2, 2008

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In just a short time, you can learn how to use Ajax, JavaScript, and PHP to create interactive interfaces to your web applications by combining these powerful technologies. No previous Ajax programming experience is required. Using a straightforward, step-by-step approach, each lesson in this book builds on the previous ones, enabling you to learn the essentials of Ajax programming with JavaScript, PHP, and related technologies from the ground up.

Learn how to Build better, more interactive interfaces for your web applications Make JavaScript, HTML, XML, and PHP work together to create Ajax effects Compile an Ajax application Create and consume web services with SOAP and REST Avoid common errors and troubleshoot programs Use popular Ajax libraries to speed up and improve common programming tasks Phil Ballard is a software engineering consultant and developer specializing in website and intranet design and development for an international portfolio of clients.

He has an honors degree from the University of Leeds, England, and has worked for several years in commercial and managerial roles in the high technology sector. Michael Moncur is a freelance webmaster and author. He runs a network of websites and has written several bestselling books about web development, networking, certification programs, and databases.

4. Building a Web Site with Ajax: Visual QuickProject Guide

Author: by Larry Ullman
Peachpit Press
176 pages

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Provides instructions for creating Web applications using Ajax.

5. Pragmatic Ajax: A Web 2.0 Primer

Author: by Justin Gehtland
Pragmatic Bookshelf
304 pages

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It’s not just another book on Ajax. It’s Pragmatic Ajax: a concise, complete look at a new way of envisioning and implementing browser-based applications. Ajax turns static web pages into interactive applications. Now you can deploy rich-client applications to clients without sacrificing the easy deployment of web applications.

But to many folks, Ajax seems difficult. That’s why we produced this book. As a Pragmatic guide, it strips away the mystery and shows you the easy way to make Ajax work for you. We cover the the basics of DHTML, JavaScript, and the infamous XmlHttpRequest call.

You’ll see how to add Ajax to existing programs, and design new applications to exploit the power of Web 2.0. Learn the three layers of Ajax framework, and when (and how) to use each. See how to create rich clients, use visual effects, add client-side validation, and handle forms.

Write applications that degrade gracefully if clients don’t support JavaScript. And see how to integrate your Ajaxified clients into Java, . NET, and Ruby on Rails server frameworks. With Pragmatic Ajax, you’ll:Understand the breadth of the Ajax/Web 2. 0 landscape, and go-indepth on how Ajax worksLearn how JavaScript works with your server-side frameworkSee how to easily apply Ajax techniques to an existing application-and when not toKnow what’s coming by looking at new features and frameworks currently in active development.

6. New Perspectives on Javascript and AJAX: Comprehensive (HTML)

Author: by Patrick Carey
Cengage Learning
1048 pages

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7. NOTEBOOK: Leopard Print Composition Notebook, Cheetah Journal, College Ruled 100 Pages Lined Paper – Large 8.5 x 11, New Design. (Leopard Print Notebooks)

Author: by Mister Padd
100 pages

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8. Developing Service-Oriented AJAX Applications on the Microsoft® Platform

Author: by Daniel Larson
Microsoft Press
320 pages

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Make your rich Internet applications easier to write, manage, and update by leveraging ASP. NET AJAX, the Microsoft AJAX Library, and the Windows mmunication Foundation Web programming model. With extensive code samples and guidance from an AJAX expert, you’ll learn to separate the Web services API layer and user interfacea service-oriented approach that allows you to easily add features and integrate components as your application evolves.

Discover how to: Employ an architecture pattern that highlights the Web services API Tap the AJAX Library framework, extensions, namespaces, and runtime controls Enable authentication, profiles, and authorization using AJAX application services Apply JavaScript models for object-oriented development and XSLT for client-side rendering Use the AJAX Library event-based programming model and component-based JavaScript architecture Deploy Web services and AJAX controls to Windows SharePoint Services 3.

0 and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007

9. Ruby: Programming, Master's Handbook: A TRUE Beginner's Guide! Problem Solving, Code, Data Science, Data Structures & Algorithms (Code like a PRO in … web design, tech, perl, ajax, swift, python,)

Author: by Codewell Academy
208 pages

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ARE YOU READY TO CODE THE NEXT GREATEST WEB APP? The content of the book was brilliantly put together – Donay Mitchell, from Amazon. Com The author did a great job in writing this book – CL White, from Amazon.

Com This book is focused, straight to the point, dense, fun to read and enjoyable with it’s strong logical flow of ideas. Miller, from Amazon. Com Looking to build a high-paying Programming Career? Would you like to become an up-and-coming Ruby Developer?

Crafted by some of the best minds who have studied in some of the world’s top universities, You’re among one of the best learning programs out there. Within this book’s pages, you’ll find GREAT coding skills to learn – and more.

Just some of the questions and topics include: – The Beautiful Ruby Syntax explained – Programming Mistakes in Ruby you CANNOT afford to make – The Ruby Class System is complicated – UNTIL you read this… How to create Data to Model REAL-LIFE Situations (Few books will teach this) – Other Programming Books don’t have these Ruby Shortcuts and Tricks and Much, much more!

10. NOTEBOOK: Leopard Print Composition Notebook, Cheetah Journal, College Ruled 100 Pages Lined Paper – Large 8.5 x 11, New Design. (Leopard Print Notebooks)

Author: by Mister Padd
100 pages

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Features:Size: 8.5″ x 11″ – US Letter SizePages: 100 pages / 50 sheetsCover: Soft, matte paperback coverPerfect BindingPerfect Just because Gift for loved one.Get Your Copy Now!

11. Head First Ajax: A Brain-Friendly Guide

Author: by Rebecca M. Riordan
O'Reilly Media
August 26, 2008

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Ajax is no longer an experimental approach to website development, but the key to building browser-based applications that form the cornerstone of Web 2.0. Head First Ajax gives you an up-to-date perspective that lets you see exactly what you can doand has been donewith Ajax.

With it, you get a highly practical, in-depth, and mature view of what is now a mature development approach. Using the unique and highly effective visual format that has turned Head First titles into runaway bestsellers, this book offers a big picture overview to introduce Ajax, and then explores the use of individual Ajax componentsincluding the JavaScript event model, DOM, XML, JSON, and moreas it progresses.

You’ll find plenty of sample applications that illustrate the concepts, along with exercises, quizzes, and other interactive features to help you retain what you’ve learned. Head First Ajax covers:The JavaScript event modelMaking Ajax requests with XMLHTTPREQUEST objectsThe asynchronous application modelThe Document Object Model (DOM)Manipulating the DOM in JavaScriptControlling the browser with the Browser Object ModelXHTML FormsPOST RequestsXML Syntax and the XML DOM treeXML Requests & ResponsesJSON – an alternative to XMLAjax architecture & patternsThe Prototype LibraryThe book also discusses the server-side implications of building Ajax applications, and uses a “black box” approach to server-side components.

12. Understanding AJAX: Using JavaScript to Create Rich Internet Applications

Author: by Joshua Eichorn
Prentice Hall
384 pages

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AJAX offers fast mastery for experienced Web developers. Building on what readers already know, this fast-paced guide will show exactly how to create rich, usable Internet applications. Eichorn teaches through sophisticated code examples, including extensive server-side PHP code, and covers the entire development lifecycle, from use cases and design through debugging.

13. Large Print Word-Finds For Free Time: Word Search Puzzles Books Train Your Brain, Search & Find, Activities Workbooks For Adults

Author: by Lena Fuller
Independently published
51 pages

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Entertain and improve spelling, vocabulary and memory for your brain with this great game! Searching words can help reinforce spelling, encourage problem solving, expand vocabulary and enhance memory. Would you like an activity for seniors that helps with memory and may also lower stress?

There are 15-25 words to search in each puzzle with words ranging from 3-14 letters in length. There are different topics including: body, camping, cooking, summer … Feature:40 easy to hard quizzes in large print format (8. 5 x 11) perfect for kids and seniors – or anyone looking for fun simple word search puzzles.

The answer to each word find puzzle can easily be found on the back of the book. Gifts for Friends and Your Family. If you have purchased our products, please comment directly with us by evaluating products whether satisfied or dissatisfied.

If you are satisfied please let the fun be shared and duplicated. If you are not satisfied, your suggestions are the motivation for us to improve and help you to be satisfied again.Thank you!

14. The Essential Guide to Dreamweaver CS3 with CSS, Ajax, and PHP (Friends of Ed Adobe Learning Library)

Author: by David Powers
784 pages

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Dreamweaver is a huge selling product with over 3 million users worldwide, and the new version, Dreamweaver CS3, promises to be just as popular, with new features such as Ajax support. The book is written by best selling Dreamweaver author David Powers.

He presents a strictly practical, real world series of tutorials to teach aspiring and existing Dreamweaver users how to do everything they could possibly want to do in terms of CSS, PHP (bar far the most popular server-side language Dreamweaver supports, and the only one that is really used a great deal,) and Ajax web sites, from beginner to advanced topics.

15. Learning ASP.NET 3.5: Build Web Applications with ASP.NET 3.5, AJAX, LINQ, and More

Author: by Jesse Liberty
O'Reilly Media
608 pages

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With this book, you will learn how to create engaging and interactive web applications using the latest version of the world’s most popular web development platform: ASP. NET with AJAX, built on the productivity-enhancing features of Visual Studio 2008. All you need to get started is a basic knowledge of HTML and a desire to produce professional quality websites.Learning ASP.NET 3.

5 introduces new skills in each new chapter and offers fully annotated and fully functional examples that you can put to work immediately. Each chapter adds detailed summaries, practice questions to ensure comprehension, and exercises so you can apply what you’ve learned to new situations.

Written by the bestselling author team of Jesse Liberty, Dan Hurwitz, and Brian MacDonald, Learning ASP.NET 3. 5 offers complete, up-to-date coverage of ASP.NET 3.5 and AJAX. The book includes:Chapters that are designed as a series of tutorials on different aspects of web developmentExamples in each chapter that illustrate how a new concept works.

16. Social Media Marketing 2020: The Ultimate Guide to Boosting Your Business Through Social Media Marketing Efforts in 2020

Author: by Jaimason Bixley
126 pages

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Luckily, there are ways you can boil things down, and focus on key high-earning processes that make SMM lucrative. In Social Media Marketing 2020, I get right to the heart of boosting your business through platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

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