Best Allergies Books

Here you will get Best Allergies Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. The Easy 5-Ingredient Ketogenic Diet Cookbook: Low-Carb, High-Fat Recipes for Busy People on the Keto Diet

Author: by Jen Fisch
210 pages

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The ketogenic diet made fast and easy with 5-ingredient recipes When life gets busy, sticking to your diet can be hard, but this keto cookbook helps you stay on track with recipes that only require a handful of ingredients to create a complete and satisfying meal.

It’s your guide to turning everyday, easy-to-find foods into keto-friendly meals that are full of the healthy fats your body needs to thrive but fast enough to throw together even on the most hectic days. This ketogenic cookbook features: The basics of ketoGet an overview of the ketogenic diet so you’ll understand what makes these recipes keto, and learn how to count macros and interpret nutritional information.

Quick mealsRecipes require only 5 main ingredients, not including basic kitchen staples like salt and pepper, and most can be made in less than 30 minutes or in just one pot or pan. Customizable optionsUse the quick tips for swapping out ingredients to adapt these dishes to your own tastes and health needs.

2. Keto Meal Prep by FlavCity: 125+ Low Carb Recipes That Actually Taste Good (Keto Cookbook, Keto Diet Recipes, Keto Foods, Keto Dinner Ideas) (FlavCity)

Author: by Bobby Parrish
224 pages

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A Week of Delicious Keto Meals in One Hour of Meal Prep with This Flavcity Cookbook#1 Best Seller in Heart Healthy; Health, Fitness, & Dieting; Macrobiotic Nutrition; Food Allergies; and Individual Chefs & Restaurants With over 1,000,000 fans, FlavCity is known as the go-to spot for low-carb, healthy meal prep, and keto recipes that help you lose weight and actually taste good.

Bobby Parrish has been featured on The Rachael Ray Show and the Food Network and is proud to call himself a home cook, just like you. Tired of eating bland, boring, healthy food? Bobby and Dessi Parrish know good food.

On their hit YouTube channel, they’ve shown you can lose weight on the keto diet without sacrificing the joy of delicious food. In this Flavcity cookbook, the Parrish duo show you how to maximize your time and prepare seven days of healthy meals in one eveningand maintain your ketogenic diet.

You’ll spend less time cooking and more time enjoying. Easy, creative, tasty meals. This Flavcity cookbook includes over 125 low carb recipes full of flavor. Meet your weight loss goals with dishes perfectly calibrated to the ketogenic diet. Each easy-to-follow recipe can be prepped in advance, so when you’re tired and hungry, a healthy meal is just minutes away.

3. THE BREATHING CURE: Develop New Habits for a Healthier, Happier, and Longer Life

Author: by Patrick McKeown
275 pages

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NOSES ARE FOR BREATHING, MOUTHS ARE FOR EATING Many people believe that taking a deep breath increases body oxygenation. The opposite is the case. Patrick McKeown, bestselling author of The Oxygen Advantage Imagine a breathing technique that can increase oxygen uptake and delivery to the cells, improve blood circulation, and unblock the nose.

Perhaps it can help open the airways of the lungs, enhance blood flow and oxygen delivery to the brain, improve sleep and bring calmness to the mind. It might even restore bodily functions disturbed by stress, build greater resilience and help you to live longer.

You might think this description sounds farfetched.But it isn’t. The Breathing Cure will guide you through techniques that embody the key to healthy breathing and healthy living. McKeown’s goal is to enable you to take responsibility for your own health, to prevent and significantly reduce a number of common ailments, to help you realize your potential and to offer simple, scientifically-based ways to change your breathing habits.

4. Bakerita: 100+ No-Fuss Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, and Refined Sugar-Free Recipes for the Modern Baker

Author: by Rachel Conners
Mariner Books
288 pages

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Amazingly delicious and beautiful gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free, and refined sugarfree desserts from the popular Bakerita blog Rachel Conners began her blog as a hobby to share baking recipes with friends, but when she started to focus more on gluten-free, paleo, and vegan recipes to make things she could share with her sister, who was following a strict diet due to health concerns, Rachel quickly realized she was onto something.

Bakerita surged in popularity as fans flocked to it for delicious and beautifully photographed recipes. Interest in gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free, and refined sugarfree foods continues to grow in popularity, yet there are remarkably few books available focused just on desserts, and even fewer with recipes that even beginner bakers can make at home.

That’s where Bakerita comes in, offering recipes for everything from breakfast treats like Lavender-Lemon Raspberry Scones, pies and tarts such as Chocolate Mousse Pie, cakes including Mocha Chip Cheesecake, and updated all-time favorites like chocolate chip cookies, all made without any hard-to-find ingredients.

5. I Choose to Calm My Anxiety: A Colorful, Picture Book About Soothing Strategies for Anxious Children (Teacher and Therapist Toolbox: I Choose)

Author: by Elizabeth Estrada
39 pages

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In this rhyming story, Lucas is weighed down by his worry and anxiety. Through colorful illustrations and rhythmic rhymes, he learns coping mechanisms on how to deal with big emotions like anxiety. For every child who has experienced anxious thoughts, this story teaches kids how to respond to anxiety through several soothing strategies.

I Choose to Calm My Anxiety is a story with social emotional learning (SEL) in mind. It has been praised by teachers and therapists worldwide. Lucas acknowledges negative thoughts, then actively replaces them with positive thoughts instead. He shares how he uses deep breathing and focus on things he can control.

With Lucas in real life examples, your child will learn to develop their understanding of their own emotions. I Choose to Calm my Anxiety is a quiet, thoughtful story that teaches readers how to practice mindfulness, focusing on thoughts that bring happiness and calm into their lives.

Teacher and Therapist Toolbox: I Choose is an empowering series curated to empower young children to become aware of big emotions. A new book series developed in tandem with teachers and therapists to help children cope with a range of emotions and teach them that they indeed hold the power to choose their actions and reactions.

7. The One Pot Ketogenic Diet Cookbook: 100+ Easy Weeknight Meals for Your Skillet, Slow Cooker, Sheet Pan, and More

Author: by Liz Williams
170 pages

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No muss, no fusseasy, one-pot recipes for keeping up with the ketogenic diet on busy weeknightsFiguring out what to make on busy nights can sometimes seem impossibleespecially if you’re trying to follow the ketogenic diet. The One-Pot Ketogenic Diet Cookbook makes it easy to keep keto on the table every day of the week with family-friendly, one-pot meals for your skillet, slow cooker, sheet pan, stock pot, and more.

With recipes ready to eat in under 45 minutes, this ketogenic diet cookbook is your go-to guide for setting the stress of staying in ketosis aside. The One-Pot Ketogenic Diet Cookbook includes:No-Mess Meals with simple-to-prep recipes using only one-pot or panOver 100 Easy Ketogenic Diet Recipes with clear instructions for recipes such as Chicken Cordon Bleu Casserole, Cheesy Cauliflower Rice, Keto Hot Fudge, and much moreQuick to Set with ketogenic diet recipes ready in 30-45 minutesSimple Ingredients with less than 8 ingredients per recipeHandy Extras with cooking tips, nutritional information, and weekly menu planners to help you stay on track with the ketogenic dietKeeping things simple and delicious, The One-Pot Ketogenic Diet Cookbook helps you stay on track with the ketogenic diet and lifestyle.

8. The 4-Phase Histamine Reset Plan: Getting to the Root of Migraines, Eczema, Vertigo, Allergies and More

Author: by Dr. Becky Campbell
Page Street Publishing
192 pages

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Uncover the Root Cause of Your Health Issues and Heal Your Body for LifeMillions of people suffer from allergies, migraines, skin issues, sleep disturbances, digestive ailments or anxiety due to undiagnosed histamine intolerance. Dr. Becky Campbell, who has years of experience in the field and who suffers from histamine intolerance herself, has created a revolutionary four-phase program to heal your body naturally.

What makes her approach differentand more effective for lifelong resultsis that it looks for root causes and offers a well-rounded, holistic treatment plan that addresses diet, environmental toxins, lifestyle and more. To help you uncover why your body is not processing histamine correctly, Dr. Campbell explains the eight most common factors and how to address them.

Then she gives you a plan that includes a low-histamine diet, liver care, gut support and direction on how to safely reintroduce the foods that were once making you sick. Along with her wealth of delicious recipes, she also includes information on supplements, ways to reduce stress and much more.

9. My Yonanas Frozen Treat Maker Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine Recipe Book, a Simple Steps Brand Cookbook: 101 Delicious Frozen Fruit & Vegan Ice Cream … Simple Steps! (Sorbet Maker, Vegan Gifts)

Author: by Lisa Brian
133 pages

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Your Yonanas can do more than you think! Why not take a shortcut and learn tips, tricks and workarounds that most people take months to learn through trial and error? Get the most from your Yonanas Soft Serve Dessert Maker with this well-researched, independent cookbook and guide from Simple Steps Cookbooks!

We love the Yonanas so much, we wrote this independent cookbook to show you exactly how to use your Yonanas to prepare the most flavorful and satisfying soft-serve frozen treat desserts you’ve ever tasted! This Simple Steps Cookbook combines illustrated instructions with 101 of our best, most popular frozen fruit soft serve recipes.

It is written to be an independent, compatible companion book useful to anyone who owns a Yonanas! LEARN HOW TO: make delicious soft-serve with your Yonanas like a pro! Get your kids to eat healthy desserts- prepare fruit for freezing- combine fruits for perfect results- use additional ingredients besides just fruit- make 101 gourmet-quality soft serve recipesLEARN TO AVOID: goopy slushy desserts nobody wants to eat- freezer-burned fruits (especially bananas)- bad combinations of fruits(Scroll up and Look Inside for a full table of contents)Do you own a frozen fruit treat maker, and are you interested in making delicious soft serve desserts?

10. Grain Brain: The Surprising Truth about Wheat, Carbs, and Sugar–Your Brain's Silent Killers

Author: by David Perlmutter
Little, Brown Spark
December 18, 2018

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The devastating truth about the effects of wheat, sugar, and carbs on the brain, with a 4-week plan to achieve optimum health. In Grain Brain, renowned neurologist David Perlmutter, MD, exposes a finding that’s been buried in the medical literature for far too long: carbs are destroying your brain.

Even so-called healthy carbs like whole grains can cause dementia, ADHD, epilepsy, anxiety, chronic headaches, depression, decreased libido, and much more. Groundbreaking and timely, Grain Brain shows that the fate of your brain is not in your genes. It’s in the food you eat.

The cornerstone of all degenerative conditions, including brain disorders, is inflammation, which can be triggered by carbs, especially containing gluten or high in sugar. Dr. Perlmutter explains what happens when the brain encounters common ingredients in your daily bread and fruit bowls, how statin drugs may be erasing your memory, why a diet high in “good fats” is ideal, and how to spur the growth of new brain cells at any age.

11. ALPHA-GAL ALLERGY SYNDROME: Information and Recipes

Author: by RL Boyd
108 pages

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Help your family and friends understand what you’re going through with Alpha-gal Allergy Syndrome. This book will educate everyone a little more about this form of tick disease, along with safe recipes. There are places to make notes and even write you own versions of the featured recipes.

Tick disease informationhidden ingredient educationanaphylaxisrestaurant informationalternative medicinetick preventiondealing with anxietysafe recipeshelpful hintsEveryone needs more education about tick diseases and the complications they may cause. Buy this book now for yourself or as a gift to gain knowledge and more understanding about Alpha-gal…A tick disease.

12. Keto Clarity: Your Definitive Guide to the Benefits of a Low-Carb, High-Fat Diet

Author: by Jimmy Moore
Victory Belt Publishing
256 pages

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Leading health blogger Jimmy Moore and researcher and internist Dr. Eric C. Westman join forces again to explain the powerful therapeutic effects of a ketogenic dietone that combines a customized carbohydrate restriction, moderation of protein intake, and real food-based fatswhich is emerging in the scientific literature as a means for improving a wide range of diseases, from Type 2 diabetes to Alzheimer’s and more.

Simply eating a low-carb diet alone isn’t enough, and Moore and Westman tell you why. Have you looked at a low-carb diet simply as a means to lose weight? What if you learned that combining a low-carb nutritional approach with a high fat intake produces a powerful therapeutic effect on a wide variety of health conditions that most people think requires medication to control?

That’s what Keto Clarity is all about. Jimmy Moore, the world’s leading low-carb diet blogger and podcaster, has reunited with his Cholesterol Clarity coauthor Dr. Eric C. Westman, a practicing internist and low-carb diet researcher, to bring you the crystal-clear information you need to understand what a ketogenic diet is all about and why it may be the missing element in your pursuit of optimal health.

13. Celiac Disease Cookbook for the Newly Diagnosed: Guidance and Recipes for an Easy Transition to the Gluten-Free Diet

Author: by Rebecca Toutant RD LDN CDE
166 pages

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Getting to gluten-freethe creative and compassionate guide for new celiacsWhen you’re coming to terms with celiac disease, finding food that you can eat and enjoy might feel overwhelming. With the right information and support, however, you can learn to savor gluten-free cooking and feel great at the same time.

In Celiac Disease Cookbook for the Newly Diagnosed, you’ll find the tools you need to understand your diagnosis and thrive with a gluten-free lifestyle. First, start by learning about gluten and how it affects your body. Then, let the 7-day meal plan help make your first gluten-free week a success.

With 75 delectable recipesplus tips on how to involve your support network, setup your kitchen, and get started on shoppingthis is the perfect foundation for feeling good while eating the foods you love. Just a few of the tools included to help you manage celiac disease:Master list of food to avoidTake the guesswork out of your everyday with the master list of foods to avoidplus less-common gluten sources such as lickable stamps.

14. The Anti-Inflammatory Family Cookbook: The Kid-Friendly, Pediatrician-Approved Way to Transform Your Family's Health

Author: by Stefania Patinella
256 pages

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Transform the way your family eats with this easy-to-use, child-friendly guide to anti-inflammatory eating, including 100 simple and tasty recipes the whole family will love. The anti-inflammatory diet can help both adults and children suffering from obesity, asthma, inflammatory bowel disease, and high blood pressure.

In The Anti-Inflammatory Family Cookbook you will find easy-to-use, medically accurate, and child specific guidance for anti-inflammatory eating. This cookbook includes 100 simple, easy, and tasty recipes that are straightforward to prepare and cover every development phase from infancy through adolescence.

With great recipes for all meals, as well as snacks and special occasions, you’ll always know what to make. These delicious, plant-forward recipes include a wide variety of vegetables, fruits, legumes, and whole grains while lacking processed foods which are known to increase inflammation.

The Anti-Inflammatory Family Cookbook offers practical tips to help you healthily stock your pantry and incorporates fun ways to get your child exposed to new foods.

15. Histamine Intolerance Cookbook: Delicious, Nourishing, Low-Histamine Recipes, And Every Ingredient Labeled For Histamine Content (The Histamine Intolerance Series)

Author: by Ketoko Guides
160 pages

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From the renowned Histamine Intolerance Series, a cookbook that can help you lower your histamine levels. Healthy nourishing dishes that will help you heal, with every ingredient labeled. Delicious recipes that don’t compromise on taste OVEN BAKED CHICKEN AND ZUCCHINI TOAST with herbs and histamine-friendly cheese MAPLE-BAKED RICOTTA AND BUTTERNUT SQUASH – a taste explosion BLUEBERRY QUINOA BAKE topped with creamy coconut and golden flaxseed HOMEMADE LOW-HISTAMINE KETCHUP – better than the real thing!

JUICES, SMOOTHIES AND POTIONS formulated especially to lower your histamine bucketWe understand Histamine IntoleranceFollowing on from the ground-breaking success of our first book – Histamine Intolerance Explained – our team of trusted health and wellness experts now bring you deliciously simple low histamine recipes.

Every ingredient labeled for histamine contentStart to heal with our curated list of delicious dishesThe best histamine food list, up-to-date with the latest researchFeaturing our Special Secret Sauces sectionWith chapters on starters, main courses, low histamine meat dishes, desserts, secret sauces (our special section), and some lighter histamine lowering snacks, (often tricky for us histamine people but not now), you’ll learn to eat well again.

16. The Psoriasis Diet Cookbook: Easy, Healthy Recipes to Soothe Your Symptoms

Author: by Kellie Blake RDN LD IFNCP
Rockridge Press
146 pages

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A delicious dietary approach to soothing psoriasisThe standard processed and refined American diet has been shown to contribute to and even exacerbate symptoms of psoriasis. If you are dealing with this complex condition, The Psoriasis Diet Cookbook is filled with simple, stress-free recipes like Blueberry-Spinach Salad and Black Bean Burgers that allow you to reprioritize health and enjoy your food.

Each recipe includes a label for quick reference, making menu selections and cooking easier. The Psoriasis Diet Cookbook is based on maximizing whole, savory ingredients and minimizing the intake of triggering foods to restore gut health and reduce irritation. Use these delectable, anti-inflammatory techniques as a valuable tool in your toolbox for pacifying the symptoms of psoriasis.

Inside this soothing diet cookbook you’ll find: More than skin deepLearn about the autoimmune condition with lifestyle habits, lists of healthy foods to eat, and ones that can directly cause inflammation. Attention to detailsNutritional info at the recipe levelincluding Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Nightshade-Free, Vegetarian, and Vegan labelsmakes menu selections and cooking easier.