Best Antique & Collectible Jewelry Books

Here you will get Best Antique & Collectible Jewelry Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. Collecting Rocks, Gems and Minerals: Identification, Values and Lapidary Uses

Author: by Patti Polk
Krause Publications

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A rockhound’s must-have resource! Easy to use and lavishly illustrated, this new and completely revised and expanded edition of Collecting Rocks, Gems, and Minerals is designed with beginners in mind, yet filled with valuable technical information for seasoned collectors. This guide takes you from being simply someone who enjoys rocks to a knowledgeable enthusiast in no time and features: An easy-to-use, quick reference format arranged by category and color of stone 800+ beautiful color photographs Values and tips for locating, buying and collecting Both lapidary and mineral display materials Decades of rock-collecting know-how of the authorForeword by Johann Zenz, world-renowned agate expert, author and lecturer.

2. Wristwatch Annual 2021: The Catalog of Producers, Prices, Models, and Specifications

Author: by Marton Radkai
352 pages

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The essential guide for the collector of mechanical wristwatches, with complete information on over 1,400 models from some 130 international brands With Wristwatch Annual, collectors have at hand a wealth of information on the latest offerings from today’s most important watch producers, from Swiss mainstays like Rolex and Patek Philippe to the maverick independent brands springing up across Europe and the U.S.

The book is arranged alphabetically by producer, and the movement, functions, case, band, price, and variations of each pictured watch are fully described. This year’s edition, like its predecessors, will feature a variety of additional articles on independent watchmaking, key personalities in the watch world, and the technical aspects of horology.

An illustrated glossary and a primer on watch care help acclimate the reader to the world of fine timepieces.1400

3. Beautiful Creatures: Jewelry Inspired by the Animal Kingdom (ELECTA)

Author: by Marion Fasel
160 pages

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Creatures from the animal kingdom represented in exquisite jewelry by renowned masters Cartier, Bulgari, Tiffany & Co., JAR, Belperron, David Webb, Schlumberger, Boucheron, and many other brilliant jewelers. Many of the most imaginative designs by the world’s great jewelry houses and artisans take inspiration from the animal kingdom.

From Cartier’s iconic panthers to Bulgari’s snakes and JAR’s butterflies, these spectacular objects dripping with precious stones are akin to wearable art. Beautiful Creatures depicts some of the most spectacular beasts ever transformed into sparkling treasures and accompanies a forthcoming special exhibition in the American Museum of Natural History’s Allison and Roberto Mignone Halls of Gems and Minerals.

The 120 pieces featured date from the mid-1800s to the present, representing species from the realms of land, air, and water. Gorgeous studio photography of the jewelry is complemented by images of iconic personalities, including Elizabeth Taylor, Twiggy, and the Duchess of Windsor wearing famous animal-inspired jewels.

4. The Cartiers: The Untold Story of the Family Behind the Jewelry Empire

Author: by Francesca Cartier Brickell
656 pages

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A dynamic group biography studded with design history and high-society dash … [This] elegantly wrought narrative bears the Cartier hallmark. The EconomistThe captivating story of the family behind the Cartier empire and the three brothers who turned their grandfather’s humble Parisian jewelry store into a global luxury iconas told by a great-granddaughter with exclusive access to long-lost family archivesMs. Cartier Brickell has done her grandfather proud.

The Wall Street Journal The Cartiers is the revealing tale of a jewelry dynastyfour generations, from revolutionary France to the 1970s. At its heart are the three Cartier brothers whose motto was Never copy, only create and who made their family firm internationally famous in the early days of the twentieth century, thanks to their unique and complementary talents: Louis, the visionary designer who created the first men’s wristwatch to help an aviator friend tell the time without taking his hands off the controls of his flying machine; Pierre, the master dealmaker who bought the New York headquarters on Fifth Avenue for a double-stranded natural pearl necklace; and Jacques, the globe-trotting gemstone expert whose travels to India gave Cartier access to the world’s best rubies, emeralds, and sapphires, inspiring the celebrated Tutti Frutti jewelry.

5. Vintage Rolex: The Largest Collection in the World

Author: by David Silver
384 pages

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‘A gorgeously indulgent new coffee-table heavyweight.’ – Esquire magazine’An ode, a love letter, and a paean to family tradition while also being a celebration of the longevity of the Rolex brand, this tome is encyclopedic and monumental in its scope.’ – New York Journal of BooksFor more than a century, Rolex has stood apart as the most legendary brand of watch in the world.

Ever the record setter-the Daytona, belonging to actor Paul Newman, was auctioned by Phillips in New York in October 2017 for $17. 8 million-it comes as no surprise that Rolex is the most collected watch label in the world. Published to celebrate The Vintage Watch Company’s 25th anniversary in 2020, the book contains a unique pictorial collection of vintage Rolex watches that have passed through the shop during the past 25 years.

From early Rolex pocket watches to the world’s first wristwatches, elegant in their simplicity yet revolutionary in their impact, to the very first Submariners, iconic Daytonas, and jewel-encrusted Crown collections, the mesmerizing archive of vintage timepieces charts the extraordinary rise of an extraordinary brand.

6. Gem: The Definitive Visual Guide

Author: by DK
440 pages

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Prepare to be dazzled by this shining and sumptuous visual guide to the world’s greatest treasures. Feast your eyes on glittering gemstones, kaleidoscopic minerals, and famous trinkets in this comprehensive exploration of Earth’s finest jewels. Following a foreword from Aja Raden, hundreds of pages take a lavish look at precious stones, precious metals, and organic gems in all their natural wonder.

From agate to zoisite, everything under the Sun is encapsulated in spectacular photography and accessible text. Trace the history of gemmology and get the inside story on our planet’s most famous and fabulous gems, including the mysterious Hope Diamond, the stunning Koh-i-Noor of the Crown Jewels, and exquisite Faberg eggs.

Find out their physical properties, check the price tags, and discover the most remarkable record-breakers. This exceptionally extravagant book is a picture-packed, fact-filled celebration guaranteed to bring sparkle to your life and your library.

7. 50 Diamond Mandalas: Color by Number Coloring Book for Adults features decorated mandalas of diamonds, pearls, jewels, gems and crystals for stress relief and relaxation

Author: by Sachin Sachdeva
118 pages

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50 Diamond Mandalas – Color by Number features unique hand-illustrated mandala designs of diamonds, crystals, gems, pearls and jewels for relaxation and stress relieving designs. Explore variety of decorated mandala designs range in complexity and detail from beginner to expert-level. Features & Highlights:A creative coloring book to relieve stress.

50 Unique Diamond Mandala designs & patterns to bring to lifePrinted on Single Sided for easy page removal and black printed page on the back to reduce the color bleeding. Easy to use 21 colors to create masterpieces. A best Gift for your loved ones.

Colorists of all ages will enjoy painting or coloring these pages. About Sachin SachdevaSachin Sachdeva is a professional game designer and Illustrator. He has been designing educational and learning games for children’s from past 15 years. His 10 years old daughter “Naisha” is the biggest inspiration for him to write and conceptualise children’s books.

He has published more than 175 books. Enjoy more Color by Number books by Sachin Sachdeva: 50 Animal Mandalas, Beautiful Birds, Power Quotes, Flowers & Butterflies, and Spring Season.

8. Elizabeth Taylor: My Love Affair with Jewelry

Author: by Elizabeth Taylor
240 pages

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“Here, in my own words and as I remember them, are my cherished stories about a lifetime of fun and love and laughter… I’ve never thought of my jewelry as trophies. I’m here to take care of it and to love it, for we are only temporary custodians of beauty.” -Elizabeth Taylor She has mesmerized movie audiences since her debut in National Velvet at the age of twelve, dazzled both men and women with her luminous beauty and iconic presence, displayed shrewd business acumen by creating a line of fragrances with unparalleled success, and her AIDS activism has been a call to arms for people around the world.

She is Hollywood’s greatest living star and a living legendElizabeth Taylor. One of her greatest passions is jewelry, and over the years she has amassed one of the world’s foremost collections. By the time she was in her thirties, Elizabeth Taylor already owned an outstanding set of Burmese rubies and diamonds from Cartier, a fantastic emerald and diamond suite from Bulgari, and the 33.

9. The Smithsonian National Gem Collection―Unearthed: Surprising Stories Behind the Jewels

Author: by Jeffrey E. Post
192 pages

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The scandals, mysteries, and human stories behind the world’s greatest gems are brought to life by the curator of the Smithsonian’s National Gem Collection Dr. Jeffrey E. Post, curator of the National Gem Collection for more than 25 years, separates fact from fiction in an all-new and original book, revealing fresh information and regaling the reader with anecdotes and tales of some of the world’s greatest and most famous gemstones.

Dr. Post is the author of the now out-of-print book The National Gem Collection (Abrams, 1997), which has sold more than 50,000 copies. In this brand-new book, he tells the stories of the Smithsonian’s most famous gems, including the Hope Diamond, Star of Asia Sapphire, Carmen Lucia Ruby, Hooker Emerald, and Blue Heart Diamondand also presents the tales, details, and fascinating facts surrounding rarely displayed gems from the Smithsonian vault and additions made to the collection since 1997.

Not only a resource for learning about rare and beautiful gems, the book also presents the stories of the people who once owned or were associated with these jewelsfrom ordinary people to kings, emperors, maharajas, celebrities, and captains of industry.

10. The Jeweler's Directory of Gemstones: A Complete Guide to Appraising and Using Precious Stones From Cut and Color to Shape and Settings

Author: by Judith Crowe
Firefly Books
176 pages

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400 pages

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Enthusiastic and thorough, everything you need to know about discovering buried treasure from choosing your first metal detector to finding locations loaded with possibilities, and everything in between. There is an incredible amount of treasure buried right under our feet, but most people don’t even know this huge amount of untold wealth exists.

Imagine how it must feel to uncover large caches of silver and gold coins or long-lost jewelry packed with shimmering, precious stones. These are not some made-up fairy talesthere are people who, at this very moment, are finding these treasures.

Veteran metal detector and treasure hunter Mark Smith takes you under his wing and demystifies treasure hunting in Metal Detecting by revealing his most closely guarded secrets and sharing personal stories of success. These valuable lessons and truly amazing treasure hunting stories will make you wonder why you aren’t out there with a metal detector right now!

Metal Detecting cuts right through the technical jargon and spells everything out with full-color illustrations and easy-to-understand terms, making this book simple to follow, regardless of your prior treasure-hunting experience. Novices and seasoned veterans will both find plenty of helpful information buried in the pages of this bookMark shows you how to get out there and claim your own share of treasure, be it gold, silver, meteorites, old coins, jewelry, or relics.

13. Collecting Agates and Jaspers of North America

Author: by Patti Polk
272 pages

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Treasures of the EarthFrom the author of Collecting Rocks, Gems and Minerals and one of the leading agate collectors in the world, comes this comprehensive guide to collecting agates and jaspers, the most sought after types of collectible rocks on the market today.

Designed with all beginners in mind, yet filled with valuable technical information for advanced enthusiasts, Collecting Agates and Jaspers helps rockhounds discover these treasures of North America. The only book on agates and jaspers to offer values. Featuring nearly 700 beautiful color pictures, descriptions and technical information, the book provides an easy-to-use, quick reference format perfect for home and field.Organized by U.S.

States and provinces in Canada and Mexico, with introductions pinpointing each area’s best spots and what you can find there.

14. Stoned: Jewelry, Obsession, and How Desire Shapes the World

Author: by Aja Raden
368 pages

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As entertaining as it is incisive, Stoned is a raucous journey through the history of human desire for what is rare, and therefore precious. What makes a stone a jewel? What makes a jewel priceless? And why do we covet beautiful things?

In this brilliant account of how eight jewels shaped the course of history, jeweler and scientist Aja Raden tells an original and often startling story about our unshakeable addiction to beauty and the darker side of human desire. What moves the world is what moves each of us: desire.

Jewelrywhich has long served as a stand-in for wealth and power, glamor and successhas birthed cultural movements, launched political dynasties, and started wars. Masterfully weaving together pop science and history, Stoned breaks history into three categoriesWant, Take, and Haveand explains what the diamond on your finger has to do with the GI Bill, why green-tinted jewelry has been exalted by so many cultures, why the glass beads that bought Manhattan for the Dutch were initially considered a fair trade, and how the French Revolution started over a coveted necklace.

15. 7000 Years of Jewelry

Author: by Hugh Tait
Firefly Books
256 pages

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“A mind-boggling feat, this survey of 7000 years of glittering memorabilia of lost empires, royal egos, superstition and sentiment.” -New York Times Book Review The most comprehensive and beautifully illustrated history of jewelry. The previous edition of this exhaustive survey was published to critical acclaim by the British Museum Press.

Since publication, the museum has expanded its collection, with major acquisitions of pieces from Europe and Asia. The new edition includes a complete revision of the section on Europe after 1700, plus revisions to the sections on Celtic Europe, Roman Britain, cameos and finger rings.

The book explores the varied styles, techniques and materials used to make jewelry in many civilizations throughout the world and across the millennia. Egyptian necklaces, Celtic torcs, South American gold masks, Renaissance pendants and Art Nouveau buckles are examples of the range of the masterpieces described and illustrated with 400 superb photographs.

16. A Study of Navajo Concha Belts

Author: by Donald Richards
Schiffer (May 28, 2021)
656 pages

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The first comprehensive, exclusive study of Navajo concha belts, this extraordinary reference work is poised to be by far the most in-depth authority on the subject. Although most books about Southwestern Indian jewelry do include concha belts peripherally, this focused research by expert Donald P.

Richards serves as a truly invaluable resource. An incredible breadth of information covers not only the physical but the human history of these unique belts: influences on southwestern art styles; materials, tools, and techniques; maker and age identification; determining authenticity; concha belts depicted in art; and even modern methods to determine metal composition by X-ray fluorescence (XRF).

In addition to Navajo styles, it also includes related styles from the Zunis, Hopis, Pueblos, and the Plains Indians, plus selected related Asian examplesall of which were collected from 51 sources in 14 states and 3 foreign countries. An extensive belt catalog details 400+ individual belts, making this an extraordinary, long-awaited reference for collectors, galleries, and private dealers.