Best Antique & Collectible Reference Books

Here you will get Best Antique & Collectible Reference Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. A Guide Book of United States Coins 2021

Author: by Jeff Garrett
Published at: Whitman Publishing; 74th ed. edition (April 14, 2020)
ISBN: 978-0794847968

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The Official Red Book- A Guide Book of United States Coins “” is 74 Years young and going strong. Collectors around the country love the book’s grade-by-grade values, auction records, historical background, detailed specifications, high-resolution photographs, and accurate mintage data. How rare are your coins?

How much are they worth? The Red Book tells you, covering everything from early colonial copper tokens to hefty Old West Silver dollars and dazzling gold coins. You’ll find 32,500+ prices for more than 7,600 coins, tokens, medals, sets, and other collectibles.

You’ll also round out your education in commemoratives, Proof and Mint coins, error coins, Civil War Tokens, Confederate coins, private gold, and all the latest National Park quarters, Presidential and Native American dollars, Lincoln cents, and more. Articles on investing, grading coins, and detecting counterfeits will make you a savvy collector; and entertaining essays on the history of American coinage, shipwrecks and hoards, and the modern rare-coin market give you an inside look at “the hobby of kings.” These are just some of the features of the informative, entertaining, invaluable Red Book-the World’s best-selling coin price guide (more than 24 million copies sold).

2. National Park Quarters: 50 States + District of Columbia & Territories: Collector's Quarters Folder 2010 -2021 (Warman's Collector Coin Folders)

Author: by Warman's
Published at: Krause Publications; Brdbk edition (August 9, 2010)
ISBN: 978-1440213953

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Are you ready to take your coin collecting to new places? How about taking your collecting on a scenic tour of America’s most breathtaking and revered national parks courtesy of this new “America the Beautiful” National Parks Collector’s coin folder.

This affordable and durable 3-panel folder contains 60 slots – more than most folders – to house all of the National Parks quarters. Plus, there is a slot each for the Denver and Philadelphia coin fronts. From Hot Springs National Park to Tall Grass National Park you’ll have a stunning showcase for your quarters, along with geographic details and historical anecdotes about each national site featured, as well as key coin specifications.

Plus, the front cover of this folder features the reverse image of each of the first five coins issued in this program a unique feature of the Warman’s National Park Quarters folders, produced by Krause Publications.

3. State Quarter 1999-2009: Collector's State Quarter Folder

Author: by Warman's
Published at: Krause Publications; The State Quarter Series edition (November 12, 2009)
ISBN: 978-1440212956

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The State Quarter program has made coin collecting cool. What other activity requires treasure hunting skills and knowledge of history, and delivers a decade of excitement, the thrill of hunting for errors, and an interest in U.S. History, and state pride?

Treat yourself and your favorite fan of State Quarters to this beautiful three-panel coin folder, with 60 slots and intriguing anecdotes about these history-making coins.

4. The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide Volume 50 – Spider-Man/Spawn

Author: by Robert M. Overstreet
Published at: Gemstone Publishing; Illustrated edition (September 15, 2020)
ISBN: 978-1603602525

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The Bible of serious comic book collectors, dealers and historians marks its Golden Anniversary with The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide #50, complete with new prices, new feature articles, new additions to the Overstreet Hall of Fame, new market reports and more.

Find out why the Guide has been trusted for five decades! Spawn/Spider-Man crossover cover by acclaimed artist Todd McFarlane, recently recognized bythe Guinness Book of World Records!

5. State Quarters 1999-2009 Deluxe Collector's Folder: District of Columbia and Territories, Philadelphia and Denver Mints (Warman's Collector Coin Folders)

Author: by Warman's
Published at: Krause Publications (November 12, 2009)
ISBN: 978-1440212949

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There are coin folders and then there is this deluxe State Quarter folder. From the rich red, white and blue background to the breathtaking center spread of coin slots-120 in all-this folder is worthy of this caliber of coins. In addition to a slot for every coin in the series, there is a space for both the Philadelphia Mint and Denver Mint issues.

Larger in size than the average, this folder also includes the date each state entered the union, and key facts about the state. This is a great gift for teaching children about their state and the country’s currency.

6. Lincoln Cents 1909-1958 Collector's Folder (Warman's Collector Coin Folders)

Author: by Warman's
Published at: Krause Publications; 2.2.2010 edition (November 28, 2009)
ISBN: 978-1440213267

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To do its part in the war effort, the U.S. Mint changed from a copper cent to a zinc-coated steel version for one year, in 1943. Rumor quickly spread that anyone who found a 1943 copper cent would be rewarded with a car from Ford.

Now you can display your collection of the legendary Lincoln cents of 1909 to 1958 in this beautiful four-panel coin folder. Larger in size than the average folder, this unit has room for 144 coins, the most of any similar folder.

7. The Official Overstreet Indian Arrowheads Identification and Price Guide (Official Overstreet Indian Arrowhead Identification and Price Guide)

Author: by Robert M Overstreet
Published at: Krause Publications; Fifteenth edition (November 20, 2018)
ISBN: 978-1440248689

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The Ultimate Guide to Indian Arrowheads! Long considered the Bible of arrowhead collecting, The Official Overstreet Indian Arrowheads Identification and Price Guide is an encyclopedic guide to projectile points found in the contiguous United States, as well as Alaska. Featuring more than 12,000 images of points from 10 distinct geographical regions, readers gain an understanding of arrowhead types, manufacturing, grading, materials and values.

A substantial and massive reference unmatched in the marketplace, The Official Overstreet Indian Arrowheads Identification and Price Guide is the most respected book on the subject. Hands-on reference to everything arrowheads all in one book: arrowhead types, manufacturing, grading materials, values 12,000 actual size photographs covering hundreds of point types Special sections on how to grade, identify and catalog your points Covers arrowheads found from throughout the United States including Alaska

8. Roosevelt Dimes Folder Starting 2005 (Official Whitman Coin Folder)

Author: by Whitman
Published at: Whitman; 26126th edition (August 1, 2005)
ISBN: 978-0794819392

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Roosevelt Dimes Collectors Folder Starting 2005

9. Lionel Trains Pocket Price Guide 1901-2021 (Greenbergs Guides) (Greenberg's Lionel Trains Guides)

Author: by Kalmbach Media
Published at: Kalmbach Publishing Company; 41st Edition 2021 (August 24, 2020)
ISBN: 978-1627008051

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An Essential Guide for Toy Train Enthusiasts! Now in its 41st year, Lionel Trains Pocket Price Guide 1901-2021 has been the go-to reference guide for toy train collectors and operators for accurate pricing information on prewar, postwar, and modern Lionel trains.

This handy 400+ page guide features: Current pricing information. Identification and evaluation tips. O gauge train listings. An easy-to-read format with space for notes.And much more!

10. Standard Catalog of Smith & Wesson (Standard Catalog of Smith and Wesson)

Author: by Jim Supica
Published at: Gun Digest Books; Fourth edition (November 14, 2016)
ISBN: 978-1440245633

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The Standard Catalog of Smith & Wesson, 4th Edition is the ultimate S&W gun guide! In this highly anticipated, detailed revision is a fully annotated identification and price guide to the world of Smith & Wesson revolvers, semi-autos, shotguns, rifles, military arms and other collectibles.

144 new pages for a grand total of 528 pages of pure Smith & Wesson14 new revolver models added since last editionDozens of new variations of the M&P pistolNew S&W rifles and shotguns, including many new M&P 15 riflesHundreds of detailed, full-color photosSmith & Wesson gun values and collector informationFor fans of Smith & Wesson firearms, Standard Catalog of Smith & Wesson, 4th Edition is a must-have.

With listings organized to quickly and accurately identify firearms, and nearly 800 models of Smith & Wesson guns and variations, including many models not found in other firearm-pricing guides, this is the book for Smith & Wesson enthusiasts and collectors.

11. Kovels' Antiques and Collectibles Price Guide 2021 (Kovels' Antiques & Collectibles Price Guide)

Author: by Terry Kovel
Published at: Black Dog & Leventhal; 53rd edition (September 29, 2020)
ISBN: 978-0762497461

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The 2021 Kovels’Antiques and Collectibles Price Guide is the most complete and best-illustrated price guide available – with 11,500 listings and more than 3,000 full-color photographs – from the most trusted name in the industry. The Kovels are the most trusted source for both the casual and expert collector.

With 11,500 actual prices and 3,000 full-color photographs, the guide also features exceptionally well-organized, wide-ranging, and up-to-the-minute information, and includes more tips, marks, logos, and photographs than any other competitive title. Kovels’ is the only guide with prices based on actual sales from the previous calendar year, never estimates.

Unlike other guides, which focus almost exclusively on English or high-priced items, Kovels’ covers all American and international items and includes reasonably-priced goods. The book is organized by categories most sought-after by collectors, including depression glass, dolls, jewelry, furniture, porcelain, and sports memorabilia.

12. The Ultimate Cigar Book: 4th Edition

Author: by Richard Carleton Hacker
Published at: Skyhorse; Fourth edition (June 2, 2015)
ISBN: 978-1632206572

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The Ultimate Cigar Book is a classic on the subject, covering everything from how cigars are made, to storage, etiquette, and accessories. Richard Carleton Hacker’s category bestselling is often credited with helping to create a new generation of cigar aficionados.

No other book contains as much detailed and factual information on virtually every facet of cigar making and cigar smoking. And now this trendsetting has been revised in this fourth edition for the aficionado of the future!Forget 1492. This book starts out in B.C.

(Before Columbus) and transports the cigar enthusiast on a fun and fact-filled adventure into virtually every realm of today’s popular and growing cigar smoking pastime. Written by one of the most knowledgeable and internationally-celebrated pipe and cigar authors of our time, Richard Carleton Hacker’s well-known wit and wisdom will keep the reader enthralled with every turn of the page, as he takes you on an information-packed would tour of cigars.

13. 2019 North American Coins & Prices: A Guide to U.S., Canadian and Mexican Coins

Author: by David C. Harper
Published at: Krause Publications; Twenty-eighth edition (October 2, 2018)
ISBN: 978-1440248740

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Your source for North American coins! With tens of thousands of individual coin listings, more than 6,500 coin images and updated coin values for the United States, Canada and Mexico, 2019 North American Coins & Prices is the ultimate single-source reference for coin coverage of North America.

Organized by country, government, denomination and date of issue, this expanding reference remains a clear, detailed and easy-to-use resource for a vast array of highly collected coins.The U.S. Section offers listings for early Colonial coins and tokens of the 17th and 18th centuries through Federal issues from 1791 to date.

Mexico listings begin in 1701 and flow chronologically through many government changes while Canada’s listings begin with its earliest unified coinage in 1858 and continue through their many 21st century commemorative issues. Inside you’ll find: Description and photos for coin issues of the United States, Canada and Mexico Pricing in the most frequently encountered and significant grades of preservation Historical market performance graphs for U.S.

14. Strike It Rich with Pocket Change: Error Coins Bring Big Money

Author: by Ken Potter
Published at: Krause Publications; Fourth edition (June 10, 2013)
ISBN: 978-1440235702

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That odd-looking coin could be worth a fortune!Mistakes happen. Now you can cash in on them.The U.S. Mint produces error coins every year on every denomination. From doubled die cents to rotated reverse quarters to missing letters on dollars, these coins can be worth far more than face value.

Featuring expert insight, hundreds of close-up images, concise details on what to look for and where, and up-to-date market values, you will learn how to spot and profit from even the most well disguised treasures in the new edition of Strike It Rick with Pocket Change.

15. Warman's Coins and Paper Money: Identification and Price Guide

Author: by Arlyn G. Sieber
Published at: Krause Publications; Sixth edition (December 17, 2014)
ISBN: 978-1440242021

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Collect with confidence! The popularity of collecting coins and paper money is at an all-time high. Now you can enjoy this dynamic and rewarding hobby with Warman’s Coins and Paper Money, a helpful, comprehensive and easy-to-follow guide from a publisher with more than 60 years of numismatic experience.

This thoroughly researched and richly illustrated reference contains nearly 1,000 color images and detailed listings with historical references to assist even the newest of enthusiasts. Along with tips on collecting, large color photographs and up-to-date prices, the book features extensive listings for: U.S.

Coins and paper money Canadian coins and paper money Mexican coins and paper money Great Britain coins and paper money Selected world coins and paper money

16. Coin Collecting For Dummies

Author: by Neil S. Berman
Published at: For Dummies; 2nd edition (January 3, 2008)
ISBN: 978-0470222751

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The perfect resource for coin collectors of all ages! Can’t make heads or tails out of coin collecting? You need Coin Collecting For Dummies, 2nd Edition, the treasure trove on information on numismatics. This hands-on guide escorts you through the world’s oldest hobby, helping you decide which type of coins you want to collect, keep your collection in mint condition, buy and sell coins on the Internet, find interesting coin shows to attend, and assemble and diversify a great collection.

The purpose of this fun, easy-to-access guide is to turn you into a world-class coin collector in as little time as possible. You’ll learn what coins can teach you about history and geography, develop organizational and observational skills, and learn to use analytical tools, all without event thinking about it.

And you’ll learn the basics about ancient coins, U.S. Coins, world coins, and the wild-and-wooly stuff that really gets your numismatic juices flowing. Discover how to: Start your collection correctly Evaluate coins using age, condition, rarity, and more Buy interesting coins without breaking the bank Locate rare and expensive coins Get savvy about avoiding fakes Get the whole family involved in your collection Develop a buying strategy Clean and handle coins safely Keep your collection secure at home and on the road Investigate tokens, medals, and miscellaneous coins Create complete collections of copper, nickel, silver, or gold U.S.