Best Antique & Collectible Textiles & Costumes Books

Here you will get Best Antique & Collectible Textiles & Costumes Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. The People of Walmart Adult In-Activity Book: Rolling Back Productivity (OFFICIAL People of Walmart Books)

Author: by Andrew Kipple
77 pages


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So Wild and FunIt Probably Shouldn’t Be Legal! A PERFECTLY UNPRODUCTIVE ACTIVITY BOOKHave you always wondered how you could maximize inactivity and wanton slackernesswhile enjoying and maintaining wildly entertaining weirdness?BEHOLD! We present just for you in all it’s magnificent glory,The People of Walmart Adult In-Activity Book.

The People of Walmart have always been some of the most delightfully weird people on the planet. It was high time for adult activity books to get super weird as well. But don’t take our word for it! Here’s what our readers have to say…”This is the best anti boredom antidote available without a medical prescription.

I can’t believe it’s completely legal!”- Toothy Jr.”Huh? It sounded like a train! What?!?”- Grits Ladue”Hold on hold on, I’m getting crazy deja vu right now. Can you smell this milk?”- Tricky 4RealBrought to you by the wildly popular website of the same name, this OFFICIAL adult activity book disrupts the entire activity book niche.

2. Coloring Book for Kids: Fun & Theme Based Coloring Book for Early Learning – Cartoon-Inspired Designs of Things that Go

Author: by Happy Toddlerz
103 pages

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Looking for an Awesome, Adorable, Creative and Super Cool Coloring Book for your Child? Does your kids like coloring? Do you want your kids to get inspired while they color? Then you will both love our Super Cool Cartoon-Inspired designs of Things that go Coloring Book!

While these attractive line drawings are designed for toddlers to enjoy, there are lots of opportunities for education and active learning when you sit down together. Features:Adorable and super fun original illustrations – that will surely keep your child engaged and entertained.

Relevant objects – In addition to the vehicles, each coloring illustration includes other objects which are very relevant to them. Single sided printing – Kids can use their favorite coloring tools (pencils, crayons, pens or felt tip) without worrying that an image on the back will be ruined.

Coloring is a creative activity that provides relaxed, peaceful time away from the TV and iPad, and a favorite pastime option for many children. This Book will surely inspire the kids to color more and be more creative too. This coloring books also makes a perfect gift for kids that love Trucks, Cars, Planes or any kids who just love coloring.

3. Linen: A Decorative Book │ Perfect for Stacking on Coffee Tables & Bookshelves │ Customized Interior Design & Home Decor

Author: by Decora Book Co.
350 pages

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PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS A DECORATIVE BOOK ONLY. THERE IS NO CONTENT ON THE INSIDE. Decorating with books never goes out of style. This decorative book is a simple yet sophisticated way to add a pop of color and personality to your home decor.

We recommend combining 3-5 books together to make a statement and highlight your personal tastes and interests. Decorative books are an easy and inexpensive way to add visual interest to your space. These decorative display books are perfect for:Coffee tablesBookshelvesNight tablesEnd tablesDorm roomsOfficesHome stagingInterior designHouse warming giftsChristmas giftsProduct Details:”Linen” is printed on the spine.

Please reference the front cover for the font style.Each book is 8. 5 x 11 inches (22 x 28 centimeters). Professionally printed paperback book with high quality, soft matte cover. 350 blank interior pages with a subtle dot ellipse pattern at the bottom of each page.

Simple, elegant, and minimalist style.Fonts may vary. See front cover for font style. Each book sold separately. Visit our Amazon Author page to see our full collection of decoration books featuring cities, travel destinations, hobbies, interests, phrases, and more.

4. Vintage Bird Ephemera: A Beautiful Collection for Junk Journals, Scrapbooking, Collage and Many Paper Crafts

Author: by White Barn Press
40 pages

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A hand curated collection of birds and bird themed ephemera. Over 100 authentic vintage images from the archives of natural history museums, libraries, and many historical collections. Offered together in one book, these beautiful selections are sure to elevate any project.

Perfect for junk journals, collage, scrapbooks, mixed media and many other crafts. Features:19 sheets8. 5 x 11Organized by color themes60 lb. Paper Blank vintage paper on back side for easy craftingOver 100 high quality imagesPick up your copy of Vintage Bird Ephemera today and enjoy all the vintage goodness in your next creation!

5. Turn-of-the-Century Fashion Patterns and Tailoring Techniques

Author: by S. S. Gordon
Dover Publications
190 pages

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This classic 1901 guide to cutting ladies’ tailor-made clothing provided professional dressmakers with a wealth of useful information. One of the reasons seamstresses found it valuable was the special attention paid to small waists, large front hips, and the corpulent form.

Included in this unabridged republication of that now-rare book are patterns and detailed instructions for measuring and cutting over 60 vintage garments and parts of wearing apparel, among them full leg-o-mutton sleeves, a bell or wing sleeve, broad collars, a military cape, a double-breasted vest, a skirt with a flounce, a raglan box coat, knickerbockers, bloomers, an opera cloak, riding breeches, an Eton jacket, and much more.

Further enhanced with a new introduction by fashion authority Kristina Harris, this volume will prove indispensable to anyone attempting to re-create vintage clothing for costume parties and theatrical productions. This book will also be of great interest to students and enthusiasts of costume history.

6. Feed Sacks: The Colourful History of a Frugal Fabric

Author: by Linzee Kull McCray
544 pages

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Feed sacks are the perfect example of a utilitarian product turned into something beautiful. Author Linzee Kull McCray explores the history of the humble feed sack, from a plain cotton sack to exuberantly patterned and colorful bags that were repurposed into frocks, aprons, and quilts by thrifty housewives in the first half of the twentieth century.

Extensive imagery and at-scale reproductions of these fabrics create an inspiring sourcebook of pattern and color-and offer a welcome visit to the days of yesteryear. No patterns included

7. Vintage Ephemera Sampler: A Sepia, Neutral and Soft Color Collection

Author: by White Barn Press
40 pages

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A hand curated collection of beautiful sepia, neutral and softly colored ephemera. Over 100 authentic, vintage receipts, postcards, tickets, photos, letters, book pages and other ephemera for your enjoyment. Offered together in one book, these beautiful selections are sure to elevate any project.

Perfect for junk journals, scrapbooks, collage, decoupage, card making, mixed media and many other crafts. Simply cut and create! Features:60 lb paper18 sheets8. 5 x 11Over 100 imagesBlank vintage paper on back side for easy craftingPick up your copy of Vintage Ephemera Sampler today and enjoy all the vintage goodness in your next creation!

8. Authentic Victorian Dressmaking Techniques

Author: by Kristina Harris
Dover Publications


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At the turn of the century, ladies of privilege could easily afford their own dressmakers, and even middle-class housewives occasionally employed competent seamstresses. But many women did their own sewing, often relying on Dressmaking, Up to Date, a how-to book published by the Butterick Publishing Company.

First published in 1905 and widely considered the first modern American sewing book, this extremely rare volume is published here complete and unabridged. This Butterick manual provides clear and concise instructions for altering patterns, hand-sewing stitches, and creating shirt-blouses, skirts, wedding and evening gowns, coats, jackets, maternity wear, undergarments, bathrobes, children’s clothing, and many other articles of apparel.

Today’s costume historians and sewing enthusiasts will find fascinating instruction in such long-lost arts as boning a bodice perfectly, creating skirt sweepers and bust enhancers, concealing hooks and eyes, and other vintage dressmaking techniques. An indispensable archive of information on late-Victorian and turn-of-the-century clothing, this volume will be of immense interest to anyone fascinated by the fashion and costume of the period.

9. Survey of Historic Costume

Author: by Phyllis G. Tortora
Fairchild Books
720 pages

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Survey of Historic Costume, 6th Edition, is the best-selling introduction to Western dress from the ancient world through the twenty-first century. Each chapter presents social, cross-cultural, environmental, geographic, and artistic influences on clothing. With visuals, illustrated tables, and in-depth discussions, readers come to recognize recurring themes and concepts and understand the role of dress from a diverse, global perspective.

The new edition features more than 1,000 full-color photographs and illustrations, a new feature that examines global dress, and a fully updated chapter on the twenty-first century. New Student Resources~ Survey of Historic Costume STUDIO features digital study tools such as visual flashcards, self-quizzes, videos, and assignments and activities and includes a free Student Study Guide eBook to help students master concepts and improve grades.

New to this Edition~ Chapter Timelines present an overview and images of historic events in each chapter focusing on fashion and textiles, politics and conflicts, decorative and fine arts, economics and trade, technology, and religion~ New Global Connections boxed highlights dress and textiles from around the world including China, India, Japan, Latin America, Africa and more~ New Chapter 20 covering twenty-first century dress from 2000 to presentKey Features ~ Contemporary Comments from contemporary sources provide a sense of the attitude toward clothing of individuals of the period~ Modern Influences photo feature explains historic costume is reinterpreted in modern fashion design~ Visual Summary Tables show clear line drawing of period garments and Illustrated Tables depict important accessories, footwear and headwear ~ Companion Survey of Historic Costume Student Study Guide (9781628922349) includes historic snapshots, review questions, summary tables, visual quizzes and glossary of key terms.

10. Historic Costumes and How to Make Them (Dover Fashion and Costumes)

Author: by Mary Fernald
176 pages

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This practical and informative guidebook is a “must-have” for anyone planning to create accurate period costumes for theatrical productions and historical reenactments. From short tunics worn by Saxon men in the fifth century to a lady’s bustle dress of the late 1800s, this profusely illustrated text contains a wealth of authentic patterns.

Information on pattern sizes, materials required, and methods of sewing accompany simply drawn diagrams for Elizabethan doublets, capes, and trunks; a man’s coat and vest from the Restoration period; a lady’s bell-shaped gown of the eighteenth century; an early-nineteenth-century empire gown; a crinoline; and other wardrobe items.

Diagrams have been carefully and accurately drawn to scale from working patterns, and detailed notes for making costumes include suggestions for the most suitable colors and textures to be used for costumes of particular historical periods. A final section includes diagrams and information for creating period headdresses, caps, and hoods.

11. Dark Magic Collectible Cut Out and Collage: A Collection of Dark Embellishments, Grimoire, Alchemist, Absinthe, Vampy, Witch Scrapbook Journal All … Elements You can Imagine (Crafts for Adults)

Author: by Professional Ephemerer
79 pages

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Enjoy this book and have a fantastic time using itAttention: The reviews related to the book are not true. It has been an error generated in the company that prints the books. Please take this issue into consideration. I have already passed the claim so that it can be corrected to eliminate the reviews.

The book has only one page with Dear Customer and on the backside some books I recommend. This book has not duplicated images (never) and this book has not blank pages. Help me to solve this problem. This is a set of Dark Magic Elements like fairies, decanters, french handwriting, botanicals, frames, obscures-vampires backgrounds, gothic, ocean creatures, skeletons, spell writing, gothic vampire, corsets, florals, chandelier, skulls, alchemical illustrations.

All that you can imagine in Absinthe, Grimoire, Alchemist, and Vampy areas. See some images from the cover. You can use for:Scrapbook page.Cards.Art Projects.Junk Journals. Mixed media collages. Papercraft projects. Smash JournalFor NotebookThe possibilities are endless.

12. Fashion History from the 18th to the 20th Century

Author: by TASCHEN
632 pages

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Clothes define people. A person’s attire, whether it’s a sari, kimono, or business suit, is an essential code to his or her culture, class, personality, even faith. Founded in 1978, the Kyoto Costume Institute recognizes the importance of understanding clothes from sociological, historical, and artistic perspectives.

With one of the world’s most extensive clothing collections, the KCI has amassed a wide range of historical garments, underwear, shoes, and fashion accessories dating from the 18th century to the present day. Showcasing the Institute’s vast collection, Fashion History is a fascinating excursion through clothing trends from the 18th to the 20th century.

Featuring impeccable photography of clothing expertly displayed and arranged on custom-made mannequins, it is a testimony to attire as an essential manifestation of our very being and to the Institute’s passion for fashion as a complex and intricate art form.

The authors include some of the smartest minds and sharpest eyes in fashion studies: Akiko Fukai (Director and Curator Emeritus of the Kyoto Costume Institute), Tamami Suoh (Curator of The Kyoto Costume Institute), Miki Iwagami (Lecturer of fashion history at Bunka Gakuen University, Tokyo), Reiko Koga (former professor of fashion history at Bunka Gakuen University, Tokyo), and Rie Nii (Curator of The Kyoto Costume Institute).

13. Authentic Victorian Fashion Patterns: A Complete Lady's Wardrobe (Dover Fashion and Costumes)

Author: by Kristina Harris
Dover Publications

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Imported custom-made clothes were usually beyond the financial reach of the average middle-class American woman of a century ago; and store-bought garments were often of inferior quality. This left many women with the options of making their own clothes or hiring a seamstress.

While a number of economy-minded women did sew simple housedresses, and clothing for their children, many took favorite fashion plates to a dressmaker who would often consult patterns in a magazine such as The Voice of Fashion. This book, compiled by costume authority Kristina Harris, painstakingly reprints a rich selection of scaled dressmakers’ patterns of the 1890s, taken from rare issues of that popular, late-19th century dressmaker’s journal.

Featuring such fashion elements as leg-o’-mutton sleeves, high-collared necklines, long skirts, and pinched waistlines, the collection includes nearly 500 patterns and illustrations detailing 50 garments for women. Every wardrobe necessity for the Victorian lady is covered from nightgowns and wrappers for boudoir and breakfast, a riding habit and tennis outfit, to walking dresses for town and visiting, elegant dinner dresses, and elaborate evening gowns.

14. Vintage Victorian Shabby Chic Ephemera Collection: 16 Sheets and Over 180 Ephemera Pieces for DIY Cards, Scrapbooking, Decorations, Decoupage, … Projects – Bonus with 3 Background Papers

Author: by CreateIt Studio
40 pages

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Victorian Shabby Chic Ephemera Collection – Vintage CollectionThe selected photos in this book are an outstanding selection of vintage Victorian – Shabby Chic ephemera pieces. You should make your own cards, embellish your journal, scrapbooking projects. The bits are easy to cut and use in your art.

Features:16 sheets of paper (8. 5×11)More than 180 pieces100 gsm of paperVintage Victorian – Shabby Chic Style cards, vintage prints, and other festive ephemerals. Neutral, coffee-colored paper as backgroundsBonus 3 background papers to cut out and work with. Add the book to your cart now and start crafting!

15. Four Centuries of Quilts: The Colonial Williamsburg Collection (Colonial Williamsburg Foundation)

Author: by Linda Baumgarten
Yale University Press

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An exquisite and authoritative look at four centuries of quilts and quilting from around the world Quilts are among the most utilitarian of art objects, yet the best among them possess a formal beauty that rivals anything made on canvas.

This landmark book, drawn from the world-renowned collection of the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, highlights the splendor and craft of quilts with more than 300 superb color images and details. Fascinating essays by two noted scholars trace the evolution of quilting styles and trends as they relate to the social, political, and economic issues of their time.

The collection includes quilts made by diverse religious and cultural groups over 400 years and across continents, from the Mediterranean, England, France, America, and Polynesia. The earliest quilts were made in India and the Mediterranean for export to the west and date to the late 16th century.

Examples from 18th- to 20th-century America, many made by Amish and African-American quilters, reflect the multicultural nature of American society and include boldly colored and patterned worsteds and brilliant pieced and appliqud works of art. Grand in scope and handsomely produced, Four Centuries of Quilts: The Colonial Williamsburg Collection is sure to be one of the most useful and beloved references on quilts and quilting for years to come.

16. Adult Coloring Book, Beautiful Victorian Gowns: 19th Century Fashion History, Victorian and European Vintage Fashion Plates Coloring Pages for Adults (Victorian Fashion)

Author: by Coloring Treasures
182 pages

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Feel Like A Fashion Designer A coloring book for all ages with beautiful illustrations. Use the imaginative line art in this book to produce your own works of art featuring outfits from the 19th century. Perfect as a gift for anyone who love fashion, history and design.

Coloring pages include 45 unique pages of fashion plates in vintage styles from the 19th century fashion. Each fashion illustration is hand-drawn and printed on one side of the page. Deciding the color combinations of illustration will make you feel like a fashion designer.

Each illustration has 2 copies, so you can try different color combinations, save one as a back-up or share with friends. Coloring the pages is also an effective and fun-filled way to relax and reduce stress. We hope different historical costumes will arouse your curiosity in fashion history and fashion design and you will have fun along the way.