Best Architectural Materials Books

Here you will get Best Architectural Materials Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. Best-Selling 1-Story Home Plans, Updated 4th Edition: Over 360 Dream-Home Plans in Full Color (Creative Homeowner) Craftsman, Country, Contemporary, and Traditional Designs with 250+ Color Photos

Author: by Editors of Creative Homeowner
Published at: Design Originals; 4th Updated & Revised edition (July 10, 2017)
ISBN: 978-1580117951

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If you’re planning to build your own one-story dream home, this extensive collection will show you the best selling and most stylish designs available today! More than 360 plans to help you find & build your dream home More than 250 color photos of finished 1-story homes Home plans from top architects and designers from all over North America Wide variety of styles and sizes suited for any budget, from Traditional Ranch style to Country Craftsman cottages Special sections featuring outdoor living trends, kitchen design ideas, today’s top features in a home, & how to maximize your living space CAD blueprint files available for order, for easy customizing More than 350 home plans were selected for Best-Selling 1-Story Home Plans, Updated 4th Edition as most desirable based on actual sales data.

From convenient ranch homes to traditional cottages, you’ll find a wide variety of styles and sizes here to meet your budget. And with complete construction blueprints available for each and every house shown, you can build your special home just the way you want!

2. Structures: Or Why Things Don't Fall Down

Author: by J. E. Gordon
Published at: Da Capo Press; 1st edition (July 10, 2003)
ISBN: 978-0306812835

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In a book that Business Insider noted as one of the “14 Books that inspired Elon Musk,” J.E. Gordon strips engineering of its confusing technical terms, communicating its founding principles in accessible, witty prose. For anyone who has ever wondered why suspension bridges don’t collapse under eight lanes of traffic, how dams hold back-or give way under-thousands of gallons of water, or what principles guide the design of a skyscraper, a bias-cut dress, or a kangaroo, this book will ease your anxiety and answer your questions.

Structures: Or Why Things Don’t Fall Down is an informal explanation of the basic forces that hold together the ordinary and essential things of this world-from buildings and bodies to flying aircraft and eggshells. In a style that combines wit, a masterful command of his subject, and an encyclopedic range of reference, Gordon includes such chapters as “How to Design a Worm” and “The Advantage of Being a Beam,” offering humorous insights in human and natural creation.

3. Learn to Timber Frame: Craftsmanship, Simplicity, Timeless Beauty

Author: by Will Beemer
Published at: Storey Publishing, LLC (May 3, 2016)
ISBN: 978-1612126685

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The first guide to timber framing written specifically for beginners! Expert Will Beemer takes you through the entire process from start to finish, beginning with timber sourcing and ending with a finished building. Using full-color photos, detailed drawings, and clear step-by-step instructions, Beemer shows you exactly how to build one small (12 x 16) timber-frame structure suitable for use as a cabin, workshop, or studio.

He also explains how to modify the structure to suit your needs and location by adding a loft, moving doors or windows, changing the roof pitch, or making the frame larger or smaller. You’ll end up with a beautiful building as well as solid timber-framing skills that you can use for a lifetime.

4. PPI ARE 5.0 Exam Review All Six Divisions, 2nd Edition – Comprehensive Review Manual for the NCARB ARE 5.0 Exam

Author: by David Kent Ballast
Published at: PPI; Second edition (September 1, 2020)
ISBN: 978-1591266808

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NCARB Approved for all Six Divisions PPI’s second edition of the ARE 5. 0 Exam Review by David Kent Ballast offers a comprehensive review of content areas covered in all six NCARB ARE 5.0 division exams. Building on the first edition, the content has been thoroughly reviewed and updated to the ARE 5.

0 exam objectives for all six divisions Key Features:NEW! NCARB approvals on all six divisions200 new pages of content to provide up-to-date exam coverage for all ARE 5. 0 exam objectivesA thorough review of all exam objectives to prepare you to pass all six divisionsOver 150 example questions reinforce what you’ve learned and clarify how to apply key architectural conceptsPages tabbed in six different colors, one for each division, for easy lookup of a particular exam divisionHundreds of tables and figures to facilitate referencing and problem solvingAdvice, tips, and exam taking strategies to prepare you for exam dayBinding: PaperbackPublisher: PPI, a Kaplan Company All Six ARE 5.

5. Ultimate Book of Home Plans: 780 Home Plans in Full Color: North America's Premier Designer Network: Special Sections on Home Design & Outdoor Living Ideas (Creative Homeowner) Over 550 Color Photos

Author: by Editors of Creative Homeowner
Published at: Design Originals; Updated & Revised Third edition (April 1, 2015)
ISBN: 978-1580117210

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Select from 780 of the most popular home plans from the country’s top architects and designers, with full color photos of the actual homes, floor plans, and design ideas. 780 of the most popular designs from the country’s top architects and designersMore than 550 photos and 250 renderings of homes actually built from the designsHuge variety of home styles in all price ranges including farmhouses, country cottages, contemporaries, luxury estates, vacation retreats, and regional specialtiesPractical tips and advice on selecting a site, hiring a contractor, trimwork, fireplaces, and landscapingWhether you’ve always dreamed of building your own home, or can’t find the right house from among the dozens you’ve toured, this collection of ultimate plans can help you achieve the home of your dreams.

You could have an architect create a one-of-a-kind home for you, but the design services alone could end up costing up to 15 percent of the cost of constructiona hefty premium for any building project. Ultimate Book of Home Plans allows you to select from 780 of the most popular designs from the country’s top architects and designers, for a fraction of the cost.

6. Fundamentals of Building Construction: Materials and Methods

Author: by Edward Allen
Published at: Wiley; 7th edition (October 15, 2019)
ISBN: 978-1119446194

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THE #1 REFERENCE ON BUILDING CONSTRUCTIONUPDATED FROM THE GROUND UP Edward Allen and Joseph Iano’s Fundamentals of Building Construction has been the go-to reference for thousands of professionals and students of architecture, engineering, and construction technology for over thirty years. The materials and methods described in this new Seventh Edition have been thoroughly updated to reflect the latest advancements in the industry.

Carefully selected and logically arranged topicsranging from basic building methods to the principles of structure and enclosurehelp readers gain a working knowledge of the field in an enjoyable, easy-to-understand manner. All major construction systems, including light wood frame, mass timber, masonry, steel frame, light gauge steel, and reinforced concrete construction, are addressed.

Now in its Seventh Edition, Fundamentals of Building Construction contains substantial revisions and updates. New illustrations and photographs reflect the latest practices and developments in the industry. Revised chapters address exterior wall systems and high-performance buildings, an updated and comprehensive discussion of building enclosure science, evolving tools for assessing environmental and health impacts of building materials, and more.

7. The Big Book of Small Home Plans: Over 360 Home Plans Under 1200 Square Feet (Creative Homeowner) Cabins, Cottages, & Tiny Houses, Plus How to Maximize Your Living Space with Organization & Decorating

Author: by Design America Inc.
Published at: Design Originals; First edition (September 11, 2017)
ISBN: 978-1580117944

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Select from a catalog of more than 360 expertly prepared plans for building small homes1,200 square feet or less! Over 360 plans to select from for building a variety of small homes 1,200 square feet or underEasy-to-follow construction blueprints and materials lists are available for each project to ensure successVariety of plans including cabins, cottages, small homes, and tiny houses in Craftsman, Country, Contemporary, and Traditional stylesIncludes helpful advice on rightsizing your home, and maximizing your living space with organization, decorating, and storage solutionsPractical do-it-yourself guide helps save money, making planning and cost estimating easier when building the small home of your dreamsSmaller homes are growing in popularity as more of us decide to live simpler yet fuller lives with less square footage, less responsibility, and less stuff.

Smaller homes can provide substantial savings in tax, building, heating, maintenance, and repair costs, with reduced ecological impact. Build the small home of your dreams by doing all or part of the work yourself! This practical do-it-yourself guide will help you make your dreams a reality.

8. Restoring Your Historic House: The Comprehensive Guide for Homeowners

Author: by Scott T. Hanson
Published at: Tilbury House Publishers; Illustrated edition (December 10, 2019)
ISBN: 978-0884484905

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How to accommodate contemporary life in a historic house. This book does not repeat basic information that is readily available in many standard DIY books about carpentry, wiring, and plumbing. Rather, it shows how to adapt those DIY skills to the specialized needs of a historic house.

Although there are other books about renovating old houses, this is the first that prioritizes the identification and preservation of the historic, character-defining features of a house as a starting point in the process. That is the purpose of this book: to describe and illustrate a best-practices approach for updating historic homes for modern life in ways that do not attempt to turn an old house into a new one.

The book also suggests many ways to save money in the process, without settling for cheap or inappropriate solutions. Scott Hanson is a historic-building preservation professional and has 40 years’ experience rehabilitating historic houses. He has illustrated this authoritative book with hundreds of step-by-step photos, illustrations, charts, and decision-making guides.

9. PPI ARE 5.0 Practice Questions All Six Divisions, 2nd Edition – Comprehensive Practice for the NCARB 5.0 Exam

Author: by David Kent Ballast
Published at: PPI, A Kaplan Company; Second edition (July 15, 2020)
ISBN: 978-1591266822

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A must-have book in preparation for each of the six divisions of ARE 5.0ARE 5. 0 Practice Questions, PPI’s best-selling ARE practice book, prepares you for each of the six divisions of the exam with a variety of practice questions and case studies.

This new edition builds on the previous edition with new questions and updates to cover content feedback received from NCARB for the ARE 5.0 Exam Review. The questions that were found to be appropriate during the review were kept in the new edition.

Key Features:Over 550 challenging practice questions for each subtopic that break down the information in the six exam divisions, allowing you to focus on specific areas2 case studies at the end of each division designed to test your ability to examine and use multiple pieces of information to make decisions about scenarios that could be encountered in the practice of architectureClearly written solutions that are thorough and easy to follow, with units that are meticulously identified and carried through in all calculations to support theory and application of key conceptsQuestions include alternative item types including multiple choice, case study, check-all-that-apply, quantitative-fill-in-the-blank, drag-and-place, and hotspot to familiarize you with the types of questions you’ll encounter in the examPages tabbed in six different colors, one for each division, for easy lookup of a particular exam divisionChapters correspond to David Ballast’s ARE 5.

11. Passive House Details: Solutions for High-Performance Design

Author: by Donald B. Corner
Published at: Routledge; 1st edition (August 1, 2017)
ISBN: 978-1138958265

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Passive House Details introduces the concepts, principles, and design processes of building ultralow-energy buildings. The objective of this book is to provide design goals, research, analysis, systems, details, and inspiring images of some of the most energy-efficient, carbon-neutral, healthy, and satisfying buildings currently built in the region.

Other topics included: heat transfer, moisture management, performance targets, and climatic zones. Illustrated with more than 375 color images, the book is a visual catalog of construction details, materials, and systems drawn from projects contributed from forty firms. Fourteen in-depth case studies demonstrate the most energy-efficient systems for foundations, walls, floors, roofs, windows, doors, and more.

12. PPI ARE 5.0 Mock Exams All Six Divisions, 2nd Edition – Practice Exams for Each NCARB 5.0 Exam Division

Author: by David Kent Ballast
Published at: PPI, A Kaplan Company; Second edition (July 15, 2020)
ISBN: 978-1591266846

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A must-have book in preparation for each of the six divisions of ARE 5.0ARE 5. 0 Mock Exams contains six mock exams consistent with the NCARB Architect Registration Exam (ARE 5. 0) format and divisions. All exam divisions are covered, with one mock exam for each ARE 5.0 division.

This new edition builds on the previous edition with new questions and updates to cover content feedback received from NCARB for the ARE 5.0 Exam Review. The questions that were found to be appropriate during the review were kept in the new edition.

Enhance your time-management skills by taking each exam within the same time limit as the actual exam. Then, evaluate your performance using the six individual answer keys. Comprehensive and clear solutions demonstrate accurate and efficient problem-solving approaches. Key Features: Over 600 realistic exam questions including: multiple choice, case study, check-all-that-apply, quantitative-fill-in-the-blank, drag-and-place, and hotspot to familiarize you with the question types you’ll encounter in the examEach division includes the same number and types of questions and covers the same subject areas in its corresponding division of the AREPages tabbed in six different colors, one for each division, for easy lookup of a particular exam divisionLonger, more complex questions to challenge your skills in identifying and applying key architectural conceptsClearly written solutions that are complete and easy to follow to reinforce theory and application of fundamental conceptsBinding: Paperback Publisher: PPI, a Kaplan CompanyAll Six ARE 5.

13. Stone

Author: by William Hall
Published at: Phaidon Press (September 25, 2019)
ISBN: 978-0714879253

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A stunning journey through the world’s most dramatic and inspiring black architecture – now in a cool, compact new formatIn this sleek, stylish and easy-to-use new size, Black: Architecture in Monochrome highlights the exquisite elegance of black in the built world through more than 150 structures.

From ancient churches to contemporary skyscrapers, Black demonstrates how hues from ebony to onyx have been beloved by architects for centuries. Insightful texts paired with striking photography bring to life these captivating buildings including works by Mies van der Rohe, Philip Johnson, David Adjaye, Jean Nouvel, Peter Marino, and Steven Holl.

15. Out of the Woods: Architecture and Interiors Built from Wood

Author: by gestalten
Published at: gestalten (November 17, 2020)
ISBN: 978-3899558593

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Humans have been building their homes out of wood for thousands of years. Its tactility and warmth has influenced countless architectural movements, dating back to historic Japanese houses all the way up to the recent craze for cozy Scandinavian interiors.

It’s one of the world’s oldest architectural materials and it just might be the future of how we build. Timber is fast emerging as a sustainable material of choice, and thanks to recent technological advances, it’s a safe and sturdy alternative to concrete.

This book explores the innovative and inspiring ways architects are using this universal building material. Spanning grand Alpine escapes to tropical getaways, plywood penthouses to mass timber high-rises, Out of the Woods celebrates a material that is both ancient and extremely versatile and more topical than ever.

16. Perspective Made Easy (Dover Art Instruction)

Author: by Ernest R. Norling
Published at: Dover Publications; 31537th edition (January 19, 1999)
ISBN: 978-0486404738

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Perspective, the author tells us, is easy; yet surprisingly few artists are aware of the simple rules that make it so. This easy-to-follow book the first devoted entirely to clarifying the laws of perspective remedies the situation. In it, the author uses over 250 simple line drawings to illustrate the concepts involved.

Beginning with clear, concise, immediately applicable discussions of the horizon, vanishing point, and the crucial relationship of eye level to perspective drawing, you’ll learn how to place figures and objects in a drawing, depict interiors, create shade and shadows, and achieve all the other elements necessary for a successful perspective drawing.

By repeatedly stressing important points, Mr. Norling teaches you to make them second-nature. Moreover, his approach is so simple and direct that no matter how little raw talent or experience you have, you will soon be able to apply these techniques almost instinctively.

Mastery of perspective is a basic skill every artist must have. This simple, nontechnical guide will enable you to master its essentials in a relatively short time. Clear and concise, this book is an essential addition to any artist’s bookshelf.