Best Biology of Mammals Books

Here you will get Best Biology of Mammals Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. The Biology of Belief 10th Anniversary Edition: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter & Miracles

Author: by Bruce H. Lipton
Published at: Hay House Inc.; 10th Anniversary ed. edition (October 11, 2016)
ISBN: 978-1401952471

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This 10th-anniversary edition of Bruce Lipton’s best-selling book The Biology of Belief has been updated to bolster the book’s central premise with the latest scientific discoveriesand there have been a lot in the last decade. The Biology of Belief is a groundbreaking work in the field of new biology.

Former medical school professor and research scientist Bruce H.Lipton, Ph.D., presents his experiments, and those of other leading-edge scientists, which examine in great detail the mechanisms by which cells receive and process information. The implications of this research radically change our understanding of life, showing that genes and DNA do not control our biology; instead, DNA is controlled by signals from outside the cell, including the energetic messages emanating from our positive and negative thoughts.

This profoundly hopeful synthesis of the latest and best research in cell biology and quantum physics has been hailed as a major breakthrough, showing that our bodies can be changed as we retrain our thinking.

2. American Buffalo: In Search of a Lost Icon

Author: by Steven Rinella
Published at: Random House; Illustrated edition (September 15, 2009)
ISBN: 978-0385521697

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From the host of the Travel Channel’s The Wild Within. A hunt for the American buffaloan adventurous, fascinating examination of an animal that has haunted the American imagination. In 2005, Steven Rinella won a lottery permit to hunt for a wild buffalo, or American bison, in the Alaskan wilderness.

Despite the oddsthere’s only a 2 percent chance of drawing the permit, and fewer than 20 percent of those hunters are successfulRinella managed to kill a buffalo on a snow-covered mountainside and then raft the meat back to civilization while being trailed by grizzly bears and suffering from hypothermia.

Throughout these adventures, Rinella found himself contemplating his own place among the 14,000 years’ worth of buffalo hunters in North America, as well as the buffalo’s place in the American experience. At the time of the Revolutionary War, North America was home to approximately 40 million buffalo, the largest herd of big mammals on the planet, but by the mid-1890s only a few hundred remained.

3. The Complete Dog Breed Book, New Edition

Author: by DK
Published at: DK; Previously published as Top Dog edition (March 17, 2020)
ISBN: 978-1465491046

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Find your ideal dog – and learn how to look after it – in this stunning guide to all things canine. Combining breeds, behavior, care, and training advice, this book contains everything you need to know to help you choose and look after a dog, from the tiny Chihuahua to the towering Great Dane.

Find the perfect pet using Q&A selector charts that help you find the best breed to suit your lifestyle. Fully updated to reflect the latest dog breeds, The Complete Dog Breed Book contains a catalog of more than 420 dogs.

Each features stunning photographs of the dog from various angles, while popular breeds – including the Boxer, Labrador Retriever, and English Springer Spaniel – are given a special in-depth treatment. Clear and concise text explains the main features of the dog, as well as providing a historical overview of the breed.

Annotation highlights physical characteristics of each breed, while panels provide an at-a-glance guide to key features, such as the dog’s temperament, size, and color. A practical section on care covers the fundamental aspects of looking after a dog, from handling and grooming to exercise and health.

4. The Elephant Whisperer: My Life with the Herd in the African Wild (Elephant Whisperer, 1)

Author: by Lawrence Anthony
Published at: St. Martin's Griffin; Reprint edition (May 22, 2012)
ISBN: 978-1250007810

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Lawrence Anthony devoted his life to animal conservation, protecting the world’s endangered species. Then he was asked to accept a herd of “rogue” wild elephants on his Thula Thula game reserve in Zululand. His common sense told him to refuse, but he was the herd’s last chance of survival: they would be killed if he wouldn’t take them.

In order to save their lives, Anthony took them in. In the years that followed he became a part of their family. And as he battled to create a bond with the elephants, he came to realize that they had a great deal to teach him about life, loyalty, and freedom.

The Elephant Whisperer is a heartwarming, exciting, funny, and sometimes sad memoir of Anthony’s experiences with these huge yet sympathetic creatures. Set against the background of life on an African game reserve, with unforgettable characters and exotic wildlife, Anthony’s unrelenting efforts at animal protection and his remarkable connection with nature will inspire animal lovers and adventurous souls everywhere.

5. The Bears of Brooks Falls: Wildlife and Survival on Alaska's Brooks River

Author: by Michael Fitz
Published at: Countryman Press (March 9, 2021)
ISBN: 978-1682685105

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A natural history and celebration of the famous bears and salmon of Brooks River. On the Alaska Peninsula, where exceptional landscapes are commonplace, a small river attracts attention far beyond its scale. Each year, from summer to early fall, brown bears and salmon gather at Brooks River to create one of North America’s greatest wildlife spectacles.

As the salmon leap from the cascade, dozens of bears are there to catch them (with as many as forty-three bears sighted in a single day), and thousands of people come to watch in person or on the National Park Service’s popular Brooks Falls Bearcam.

The Bears of Brooks Falls tells the story of this region and the bears that made it famous in three parts. The first forms an ecological history of the region, from its dormancy 30,000 years ago to the volcanic events that transformed it into the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes.

The central and longest section is a deep dive into the lives of the wildlife along the Brooks River, especially the bears and salmon. Readers will learn about the bears’ winter hibernation, mating season, hunting rituals, migration patterns, and their relationship with Alaska’s changing environment.

6. An Elephant in My Kitchen: What the Herd Taught Me about Love, Courage and Survival

Author: by Françoise Malby-Anthony
Published at: Pan; Main Market edition (June 13, 2019)
ISBN: 978-1509864928

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‘The most magical book about the African bush since Born Free’ Daily MailFranoise never expected to find herself responsible for a herd of elephants with a troubled past. A chic Parisienne, her life changed forever when she fell in love with South African conservationist Lawrence Anthony.

Together they founded a game reserve but after Lawrence’s death, Franoise faced the daunting responsibility of running Thula Thula without him. Poachers attacked their rhinos, their security team wouldn’t take orders from a woman and the authorities were threatening to cull their beloved elephant family.

On top of that, the herd’s feisty new matriarch Frankie didn’t like her. In this heart-warming and moving book, Franoise describes how she fought to protect the herd and to make her dream of building a wildlife rescue centre a reality.

She found herself caring for a lost baby elephant who turned up at her house, and offering refuge to traumatized orphaned rhinos, and a hippo called Charlie who was scared of water. As she learned to trust herself, she discovered she’d had Frankie wrong all along …

7. Mammal Tracks & Sign: A Guide to North American Species

Author: by Mark Elbroch
Published at: Stackpole Books; 2nd edition (August 23, 2019)
ISBN: 978-0811737746

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Originally published in 1978, this classic exploration of humanity’s complex relationship with and understanding of wolves returns with a new afterword by the author. Humankind’s relationship with the wolf is the sum of a spectrum of responses ranging from fear to admiration and affection.

Lopez’s classic, careful study has won praise from a wide range of reviewers and improved the way books on wild animals are written. Of Wolves and Men explores the uneasy interaction between wolves and civilization over the centuries, and the wolf’s prominence in our thoughts about wild creatures.

Drawing upon an impressive array of literature, history, science, and mythology as well as extensive personal experience with captive and free-ranging wolves, Lopez argues for the wolf’s preservation and immerses the reader in its sensory world, creating a compelling portrait of the wolf both as a real animal and as imagined by different kinds of men.

A scientist might perceive the wolf as defined by research data, while an Eskimo hunter sees a family provider much like himself. For many Native Americans the wolf is also a spiritual symbol, a respected animal that can strengthen the individual and the community.

9. National Geographic Pocket Guide to the Night Sky of North America

Author: by Catherine H. Howell
Published at: National Geographic; Illustrated edition (March 7, 2017)
ISBN: 978-1426217852

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The most relevant, interactive, and up to date learning experience Larsen helps engage your students with the dynamic field of biological anthropology. New Anthropology Matters videos encourage students to connect anthropological concepts to the world around them. A highly visual learning toolInQuizitiveoffers a fun, hands on way to master course concepts.

And rigorously current content immerses students in the most exciting research and discoveries in the field today. Together these provide everything you need to teach a state of the art course that achieves your course goals.

11. Eager: The Surprising, Secret Life of Beavers and Why They Matter

Author: by Ben Goldfarb
Published at: Chelsea Green Publishing; Reprint edition (March 8, 2019)
ISBN: 978-1603589086

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WINNER of the 2019 PEN/E.O. Wilson Literary Science Writing Award Washington Post 50 Notable Works of Nonfiction Science News Favorite Science Books of 2018 Booklist Top Ten Science/Technology Book of 2018 “A marvelously humor-laced page-turner about the science of semi-aquatic rodents.

A masterpiece of a treatise on the natural world. The Washington Post In Eager, environmental journalist Ben Goldfarb reveals that our modern idea of what a healthy landscape looks like and how it functions is wrong, distorted by the fur trade that once trapped out millions of beavers from North America’s lakes and rivers.

The consequences of losing beavers were profound: streams eroded, wetlands dried up, and species from salmon to swans lost vital habitat. Today, a growing coalition of Beaver Believersincluding scientists, ranchers, and passionate citizensrecognizes that ecosystems with beavers are far healthier, for humans and non-humans alike, than those without them.

From the Nevada deserts to the Scottish highlands, Believers are now hard at work restoring these industrious rodents to their former haunts. Eager is a powerful story about one of the world’s most influential species, how North America was colonized, how our landscapes have changed over the centuries, and how beavers can help us fight drought, flooding, wildfire, extinction, and the ravages of climate change.

12. Raising Goats For Dummies

Author: by Cheryl K. Smith
Published at: Wiley; 1st edition (February 19, 2010)
ISBN: 978-0470568996

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Learn to raise goats and start reaping the benefits of owning these fun and useful animalsRaising goats is a major part of human life (and survival) around the world. The movement has increased in popularity in recent years as consumers embrace a more sustainable lifestyle, reject commercialism, move to organic food options, and raise concerns about industrial agriculture practices.

Raising Goats For Dummies provides you with an introduction to all aspects of owning, caring for, and the day-to-day benefits of raising goats. Breaks down the complicated process of choosing and purchasing the right goat breed to meet your needs and getting facilities for your goat set up.

Provides in-depth information on proper grooming, handling, feeding, and milking Covers the basics of goat health and nutrition Offers tips and advice for using your goat to produce milk, meat, fiber, and more You’ll quickly understand what makes these useful and delightful creatures so popular and gain the knowledge and skills to properly care for and utilize their many offerings with help from Raising Goats For Dummies.

13. The Reign of Wolf 21: The Saga of Yellowstone's Legendary Druid Pack (The Alpha Wolves of Yellowstone, 2)

Author: by Rick McIntyre
Published at: Greystone Books; Illustrated edition (September 29, 2020)
ISBN: 978-1771645249

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A redemption story, an adventure story, and perhaps above all, a love story. Nate Blakeslee, New York Times-bestselling author of American WolfThe Druid Peak Pack was the most famous wolf pack in Yellowstone National Park, and maybe even in the world.

This is the dramatic true story of its remarkable leader, Wolf 21. In this compelling follow-up to the national bestseller The Rise of Wolf 8, Rick McIntyre profiles one of Yellowstone’s most revered alpha males, Wolf 21. Leader of the Druid Peak Pack, Wolf 21 was known for his unwavering bravery, his unusual benevolence (unlike other alphas, he never killed defeated rival males), and his fierce commitment to his mate, the formidable Wolf 42.

Wolf 21 and Wolf 42 were attracted to each other the moment they metbut Wolf 42’s jealous sister interfered viciously in their relationship. After an explosive insurrection within the pack, the two wolves came together at last as leaders of the Druid Peak Pack, which dominated the park for more than 10 years.

14. Complete Horse Care Manual

Author: by Colin Vogel
Published at: DK; Revised, Updated ed. edition (January 17, 2011)
ISBN: 978-0756671600

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Your pony or horse means the world to you, and now they can have the care they deserve with this practical, tried-and-tested guide to every aspect of equine care. Horses are supremely beautiful and intelligent beings and, with the right care, will form an incredibly rewarding bond with you.

The Complete Horse Care Manual is written by the experienced vet and horse specialist, Colin Vogel. It offers a guide to horse anatomy and shows you how to interpret their body language and prevent them from becoming frightened or bored, explaining how to deal with common problems and unwanted behaviors.

It shows you, step by step, how to catch, handle, and groom horses, and how to keep them well-fed and watered. It advises you on kit to buy, and how to keep all your tack and equipment in tip-top condition.

When a horse is ill, it’s a worrying time, but this indispensable manual offers reassuring advice, including when to call the vet, and how to administer first aid. With suggested daily routines and tips on shoeing and hoof care, The Complete Horse Care Manual has everything you need to keep a horse healthy, safe and happy

15. The Shepherd's Life: Modern Dispatches from an Ancient Landscape

Author: by James Rebanks
Published at: Flatiron Books; Reprint edition (September 27, 2016)
ISBN: 978-1250060266

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The New York Times bestseller and International PhenomenonOne of the Top Ten Books of 2015, Michiko Kakutani, The New York Times.”It’s bloody marvelous.” – Helen Macdonald, New York Times bestselling author of H IS FOR HAWK”Captivating… A book about continuity and roots and a sense of belonging in an age that’s increasingly about mobility and self-invention.

Hugely compelling.” – Michiko Kakutani, The New York TimesSome people’s lives are entirely their own creations. James Rebanks’ isn’t. The first son of a shepherd, who was the first son of a shepherd himself, his family have lived and worked in the Lake District of Northern England for generations, further back than recorded history.

It’s a part of the world known mainly for its romantic descriptions by Wordsworth and the much loved illustrated children’s books of Beatrix Potter. But James’ world is quite different. His way of life is ordered by the seasons and the work they demand.

It hasn’t changed for hundreds of years: sending the sheep to the fells in the summer and making the hay; the autumn fairs where the flocks are replenished; the grueling toil of winter when the sheep must be kept alive, and the light-headedness that comes with spring, as the lambs are born and the sheep get ready to return to the hills and valleys.

16. Secrets of the Whales

Author: by Brian Skerry
Published at: National Geographic (April 6, 2021)
ISBN: 978-1426221873

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This provocative book of photography offers bold new insight into the lives of the world’s largest mammals, along with their complex societies. In these pages, we learn that whales share an amazing ability to learn and adapt to opportunities, from specialized feeding strategies to parenting techniques.

There is also evidence of deeper, cultural elements of whale identity, from unique dialects to matrilineal societies to organized social customs like singing contests. Featuring the arresting underwater images of Brian Skerry, who has explored and documented oceans for over four decades, this book will document these alluring creatures in all their glory-and demonstrate how these majestic creatures can teach us about ourselves and our planet.