Best Book Publishing Industry Books

Here you will get Best Book Publishing Industry Books For you.This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. The Chicago Manual of Style, 17th Edition

Author: by The University of Chicago Press Editorial Staff
Published at: University of Chicago Press; Seventeenth edition (September 5, 2017)
ISBN: 978-0226287058

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Technologies may change, but the need for clear and accurate communication never goes out of style. That is why for more than one hundred years The Chicago Manual of Style has remained the definitive guide for anyone who works with words.

In the seven years since the previous edition debuted, we have seen an extraordinary evolution in the way we create and share knowledge. This seventeenth edition of The Chicago Manual of Style has been prepared with an eye toward how we find, create, and cite information that readers are as likely to access from their pockets as from a bookshelf.

It offers updated guidelines on electronic workflows and publication formats, tools for PDF annotation and citation management, web accessibility standards, and effective use of metadata, abstracts, and keywords. It recognizes the needs of those who are self-publishing or following open access or Creative Commons publishing models.

The citation chapters reflect the ever-expanding universe of electronic sourcesincluding social media posts and comments, private messages, and app contentand also offer updated guidelines on such issues as DOIs, time stamps, and e-book locators. Other improvements are independent of technological change.

2. Invent and Wander: The Collected Writings of Jeff Bezos, With an Introduction by Walter Isaacson

Author: by Walter Isaacson
Published at: Harvard Business Review Press (November 17, 2020)
ISBN: 978-1647820718

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In Jeff Bezos’s own words, the core principles and philosophy that have guided him in creating, building, and leading Amazon and Blue Origin. In this collection of Jeff Bezos’s writingshis unique and strikingly original annual shareholder letters, plus numerous speeches and interviews that provide insight into his background, his work, and the evolution of his ideasyou’ll gain an insider’s view of the why and how of his success.

Spanning a range of topics across business and public policy, from innovation and customer obsession to climate change and outer space, this book provides a rare glimpse into how Bezos thinks about the world and where the future might take us.

Written in a direct, down-to-earth style, Invent and Wander offers readers a master class in business values, strategy, and execution:The importance of a Day 1 mindsetWhy “it’s all about the long term”What it really means to be customer obsessedHow to start new businesses and create significant organic growth in an already successful companyWhy culture is an imperativeHow a willingness to fail is closely connected to innovationWhat the Covid-19 pandemic has taught usEach insight offers new ways of thinking through today’s challengesand more importantly, tomorrow’sand the never-ending urgency of striving ahead, never resting on one’s laurels.

3. Fall: The Mysterious Life and Death of Robert Maxwell, Britain's Most Notorious Media Baron

Author: by John Preston
Published at: Harper (February 9, 2021)
ISBN: 978-0062997494

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From the acclaimed author of A Very English Scandal, a thrilling and dramatic true-life account of the rise and fall of one of the most notorious media moguls of all time: Robert Maxwell. In February 1991, Robert Maxwell triumphantly sailed into Manhattan harbor on his yacht, the Lady Ghislaine, to buy the ailing New York Daily News.

Taxi drivers stopped their cabs to shake his hand, children asked for his autograph, and patrons of the hottest restaurant in Manhattan gave him a standing ovation while he dined. Ten months later, Maxwell disappeared off that same yacht in the middle of the night and was later found dead in the water.

As John Preston reveals in this entertaining and revealing biography, Maxwell’s death was as mysterious as his remarkable life. A tightly paced, addictive saga of ambition, hubris, narcissism, greed, power, and intrigue, Fall recounts Maxwell’s rise and fall and rise and fall again.

Preston weaves backwards and forwards in time to examine the forces that shaped Maxwell, including his childhood as a Jew in occupied Eastern Europe through his failed political ambitions in the 1960s which ended in accusations of financial double-dealing, and his resurrection as a media mogul-and on to the family legacy he left behind, including his daughter Ghislaine Maxwell.

4. Bibliophile: An Illustrated Miscellany (Book for Writers, Book Lovers Miscellany with Booklist)

Author: by Jane Mount
Published at: Chronicle Books; Illustrated edition (September 11, 2018)
ISBN: 978-1452167237

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Searching for perfect book lovers gifts?Rejoice! Bibliophile: An Illustrated Miscellany, is a love letter to all things bookish. Author Jane Mount brings literary people, places, and things to life through her signature and vibrant illustrations. It’s a must have for every book collection, and makes a wonderful literary gift for book lovers, writers, and more.

Readers of Jane Mount’s Bibliophile will delight in:Touring the world’s most beautiful bookstoresTesting their knowledge of the written word with quizzesFinding their next great read in lovingly curated stacks of booksSampling the most famous fictional mealsPeeking inside the workspaces of their favorite authorsA source of endless inspiration, literary facts and recommendations: Bibliophile is pure bookish joy and sure to enchant book clubbers, English majors, poetry devotees, aspiring writers, and any and all who identify as book lovers.

If you have read or own: I’d Rather Be Reading: The Delights and Dilemmas of the Reading Life; The Written World: The Power of Stories to Shape People, History, and Civilization; or How to Read Literature Like a Professor: A Lively and Entertaining Guide to Reading Between the Lines; then you will want to read and own Jane Mount’s Bibliophile.

5. The Story Grid: What Good Editors Know

Author: by Shawn Coyne
Published at: Black Irish Entertainment LLC; Illustrated edition (April 28, 2015)
ISBN: 978-1936891351

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WHAT IS THE STORY GRID? The Story Grid is a tool developed by editor Shawn Coyne to analyze stories and provide helpful editorial comments. It’s like a CT Scan that takes a photo of the global story and tells the editor or writer what is working, what is not, and what must be done to make what works better and fix what’s not.

The Story Grid breaks down the component parts of stories to identify the problems. And finding the problems in a story is almost as difficult as the writing of the story itself (maybe even more difficult. The Story Grid is a tool with many applications:1.

It will tell a writer if a Story “works” or “doesn’t work.”2. It pinpoints story problems but does not emotionally abuse the writer, revealing exactly where a Story (not the person creating the Story… The Story) has failed.3. It will tell the writer the specific work necessary to fix that Story’s problems.4.

It is a tool to re-envision and resuscitate a seemingly irredeemable pile of paper stuck in an attic drawer.5. It is a tool that can inspire an original creation.

6. Against the Klan: A Newspaper Publisher in South Louisiana during the 1960s (Media and Public Affairs)

Author: by Lou Major
Published at: LSU Press (February 17, 2021)
ISBN: 978-0807174920

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In 1964, less than one year into his tenure as publisher of the Bogalusa Daily News, New Orleans native Lou Major found himself guiding the newspaper through a turbulent period in the history of American civil rights. Bogalusa, Louisiana, became a flashpoint for clashes between African Americans advocating for equal treatment and white residents who resisted this change, a conflict that generated an upsurge in activity by the Ku Klux Klan.

Local members of the KKK stepped up acts of terror and intimidation directed against residents and institutions they perceived as sympathetic to civil rights efforts. During this turmoil, the Daily News took a public stand against the Klan and its platform of hatred and white supremacy.

Against the Klan, Major’s memoir of those years, recounts his attempts to balance the good of the community, the health of the newspaper, and the safety of his family. He provides an in-depth look at the stance the Daily News took in response to the city’s civil rights struggles, including the many fiery editorials he penned condemning the KKK’s actions and urging peaceful relations in Bogalusa.

7. Before and After the Book Deal: A Writer's Guide to Finishing, Publishing, Promoting, and Surviving Your First Book

Author: by Courtney Maum
Published at: Catapult (January 7, 2020)
ISBN: 978-1948226400

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Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about publishing but were too afraid to ask is right here in this funny, candid guide written by an acclaimed author. There are countless books on the market about how to write better but very few books on how to break into the marketplace with your first book.

Cutting through the noise (and very mixed advice) online, while both dispelling rumors and remaining positive, Courtney Maum’s Before and After the Book Deal is a oneofakind resource that can help you get your book published. Before and After the Book Deal: A Writer’s Guide to Finishing, Publishing, Promoting, and Surviving Your First Book has over 150 contributors from all walks of the industry, including international bestselling authors Anthony Doerr, Roxane Gay, Garth Greenwell, Lisa Ko, R.O.

Kwon, Rebecca Makkai, and Ottessa Moshfegh, alongside cult favorites Sarah Gerard, Melissa Febos, Mitchell S. Jackson, and Mira Jacob. Agents, film scouts, film producers, translators, disability and minority activists, and power agents and editors also weigh in, offering advice and sharing intimate anecdotes about even the most taboo topics in the industry.

8. Passive Income, Aggressive Retirement: The Secret to Freedom, Flexibility, and Financial Independence (& how to get started!)

Author: by Rachel Richards
Published at: Independently published (November 13, 2019)
ISBN: 978-1706203025

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Wish you could make more money, quit your job, or become financially independent? It all starts with passive income. Finance guru, former financial advisor, and Amazon bestselling author of Money Honey, Rachel Richards has one goal in mind: teaching you everything you need to know to become financially free earlier than you ever thought possible.

At age 27, Rachel quit her job and retired, living off $10,000+ per month in passive income streams. Let her show you how to do it at any ageit’s never too late. What is passive income? Passive income is earned with little to no ongoing work.

It’s no get-rich-quick scheme, but once your passive income exceeds your expenses, you are set for life. If you regularly feel the Sunday Scaries or always dread getting up for work in the morning, this book is for you. This book is for the college student already dreading the 9-5 life that waits him upon graduating; the couple who would rather spend their time doing what they want, instead of slaving away for their employers every day; and the single parent who is barely scraping by.

9. Successful Self-Publishing: How to self-publish and market your book in ebook and print

Author: by Joanna Penn
Published at: Curl Up Press; 2nd edition (August 3, 2017)
ISBN: 978-1912105854

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Do you want to successfully self-publish in ebook, print or audiobook formats? There are thousands of new books being published every day, but many self-published books quickly sink to the bottom of the pile. Many authors are frustrated because there are so many options for self-publishing, and they don’t know which one to choose or what will be best for their book.

Others spend thousands of dollars to publish and end up broken-hearted with the result. But it doesn’t have to be this way. I’ve spent over a decade self-publishing bestselling fiction and non-fiction books and in 2011, I left my day job to become a full-time author entrepreneur.

I’ve made lots of mistakes along the way, but through the process of self-publishing over 30 books, I’ve learned the most effective way to publish and market your books. In this book, I’ll share everything with you. The book includes:What you need to know before you self-publishWhy self-publishing an ebook is a good ideaHow to format an ebookExclusivity and going directHow to self-publish an ebookWhy self-publish a print bookPrint-on-demand will change your lifeWhat you need to know before you printHow to self-publish a print bookWhat to do if you want help with the publishing processHow to self-publish an audiobookAfter self-publishingHow much does it cost to self-publish?

10. The Essential Guide to Getting Your Book Published: How to Write It, Sell It, and Market It . . . Successfully

Author: by Arielle Eckstut
Published at: Workman Publishing Company (November 4, 2010)
ISBN: 978-0761160854

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Now updated for 2015! The best, most comprehensive guide for writers is now revised and updated, with new sections on ebooks, self-publishing, crowd-funding through Kickstarter, blogging, increasing visibility via online marketing, micropublishing, the power of social media and author websites, and moremaking The Essential Guide to Getting Your Book Published more vital than ever for anyone who wants to mine that great idea and turn it into a successfully published book.

Written by experts with twenty-five books between them as well as many years’ experience as a literary agent (Eckstut) and a book doctor (Sterry), this nuts-and-bolts guide demystifies every step of the publishing process: how to come up with a blockbuster title, create a selling proposal, find the right agent, understand a book contract, and develop marketing and publicity savvy.

Includes interviews with hundreds of publishing insiders and authors, including Seth Godin, Neil Gaiman, Amy Bloom, Margaret Atwood, Leonard Lopate, plus agents, editors, and booksellers; sidebars featuring real-life publishing success stories; sample proposals, query letters, and an entirely updated resources and publishers directory.

11. The Book You Were Born to Write: Everything You Need to (Finally) Get Your Wisdom onto the Page and into the World

Author: by Kelly Notaras
Published at: Hay House Inc. (September 15, 2020)
ISBN: 978-1401955625

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Now in paperback, here’s a guide to writing a full-length transformational nonfiction book, from an editor with two decades’ experience working in publishing.”I know I have a book in me.” “I’ve always wanted to be an author.” “People always ask me when I’m going to write my book.” “I have a story to tell, but I never seem to make time to write.”Are you a thought leader, healer, or change-agent stuck at the starting line of book publication?

Life coach and publishing industry insider Kelly Notaras offers a clear, step-by-step path for turning your transformational idea or story into a finished book as quickly as possible. With humor, encouragement, and common sense, she demystifies the publishing process so you can get started, keep writing, and successfully get your wisdom out into the world.

Notaras guides you through: Getting clear on your motivation for writing a book, Crafting a powerful, compelling hook and strong internal book structure, Overcoming resistance and writer’s block, and Getting your finished manuscript onto the printed page, whether through traditional publishing or self-publishing.

12. Self-Publisher's Legal Handbook: Updated Guide to Protecting Your Rights and Wallet

Author: by Helen Sedwick
Published at: Ten Gallon Press; Second edition (June 8, 2017)
ISBN: 978-0988302198

Self-Publisher's Legal Handbook: Updated Guide to Protecting Your Rights and Wallet Cover

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Building on the best-selling success of the original Self-Publisher’s Legal Handbook, Helen Sedwick wrote this expanded second edition to help writers stay out of court and at their desks. Using 30 years of legal experience, Sedwick shows writers how to Set up their business Protect their copyright Avoid infringement Spot scams Save on taxesThis second edition covers additional topics including Choosing a pen name Using lyrics and images Fighting content theft Minimizing defamation and privacy risks Expanding beyond the bookDon’t lose your copyright by signing a bad contract, or waste money by buying into a scam, or lose sleep by getting sued for defamation.

Self-Publisher’s Legal Handbook helps writers navigate the legal aspects of writing and independent publishing.

13. Personal History

Author: by Katharine Graham
Published at: Vintage (February 24, 1998)
ISBN: 978-0375701047

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The captivating, inside story of the woman who helmed the Washington Post during one of the most turbulent periods in the history of American media. Winner of the Pulitzer Prize for BiographyIn this bestselling and widely acclaimed memoir, Katharine Graham, the woman who piloted the Washington Post through the scandals of the Pentagon Papers and Watergate, tells her storyone that is extraordinary both for the events it encompasses and for the courage, candor, and dignity of its telling.

Here is the awkward child who grew up amid material wealth and emotional isolation; the young bride who watched her brilliant, charismatic husbanda confidant to John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnsonplunge into the mental illness that would culminate in his suicide.

And here is the widow who shook off her grief and insecurity to take on a president and a pressman’s union as she entered the profane boys’ club of the newspaper business. As timely now as ever, Personal History is an exemplary record of our history and of the woman who played such a shaping role within them, discovering her own strength and sense of self as she confrontedand masteredthe personal and professional crises of her fascinating life.

14. 14 Steps to Self-Publishing a Book

Author: by Mike Kowis
Published at: Lecture PRO Publishing (February 25, 2017)
ISBN: 978-0997994650

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HOW DO I SELF-PUBLISH MY NEW BOOK? AND HOW MUCH WILL IT COST? Have you ever asked yourself these questions? If so, 14 STEPS TO SELF-PUBLISHING A BOOK is the perfect book for you! In this concise and award-winning* self-publishing guide for aspiring authors, Mike Kowis, Esq., shares his 14-step process to publishing attractive, well-written, and effectively marketed books.

Don’t worry, it’s MUCH easier than you think! In this step-by-step guide, you will learn: Everything you need to know about self-publishing, including advice for editing, designing, distributing, and marketing your fiction or nonfiction book; How much this process costs; plus The surprising lessons Mike learned from self-publishing his award-winning debut book.

This handy book also includes a checklist of the entire 14-step process so you won’t miss a single thing! This book was selected as a Finalist in the Business: Writing & Publishing category of the 2017 International Book Awards, chosen as an Official Selection in the Writing & Publishing category of the 2017 New Apple Book Awards for Excellence in Independent Publishing, and received Honorable Mention in the Non-fiction Writing/Publishing genre of the 2017 Readers’ Favorite Book Awards.MIKE KOWIS, ESQ., is a corporate tax attorney, college instructor, speaker, and award-winning author.

15. Jeff Herman's Guide to Book Publishers, Editors & Literary Agents, 28th edition: Who They Are, What They Want, How to Win Them Over (Jeff Herman's … Book Publishers, Editors and Literary Agents)

Author: by Jeff Herman
Published at: New World Library; 28th edition (October 12, 2018)
ISBN: 978-1608685844

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If You Want to Get Published, Read This Book! Jeff Herman’s Guide is the writer’s best friend. The 28th edition, updated for 2019, includes strategies to finding your way through today’s field of publishers, editors, and agents. Get the most up-to-date information on the who’s who in publishing: The best way to ensure that your book stands out from the crowd is to find the right person to read it.

In this guidebook, Jeff Herman reveals names, contact information, and personal interests for hundreds of literary agents and editors, so you can find the publishing professional who’s been waiting for you. In addition, the comprehensive index makes it easy to search by genre and subject.

Learn to write a winning pitch: This highly-respected resource has helped countless authors achieve their highest goals. It starts with the perfect pitch. You’ll learn the language that publishers use, and ways to present yourself and your book in the best light.

Trust the expert that insiders trust: Bestselling authors and publishing insiders recognize Jeff Herman’s Guide as honest, informative, and accurate. New and veteran writers of both fiction and nonfiction have relied on this no-nonsense guidebook for decades. Everything you need to know to publish your book is compiled in this one go-to resource.

16. Fire in the Straw: Notes on Inventing a Life

Author: by Nick Lyons
Published at: Arcade (October 27, 2020)
ISBN: 978-1951627195

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Named One of the New York Post’s Best New Books to Read *FIRE IN THE STRAW is the witty and deeply felt memoir of Nick Lyons, a man with an intrepid desire to reinvent himselfwhich he does, over and over.

Nick Lyons shape shifts from reluctant student and graduate of the Wharton School, to English Professor, to husband of a fiercely committed painter, to ghost writer, to famous fly fisherman and award-winning author, to father and then grandfather, to Executive Editor at a large book publishing company, and finally to founder and publisher of his own successful independent press..

Written with the same warm and earthy voice that has enthralled tens of thousands of fly-fishing readers, Nick weaves the disparate chapters of his life: from the moment his widowed mother drops him off at a grim boarding school at the age of five, where he spends three lonely and confusing years; to his love of basketball and pride playing for Penn; to the tumultuous period, in the army and after, when he found and was transformed by literature; to his marriage to Mari, his great love and anchor of his life.